Spring is in the Air! Not so much!

I decided since it was not looking like we will be getting Spring anytime soon to maybe put some Spring into a few vignettes throughout the house.

This is what March is still looking like here.  Ughhh!

I added some white roses and a cute bird's nest I got at the flea market this week end to my white chippy tote in my kitchen.  Ahhh feeling a little more like Spring.

Added flowers and birdhouses to my entry way chippy white chair.

Added some flowers and a bird
nest to the wreath.

Added some flowers and dried hydrangea and little white pots to the top of this ottoman/coffee table.  Used a white vintage frame for everything to sit in.

A nice garden hat says Spring.

Added some spring to the back window of my dining room.

My love birds wanting to see  Spring.

Added some birds and their nests to my chippy  Wren birdhouse in the corner of the dining room.

Bird nests and birdhouses makes it feel like Spring.

Added a new wicker basket with flowers and garden hat to the bike rental sign.

Many of you have seen my old vintage bike.  I just added some spring like flowers to the basket with a burlap bow.

Put some daisies and a robins nest in my garden boots.

It just helps while doing some Spring Cleaning to spruce up some of my vignettes to look more like Spring.

Also added some homemade flowers and doilies to my shelf lamp in my office.

Well with wind chills today at -22 and the high only 9 degrees and not looking much better for the rest of this week.  The only thing that feels close to spring is the little decor changes.

Hope you are starting to see signs of life and Spring where you are.  I think in the Chicago burbs  we will not be seeing Spring anytime soon.

Stay warm.  Have a great rest of the week.
Be sure to come back for Spotlight on Saturday.  Susan and I will have two more beautiful bloggers for you to get to know better.
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  1. Kris, You are unbelievable . I love all your flowery touches, they do say spring. The little chair at the entry is so darn sweet. Be gone big old pile of snow !!! I will just keep marking off the days till Spring . Blessings, stay warm, xoxox,Susie

  2. Everything looks bright and cheery at your house, Kris! Love all your vignettes and little bird nests! We can always invite spring inside, no matter what's going on outside. :)
    Have a happy one,

  3. Love all you added to your house. Sorry spring is being slow to visit.

  4. I love all of your sweet touches of spring.

    We are back to normal weather, but 5 days of rain definitely cleaned up the garden.

    We are off to the snow tomorrow for a few days of skiing. That is the only way I like to be in the snow.

  5. Kris,
    Sure seems like Mother Nature is waving her magical wand much slower than normal... Maybe she's stuck in a snow drift somewhere!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful Spring touches in your home. Each and every vignette with the white and Spring green adorned with the birds nest make me feel the sun kiss my face and hear the songs of the birds. Oh my... The sweet daisies in the boots are just so sweet.
    Enjoy your charming Spring decorations and daydream of warmer weather.

  6. I sure enjoyed your Spring tour, as you know we still have snow :( My post tomorrow is all about how I am over it.

  7. It all looks so pretty and Springy, Kris! It's a shame we have to take matters into our own hands as far as Spring is concerned. : )

  8. Great Spring touches, Kris. Beautiful. That first pic looks like my backyard. Ugh.

  9. Kris - The answer is simple - just don't go outside!! The inside looks very springy. LOL


  10. Oh...i love, love every spring touch into your gorgeous home. The bike, the chair with the birdhouses, the wreath with the nest...amazing!

  11. Our temps are a little higher than yours but we still have the snow laying around!
    I love your spring decorating Kris, the flowers are gorgeous, they look so real! I also love your diningroom curtains the little checks are so sweet!

  12. I live an hour into IN and am having much the same weather! Did all your wonderful pretty spring changes in the house make you feel better?? Nancy

  13. Oh- It is really looking like Spring at your house, Kris. I love all the white roses and bits of greenery. They are gorgeous! I love your style-it is just so sweet and serene feeling. That bike in the house makes me smile every time. Did you PAINT the boots? I love them, too! xo Diana

  14. Love it Kris! Your home looks like it's ready for spring,but I hear ya..not so much outside.Love your chippy chair!

  15. just so pretty, kris! love all the florals, esp. in the bike basket--so sweet!

  16. how pretty...I am soooo ready for spring, but my spring is bounding with color. :0)

  17. I'm so ready for Spring to get here too. We still have some snow on the ground here in Ohio too. Love all your Spring touches!! I just started putting some touches of Spring out into my d├ęcor yesterday.

  18. All so very pretty Kris! Yea, spring comes for a few days and then goes for a few days around here. We were 80 on Sat and yesterday and today we were at 37.

  19. Way cool bike rental sign! You have a slew of great spring vignettes, Kris!

  20. You've definitely brightened up your spaces for Spring with all of the white flowers you've used. I love white flowers. My favorite is the basket on the bicycle though.

  21. Fun changes! I think making a few changes not only helps with thoughts toward spring, it also makes the 'cleaning' seem more fun!!!

  22. Kris, your vignettes look terrific and so Spring. I feel so bad for everyone living in areas where it is so cold and with snow. Hopefully Spring will be there soon.

  23. But the problem is we have to open the door sometimes LMHO !!!
    I'm in love with that wreath Kris - and the first post I ever saw of yours was those birdcages - but they were on your mantel - you made me run out and buy a bunch of them - and I painted them and ruined them LOL - think I'll get some more this weekend - this post reminded me how much I love them!!! Gorgeous vignettes Madame!!!

  24. Hi Kris. Your dining room window is beautiful. And I seriously have birdhouse envy. I just have to get some too now. So your side of the world is going into a snowy Spring (I love Spring) while we are going into a wet Autumn. Hope it gets warmer there for you soon! x Julie

  25. Aaaaw! Kris you have such a terrific touch with your flowers and vignettes! Love all your touches of Spring, and am pleased to tell you that my daffodils have just broken through their buds and are looking BEAUTIFUL from where I'm laying in bed.

    Hope Spring reaches YOU soon!


    Judi in the UK

  26. Kris, I'm with ya...the winter that will never end! I love all your 'spring-y' touches! Especially that chippy little bird and the pots-so cute :)
    I know that you can't wait to get your hands on your real flowers!

  27. Looks lovely at your house. I think I need to add some indoor Spring at my house too...might help pull me out of my grumpy "slump" :)

  28. You have been busy! I love all of your spring decor. My favorites are those wreaths! Breathtaking! And of course the bike, it looks beautiful with the flowers and burlap. Those boots are so cute. Having 4 kids, I always have several pair around, maybe I should try painting a pair. As always, I enjoyed my visit Kris! I'm spring inspired :-)

  29. Hi Dear,
    poor girl, you still have snow. But you did a great job in your house. So lovely and charming decorated. Fabulous! I love it.
    Wish you tonns of sun to melt the snow!
    All the best from Austria

  30. Wow. I love everything. I am so happy I found your blog. You are amazing and very talented. Pat.

  31. Everything looks wonderful!! Love all the buds nest and bird houses! I'm with you...spring can't get here soon enough!

  32. Kris, everything you touch is so gorgeous. Love all the birdhouses and the other touches you added. Here's hoping for spring to arrive. By the time we get in it will be planting season in NJ. That will be exciting but add to the mayhem but who cares. Roll with it I say, LOL!!!


  33. Kris, I know we love white so maybe that's why we are getting our share of it! I have always loved an open, airy bright home and yours fits that perfectly~~~ It's a home that makes one SMILE!! I LOVE a garden theme~~~It's a passion! Blessings~~~Roxie

  34. Pretty as always. Love the wreath.

    I don't know if it is just an issue I have, but your blog has been loading really slowly, and it doesn't happen on other blogs. In San Diego, I assumed it was the hotel, but now I am home, and it is still loading slowly. xoxo ♡

  35. Unlike your beautiful vignettes . . . this weather is horrifying! When I saw we got more snow this morning, I could have cried! But, I digress. That little chair is a real charmer and that bike --- oh my! SO love that. All of your spring touches are beautiful -- just love how you incorporate all of the different shades of white and different textures.

  36. Oh, I meant to ask what flea market you went to?

  37. Your house is looking very spring like! It is pouring rain here--which I kind of enjoy. I am looking forward to pretty spring flowers though! I love that shelf lamp--that is adorable!

  38. My favorite is the chair sporting the flowers and bird houses. I would want to wear the hats!!! Perfect for a garden party.

  39. Your home is overflowing with Spring beauty everywhere...so many fabulous vignettes...and you had me at that magnificent "bicycle display" of Spring perfection....gorgeous flower arrangement in the basket!..Have a great weekend!

  40. Love all your touches of spring around the house! The little white chippy chair is so sweet as are the little stacked benches....LOVE! Have a great weekend :o)

  41. Everything is gorgeous but I am smitten with the chippy tote. Beautiful vignettes.