Lamps made from candle sticks.
I had these old vintage candle sticks made out of wood. I loved the shape of them and the chippy vibe they had. I just do not use them anymore as candle sticks so I thought to myself what could I do with these? Well believe it or not I made them into lamps for my buffet in the dining room. I have to confess I had some help from my husband but was surprised how easy these were to make. I thought I would share this with you in case you have something like these candle sticks that you would like to make into lamps.
 The lamp kit from Home Depot around $5 and the 98 cent white extension cord is all you need.
Drilled a whole all the way through the candle sticks for the lamp kit pieces.  
Drilled out a spot for the cord to come out the bottom. Notched the bottom so the lamp cord will sit flat.
Used the white extension cord for the electrical. Cut off the plug part on the end.
Put in the drilled hole the lamp kit tube for the wires to feed through.  We did have to hammer this some to get it to go all the way through the whole in the candle stick.

Used the washer "thingy" ha! ha! not to be too technical to secure the lamp wire tube in place.
Fed the wire extension cord up through the tube. It's always good to have a frosty beverage while doing DIY projects as you can see in the picture!!!!
Added the rest of the lamp kit connection parts for the light blub.

There you have it two new lamps for my buffet for around $10. With my husband's help we had these both done in about an hour.   I had these lamp shades already so am using them until I find something different. Love DIY projects that can recycle things into new chippy treasures that are easy peasy like this.

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  1. Great Idea! They look lovely...gonna have to try this! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love your lamps--I have always wanted to do something like this but not had the courage..but you made it look easy!

  3. How brilliant was the idea? They look great on the buffet too:) Terrific project!

  4. Great job! Pretty results . They look very pretty on the buffet.
    Cheers. Gee

  5. That looks way easier than I thought it was. Very pretty Kris!

  6. Kris, those turned out so pretty. What fun to repurpose something that you already love..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  7. Omgoodness. You had such a vision. They are so sweet. Amazing project! They look great!

  8. You go girl! You did a great job and they are simply lovely (love your buffet, too!). Be proud of yourself and that prize of a hubby! :)


  9. Love your pretty!! Thanks for sharing how to make them. Love your buffet and how you decorated it.

  10. Holy HECK those are cute lady!! What a super project.

    About the fridge. They sure do not make things like they used to. I know my mom and my grandma both had appliances forever! Ours do not last anywhere near as long. They are not cheap either, so it's like a punch to the gut when they don't last.

  11. Your lamps are awesome. How cool that you made them. I don't think I am that handy.

    Great job!

  12. How neat! My mom made candle sticks out of old lamps before, but I've never seen the reverse! They are lovely and quite a nice addition to your beautiful dining room! Hugs, Leena

  13. You really do make this look simple! I've got some outdated buffet lamps I'd like to replace, and now I'm keeping my eyes open for lamp supplies!

  14. Your lamps turned out really nice! I like the lampshades too.

    Amy Jo

  15. What an inspiring post. Thanks for showing and sharing.

  16. Oh man, these are great! How many candlesticks I've passed up that would make lovely lamps...
    One did you drill all the way through,lengthwise? That's a loooong drill bit you've got, eh?
    I've asked my husband to do something like this and he says he can't do it. Now I'm wondering if he was just trying to get out of it, ha ha ha. 'Cause I'd ask him again.....

  17. I love 'em, especially because they are just your style. It can be so hard to find lamps that have the right look. Good eye!

  18. Well that came out great and they look nice where they are! I'm your latest follower from Thursday's Favorite THings.

  19. Kris, you are listed as a noreply blogger. If you add an email address in your profile, bloggers will be able to reply back to comments you leave. There are a couple of tutorials out there if you Google "noreply blogger". It has something to do with changing over to Google plus, I think. Not sure if you're interested, but when I try to respond to noreply bloggers, my emails don't go anywhere.

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by and things are looking good at your cottage. :)


  20. Thanks for sharing this! So super easy to and they look beautiful! I don't mind those shades either! I think they look great!

  21. You really made them seem so easy. Very pretty-what a great idea.
    Have a good weekend

  22. They turned out so cute! Love them. Make sure you check out the NW Herald today, as you were quoted in the Tattered Tiques artical. YEAH!!

  23. Seriously - your lamps are awesome!! I want to make some (I'll add that to my list of things to do - haha)!!
    XO Traci

  24. OH MY GOODNESS...these are so wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I am now a follower! Hope you'll visit me and follow me back! Aloha!

  25. Oh my, I love these so much I have just the spot for them, giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo