A Small Peek at The Changes Happening to the New Cottage

We are moving along with all the changes to the new "nest".  Lots of painting, take downs, put ups and boxes galore to unpack!

I have been overwhelmed with this move.  So much to do.  It seems like we just cross off one project and there are so many more to do!

 Terry and I are working hard on getting the before's to the after's!!!!!

Here is a sneak peak of one wall done in my new nest.  Lots of new things to show you in the coming days.

I am excited to see this place transforming into a new cozy cottage.

Whites, creams and gray are my main colors with chippy whites and architectural pieces rolled in to the decor too.

Before living room window wall with new coat of fresh paint called Snow drift.  White with a hint of gray.

After:  Wall done up with cottage garden decor.

Stay tuned for more change ups to come.  I will have the living room and dining room to show you next.

Have a great holiday week end.  Enjoy.

Sneak Peek

As many of you know we got into our new "nest" last Sunday.  This week has been a whirlwind of painting for Terry and I.  We start early in the morning and stay until early evening sanding, painting etc.  

My muscles are screaming and Advil has become my new best friend!  I have found muscles I did not know I had!

We are trying to get as much of the painting and sanding and messy stuff done before next Tuesday when the movers come to unpack our life that is stored in the pod right now.  I just see all the dust and debris all over and am glad we are getting a lot of this done before my furniture and things are put into place.

I thought I would show you a few of the changes starting.  The cell camera is the only picture taker I have right now so bear with the pictures.  I hope to find my good camera when we get things unpacked next week.

This is the entry and front part of the living area before shot.

Dining area before

Living room Before

I chose the color snowdrift.  It is a basic white with a hint of gray.  It should look nice with all my chippy white decor.

The windows and all the baseboards were painted in white.  You can see a little bit the contrast between a true white on the trim and the slight gray tint in the wall color.  Hard to tell how pretty this color is with my cell camera.  It is bright and fresh.

Before Kitchen.  Lots of work being done in this room.

Cabinets all came down.  Counter tops removed.  We began to paint the lower cabinets with a cabinet paint in white.
I will show you more pics of the progress here in the kitchen.  It is beginning to come together.  These pictures were taken early in the week before we got a lot more done in this room.  I cannot wait to show you the reveal.  You will not believe the transformation of this stock kitchen to a new french farmhouse kitchen.

The stair case is going to have a complete re do too!  Carpet is coming off and new stairs with a darker stain to match the floors complimented with some white spindles etc.

The balusters will be stained in a darker color to match the floors and the spindles and bases will be white.  The top stair treads will be done in the darker stain.

Inspiration off pinterest.  I cannot wait to achieve this look on my stairs.

Ok this was the best found treasure of the day.  When Terry ripped off the carpet on one of the stairs we found that real wood stairs were already in place underneath.  I did the happy dance.  We were able to take back all the stair treads that we were going to use.  That is a savings of over $500 in stair treads alone not to mention the work to make builder grade steps into wood steps.  The picture does not look great but I assure you there are pretty finished wood stairs under all that mess.

We are trying with all our might to get as much done to this place before the movers come on Tuesday with all our furniture.  This week is going by so fast with all the painting and changes we have to do.  Some of the changes in the bathrooms etc. will probably not get done until after we have officially moved in next week.  There is only so many hours in a day that Terry and I can get things done.  Once one thing is checked off the list there are several other things still to be completed.

Have a great rest of this week.  Hope to have some nice reveal pictures soon.

Baby Sprinkle Day

Today I had the Baby Sprinkle for my daughter Jen that is expecting our second grand baby girl at the end of June.  Apparently the second shower for someone is called a Sprinkle and not a Shower.
All these new age things I am learning!!

Me and my girls.  My daughter Jen that is expecting to the left and my younger daughter Kim to the right.  My granddaughter Abby in the middle.

My daughter Jen and son in law Tim and Abby

Table set pretty for the shower.

Party Favors

Menu for each guest
Tim as the new dad to be got a "man" diaper bag.

Abby even got in a gift or two.  Abby got a new bitty baby from American Girl.  Now she will have a new baby to take care of while mommy is taking care of her new sister.

It was great to share this day with family and friends.  We are excited about our new little granddaughter that will be coming very soon.

Tomorrow Terry and I are loading up the car with paint supplies and lots of Advil to start the painting marathon of the new house!  I am excited to get in there and start to get things rolling.
Have a wonderful Week End.

New Nest Beginnings

Yeah!!!! We are taking possession of our new Home this coming Sunday.  The Sellers will be moving out on Saturday and we will have our new nest to start the decor changes.

Hope you will enjoying coming along as we begin to transform our new nest.
I am excited and have been pinning ideas and running different decor ideas through my mind on each room.

We will not officially move in until May 24th to give Terry and I time to paint and do some of the reno before moving in our furniture etc.  It will be easier to do a lot of the changes before we move our things in.

It has been a long and stressful year.  I finally feel like our journey is on a better path with the purchase of our new home.

I will begin to post some of the changes as we start working on the new nest after next week.
Ahhhhh Home Sweet Home!!! I like the sound of that!!!!
Have a great week everyone.

Up Date

Hi Everyone.

Thought I would give all of you a little update on Cooper and our new Nest progress.

Cooper is doing so good.  You would not know he has this aggressive cancer.  He wakes everyday and plays and runs and just is a happy boy.  I hope we get a lot more days like these with him.

All these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they are a little grainy.  Hope to get my good camera out of the Moving Pod soon!!!
Here Cooper is with Frank my daughter's lab and Bruce the great dane in the background.  The only other doggie missing in the pictures is my daughters Boston Terrier Charlie he is in the picture below.  Frank and Cooper have bonded and play daily with each other.

Cooper has put on 6lbs in the past month so we are so excited to see him gain some weight.  We are spoiling him with good doggie food and lots of treats and an occasional treat of that happens to fall off my plate at dinner into his mouth lol!

Our new Vet started Cooper on an anti cancer medication that gives pain relief and is an anti inflammatory.  They have found this medication has helped a lot of dogs with Cooper's same cancer.  It does not cure it but slows the growth and spread of the cancer.  It works in 60% of the dogs given this medication.  So we are hopeful this will work with Cooper and give us months instead of weeks with this little guy.

He is happy and so far not showing any signs of the cancer getting worse.
So we will love him and spoil him for as long as we can.

Other News:
We are 10 days away from taking possession of our new home.  Terry and I are excited to get into the new place and start some decor magic.  I hope to be posting the changes to the new place as we begin to change this place into our new  sweet cottage.

So stay tuned for more posts to come on the reno's and changes.

Tomorrow I am taking a "Mental Health" day with a wonderful friend.  We are going to take a road trip to HobKnob Market.  It is out in the country and they have some really nice vendors.
So we will pack the car with sweet and salty snacks and diet cokes and hit the road tomorrow.
Hoping I can find some fun new things for the new nest.
Have a great Mother's Day and Happy Week End everyone.