Freezing is an Understatement!

Just have to have a sense of humor when you live in Chicago during the winter months!!!!!!!!

This was the wind chills for yesterday and today.  Hoping to come above freezing before the week end.  Wooo Hooo! Even us Northern Seasoned Winter People are having a hard time with these sub zero temps.

My daughter's little Penny can totally relate to the situation here in Chicago!  She is wondering where her grassy area is???

Yep captures it!!!!!!


Hope you are staying nice and warm where you are.  Just trying to keep my sanity and hope for the temps to come above freezing soon!!!!!

Stay Warm


  1. Wow . . . I hope you have plenty of supplies in your pantry and lots of warm clothes and blankets. You are in my prayers. I was raised in Michigan City and when I saw that -52 . . . it made me cold and I'm 2,000 miles away.
    Keep up your good spirits,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. I long for the snow, but not those temps! OMgoodness! I can't imagine. Love the snowman! Cute and probably exactly how you feel. My snowman would have a BIG SMILE since we don't ever get snow!

    Stay Warm and Inside

  3. It is real cold her in Buffalo. All the surrounding schools are closed, but the good thing is that it was fine to drive to work in. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to go out in it. Yeah, I am dreaming of Summer, I was never a complainer of the hot weather. We have plenty to eat and lots to keep us busy. It is just too bad the kids can't go out and play. Keep warm. Alaina

  4. Oh Kris, I would be climbing the walls. I am so used to being in the yard, watering, deadheading roses this time of year and just sitting out there reading. I feel so bad for everyone - the weather is terrible. I pray that the weather will change quickly for everyone. Stay warm.

  5. I definely would go kookoo in that snow. I have never ever experienced such freezing conditions. It would scare me. It does make me sooooo ever more grateful for our sunshine.

  6. I love that cute! Today it is finally warmer, who knew the high 20's could feel like a heat wave?!?! LOL!!!!
    Stay warm :o)

  7. ahahaha... the snow man did it for me.
    No snow here, thank goodness. Can you imagine the Floridians driving in the stiff? NO thank you. But it was 22 last night. That's cold for us here in North Central Florida.
    Stay warm...
    Warm hugs, Gee

  8. Oh goodness gracious me oh my. I don't miss that white stuff for nothing. Although, so cold here today in SC it should have snowed! Buffalo, is loaded and my Mom was quite upset over it. She said it looked worse than the blizzard of 77 that of course made history then. Stay warm Kris, stay safe too! XO

  9. So sad Mother Nature is not happy with us nowadays. Chill ***over soon...
    Happy New Year to All...

    Wishing You All the best of 2014.

    God Bless.

    /CC girl

  10. LOL...that doggie picture reminds me of when I lived in Buffalo during the Blizzard of '77. :0)

  11. Yes, I am right with you, Kris! The snowed in pup is so funny! The weather man last night said we are colder here in Michigan than the South Pole. Thank you, I feel so much better knowing that:)! Keep warm & snug!

  12. Gosh, stay warm Kris. We are justing watching your freeze on TV in Australia. It looks dreadful. It is cooler than our sweltering Summer norm this week with mid 20's instead of mid 30's. But I couldn't imagine -52! Keep safe. xx Julie

  13. Oh my God! Stay warm Kris in your beautiful home!!!!

  14. Kris, ha! I love that last pic/quote!! Although I feel for poor Penny and Libby, too! This is crazy cold-we are pretty much living around our fireplace!

  15. Oh- I'm with you, Kris. I am so sick and tired of all this cold-This minus 40-50 degree weather is just nuts. We have broken records here this year. It is awful. I am so longing for Spring and summer. xo Diana

  16. I'm in bed with the flu today and I will have to say that this is the perfect place to be considering how cold it is outside. I was really hoping for a dusting of snow though. I'm sure there are those who would love to send me some. You stay warm.

  17. Warm weather is coming by Friday! Can't wait! You have lots more snow than me...
    MN made the national news tonight with the coldest weather..hmmmm...where should I move to?!
    Keep warm,

  18. Yep, that -52 in Lansing? That's us. Staying in, cuddling up, and, lots of comfort food.

  19. I see a light at the end of the tunnel, Kris! It's going to feel like spring by the weekend. And have you noticed the days getting longer? It's still light when I leave work, which is a treat!

  20. Kris...our temperatures are on the rise now. It is 10 degrees right now with a wind chill of -9, but it will be 40 degrees here on Friday. Can't wait!!

  21. Brrrrrrr! I remember snow drifted most of the way up our door when I was a kid. My dad opened the door and was like 'whaaaaaa?' Of course, as kids, we thought it was cool! Poor puppy! Maybe your daughter can shovel her a little potty place. I love the upside down snowman - so funny! Those windchills are unreal! A friend of mine lives in Crown Point and she managed to venture out into the ice and cold to go to the store yesterday. Cabin fever had gotten to her. Fortunately, she didn't have any problems but she said the roads were solid ice! I hope that it gets warmer for you soon! Our schools have been closed Friday and Monday due to ice and yesterday because it was so terribly cold. Everybody is back today and I have the house to myself - yay! Now I can get some more cleaning done. I tried changing how I'm signed on her hoping it will get rid of that noreply nonsense. I sure hope so! Take care and stay warm! Hugs, Leena

  22. Ha Kris it's so true.I hear people all the time telling me how lucky I am to have snow.....hmmm guess they have never been to Chicago in January! Stay warm my friend!

  23. Oh Kris, I hear you big time!! I feel for you guys so much right now, I can't even imagine it that cold and with wind to boot, I can understand the struggles of the dogs with the snow though with our two doxies. My husband tries to keep shoveling and sweeping believe it or not to make a good potty area for all the dogs. Don't forget we have five doxies right now at my friends house. Many short legs.


  24. Kris,
    Just checked out the posts I missed. Hope you get a break in the winter's relentless cold and snow soon. Your kitchen redo and painting project looks like a great thing to do while you're patiently waiting for better weather.
    The dining room table looks like a tag sale that dreams are made from!!! Just saying, you've own very interesting things.
    I just did a new post and I'm thinking about repainting some of the walls featured. I guess we are all decorating whirlwinds of energy. Your chosen paint color is pretty.
    Stay warm.

  25. Oh sweetie, I am feeling for you! The snow is pretty, but that is just too darn cold! By the end of this month I'll be so ready for Spring! Stay inside and bundle up!

  26. I am beginning to feel the same way! Coco has gained four pounds and I hope I haven't! Nancy

  27. I am beginning to feel the same way! Coco has gained four pounds and I hope I haven't! Nancy

  28. I've had my feel already too, Kris!
    Poor little puppy-that is a lot of snow..

  29. I can totally relate!! My kids are back in school now though...and it's nice to get back into our routine :) Stay warm!!

  30. I cannot imagine how cold it is up there!…Looking at the weather reports of late and thinking of you…Stay warm!!

  31. Ha ha! You just have to chuckle when the weather is this ridiculous. Although we didn't experience quite the cold you did, it's no summer here, either. Guess we have to grin and bear it....and be creative inside!
    Stay warm, Kris!