My little Angel I got from my husband for an early Christmas present has moved.  I think she is going to be the moving angel!!! I know I showed you pictures of her on my theater seats in my front entry and on the old shabby chippy barn door in my family room.  Well now she has found her way into my vintage Christmas tree.  I have a lot of angel ornaments on my Christmas tree so now she is sitting with all the angel ornaments in the tree.

I think she looks pretty content and happy here in the Christmas Tree.

I used the sepia feature on my picture file to make her look even more vintage in this photo. 


  1. She looks great on your vintage Christmas tree!!


  2. Your image looks like a Chritmas card. She looks very much at home with your lovely tree. Love that your tree is in a wagon. That's what I do as well. My tree/not so pretty though.

  3. She is the sweetest angel! I think she likes it in your tree too! Happy decorating! Hugs, Leena