Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Susan from Must Love Junk, and myself (Kris) Junk Chic Cottage wanted to do a regular feature on our blogs, something unique that hasn't been done before.   So we came up with an idea to 'spotlight the real life behind the blogger' in a more personal way.
There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland, and we thought it would be fun to bring you a closer look at the person behind the blog.

Every week on Saturday we will spotlight a blogger and have them tell us a little bit about themselves and their blogs.  You will be able to see and read about each of the bloggers on both Susan's and my blog. 

Saturday February 22nd
Julie from Restyle Relove 

Blogland is such a wonderful place to meet and become friends with people from all over the world that you probably would never have meet without it.  I have met and come to know a beautiful blogger from down under that I would love to introduce you to.  Her name is Julie and she blogs at Restyle Relove in Sydney Australia.  So sit back and enjoying reading about this wonderful and talented blogger that is miles away put close at heart.  Julie shares my love of neutral decor and reloving and repurposing.

Thanks Kris for inviting me to share a bit about myself on your amazing and inspiring blog.

If you read my blog, you will know it is rare for me to speak about my personal or family life.   I like to think of my blog as my creative outlet.  But when you follow people or blogs for long periods of time and admire the people who write those blogs, it's hard not to get a little personal.  So here is a little about me, my family, and how I got here. :)

I live in a north western suburb of Sydney, Australia, with my husband and 2 young children. I'm a full time Mum and a part time Furniture Restyler.

My daughter's fairy/pirate birthday party last year.
Prior to having our children I worked as a Personal Assistant in the Legal Industry. When our daughter was born I enjoyed motherhood too much to return to an office job. I'd always been creative and now I was able to expand on this instead. I began making and selling nursery decor.  A year later I was expecting our second child.

Shortly after my son was born, I began sewing vintage style soft baby toys which I sold through a retail store.  But after sitting up nights on end sewing, I soon realized I needed the sleep more than we needed the extra income.

A year later, we purchased our first real home, having owed an apartment and rented in the years prior. What drew me to this house was the abundance of white plantation shutters on the windows. It was love at first sight.

The day we signed the purchase contract on our first home.
Otherwise the house was a blank canvas and this is where I started following home decorating blogs and finding online inspiration from other thrifty and creative people, especially Kris at Junk Chic Cottage! This lead me to posting my own online blog following my decorating and crafting adventures.

It also lead me to turning my furniture restyles into a part time business, enabling me continue working from home whilst caring for my children. 

It took me 4 years to discover my personal decorating style, but now I realize that I tend to gravitate towards farmhouse decorating using lots of whites and neutral tones.

Like all DIYers, I'm constantly painting something, moving something, or restyling something.

When I am not thrifting or restyling or blogging or doing mummy things, I love to work on my green thumb in the garden. I love flowers and love to grow my own. I'm no expert, but I'm working on it. :)

Thank you again Kris for spotlighting me, and to your lovely followers for reading my story.

Julie thanks for sharing the more personal side of yourself with us and letting us get to know more about you.  It was fun to see you with your beautiful family.  Now that you have learned a little bit about Julie hop over to Susan's blog and learn about another fun blogger Angela from Number 53.  Have a great Saturday.
Kris :)


  1. Julie's blog is new to me, so thanks for the introduction, Kris. I'll pop over to her place and check it out. What a darling family!


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  3. Thanks Kris for introducing me to another "new" to me blogger.

    I have to head over to check out more of her "white" housel

  4. Thanks Chris! xxx Julie

  5. Julie's family is sweet. I like her thoughts on those plantation is one of my favorite window coverings. xoxo,Susie

  6. Julie, it was great learning about you! Love your style :)

  7. Thank you Kris for introducing us to Julie. I'll check out her blog today. Have a fun weekend.

  8. It's nice to meet Julie. Love getting to know bloggers all over the world!
    Mary Alice

  9. Love your style Julie and getting to know you. I love Australia, have been to Sydney and Melbourne but many many years
    ago. Your children are beautiful. I will be following your blog.

  10. It's nice to 'meet' you Julie. I love learning about blogs I haven't seen before over at these spotlights. What a beautiful family you have, and it's wonderful to hear how you love to repurpose and decorate in your farmhouse style home.

  11. So nice to meet you Julie, you have a lovely family. I'm going to hop over to explore your blog now.

  12. Thank you Kris, for sharing Julie with us. I will have to drop by her blog and get to know her and her style.

  13. What fun to meet Julie. I love it when we get a chance to see how others live in other countries. Great post- xo Diana

  14. Loved meeting Julie and learning about her life in Australia. She has a beautiful family and home. Off to check her blog!

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. Thanks for sharing Julie with all of us...heading over to her blog.


  16. It was fun to meet Julie! Thanks for sharing with us!

  17. I had not heard of Julie before, so I went to visit her blog! Sweet style.

  18. What a sweet family. I don't think I know Julie, I'll head over to visit.

  19. Beautiful home....wonderful to have met Julie and her beautiful family !!

  20. adorable family pics:) this is a new blog to you, kris--i'll go check it out! tfs:)

  21. What a beautiful home - ( and family )
    Loved getting to know you a little Julie !