Easter Table Setting

I thought I would show you my table setting for my Easter Guests.

I stayed with a pretty simple theme.  All my whites and creams and grey with a touch of spring colors from the flowers and my yellow garden boots.

For my center piece I just added some daisy's to the yellow garden boots and my friend gave me this cute wreath for Easter so I attached it to the boots too.  A few carrots for my bunny.
The bunny is holding one of my chippy garden signs from outside.  This old picket garden sign is so chippy and sweet.

The little garden cups I made to go at each place setting.

These were quick and easy to make.  If you would like to see how these were made you can go here.

I added a egg cup with flowers and a little bunny at each place setting.  Tied off my silverware with either a sweet purple spring flower or the bird cage you see below.

Just simple and sweet for each place setting.

I found these cute little bunny tail chair covers at Pier 1.  Thought they were so cute on my chairs.

They just velcro onto the chair.  I guess I should move them down so it will look like each of my guests have a bunny tail when they sit down at the table LOL!

A little Easter on the bench in the dining room.

My cute little bunny with some spring flowers.

He has his spring dreams basket all ready to fill with Easter treats.

Had to show you this cute little kitchen towel I found at Home Goods.  Cute little chick with her umbrella and sweet garden boots.  Just was too cute to pass up.

 I have my table ready for my guests for Easter.
Yummy Ham, polish sausage, cheesy potatoes, my famous crock pot bacon and hamburger baked beans and pretzel jello and of course Lamb Cake with fresh strawberries.
Yum I cannot wait.
We play games after dinner and have a Easter Egg Hunt.  Abby our granddaughter is always so excited to get the clues to hunt for her eggs throughout the house.  My two adult daughters and SIL like to hunt for eggs too.  I put little prizes, money and gift cards in the eggs and then hide them and give out clues where to find them.  I always tell them any eggs not found come back to the Easter Bunny!
Have a great rest of the week.
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Spring Craft Decor Project

Happy Sunday.
Thought I would share a little craft project I decided to do as part of my Easter Decor for my table setting.

It was easy peasy to do and cost less than a $1 to make.

I had the little white ceramic egg cups.  So I went to Michael's Craft Store and got some faux spring flowers. $2.99 a bunch and 40% off.  Great deal and these moss balls for $4.99 a bag of 6 with 40% off too.

I cut the moss balls in half with a sharp knife.  They are some kind of styrofoam balls underneath so they cut easily.

I put 1/2 of each ball into each of the cups.  It fit perfectly upside down to give the appearance of grass growing.

Then I clips the stems of the flower bunches into individual stems.  Easy peasy with wire cutters.  Then I stuck each of the stems into the half moss ball.  They stuck in easily and I did not have to glue anything.  This way after Easter I can take these apart and not ruin my egg cups.

I am going to put one of these at each of the place setting for my Easter Table.  I have a yellow and white theme going on for my table.  Hope to have my Easter table setting to show you soon.
Have a wonderful start to the new week.
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Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Kirby: Kirb Appeal

Hi Everyone.  The blogger I am going to introduce you to today just cracks me up and seriously missed her calling to be a stand up comic!!! I mean it when you get to know her and her blog you will see what I mean.  Kirby  from Kirb Appeal is the real deal.  Kirby is fun and genuine and what you read is what you get with Kirby.  After getting to know more about her here make sure you hope over to her fun blog.  You are gonna luv it!!!!!
Have a great rest of the week end.

Hi!  I'm Kirby and I blog over at Kirb Appeal, where I am mostly just ridiculous.  I have been blogging for a looooong time...back when I looked like this:

But it has just been in the past two or three years that anyone other than my two home-town friends have read the blog.  I really enjoy getting ideas from other bloggers, but I believe it's the friendships that are the best part of blogging!

I am a high school English teacher, but in order to have a retirement "activity," my partner-in-crime for the past 32 years (DL) and I purchased a cottage ("Brandywine" --it came with a name, fercryin' outloud)  in need of a complete renovation.  He also bought the contents of a bankrupt furniture factory and he is storing all the wood in case every tree in America dies at the same time.  In which case, he will hold all the power.

One of the problems in an old house

Things I like: Charles Dickens
                        Mod Podge


painting furniture


Things I love: Downton Abbey
                          My sweet DL...
                           ...And of course my family who doesn't love it when I write about them.

Things I am not crazy about?         
                               The fact that I don't  have like a hundred companies wanting to send me free stuff to try like wine or beer or paintbrushes.  Or a car.  Or maybe big diamonds.  I'd like to try their big diamonds for them and let them know if I like those particular big diamonds.

Anyway, I want to thank the lovely Kris and her awesome white house for inviting me to share.  If you ever need to get a dose of ridiculousness, feel free to visit me at Kirb Appeal!  We have a lot of fun over there, mostly.

  -- *Kirby http://www.kirbycarespodi.com/

Winner! Winner!

Happy Wednesday
Gotta Love "Hump" Day!

Give Away includes One Wonderful Romantic Country Magazine and Pink gummy cadillacs and a delish box of Shortbread cookies.

Since I have never figured out that Raffle Copter thingy we picked the names for the give away the old fashion way.  We put all 114 names on pieces of paper and then My hubby Terry picked out the winners from the trusty fire chief helmet!!!

Ta Da and the winners are Susie from She Junks and Jo from Annie's Attic.  Congrats girls just email me your address and your gifts will be on the way to you.

Thank you everyone who entered.  I wish I had a prize for all of you sweet bloggers.
Thanks for all your wonderful support of my blog over these past 3 years.
Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Come back on Saturday for Spotlight I have a wonderful blogger for you to get to know.

Happy Blog Anniversary Give Away

Happy Sunday Everyone.
I am heading into my 3rd year of blogging.
Never in my widest dreams would I have thought I would still be doing this after 3 years.  It has been such a joy in my life and I have met so many wonderful blogger friends during this journey.

To share the LOVE, I am going to have a giveaway for my Blog Anniversary.

When I first started to blog over 2 years ago Gridley and Graves professional photographers approached me and said that the editor from Romantic Country would like them to come out and take pics of my home.

I was so thrilled and honored that they saw a few of my brand new posts and thought my home worthy of being in a magazine.

So the story began.  Gridley and Graves came out to Chicago land and spent 9 hours here setting up shots and taking pics of my home.  They told me I would be in an up coming Romantic Country Magazine.  

They left and I never heard anything more.  Then about 2 months ago Jan Soults Walker a writer for Romantic Country contacted me for an interview and told me my home would be coming out in the upcoming Summer issue of  Romantic County.

Wow I thought I have evolved and changed my decor so much since those pictures were taken over 2 years ago.   I thought this is going to be hard to do an interview based on pictures that have been changed and not even a part of my home for a long time.

Jan was so easy to talk too.    Jan did a great job capturing who I am and how I create and feel about my decor.  That is so nice to see the feature written so well and capturing my essence with decor.
So a big hug to you Jan.  Our time spent together during the interview was so much fun. :)

I did the interview and just kept in mind that this was how I started my decor and even if it has changed and evolved I am still proud of where I was in my decor at that time.  It is an honor to be featured.

Some of you that know me will see these pictures of my home and say "wait a minute her house does not even look like that" but it is all good it was where I was and what I loved at that time.

Fifi O'Neal is the Editor now of Romantic Country and I love that she picked my signature bike to be in her opening editor's letter.  Very honored and Thank you Fifi for this wonderful opportunity.

Now on to the Giveaway celebration.

To celebrate going into my 3rd year I want to offer up a copy of this lovely magazine  and some sweet treats to enjoy while you relax and enjoy paging through this magazine.

Every girl needs a pink Cadillac or two right!!!!  These pink cadillac candies are fun and delish.  The shortbread cookies and a cup of coffee or tea will be so good to curl up and enjoy too.

All you have to do to have a chance to win is to leave me a comment.  That's it easy peasy.

I so appreciate all the wonderful friends I have meet in these few years of blogging.  All of you have been so kind and wonderful and I have learned so much.  

Have a wonderful Sunday and please enjoy the beginning of the new week.

Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Jane and Leo: Cottage at the Crossroads

Hi Everyone.  This week I would love to introduce you to a wonderful couple that have a great story to share and a beautiful blog.  Enjoy getting to know this dynamic duo.

Jane and Leo
Hi there, everyone! I'm Jane and my husband and I blog at Cottage at the Crossroads. We are so honored that Kris is shining her spotlight on us today. Thanks so much for inviting us to share a little more about ourselves with your readers, Kris.  Our story starts with a little girl who grew up in a small community called Cross Roads in South Carolina.  

Jane as a young girl

She lived in a white farmhouse with a red tin roof. Her parents had a large garden and when she was old enough, she definitely had to do her share of working in that garden. She would even go to the extreme of putting on her bikini to do some hoeing and getting a suntan at the same time. Luckily, the farmhouse was out in the country and no one had to witness such a sight! She received her love of flowers from her mother who always had something blooming or growing inside and outside the house year round. 
Jane-high school and collegeAs so many females who grew up in the late 60s and early 70s, she had long hair down to her waist and cut it the first week when she went to college. Having always loved old things, she started attending auctions and visiting antique stores while in college. 

Jane as a young teacher
She eventually  earned a degree in elementary education and was thrilled when she received her first teaching job. you can see her very first classroom along with some of her students that she remembers so fondly along with some photos of that young teacher. She continued to teach school earning her masters degree along with obtaining National Board Certification. The highlight of her career was developing a Latin program to expand the vocabularies of elementary students.

Latin teacher
Here she is in her Roman clothing that her mother made for her. Oh, those were the fun years, but she eventually retired after teaching 31 years.  


There was a young boy who grew up in a small community called Windhams' Crossroads in South Carolina.
Leo-early years
He lived in a small country house and helped run the family store across the street. The family had a large garden and he did his share of working in that garden, even though he hated it at the time. He'd much rather be playing sports or listening to music like most typical teenagers. When he finished high school, he went off to college, putting an end to that dreaded work in the garden or in family owned tobacco fields. 
Leo-radio career  When his brother Woody offered him a part-time job as a DJ on a local radio station, he decided to pursue it as a career. It turned into 38 years of doing what he has a passion for-music.  Along the Way    Leo and Jane met in 1993 when a mutual friend introduced them. Typical of first-time meetings, Leo asked Jane where she was from and she said, "A little place called Cross Roads," to which he replied, in surprise, that he was from a place called Windhams' Crossroads.  It was fate that they met that day. Leo and Jane-hobbiesThrough the years, they have enjoyed golf, shag dancing, and motorcycle riding. And one day while they were at a  "crossroads" in their lives, they decided to move back into the home Leo grew up in at Windhams' Crossroads in order to live a quieter and more simple life. There they started a large vegetable garden, a blog, a shop on the blog selling some vintage items, and an internet radio station.
four grandchildren
But their greatest enjoyment comes from these four grandchildren and this little one below. 
Jane and Lydia

Thanks again, Kris, for inviting us to share our story with your wonderful readers. I invite you to come by and visit us at our blog, Cottage at the Crossroads. We LOVE making new friends!  Jane new signature   

Thank you Jane and Leo for sharing with all of us today.  Please hop over to introduce yourself to Jane and Leo and check out their wonderful blog.
Have a great week end.

Spring Around Junk Chic Cottage

Happy Wednesday!  Hope your week is going great.

Before I start my post on some of my Spring decor I want to say this.......

This sectional has been a big challenge for me as most of you saw in my last post.  I so miss my slipcovered sectional it was so much more my style.  Unfortunately it was not a good choice when it came to actually using my furniture.  I have a dog, granddaughter and family that actually lounge and enjoy this sectional.  That created a problem with the white slipcovers.  It was a pain to wash and try and keep that clean.  

So the leather is so much a better choice.  I picked this one after looking and trying out several leather sectionals.  There were many that had the cottage look with rolled arms etc. I just did not like how uncomfortable they were. So we decided on this one for the comfort.

 I think I was trying so hard to make this leather sectional something it is not ever going to be.  So the ruffle is going and I will leave the barn boards for now.  My hopes are to find maybe some cool salvage feet to put on to replace the modern feet.  That way I can remove the barn wood and just have the feet give the character and charm of the cottage look.

So I need to step away from this room and hopefully come back with a better vision with the way I want to marry pottery barn leather with cottage.  I appreciate all your wonderful input on my decor crazy with this sectional.

Now On to the Spring popping up around Junk Chic Cottage.

I found this great centerpiece last year at Home Goods.  It had a silver shinny base so I just painted it white and then hung my spring sign on it.  Gives some Spring to the dining room table.

My Love birds have new Spring decor added to their home.

A few painted clay pots, some blue eggs and flowers along with a vintage nest on an old bed spring give my love birds a cozy Spring home.

The sweet birds in the wreath on the french door going out to the deck.

Love these little birds with their button tails.  Their nest is ready for Spring.

Added this new chippy bird cage to the spring decor on my little dresser in the dining room.

Found a cute Spring bird and some dried hydrangea's for the inside of the cage.

Brought in some chippies from the garden outside to bring Spring to my coffee table.

This little white birdhouse and picket were out in the summer garden last year.  Thought it would add some Spring to this table.

Also brought in one of my chippy watering cans and added some spring flowers.

Added a spring flowering crab vine wreath and another watering can by the front door for Spring.

Thanks for viewing some of my touches of Spring coming into my home.  So happy we are turning the corner on winter and Spring is in the air.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Come back on Saturday for Spotlight.  I have a sweet and dynamic couple for you to meet in Spotlight.
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