Hello my dear blog friends.   I had another trip to the fun shop of 
Tattered Tiques today.  It was nice to see the girls and shop.  I have been looking at this cute Honey for Sale sign in the shop for awhile and today just took the plunge and bought it.  I was hoping it would fit in my dining room over my old windows and it pretty much did.  As I was looking for a new home for my chippy sign I noticed I do have a lot of signs around my house. I guess I am a sign hoarder!!!!! Thought I would share some.

Made this little sign for the Lamb Cake for Easter

Even the Easter Bunny has a sign of his own.

Cupcake Stand waiting for the Easter Cupcakes.

As some of you have seen this sign before I love this over the window in my office. Great motto to live by!!!!

Of course my lovely assistant Midge is pointing to my favorite Sign!!!!!

Love this chalk board saying.

Some of you may have seen my other lovely item from a Tattered Tiques shopping day the Easter Banner. Love this banner.

Another sign I love it the one above the chalk board. Live Simply! So true.
Well hope you made it through this long post of pictures I think I better go and have a sign intervention!!!!
Tomorrow I will be drawing the names for the give away. I am excited for all of you.


  1. They are all fabulous!!! I love the coffee one. Your home is so cozy.I just love it!


  2. I love all of them... especially the nest ones. I think I have posted about the one that said ..Home the perfect nest before. I don't know where you found it but I do love it. We all love your home...it is a perfect nest all its own...thanks for sharing with us...vera

  3. You've got some great signs, Kris! I love signs, too. Sometimes I stop myself from buying them though because I don't want to overdo it, but I like the way they look and sometimes the saying or wording on them is just perfect. I love your Queen sign, too! That is the best!

  4. Signs, signs, everywhere signs! Can't remember the rest of the words, but I can hear the song in my head. You do have alot of signs, but I love them! I have quite a few, but you have one uped me sweetie. lol! The new honey sign is fab! They just finished all of the wood trim in my basement. I went down and snagged up all scraps, beadboard and such before it hit the trash. Hoping to make a few signs. Thanks for showing us all your great signs!

  5. I enjoyed seeing all your signs. They looks great throughout your home.

  6. Well I've been thinking I need some signs lately. You just made it official - I have to have some.

  7. I have one :-/ So, I am suffering from some sign envy just this minute. Hahahaaa..
    Have a wonderful weekend Kris.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. I love all your signs! Do you do your own chalkboard art? I am not talented at that--but yours look fantastic! I also adore that cupcake stand. Cute bunny too!

  9. You do have a lot of wonderful signs, Kris! Love how each one is different. It would be hard to choose a favorite.
    Mary Alice

  10. So pretty Kris! LOVE that sign! I remember seeing that on my last visit looks perfect in your home!

  11. Wowwee!! You do have quite a few signs!! But they each work so well in your space! I agree with Sandy, that cupcake stand is too cute. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  12. So many fantastic signs-great post!
    Have a good weekend.

  13. Yes, I have to agree that you have a lot of nice signs! I love, love your cupcake holder waiting for Easter cupcakes. Envious! Nancy http:cozythymecottage.blogspot.com

  14. Yes, my dear, you do have a lot of signs and I love them all! They all go really well with your decor and personality! The new one is very cute!

    Happy Weekend!


  15. Love all your signs!! I have some around my home, but you have a wee bit more than I do. :)
    I love your cupcake holder!! Where did you get it? I have a white one from Target, but mine is not as pretty as yours!!
    Have a great weekend. We are expecting a snow storm with 5 to 10 inches of snow on Sunday.

  16. A couple of months ago I started taking photos of my signs with the intention of doing a post. But, I have nothing on you. You make me realize I need to make or buy a few more before I have the audacity to do a post about them.

    Love them all.

  17. Loving your signs - but I oh so love Midge - is she the cutest assistant ever?

  18. Well, when you have that sign intervention you know you must dump them! I, being the good person that I am, will spare you the trouble of trying to find homes for them- I will take them ALL in! LOVE this post- xo Diana

  19. your new sign fits perfectly in your pretty corner vignette, kris:) and the only way the cupcake holder could be cuter is for it to have cupcakes on it!

  20. Hi Kris!

    Love all of your signs and the look & feel of your home! Your new treasure fits in perfectly with the charm of all the others. Have a grand weekend!

    Hugs, Sherry & Marie

  21. You do have a lot of signs! But they look so beautiful in your home...

    Amy Jo

  22. Another great post, Kris. My favorite sign is the 'Good Cook' chalkboard sign. I also love the cupcake stand. Pure eye candy. Glad you got to go shopping again. We all benefit. :)

  23. Hi Kris! I love all your fun signs! I need one that says "Dorothy was right, it is all about the shoes!" LOL!

  24. There might be a 12 step program for this obsession / addiction, maybe we could get adjoining rooms! hehehe! I think my favorite is the "Live Love JUNK" sign in your office area... but I also love the Audience with the Queen that Midge is so adorable sharing with us... whom I kidding, I LOVE them all!!
    Have a great weekend kiddo!

  25. I obviously don't have enough signs in my place! All so cheery!