I started  hanging some doors around my home.  I am having a love affair with doors of late.  I just love that these old doors have such history and have hung in many different homes throughout the years.  Ohhhhh the coming and goings through these doors.  The chair on the bottom I just had to post because someone threw this beauty out in the garbage!!!!!! Can you believe it I had to rescue it and find a place in my home for it.  It is chippy old and even folds!!!! Love it.


  1. I love how you hung your doors! After seeing this I would sure like to hang one of my own. Can I ask how you did it? Thanks for the advice! Marcia

    1. Hi Marcia
      These doors are really easy to hang. My husband used drywall screws that were at least 2 inches long and angled downward as he screwed them in. It helps with the weight of the door. If you can hit a stud in the wall the better but if not he said by angleing the screws helps. If you look below this posting I have bought some new old doors that I am going to make into some things around the house so stay tuned. I just love the old doors they look so awesome as a focal point on the walls. I hung hooks off the one in the guest room so I could hang stuff on them. I love the one I found in the garbage that I hung in my foyer with the old mail slot in the door. I can't believe someone threw that beauty out!!!!!!! I repurposed it with some old hooks and instantly you have a coat rack with character in your entry way. Send me pictures when you hang a door in your house. I would love to see what others do with these chippy old lovely doors. I am thinking of using an old long 24 inch door I got for a side table in my kitchen. I just love the doors especially when they still have the old hardware on them. Good luck and thanks for the compliment. Also go to www.theoldpaintedcottage.com and look at the cottage of the month for May. Cindy's house is featured and look at what she did to her closet with old doors. I am whirling that idea around in my head too for my master bedroom. Good Luck.

    2. Hi Marcia,
      Just an update for you on hanging the doors. If you look at my blog on my headboard made of doors that was three really heavy doors so my husband on those heavier doors made a long cleat or board that he sunk into the wall with the studs and then he hung the doors onto that and used long screws to screw into that board. This way they are secure and the wall will take the weight of the doors. Hope that helps. Send me pictures after you get the doors up. I would love to see them.

  2. Just LoVe the Door in your 1st pic... AND lucky YOU!!! ~ What a F*I*N*D with the "Mail-Slot" Door!*!*!
    Jeanine Burkhardt

  3. Ha!!!!!! I would think you would love the door in the first picture since I bought it from you!!!!!! I got that at the Antique Market you were at in Barrington. So funny you should love that door!!!! I do love the mail slot door that really was a great treasure to save from the garbage heap. Can you believe people throw beautiful treasures away like that.

  4. I'm a huge fan of old doors. I love how great they look in your home : )


  5. Hi, Kris! Thanks for chatting as we figure out how to cottage up your sectional! Yes, I wish I lived closer to you so we could create a white dream out of your sectional! I'm hoping the additional pillows will do the trick! BTY, love all your old doors and your ideas for them. Also love the old white chair in the corner of your bedroom!