It feels like Spring here in Chicago Land!!!! Wooooo Hooooo I have the windows open and the birds are singing and I even heard the hubby run the lawn mower.  Soooooo Excited to hear those things and smell the fresh air.

I did some Spring cleaning in my office today and I thought I would show you some pictures.  Then I am off to the yard to start to get some of my stuff set up for flowers hopefully in a few weeks.

Have a beautiful day!!! Hope you are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

I got this chippy stair post from Grays Lake Flea Market a few weeks ago from Jeanine at her Chippy Shabby Booth.  I fell in love with this piece the minute I set eyes on it.  I brought it home not knowing what I would do with it but it was so chippy and calling to me.
I was thinking outside in the garden somewhere this summer and then it hit me!!!! I have been trying to section off my office in the back of the house from the dining room and I think this is perfect.   I was thinking about some kind of old doors and making a wall as a divider but that would really cut off my light so I think this little chippy rail does the trick.

This space in the back of the house was all closed off and a closet when we moved in.  I hated that it cut off the light of that window and I did not want to take up one of my small bedrooms to make an office so this space seemed perfect for my office.  It is bright and open.

Remember that old kitchen cabinet I got out of an old 100 year old tear down.  I love it in my office for storage.  You know how I love to re love things back into my home.

My little storage bins are perfect to keep all my magazines and decor books.

I love an old gate and this one works perfect above my desk for hanging my "junk" on!!

I loved this old vintage desk that a bought a long time ago at an estate sale and it was chippy  for that time worn look.

Now I feel like just adding the stair rail gives the room some division from the rest of the space.  I still cannot believe that space was a closet at one time.  Too ugly and blocked the window.  I think it makes a better office.

I spruced up the old mantel area.  I also got this chippy fun old window from Jeanine at Grays Lake Flea.  I had the hubby hang it for me in between the mantel opening.  I think it brings some character to that open space.  Don't you love the old architectural feature of the wood inside the window.

Spruced up the table setting on the dining room table.

Even added some more spring to the bike.  Moved my wellies and garden hat to the bike.  Just feels a little more spring like now.

Well I am off to the outside.  Wow it was great to hear the lawn mower going today.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass!!!! I will post my outside spruce up soon.  Have a great week end.

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  1. Luv all your Springtime sprucing.
    Just spent the last hour or so, polishing all the wood ( I use a home made polish) works like a dream. My windows are closed... alas, it is a bit warm , so the AC is doing it's magic. Lawn being mowed as well by the Mr. :-) It's that kind of day.
    I am taking a coffee break.
    Happy Saturday. Enjoy your outside time!!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Oh how lovely! I had to pin your entry and office. Love it.


  3. I love the porch railing so pretty!! The whole space turned out lovely.

    Amy Jo

  4. Kris you found some amazing treasures from Jeannie! That stair post works perfectly and I love your gate hanging too!I have a mess in my yard so much to do.I am hoping to get out and work outside tomorrow.It was so much fun just taking it all in today :-)

  5. LOVE LOVE the porch railing and how you used it to separate the room. So pretty and smart!
    I love the smell of cut grass too... especially someone else cutting the grass LOL!

  6. Perfect place for the old rail! I'm LOVING this weather! Worked outside a bit today. Just HAD to be outside!

  7. What a perfect place for the porch railing. I love how it separates your office area...perfect piece!! I have the same checked curtain that you do, except mine don't go all the way to the floor. Hubby mowed our grass today too.

  8. I don't even know where to start here Kris - so let's start at the beginning lol -
    A post about a post!
    That post is absolutely perfect where it is -
    Ok - lets go on to your office space - I would give anything to have that desk - what a GORGEOUS piece that it
    And the window?
    And the shelves above your sideboard?
    And your sideboard?
    AND those checked drapes?
    You're amazing Kris.........really you are!

  9. OMG!

    Do you need a secretary? I could work in an office like that. You have such a flair and find the most fun chippy pieces.

    I too worked in the garden today, planting, pruning, weeding, moving garden furniture, creating vignettes in the flowers . . . spring and sunshine is a pretty good combination.

  10. Your office is incredible and the window in the fireplace opening is genius! Just one question... does the Queen EVER accept an audience?? Great signage. Have a great week!

    Lovin' the fresh spring air, Sherry

  11. You made it through! Yay! Fresh cut grass, a sweet breeze and a cooperating back so you can enjoy your garden endeavors are much to be thankful for. And that little fence, well, it's about the cutest thing and makes a great architectural element in your office. Good thinking!

  12. Kris, we're finally getting some warmer temps here, too! LOVE the stair rail and how you used it-brilliant!! That window is just gorgeous, too, and a perfect fit in your mantel :)

  13. OMG...OMG....that fence post is awesome Kris!!!!!!

  14. Wow! I love your chippy old railing! It looks like it's always been there. Love your fabulous old window, too!! Enjoy the long overdue warm weather, Kris!

  15. I really like the way that the railing gives you some division between the office and dining room, yet does not block off the light or box in the rooms! I'm SO HAPPY that your weather has finally turned to spring! It's so rejuvinating to have some warm sunshine and fresh air, especially when you're looking for energy to do new projects! Have fun! Hugs, Leena

  16. Your office looks great. I love the stair rail. I am to have to keep the idea of turning a closet into usable space in mind for the future.

  17. I love the way you sectioned off your office space with the chippy railing. Such a great bright and fun place to work! And the window in the mantel...LOVE IT!!!!!! We would definitely have had to fight over that gorgeous window if we were shopping together.
    Mary Alice

  18. it is totally perfect there. so love your place.


  19. It is all just perfect, and the railing is the best touch. I like how it divides but doesn't cut off the room. It's the perfect piece. We are going to hit 80 this week, I can't wait.

  20. I love your little office space and how you have decorated it. The chippy chair rail sets it apart very nicely but still leaving the open feeling. The vintage desk is so neat! Nancy

  21. Hellooooo Kris!.!.!
    The window is soooooo perfect in the Mantel Area!!! YOU & Hubby *Never Stop Creating*...
    Looking forward to what develops in your garden... ~ It's FINALLY looking like SpRiNg...
    Jeanine BURKHARDT

  22. Kris - Your office space is magnificent! Love it. How do you keep it so neat?


  23. Hi Kris,
    I always notice your pretty white flowers inside. Where do you find them? I would love to add some to my cottage, but all the silk ones I find look so much like silk flowers (lol) not real.
    Thanks for your help.

  24. Love your new old railing and where you've put it. It must feel right at home. Enjoy that spring weather!!

  25. Goodness! How I love how you have decorated your home! It is fresh, clean and cheerful. I am sure it makes you smile every time you walk into the room :o} Blessings....Jenny

  26. oh, i love the chippy banister, kris! perfect touch for your darling room:)

  27. wow, what a fabulous space! love love love!!

  28. I am popping over from Becky's, and I just love what you did with your office. The chippy banister is perfect, and I love the white bike, white boots, and cute gardening hat, too. I would smile every time I worked in thre.

    I see that you are a nurse and your husband is a fireman. One of my young nieces is engaged to an EMT whose dad is a fire chief, and she's studying nursing! Small workd.!

    Thanks for inviting us into your home. I enjoyed the visit!



  29. Kris, Congrats! You'll be featured this week at Simple & Sweet Fridays for this creative way to divide rooms! Have a wonderful week!


  30. SO MUCH FUN! I love the office, what a great idea!
    The mantel is gorgeous and the bike is such an inviting summer idea. Your white home looks so peaceful...

  31. My husband did the same thing.. got the lawn mower out. Well, actually he went to Home Depot and bought a new one. Would you believe he had the old mower since the mid-70's? Don't make them like that anymore!! The weather finally got fabulous but I must say I am so not ready for shorts and short sleeves. I kind of liked hiding in sweaters and jeans.. LOL! Better start exercising! OH! and I love that your office was once a closet. Great idea! And again... I need to get myself to Grey's Lake. You found some fabulous things there!

  32. What an absolutely beautiful work space! Love it!

  33. The overall look and feel of the room is so refreshing. I just love all of the white and that is an awesome room divider! Stopping by from Katherine's Corner. Have a lovely Thursday.

  34. Love the railing as a room divider, it is the perfect compliment! Your office space is just amazing, I could play all day! We'd love to have you link it!


  36. This is so cute! I love this look! I am a new follower from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back, Nicole

  37. Just scrolling through your posts today. You sure do love bikes! So cute, love your style.