Here is the final room in my house tour.  
When my husband took the job up where we live now as the fire chief we moved out of our 4 bedroom two story home and moved into this 3 bedroom little lake house ranch. Our little house is a two person nest now that we are empty nesters.  I love this house small enough to manage with all my decor change ups and big enough for comfort.

This is the last room on the tour.  Thanks to all of you who have come along for the tour and all your sweet comments along the way. I appreciate all of you and your nice comments.

Here we go the Family Gathering Place:

I love the touch of a chandelier in this room. Every room needs a little romance and bling!
My little reading and ipad nook.  The chair is from Ikea and the ottoman I have had for awhile from a shop near me called the Perfect Pear. That chair is comfy and has several pattern and solid color choices for the slipcover.  Washes very nicely too. 
After I started to post these pictures of my living room I found this chippy ladder out in the shed and begged the hubby to dig it out of the shed and bring it in and he did.  In the middle of winter in Chicago he dug out this chippy ladder for me!!! Love that man!!!  I took down the old shutter and bird house I had there and put the ladder there and I will hang my throws on it.  I moved the old shutter decor to the front wall entry.  I think I like the ladder here better.
Love the chippy fun ladder. One of my new favs in this room. You know how I love to incorporate things with history into my home.

I do love the the way the light comes into this room all day. It is a west exposure so late afternoon I have a lot of sunlight. Today was pretty cloudy and raining but the room still gets a lot of natural light.
This is an old window hung and then I added this old frame with burlap and buttons and then added a clock on top of that for the room.

New Hubby Chair. Love that we found this club recliner with the higher back for his comfort and it was a distressed leather for a vintage feel. Now he has a place to relax and watch his sports in this white world he lives in with me!!!! He loves that chair and says it is so comfy to recline in.

I love cottage and gardening so my two favorite things are in the themes throughout my home.  I love things with flowers and also birds, vintage bird houses and nests.  That chippy birdhouse on my entertainment unit was an actual birdhouse in someone's back yard.  I love that I scored that at a yard sale some time ago.  The little banner hard to read in this picture but it is burlap with the words "4 Rent" on it.
I am currently on the hunt for a nice area rug for this room.  Just have not found what I want yet.  I am thinking maybe a little pattern and maybe splash of color for the rug.  Just have to find the right fit.

This is my entry way hall in front of the living room. I re hung the old shutter and vintage bird house arrangement I made here instead of over my reading chair.  I like the ladder now by my reading chair to put my throws on.

Home is the perfect nest and I love ours. Thanks for coming on the tour of my home these past few weeks.  As I took pictures of the rooms to post I also did some rearranging of decor and a little cleaning so this was a good project for me for the month of January. I hate the winter months in Chicago I am a summer girl so this change up is good.  Hope you all enjoyed the tour.
                                         Kris :)

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Now for the next room on the tour.  The laundry room.  

Laundry Room
 laundry/mud room 
This room was a major overhaul but totally worth it in the end.
I got these little chippy garden spikes on my trip last fall to Junk Bonanza and thought they would look cute hanging for our keys when you come into the mud/laundry room from the garage.
A Before picture Yuk!!! My washer and dryer hiding my window and preventing light in my mud laundry room. I could never get to that window to open the blinds.
Yuk! number 2 in this room that ugly water heater!!

Weak attempt to hide that water heater. Then.............
My wonderful and talented hubby moved the washer and dryer down to open up the window. It would have been a big job to have all the plumbing moved from under the window so he was clever and covered the ugly plumbing with doors that open so we can get at the pipes if we need too.  He also used stock doors from Home Depot and made a closet for the water heater.  We put old vintage door knobs on to give a more vintage feel to the stock doors. Now this room is bright and cheery. If you have to do laundry it should be nice place to be.
I do not sew so the window treatment was a piece of burlap and a staple gun.  I just bunched the burlap and stapled it to the wall. Then added a few flower blings. The valance underneath I got at Bed Bath and Beyond and hot glued some lace and doilies onto the valance and then used a tension rod inside the window.  No sewing and no tools!!!! 

Love this old ironing board  form the 40's and it still had the directions on how to use it!!!!  Ha Ha like women even in the 1940's needed directions on how to use an ironing board!!!!!

Of course an old chippy door. You know how I love doors and an old coat hanger in the corner. Another chalk board hanger on the door with hooks. Love my chalk boards!
I added old vintage laundry baskets to the walls for texture and just cuteness!!!

Lots of old vintage laundry stuff I had been collecting.

This picture shows my light fixture I had in my dining room and now it has a new home in the laundry room. Fits much better here.

Old vintage wood hangers from different hotels and  dry cleaners.

This cabinet with the old laundry boards we got at the flea market and it was too big to fit in this space so my husband remade it to fit. Love that man!!!!  This cabinet gives me storage and also hides the fuse box.  I had an old ladder that we hung from the ceiling and then I just added old baskets.  Some of these baskets were from my husband's Nana and my grandma. I love that I have little pieces of them in my home.

Well that is my laundry room.  Only one more room to go the place in the house we use the most the family room.  Stay tuned.

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Next on the home tour is my dining room and kitchen. 

I will start with the dining room which a lot of you  may have saw during the flip of rooms.

This use to be the family room and now it is my dining room.  It is off the kitchen and a long and narrow room so flipping this room and making it the dining room was so much better use of space.

I love to put little vignettes into baskets on my table for centerpieces. 
I just found this cute little chippy cart yesterday on my trip down to Morris.  A really cute little old fashion town with really cute shops that I just love.  There is a shop called Vintage and this little treasure was calling my name.  Had to have her. I put her in the dining room under my old barn door.  Now I need to find decor for both that door and that cute cart.  I will love that cart at holidays for dessert or beverage station. It is funny how things just speak to you and say grab me and take me home!!!!

I moved my bike that you see in my blog header to it's new home in the back of the dining room right by my french doors that go out to the deck and garden. Will remind me of my favorite time of year SUMMER when I have my flowers and garden growing.

Now moving onto the kitchen which is right in front of the dining room.
This was such a waste of space before in my kitchen.  It was a little eat in area that was long and narrow and really no room for a table so my husband used some of the extra butcher block we had left from doing our counters and made this bar/shelf for me.  The cute stools I have had for awhile from Tattered Tiques one of my favorite treasure hunting shops.  My husband made the shelves for me and used crown molding on them for a more cottage feel.
I love chalk boards and this one is in my kitchen.  I love to change it up for the holidays with different sayings.

This is my kitchen.  We put in a farmhouse sink.  I am currently looking for a new faucet.  I just redid some of the cabinet knobs as you will see in the pictures below.  
I love these old door knobs and key plates that I found a while ago and never knew what to do with them.  I just know I needed to get them and now they are on my cabinet doors in the kitchen. Love the history of these vintage door knobs and that they hung on old doors at one time. I love that "bless this sweet nest" sign. I like that it has a hint of black with the cream and white.  I just got those cute little jars and now I need to fill them!!!!!
So chippy. I love the simple statement they make as cabinet door knobs. 

The kitchen use to be the end of this house until the previous owners put on the addition that is now the dining room and my office space.  This was the kitchen window to the back yard and now it looks into the dining room.  I hung these chippy old window/doors just for vintage chippy feel.

I have a thing with signs around my house too.  This cute homemade pie sign over my stove was made for me by Stacey at a sort of a fairy tale girl blog.  She makes the best signs.
I wish I could get better pictures in this room but the way the light comes in my kitchen it is hard to get a good picture.  Well that is the kitchen and dining rooms.  Only a few rooms left to show you in a couple of days.  Thanks for coming by for the tour.

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As my cabin fever house tour continues we are moving on from my bedrooms and now I will show you my Office area.  I really love this space.  In the back of the little ranch we live in the previous owners put on an addition.  This back area in the addition was all closed up as a closet and we have plenty of other storage in this house so I wanted to make it into a office area.  It was wasted space in the back, that is why maybe the previous owners made it a closet but I had bigger vision for this space and I now use this space as my office. It opens up the window and lets a lot of light into the room.  It is always bright and sunny and a quiet space to work in.  This is where the blogging happens!!!!!
This space next to my desk is where my husband hung an old chippy cabinet we got at the flea market. I store a lot of my vintage clocks and decor books and just cute stuff in these cabinets. The bottom bins under the cabinet we made for storage of some of my tags, ribbons etc.  They are just bins I painted white and numbered and then took a curtain rod and hung them on there.  The ends are just old door knobs for the vintage feel.  You know how I love history incorporated into my designs.

Do you see that lovely window that was closed up when the closet went across this space.  Crazy if you ask me to close up a window.   My husband framed out that window with a crown he made out of old doors and then he framed the sides of the windows with some old chippy posts we had gotten at the flea market in Elkhorn Wisconsin last year.  I love the statement above the window it is my motto "Live, Love, Junk".  Oh so true.
My chair is just a simple white parson chair that I put some bling on.  I wish I could sew but unfortunately I do not so I added this lace trim with Velcro strips so I can take this off when I wash the slipcover on this chair.  The flower and burlap just added some more bling.  Gotta Love bling!!!!!

I love that I have a lot of storage in this small area to hide all my "junk"!! I got that Queen sign at Junk Bonanza last fall in Minnesota.  Loved the saying so had to have that in my office!
My dress form that I scored from Home Goods on the clearance for $20.  Smiled all the way home from Home Goods after finding that lovely treasure.  I hang my totes and flowers  and pins on this dress form treasure.

Here is another shot of the chippy cabinet and my bins in the office area.  I also have that cute pillow that says cottage office from Cindy at cute pink things.  She makes the cutest pillows.
I love that I can throw weird odds and ends in those baskets.

This is my one of my very favorite treasures.  This old wire dress form I got in a cute little shop years ago.  It is made out of chicken wire and the old stand and hanger it is made onto is from the old Hilton hotel in Chicago.  Again love the history these pieces have. Makes them special to me.  The lady in the shop had necklaces and jewelry hanging on this and I asked her if it were for sale and she hesitated for a minute and then said I guess I could sell it to you if you really want it!!!! Really want it!!! I almost could not contain my poker face or excitement to see what the price was going to be.  She said $50 and you can have her.  I was so thrilled and said wrap her up she is coming home with me. I hurried out of the shop with my treasure before the shop owner could change her mind!!! I think it was a steal and now one of my most prized treasures. I smile every time I look at her.  I use her to hang cards and papers and notes on.

Some more of my storage of magazines!!!! Tons of magazines are found throughout my home.  This hand painted love letters box I have had for years now hold all the lovely magazines.
This wine rack I made into another storage unit for magazines. Easy peasy just sparkled it up with some spray paint and it now is a magazine rack. I love that is it metal and I can hook on cute vintage magnets etc.
Another chippy treasure I have had for years that has old wire baskets for storage of my magazines too. After these last few pictures of my magazine storage I am thinking maybe I need a magazine intervention!!!! I have a little attraction (addiction) to magazines.  I think they call this hoarding!!!!! Oh well guilty!! Even with pinterest and all the wealth of pictures on there I still love to thumb through a good decor magazine.
Hope you are enjoyed the tour of my office.  Stay tuned more rooms to come in the next few days.