Visit with Santa

Happy Monday Everyone.

Hope your week end was great.  We took our granddaughter Abby to see Santa at the North Pole and the minion's from Despicable Two were there too.  Abby wore her minion hoodie.

While we waited with our 1 million other closest friends that were there to see Santa they had this snow globe you could go into that had snow and it was actually snowing inside the globe.

Abby was having such a great time in that globe while we waited to see Santa.

This is my son in law Tim and Abby and my daughter Jen.  They make such a cute family.
This is a family picture of all of us while we waited to see Santa.  Ok do not judge the hair do I am wearing it was snowing and blowing outside before we came in so my hair was glued to my head!!!! Plus I never take good pictures. Ughhh! After a picture like this my husband and girls always say yep Mom much better in person!!!!

Abby with her mom and dad with Santa.  Last year she was afraid of Santa and would not go near him! This year she sat on his lap and rattled off her Christmas wish list to him.  Funny what a difference a year makes.
Have a great week.
This was a nice break for us to all see Santa even with the Malls being nutty and to all have dinner together afterwards.
Enjoy the slide on to Christmas.  It is coming so fast.


  1. Kris - Cute family photo!! Abby seems to be enjoying it all.


  2. Other than your cheeks looking really rosie, I think you look great right along with the rest of your family!
    It looks like Abby had fun while she was waiting to see the jolly fellow too.

  3. Ha ~ I had a day much the same yesterday, Kris! : ) We went to a place here called Entertrainment Junction. Fun place to go and we mainly went to see the train displays they have. I was really surprised that my granddaughter went to the Santa they had there. She was talking to him, but who knows if he could hear what she was saying. She sometimes talks very low when she is feeling shy, but I'm glad she went right up to him. It looks like you had a great time. That's what this time of year is all about ~ spending time with your family/loved ones!

  4. I love all the pictures of you and your family.

    I was at a cookie exchange and the hostess took a photo. I was upset last night when I saw myself tagged on facebook because I looked worse than horrible.

  5. Oh Kris, your granddaughter is beautiful. Aren't they special. The picture were great and what a nice looking family.
    I got my tote and it's wonderful - thank you so much.

  6. What an adorable family pic. Kris, you look just fine.

  7. Nice pictures! Family times like that are so precious and great! Merry Christmas! Nancy

  8. Evening Kris, You have a beautiful family including you!!!!! It is a SWEET, happy picture! And your hair looks pretty as are too hard on yourself! Blessings~~~Roxie

  9. I think your hair looks great Kris...beautiful photos!! Your granddaughter is a cutie:)

  10. Oh what fun you all had…I love, love all the pics of your so very special!…your granddaughter is a real cutie!!

  11. Oh how fun, Kris! You've got a beautiful family and made some special memories for your granddaughter. Our grandchildren are still terrified of Santa, so we've decided that Santa will wave at them from the yard this year. Enjoy the time with your family all together!

  12. Great family photos of visiting with Santa. Your granddaughter is so adorable.

  13. Kris, I love that your whole family went to see Santa! I'm sure it was so fun to see Abby with him this year-she's adorable! And I love the family photo :)

  14. OMG how fun. I have never heard of a snow globe you can go into. What a clever idea.

  15. Your daughter is so pretty! I think she has her fathers eyes and your coloring. Looks like y'all had a great time. I've never seen a real life snow globe like that. I bet that was fun! We don't visit Santa anymore now that my sons are too old. I remember those days well.

  16. Hi Kris,
    Wanted to come by and wish you a Merry Christmas while I had a few minutes.
    Enjoyed seeing all the lovely pics of you and your family. Your granddaughter is
    such a cutie pie............and looks like she is really enjoying is so funny
    how a year or a month or sometimes even a week with children can change everything.
    Christmas is definitely more fun this year with Brooklyn, It certainly motivated my
    hubby..........he bought new lights for the outside of the house and had them up
    early, and then we finally found a new faux tree after years of looking and it was
    a lil pricey, but he said we probably should get a new one cause of the
    Our new tree has white lights or colored lights. So when she came in and saw it
    with the white lights she was just staring at it and enjoying it, but when I put the
    colored lights on she started almost jumping for joy, it was a riot...........and wanted
    to go over closer to see it................that wide eyed wonder is so much fun!
    Can't wait for hubby to see her with the tree and hope her reaction is the same so he
    gets to see it too!

    Well, my dear, I have been coming by just no time lately for comments, so that
    will get better in the New Year when things slow down...................

    Blessings for a Wonderful Christmas hon,

  17. abbey looks like she is loving it! where was this at? great picture of everyone, even you! ;) i take terrible pictures and my husband always says, i look better in person!!! ha!

  18. Abby is precious! I love the family photo! It looks like so much fun too. We have the Opry Hotel ice Christmas in Nashville and our son and daughter-in-law want so much to take our little granddaughter to that when they come home for Christmas. Pictures make these memories last forever.

  19. Lovely photo and memories! Enjoy the holidays :)

  20. Your family photo is so lovely! Abby is very pretty and sweet.

  21. How fun! I love taking Jamison and Abigail to see Santa too! They usually have a cool display similar to the one you went to and the kids get so excited! Admittedly, I do too! Your family photo is so nice and no you don't look bad at all! I always hate pictures of me but you always take beautiful ones! Love the picture of Abby and her parents too - so sweet! How old is she? I can't remember how close in age your Abby and mine are. Abigail Rose will be 4 on Feb 25th. Growing so fast! Merry Christmas to all! Hugs, Leena

  22. Kris, what a wonderful family! Your daughter looks just like you. I hate photos of myself also. I think you all look just fine and dandy! Your little grand is a doll! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  23. love seeing the christmas pictures, kris, and that snow globe must have been such fun for abby:)
    wishing you and your cute family a very special christmas!!

  24. So fun! I love the big snow globe idea :) I think you look lovely!!

  25. Your granddaughter is soooooooo adorable! Great pic of you and your family too!
    Merry Christmas!