Mixing Two Brands Of Paint!!!!

Good Sunday Morning.
I thought I would share a little make it up as I go along project I finished this week.

I am not sure what it was if the sun was coming in the room just right or what, but all of a sudden got the urge to paint my entertainment unit.  It was a stark white and looked perfectly fine but then I remembered I had some plaster paint and chalk paint.  Then I thought....... hey what might happen if I mix the two!!!!  The chalk paint was white and the plaster paint was Toasted Marshmallow.

I mixed the two together equal parts and I came up with this pretty linen/taupe color.  So I was going with it!!!
The plaster paint is the self chipping paint so I was anxious to see what the chalk paint and the plaster paint would do together on my entertainment unit.
This is the before of the cabinet all white.
Then one coat and it started to do it's thing!!!!
Second Coat starting to look even better.

I then just lightly used a sponge and a piece of really smooth sand paper.
With using a sponge the plaster paint was doing it's thing and I was able to wipe the edges where I wanted a distressed look.  I used the light sandpaper where I wanted it to look a little more distressed. You can see where some of the white from the chalk paint was coming through too. I was loving the results of my little experiment.

It is a little hard to see but the piece came out in a light linen color and distressed ever so slightly.  Just adding the little bit of color from the plaster paint to the white chalk paint gave this piece a slight hint of color.  So it kept my white cottage look with just a little warmth and character added.
It was fun to experiment and I was excited to have these results.
Have a great week.

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  1. Kris,

    I love this. I never heard of plaster paint before. I am sure I am living under a rock and I am the only person that never heard of this before. I like the subtle chippy look you achieved. Can you fill me in about this for the future??? Love reading yours and Susan's blogs so much!! You are both so sweet and are responsive to a year long blogger!!


    1. Hi Cynthia,
      Plaster paint is the same as Milk Paint. You apply it and it chips where it wants. Plaster paint you put on and then wipe with a wet sponge where you want the paint to come off the piece. They are pretty simple paints to deal with. I like the plaster paint a little better than the milk paint just because with the plaster you can distress where you want and the milk paint just kind of distressed where it wants too and sometimes not at all. You can find these paints on line and some bloggers actually sell them. Hope that helps.

    2. Sorry Kris, but just to clarify Plaster Paint is not the same as Milk Paint. They are two very different products. The Plaster Paint is a latex based paint with additives in it that provides a matt chalky finish when dry. It is more similar to Chalk Paint than Milk Paint in that it is self priming and dries fairly quickly. Plaster Paint does not chip where it wants....that is Milk Paint without the bonding agent added to it. Great job! Nice to know you can mix Plaster Paint and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint together. I love the color you ended up with. Sheila

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thank you Shelia for your input and correction. I have learned since that post awhile back that plaster and chalk are very much alike. I still loved using it and it gave me a nice result.

  2. Beautiful piece and the new color is lovely. The distressing make it I think. How fun, now you can do this again on another pice. Hugs, Marty

  3. Love what you´ve done to your entertainment unit.
    Have a great sunday
    Huggs Erica

  4. Brilliant idea girl. It is always nice to be able to use all those small amounts of paint up, and better yet it turned out the perfect color.

  5. Little nuances make such a difference. I liked it before, but it is even better now.

    What are you doing painting when you should be packing?

  6. It turned out beautiful! I love the way you did the top of the entertainment center.

  7. This turned out terrific, Kris! I love your spirit, taking chances and experimenting. I fret over painting the smallest of pieces! Thanks for the tips! :)


  8. Your entertainment cabinet looks great. I love how the small change in the shade of paint did add depth and warmth to your room.
    Mary Alice

  9. It has a nice mellow look now. You really can get some great effects when you experiment.

  10. Paint! Luv the depth the new colour added Kris. Warmed it up :-)
    Happy Sunday.
    ((HUGS)), Gee

  11. The plaster paint is so interesting!


  12. I love your experiment! Your cabinet is just gorgeous

  13. Kris...it looks great!! Love it!!
    I have a cedar trunk that my hubby made for me almost 34 years ago. I'm wanting to paint it white with either chalk paint or milk paint. The trunk is the natural color of the cedar...I've been wondering if I should stain it darker before I paint it. Thinking that a darker stain might look better when it chips that the light color of the natural cedar. Any suggestions?

  14. Great job you mad scientist, you! I really like the subtle, warm change it makes! Don't you just love it when you come up with an idea and it works? Hugs, Leena

  15. I had never heard of plaster paint. Chalk paint..milk paint.. but not plaster so thanks for the education! And the toned down white is just what you said. Warm and soothing! Another job well done!

  16. You are brave! That looks so nice. Do you ever have any failures? Nancy

  17. Honestly it now fits with everything else! Don't get me wrong it was a lovely piece, but now it's "WOW" :) Thank you Miss Kris for sharing!

  18. The cabinet is fabulous! What a great piece of furniture. Love what you did.

  19. Kris, I like the subtle difference! That's a gorgeous cabinet anyway! :)

  20. Love your cabinet! Aren't those "urges" fun to follow! I'm intrigued by Plaster Paint, especially because it is self-chipping? I've never heard of it before but will have to look into it for sure. Thanks for sharing, Patti

  21. LOVE the softer look! I've learned something today....thank you! Blessings~~~Roxie

  22. I love it! I have never heard of plaster painter either so now I am going to research it and the Toasted Marshmallow (and white chalk paint) will be perfect for a stark white piece of furniture that I have and have wanted to warm up a little. Thanks for sharing your talent and creativity with us.


  23. That was a bold move to mix the two different kinds of paint. I would have been chicken! It looks amazing!