Just a fun treasure find post today.  I was at the Grayslake Flea Market a few week ends ago.  It is an inside market so it was great to get a little treasure hunting during the colder weather.  I have a few fav boths I love to visit.  One of them is Jeanine from Chippy Shabby.  She usually has some awesome treasures I can't live without.  She is also so so sweet you will just love to spend time in her booth. I have found several of the treasures you see in my home from her.  Check out her blog too for more info about her and upcoming places she will be.


Now for my wonderful find.

As some of you may know I am a registered nurse and do love old medical treasures from the past.  I found this great leather doctors bag at the flea market.
It has alot of the old time blood pressure equipment and first aid books and supplies.  This little chippy even came with the key and it works!

On the inside of the first aid book it is marked house calls and dates from 1942.  Love that some doctor made house calls with this kit back when doctors did that!!

I have this in my laundry room on the shelf right now but will find a good place for it soon.  I just love to find things like this with history. Only $30 dollars and it was mine.  This bag is in great shape for being as old as it is.


  1. What a cute bag!Oh I wish I would have gone to that flea market.Some friends of my from the gilded JunqueYard invited me to go.I would have met you and Jeannie too! I was busy painting that table set for my space.Oh well maybe next time!What a cute bag and a great deal too!

  2. wow, 30 dollars is a steal! really cool! I'm so envious that you get to shop Grayslake, I'd love to get there!

  3. that was a great find...and all the supplies!!

  4. OMG!*!*!
    ThAnKs for your ever soooooo kind words Kris!*!*! Soooo glad you love SHoPPing-My-SHaBBies... ALWAYS good to hear what YOU & Hubby are up to N*E*X*T...
    AND ~ WHAT A FAB FiNd - AmaZiNg Condition for that old of a Doctor's Bag...
    Hugs - Jeanine Burkhardt

    1. You are so welcome my dear friend. I get excited to visit your both everytime!! Your chippy treasures are the best.

  5. This is incredible! I love it! I remember as a child when our family doctor came to our house in the 60's. He'd always make house calls if my mom needed because she didn't drive. He was an awesome doctor and I used him for my kids when they were little, before he retired. His kit looked so much like this one! I also have the water safety and first aid books that look just like those! Mine are from the 70's when I studied to become a life guard but the covers are exactly the same. Gee, I hope that they updated the medical information inside over the years LOL! What fun items and a great price! SO gload that you got to go out and hunt a little bit despite the time of year. Hugs Leena

  6. Oh how I wish I lived closer to Grayslake! In my part of Ontario (near Toronto) there are no good flea markets, no antique malls at all, and only very high end antique shops! I can only get my junkin' fix over the summer at the antique shows ;( Lucky you, you found a great bag with a fantastic price tag! Enjoy!

  7. What a fabulous find and in such great shape. An ex-in-law of mine was also a nurse and she collected old metal bedpans and turned them into really cute decor accents. I always laughed about them with her. LOL

  8. What a neat bag and even more so that it had all those vintage goodies inside! I'd love to visit this flea market...being indoors makes it all the better!

    Are you surviving this cold?!


  9. The outside of the bag is a charmer and all the goodies inside are just an added bonus! Great find!