Girlfriend Party and Winners in the Giveaway

Good Morning.  Hope your week end is going great.  It is that busy time of the year  for getting ready for the holidays.

I wanted to share a couple of pictures from my annual Girlfriend Charity Party from last night.

I do a party every year and invite all my girlfriends to come.  Everyone brings a beautiful grab bag gift where the proceeds from buying this gift go to a charity.  I am always amazed each year on all the beautiful gifts everyone finds that are not only amazing gifts to receive but they give back to wonderful charities.  

I have been doing this party for many years and each year I look so forward to gathering my best buds together and sharing a evening of fun, good food and drink and most of all sharing our love for each other.  In this world it is so nice to be able to be blessed with the wonderful gift of friendship.

I have known most of these ladies for almost all my adult life and I feel so blessed to call each of them friend.  They are a special loving and caring group of women.

This year was really special for me too because both my daughters were able to come to the party and invite their best buds to join us.  It was fun to have my friends and thiers all enjoying each other's company.

We always have the best appetizers.  Everyone brings their favorite appetizer to share.

We play games and laugh and just have a great time.  Everyone wears their favorite Christmas PJ's.  You need to be comfy to have fun and eat and eat and eat some more.

These are a couple of my best buds.  Val won the contest for cutest pj's with her Cat in The Hat Christmas Pj's.  They were too cute.

We eat, drink and laugh and just have a wonderful evening together.  I get so caught up in being a hostess that I forget to take pictures.  I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the beautiful gifts that everyone brought for the exchange.  Maybe I will remember for next year.

Our theme for this year's party was Acts of Kindness.  It was so nice to have everyone share their acts of kindness that they do for others.  Lot's of tears were shed when everyone shared the wonderful generous and loving things they have done for others this year.

It was a beautiful evening full of fun and love.
Now I wanted to annouce the winners of the Give Away.

Let me start by saying I loved, no LOVED reading all your loving acts of kindness.  They were all so beautiful and heart warming.  It is amazing all the beautiful souls out there in blogland that take the time to care so deeply for others.  I really loved reading all the stories.

I put all the names into a hat and picked them out.  I was so touched by all your stories I could not stand it so I ordered a few more of the junk totes to bling up so I could give more away.  That is my act of kindness to all of you.  So the talented Amy sent me out some more so I could have more to give away.  When they arrive I will bling them up and get them out to all of you that got your names picked.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for sharing your beautiful acts of kindness.  I wish I could have given each and everyone of you a tote.  You are all loving caring people and deserve to win.  So to the 9 lucky ones below please send me your mailing address and email to my email below.











Congrats to all of you.  Enjoy your totes.


  1. Congrats to the winners. Your party looks like so much fun. What a wonderful idea... Love the P.j.s! Hope you have a wonderful day. We had a snow day yesterday. Which is unusual for here. Schools closed, bridges and roads closed, chains required, freeways closed. Today just plain cold, Not suppose to get above 27

  2. I love your idea of wearing PJ's to the party. I want to throw an Cookie Exchange just to have everyone show up in their PJs, but someone already beat me to the Cookie Exchange party. Maybe I will just wear my PJs to hers.

  3. Kris - Looks like a really fun party. I think I may start doing something like that next year. Thank you for the giveaway and just reading all of the acts of kindness was a winner for me.

    You are so sweet.


  4. Looks like such a fun evening and a wonderful tradition. Now I don't feel so bad that I am usually wearing my pj's when I take my son to band practice at 6:30 in the morning!

  5. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!! What fun! I know you regret not taking more photos but sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment!

  6. Great party with your girlfriends. Love this tradition you have going on, Kris!!
    Congrats to all the winners too!
    Mary Alice

  7. What a fun party, Kris! Once the home is decorated, what better way to share it and the season than with friends! Congrats to all the winners - kindness rules!

  8. Oh, your party looks like so much fun, Kris! I bet it's the highlight of everybody's holiday season for a girl's night out! You are so generous, and congrats to all the winners of your contest! Have a wonderful (and warm) weekend!

  9. That party looks like so much fun and I love the PJ's. I sent you an email...thank you so much!

  10. pajamas and treats--that's my kind of fun:) congrats to all of the winners, and kris, you have a great weekend!

  11. Kris, What a fun time and comfy too with your pj's. I will be with my school pals on Monday and I am excited about it.xoxo,Susie

  12. A party where you can where your pajamas? That's my kind of party! So awesome that you do this. I'm sure all your girlfriends had a wonderful time!

  13. What a great idea for a Christmas party with your friends! I've never heard of showing up in your Christmas pj's before. I bet everyone feels more equal to each other that way too. No going out and finding the best cocktail dress and wearing uncomfortable shoes. LOL! Looks like y'all had a great time. And what in the world did y'all do with all that food? That looked like a lot!

  14. I love that you can have a party like that with good friends you have known for years! What a lovely holiday tradition!

  15. What a fun party! Wearing PJ's is such a neat idea. Great idea to share with charities! Nancy

  16. Your party looks so darn fun, Kris - love it!!

  17. Oh, what a wonderful party!! I'd love that type of get together. Maybe I'll have to do a spin-off!!

  18. Fun party in PJ'S with your besties! How very sweet that you gave away more totes!

  19. Looks like you had a wonderful party and how fun to have it in your PJ's!!!
    Congrats to the winners.

  20. How fun to have the "pajama party"….what a great idea!…
    Congrats to the winners

  21. You are truly blessed to have so many friends to gather together and make such happy memories. Thank you for sharing with us. Congratulations to the lucky winners too. xo

  22. nothing better than hanging out with girlfriends and laughing laughing laughing and then to be able to wear your comfy p.j's....that's pure bliss! What a great party you host Kris. xo

  23. Now this is my kind of party, getting to come in my PJ's! Looks like you had great company and a wonderful time. And thanks so much Kris for the win on the tote, can't wait to get it!!!

  24. Kris, what FUN reading this posting! I remember the one from last year too.....what a precious time for friends! Me and a few girlfriends get together 1-3 times a year shopping etc. .........the p.j. party is adorable! I guess you could say it's like a slumber party but you don't stay overnight! I have missed a few posts so I will be catching up........Kris, you are truly a sweet and generous soul.....God Bless you!~~~~Roxie

  25. Kris, I love this tradition!! Friends, food, fun...what could be better? And for such a great cause! :)

  26. Oh how fun Kris! What a spread you girls had too. I would imagine a lot of laughs to go along with! Thanks for sharing.

  27. It looks like such a wonderful party! What a fun time to share with everyone!

    Have an awesome day rock star!

  28. Now that is a great party, with a good purpose. So much fun to come in pajamas! You all looked so cute in your Santa hats too!

  29. Kris- I am so jealous-it looks like such a wonderful party and I think I am not going to have time to do so many fun things this year. I love that everyone wears pjs. I suppose my Victoria's Secret Santa Angel negligee would have been out of place? Bwhahahahahah- Now THAT would be a sight to see. I could win the OMG prize!

    Congrats to everyone that won totes. You are such a good soul, Kris- xo Diana

  30. What a blast this looks like Kris. PJ's and good friends doesn't get much better than that. I forgot to mention loved the ice skates in your Christmas post too!!


  31. Thank you so much! I'm very excited to and congrats to all the others too! I love reading about your charity party. I think it may have been one of your first posts that I read when I discovered your blog last year. What a great idea for a party! You get to spend time with dear friends and help those in need all at once! Kudos to you! Pure genius! Thanks again! Hugs, Leena