Updated pictures from Laundry room redo.  I finally found a cute old wire basket to hang on that old chippy door in my mudd room/laundry room to put our scarves, mittens, gloves etc. this winter. Now I am on the hunt for a chippy little bench for under the door. 

I like the mudd room sign with the old door hardware on it for hanging things too.

I found this adorable little laundry sign

I have so much cream, tan and white in this room so I love that I am finding touches of black to add too.

Found some cute wooden vintage dry cleaner hangers.  I love that the advertising still comes through on these.  That room is a work in progress so I was happy to find the hangers and the old wire basket for the chippy door.  Laundry is not as bad to do now that this room is almost done!!!

  Here is the before pictures of my laundry/mud room redo. It is hard to take good pictures in this room with all the angles.

I did not like that my washer and dryer were under the window in my laundry room.  I could never get at that window easily to open or close the window or even have the blinds open to let light in so I asked my husband  if he could move the washer and dryer down away from the windows.

Very hard to let light in with these in front of the window.

Yuky water heater sitting in the room and no place to move that so the husband had some good ideas on what to do about that as you will see.

yuk floor

Hubby took doors and made a closet to close off the water heater and also took old door parts to build out under the window to hide the plumbing and also give me a shelf under the window.  These doors all open so if we have to get at the plumbing or water heater we can

After moving the washer and dryer down away from the window.  Ohhh how I love the light that is coming in that room now.
I had a hard time getting a good picture of this window area with the way the light was coming in. Again I wish I had a better camera to do justice to this room!!!!!

My window treatment was just some bunched burlap and I used some old vintage lace for the under valance.  Cute little fabric flowers to add some bling. Used a staple gun and it framed the window nicely and did not need curtain hardware.
Love my little shelf under the window.  You would not know now that the ugly plumbing is hidden behind this little door and shelf area.  The beautiful part is that we can easily open the little doors to get at that plumbing and electrical if we need too.

Re hung the old ladder that held all my vintage baskets down and over the washer and dryer

Old wash bucket with ringer still working.  Threw in some flowers to bling her up some!!!

Cute laundry room sign I found at Home Goods.

You can see the beautiful closet my husband put around the water heater.  I used old door knobs to give the newer doors a more vintage look

Found this chippy little chandelier with the cherub at a cute shop called Soulful Sparrow near my home.

I love that this little cherub is keeping watch in the laundry room.

Got this old wooden ironing board at the flea market and it still had the instructions on it from the 1930's.  Loved this little find. I hung an old door knob on this too for my cute laundry bag to hang.

I hung an old wooden spool and door knob to make extra hanging space for clothes that need to hang and not go in the dryer.  Found this chippy old vintage hanger with the clips on it too.  I am hunting for some old wooden hangers to use here too.

Some of my treasures from our trip to Junk Bonanza.  This door is a work in progress.  I am hoping to find a cute wire old bike basket to hang for hats, mittens, scarfs etc.  The old post coat hanger will be where we hang our coats in the mudd room this winter.
I found these chippy little garden pokes with vintage door hard ware and hung them up to hang our keys on.  The little dish is an old vintage soap dish that I hung so we can toss misc. things like sun glasses etc. there.

I have been featured at:
http://funkyjunkinteriors.blogspot.com/" Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special"

Ok!!!!! My friend Sandy and I just got back from our Junkin trip to Junk Bonanza in Minnesota.  We were overwhelmed to say the least at the amount of great stuff and the fun this was.  This was totally worth the 7 hour drive from Chicago.  There were 150 vendors and every single one of them had the best stuff.  I have never been to a show where every single vendor was so fantastic with what they had.  I have posted some of the pictures of a few of the vendors.  I am so going back to this again.  Enjoy the pictures of the Junk Sweetness!!!!!

This beautiful Junker has one cute thing after another in her booth. Great prices and so so many treasures buried in her booth.

Look at this beautiful chandelier hanging in this old chippy gazabo.  Need I say more!!!!! I found alot in her booth to come home with me.

Ok cutest dress form ever converted to a lamp.  My camera did not do justice to this beauty but this booth was so so vintage chippy. She had some of the most beautiful things.  I could have gone broke in her booth!!!!!!
I got this cute queen sign for my office. It looks perfect on my old gate over my desk.   Love it!!!!!

We saw alot of dress forms and manniquins and each one had their own little personality and dress!!!!!

Loved this sign that the Junk continued.  My friend Sandy is to the right. I should have told her to turn around while I took the picture!!!!

Saw some of the cutest flea market bags and totes.

Lots of fall things.

Such wonderful furniture to choose from. I loved this shabby white piece.

This lady made the cutest vendor flea market aprons!

Ok just cute!!!!!

After the first trip to the car!!!!! It was packed with Junk Love Treasures!!!! We were then back for round two!!!!!!

I love this sign it says it all!!!!!
I started to play with some of my new finds from Junk Bonanza. Love the chippy bench and the chenille pumpkins!!!!!

Cute little chippy post that called out to me!!!!!

I got some beautiful vintage treasures for my laundry room that my hubby and I are working on that I can't wait to show you.  The treasures were amazing at Junk Bonanza!!!! Hopefully the laundry room reveal will be soon.