As I write this post I am a little sad but excited to show you the before's and after's of our sweet Junk Chic Cottage II.

As you know from my last post we are going to be selling this place we have called home for the past 9 months.  With Terry beginning a new chapter in his career as a Fire Chief we will be moving closer to the community he serves.  So this place will go up for sale soon.

I wanted to show you today in this post what a little bit of imagination, lots of white paint!! and some elbow grease can do to make a new place your own.

I will show you the before pic of what the room looked liked when we moved in and then the after of how it looks now.

Seriously most of the work was just in painting and taking down a few cabinets etc.  So for a little time and effort you can transform just about any space to make it your own.

Warning: Get a nice snack and beverage before starting to read this post.  It is a long one!!!!

Here Goes!

This is the house when we moved in.  Nice landscaping with manicured bushes and lava rock beds.

To make it personal to me I added color with flowers.  I am all about garden flowers and adding color to make the house pretty.  Easy peasy to make a huge change and personalize the outdoor space.

This is the backyard of our town home.  We are an end unit which is very nice.  This is how it looked when we moved in May.

This patio space just needed some perennials to open up and adding of my annuals.

My lovely slipcovered lounger where I read and soak up the summer sun.  I put that old white table out next to my lounger and added flowers.  Love mixing vintage salvage pieces to the garden.

This was the entry way when we moved in.

Painting the walls Snow Drift by Behr and the front entry door white opened up this entry way and made it more my taste.  Of course had to add a chandelier and some vintage salvage decor.

This was the living room when we moved in.

This is the living room now with Snow Drift Behr color on the walls and adding some white crown molding.

The space becomes cottage with all my chippy white decor.

Dining room when we moved in.

Dining room after we painted Snow Drift Behr color to all the walls.

This place is small so I was glad to get my china cabinet and table and chairs in this area.  Lots of light comes into the dining area.

Kitchen when we moved in.  Basic cabinets and counter tops.

Taking cabinets down to open up the space and using open shelving.  Painting walls and using Ikea Butcher Block counter tops.

Master Bedroom when we moved in.

The After Master Bedroom.
White paint, salvage decor pieces and new sheers and paint on the walls gave this bedroom a more personal touch reflecting my love of romance and serenity in the bedroom.

Master Bathroom when we moved in.

Painting the walls Snow Drift by Behr and painting the cabinets white and adding chandeliers for lighting personalized this bathroom to my taste.

Love adding chippy salvage history pieces into my decor for everyday use.

Guest bedroom before.

A fresh coat of Snow Drift by Behr to the walls and adding my decor was all this room needed to be personalized to my cottage decor taste.

Guest Bathroom Before.

Guest bathroom after we painted the walls and added chippy salvage pieces to the decor.  I got a serene and peaceful bathroom for my guests to use.

Our downstairs finished room before picture.

Before picture of finished family room.

After picture of our new family room/ fireman cave and office area.

We left the painted walls the color that was here.  It went well with our family room furniture and all of Terry's fireman collection.  Whew... big room we did not have to paint white!  This room reflects more of Terry's decor style and personality.  I love that he has a special place in this home too.

Even little Coopers bed matches this room.

Whew!!! this was a long post I hope you had a frosty beverage while you read through this post.  So in just a few months time and lots of paint we added our personality to this home.  With Terry unemployed when we purchased this home we did not have a decorating budget so lots of imagination and paint is what got this place turned around to our taste.  We had all our decor and collections from our last cottage.

With some elbow grease and paint you can make any room in your home your style without a lot of money!  This is proof of it!

I will miss this place we have called home these past months.  Just praying and hoping we can find another sweet place to call home again.

Have a great week.  I will be out of commission with blogging for a short time.  I tore my meniscus in my right knee a week ago.  I will see the Orthopedic Surgeon tomorrow to see if I will need surgery to repair it.   I will have a little time away from the blog to mend.

I tell ya getting older is not for Sissies.  I was just walking and turned my knee wrong and tore it.  Yikes!!!!  So I am hobbling around and using a cane to walk.  Yep! I am officially an old lady now with having a cane to walk lol!

Take care.  I hope to be back to making a post soon.  Maybe some good news on house hunting to share.  Just need to get my knee back and working.

Have a great new week.

Cottage for Sale

As most of you know from my last post.  Terry got a new Fire Chief position in a community north of where we live now.  About an hour and half commute.  So we are going to have to sell this cottage and move again.
I hate the idea of moving again but if Terry is happy in this job then I am willing to move again.  We are hoping to find a new cottage in an area just south of the community he works for so it is not too far for me to drive to my daughters for babysitting.  You know my part time job LOL!!

The community he is working for is a Fire District that is a combination of two towns.  North Chicago borders these two towns on almost all sides.  It is almost like a small Island inside of the north side of Chicago.  

It is a very sweet, rich in culture and established  area.  Most people that live there grew up there and their family before them grew up there etc.  They are very loyal to the community in which they live.  This community is family friendly and a safe and secure place to live and you still have the big ole city of Chicago in your backyard.  So a lot of people that work in the city of Chicago love this area to live.

We just need to be a little further south so my driving to my family obligations is not a big commute and Terry is still near the community he will be serving.
 I will be honest,  I have always been a suburban girl.   A city girl not so much!  There are a few quaint towns just south of where Terry will be working.  Hoping we can find something to call home in these areas.

That will bring Terry close to the community he serves and me close to family and friends that are a big part of our lives.

In the meantime Junk Chic Cottage II will be getting ready to go on the market soon.

I thought I would give you a little tour of this cottage we created less than a year ago to be our home.

This house gets tons of light.  That is what I love most about this house.  How bright and open it always feels.

Nice big windows that let lots of light in.  The houses behind us are set back and have a wooded area between so it is very private and I can keep very light sheers on my windows to really let the light in.

The kitchen is an open galley kitchen.  Even with the open shelves there is plenty of lower cabinets and a large pantry for storage.

Mr. Cooper is not for sale with the house!  He is just my little photo bomber!!!!  He thinks because I am in the kitchen, I am not trying to take a picture but I am getting him a treat!!!

Down Stairs is a finished basement that served as our family room and Terry's Fireman Cave.

Two large bedrooms up stairs.  The guest room is a good size I have a king bed in this room.

Large Guest Bathroom.

Large Master Bedroom.

Big windows in the master bedroom for lots of light.

His and Hers Master Bedroom Closets. Such an asset to have your own closet and he has his own!

Large Master Bathroom.

High Ceilings going up stairs with board and batten trim to the staircase and hard wood steps.

Natural light streams in all rooms of this house.
Nice little corner nook for my office area.

Nice open entry way.

This is not all the rooms but it is the majority of Junk Chic Cottage II.   I hope the right buyer will walk in and love this home as much as I have.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.