Good Evening,
I have gotten several emails asking how I made the roses for the favor bags for the blogger get together today.  They are so easy so I did some pictures to show you how.  They take only minutes to make.

All you need is a pair of scissors, some ribbon or I used jute or a stapler and what ever color tissue paper you would like.

Here is the finished product.  I just took a brown paper gift bag and made the flower out of tissue paper and glued it to the bag

Here are the little brown paper favor bags I made for the blogger girls get together. Now I will show you how easy these flowers are to make.

Take a regular piece of wrapping paper tissue.  The one I have has rounded edges but most tissue is straight and the easiest to use.

Fold your tissue paper in half

Then fold it in half again

Then fold it one more time in half and begin the accordian fold.  Fold it back and forth

This will create an accordion pleat

Then you can cut a piece of twine I had on hand or you can use a stapler or ribbon.  Whatever you have on hand to tie the piece together

I tied this off in the middle with my twine

Then I cut the ends on both sides.  This will make your flower pattern

You can see better in this shot how cutting the ends makes this triangle end.  This is what will eventually become your flower.

Open up like the picture shows above

Now this is the hardest part to explain but the easiest part to do!!!! Start to pull up each row of the tissue towards the middle where you tied off the flower.  

This is how it looked after I had pulled up a couple of rows of tissue to the middle

This is a few more rows pulled up to make the flower

This is how it looks when all the sides are fluffed and pulled up to the middle.  Easy Easy Easy and they make the cutest flowers.  If you want bigger or smaller flowers you just fold your tissue more for smaller and less for bigger flowers.
Easy project and you can make these up in minutes.

The girls,  Anne from White Lace Cottage and Jane and her daughter from Blondies Journal brought me some hostess gifts that I just have to show you.  I felt so special to receive these beautiful gifts from them.  The flowers above are from Anne's garden and she took a mason jar and added some bling with buttons and burlap.  So adorable just loved this.  Thank you Anne.

Jane gave me this cute birdcage memo board.  Is this not the cutest?!!! I am hoping to hang it in my office on my old gate . 

Jane also made these homemade bottles of basil olive oil and a mixture of salt and herbs.  Yum!!! I cannot wait to use these when I cook.
Thank you Jane and Anne you made me feel so special today.  I was so happy to have them over for lunch and to take them to Tattered Tiques.

I was so excited and caught up in being a hostess I forgot to take pictures!!Ughhh!! Anne and Jane took some pictures so I hope they will post them on their blog.  We had a great day together. Lot's of fun to come out of blogland and into real world!!!!!
Have a great Friday
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  1. Each of the girls brought you such cute things and I am glad you showed how to make the flowers. I need to try some of those.

    One of these days, I am going to hear about a blogger's party and I will show up at your door.

  2. So, you just made half of a tissue pom pom? I can so do this :) Your bags are beautiful and the gifts you received are lovely!

  3. Oh I love the flowers!! Wish I had read this before I made the flowers for the store window I just did...These would have been perfect and a lot easier! Thank you


  4. Kris- I have not thought to make those flowers in years. Did you ever make them in high school to cover floats, etc? I think that was the last time I made them! OMG-That is a LONG time ago. Anyway, these will be fun to make with the girls-even to do something for their back to school (teacher gift bag) next week? Oh- I am cooking now- thanks!

    I am so glad you gals had a good time. Your hostess gifts are darling. I might have eaten what I would have brought you (just saying) and you don't like chocolates anyway, do you?;>)

    Hope you have a great night, Kris- xo Diana

  5. thank you for this I am going to try it on the weekend-love dee x

  6. Those flowers are fun to make--you did a great job! I love your hostess gifts--how fun you all got to get together!

  7. What great goodies you got!! Isn't it so fun to get together with fellow bloggers...these are times that you will always remember and cherish.

  8. Kris,
    Okay...I think even I can make these pretties! Thanks for sharing how you made them. You sure did get some nice goodies from Anne and Jane...sounds like y'all all had a lot of fun.


  9. I have to try your DIY looks so great !!
    xoxo from PARIS/FRANCE


  10. Sounds like a lovely day! I'm sure there was a lot of good conversation, good food, laughter, and antiquing. Doesn't get much better than that. :-))
    Mary Alice

  11. I love making those flowers too - sometime great big giant ones!!!
    What beautiful hostess gifts Kris - that birdcage memo board is gorgeous!!!
    What a great bunch of ladies you are - I'm sure you had a blast!
    Suzan ( queen of the exclamation point )

  12. What fun gifts you got, Kris!! And I love your flowers/bags! :)

  13. great tutorial, kris:) adorable gifts from the girls--so glad the day was fun! have a great weekend!

  14. Kris, Please do not take this wrong...but I love that you are human..forgetting to take pictures because you are enjoying the time so well.:):) I do it all the time. I know you had a great time with your blog friends. Those are wonderful gifts, from them. thank you for the tutorial on those flowers. I can't wait to make some now. I could see them as a fluffy place card holder. Sweet. xoxo,Susie

  15. You are just to crafty girl. Those are adorable, what talent you have:)

  16. Forgot to mention, I am sharing on my FB page today:)

  17. Morning Kris,
    What a great tutorial. I have made those flowers from some that were already tied and cut that my daughters friend bought for my daughter in loves baby shower, so I already know how to fluff them, so will definitely try the other part now. A valueable and fun lesson, cause some times
    you just need a lil fru fru for something and I always have tissue paper. especially white.............

    they made adorable lil gift bags, I saw on

    just this morning where she made these big ones for a window dressing, cutest idea............thought you might like to see it.
    There is a theme going on this morning so I must be gonna need this advice soon for

    Loved the idea of the birdhouse note adorable, as was the mason jar with the flowers.

    Hope you are doing well......

    Blessings, Nellie

  18. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Love the bird cage memo board. Glad your day was so wonderful.

  19. I am going to try these for my daughter's bridal shower! Thanks for sharing.

    Amy Jo

  20. Oh how fun to get together with blogger friends. Loved the sweet gifts you received. Sounds like you girls had a grand time having lunch and then shopping.
    Thanks so much for the DIY on making the flowers.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. Sounds like a great time. So nice to meet up face to face with blogging friends. Love the flowers your made. Thanks for the instructions too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  22. Kris, thanks for sharing this with us. I am saving this for sure. I love the birdcage memo board. I hope you girls had a really fun time.


  23. Pinning these, they are adorable!

  24. Thank you for the flower instructions! I don't know how to pin it to my pinterest or I would! Adorable canning jar vase with such beautiful pink flowers. I would never have thought to use a bird cage to pin notes to. You and your friends are so clever! I am glad you had a good time. Nancy

  25. remind me of flowers we made when I was little.
    so cute, and super easy. I should make some again.
    thanks for tute.
    be blessed

  26. I want to say thanks again, Kris! We had such a lovely timer at your house and you really treated us like royalty!! I love this tutorial on the flower, I have to try it. The herbs in the bottles were rosemary, not basil...easy mistake! lol! Just don't want you to mix them up!


  27. I bet the girls loved those bags Kris. The tissue paper roses are gorgeous, feminine and very shabbilicious!! Thank you for sharing them at Shabbilicious Friday... I'll be featuring them at tomorrow's party.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  28. Hi Kris! As you can see, I'm catching up on my blog reading today. I think I've read all of yours now, but if you'd like to write a few more, I'll happily read them (giggle). I haven't been on online too much lately and I feel so out of touch! It's nice to read about everything you've been doing lately. I love these little tissue paper flowers. They remind me of high school when we made 100's of them to cover our Home Coming float. We worked for weeks making the flowers, then for what seemed like forever wiring them onto the wooden float form. I may have to make some just for old time's sake :) Yours are so pretty; they remind me of peonies. Hugs, Leena

  29. i love your sense of design! i work as floral designer and i like to check out what is popular now ! love shabby chic ! very pretty !