At Home With Whites Show and Meeting Wonderful Blog Friends

Good Morning.  Hope Easter was wonderful for all of you.

I am finally getting to my post on my trip out East to Boston and going to the At Home With Whites Show and meeting up with wonderful blog friends.

So here we go.

Here we are all together.  Michelle, me, Susan and Sandi.  We were all looking into the sun so squinty eyes LOL!  When we all met up it felt like we were life long friends.  It was so much fun.

Look at this gorgeous display of yummy whites on the porch entering the store.  Just beautiful and so full of many wonderful items.  I am coming back next year with a U Haul!!!!!!

Look at this cute bike.  Adorable.

So many vintage and beautiful white chippy treasures.

This bed vendor did such a beautiful display of all her treasures she was selling.  White love!

One of the vendors inside the store.  Gorgeous items in her display.

Look at the sweet Madonna.

See those sweet slipcovered chairs in Liz's booth.  Yep the covers came home with me.  You will see what I did with them in another post.  They are so sweet and have a lace pocket in the back of the chair.

This pillow in the middle I also got from Liz's booth.  It was a perfect pick for my chair.  The cute bunny pillow a friend gifted me for my birthday.  Too cute with the buttons.

Not a great picture of the great couch in the back ground.  Oh la la that couch by Liz was so fabulous.  I just kept saying I want it but it would not fit in the suit case.  Seriously, I am coming back with a U Haul next year.

This is Sandi's booth in the shop.  She has some really fabulous items for sale.

Sandi has the best stuff in her booth.  I loved this farmhouse sign and that chippy white garden table.  If I lived closer I would be her best customer.

This is the sweet towel Sandi made and gifted to each of us.  They were all different cute designs.  I love that she gave me the french rooster.  Thank you Sandi.  I just love it.

This was my heart break that I could not bring it back with me.  Look at this old vintage fireplace.  I would have loved that for my faux fireplace mantel.  It was all iron and so so  heavy.  It had the cutest legs.

This was just some of the doors I had to say good bye too.  Oh the door addiction in me was on over load with all of these lovelies.

Windows Galore!

Some lovely garden urns.
This is all of us girls again with Wendy the 2nd over from the left.  Wendy does not have a blog but she has a great shop in Concord.  So Terry and I headed to Concord the next day to visit Wendy's shop called Nesting and also to take in the old colonial town of Concord and all the wonderful history there.  I will have that in the next post in a few days.
Just did not want to put you on picture overload in one post. LOL!
Have a great start to the new week ahead.
Thank you again for all your prayers and sweet wishes for my father in law.  He is doing better but we still have a long road ahead.


  1. It looks like it was a great show! I think you restrained yourself quite well with what you bought, Kris! : ) I see lots of things I would have gone crazy over.

  2. Oh what a fantastic time Kris! Does Sandi know my address? I LOVE that rooster tea towel. I know that graphic too, loves it. Hope you had a great Easter too!

  3. Great pictures, and great stuff, Kris! I loved the button-back slipcovers on the stools in the photo with the couch. Too bad you had to pass on that iron stove - it's a winner! So glad you got to enjoy that trip!

  4. Crazy beautiful. So many things I would love to bring home ~ one U-haul wouldn't be enough! :)

    So happy to hear your father-in-law is doing better, Kris.


  5. Oh Kris, it all brings back great memories of that day! I am also drooling over all the goodies I either missed or just could not bring home that day. Those doors....sigh....the WCS ladies did an amazing job and now I'm seriously thinking of renting a UHaul next year, too.
    Your father-in-law is in my prayers for the road ahead. I know he must be very grateful for the loving family by his side.
    xoxo, Susan

  6. Kris, You are all beautiful ladies. I can absolutely see why you want to take a U-Haul on your next trip. So many wonderful things to choose from. I wish I had something close by , like that shop. xoxo,Susie

  7. do need a U-Haul! Hate that you had to leave that wonderful old iron stove there. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful show and shop with us. How sweet of Sandi to make y'all those cute towels. Glad to hear that your FIL is doing better.


  8. What a beautiful show!! How fun and meeting up with these wonderful ladies made it even more special! Love the rooster towel!! Does she sell them online?

  9. Oh my! What wonderful white treasures. I would've loved to have gone to there. I spied quite a few goodies that would be hard to walk away from. Glad that you had a good time.

  10. Kris, what a cute pic of you and the girls! I told you that it's heartbreaking to not be able to bring everything that you want home~you'll need a semi-truck, forget the uhaul-ha! Looks like TONS of fun goodies to be had! Hope you had a wonderful Easter..xo

  11. What fun, fun, fun!!! Love the pics of all you beautiful girls. Great photos of the show and all the fabulous goodies.
    Mary Alice

  12. Oh my goodness! Such lovely finds and such lovely women to shop with.

    We were away for a long weekend to visit Steve's brother (in Cool, CA) and see his sisters also. I am so behind in reading, but I scrolled down to make sure that Terry's dad was okay. I am glad he is on the mend.

    I have not had time to even read the spotlight on bloggers, but my cleaning should be done soon so I can play on the computer.

    A belated Happy Easter.

  13. It sounds like a wonderful trip filled with great items and super new friendships! I'm heading to Sweet Salvage (again) this Friday, cannot wait! Continuing to pray for Bob! Blessings, Cindy

  14. It looks like a wonderful time. I want the vintage white fireplace too!!! Oh my is it a beauty. Glad you had a lovely birthday. xxo

  15. Oh...what a wonderful trip! Fantastic friendships and so many treasures!

  16. oh the iron fireplace would have been perfect for your mantle, kris! really great pics you and the ladies:) hope terry's dad continues to improve, too:)

  17. I feel your pain about not having physical space to bring home the goodies. I sometimes shop (on purpose ) In my Mini so as not to buy big items. I love doors, windows, and large concrete pieces. The heavier the better says my husband. I liked that oval white mirror you showed.

  18. Oh Kris, I know you were in heaven! So many pretty things! You girls are so cute! So glad you had fun. If you did live close to Sandi, you would have to buy a bigger house and get a second job for all the goodies you would buy ;-) Love the little fireplace too... maybe you can find one close by. Have a great week!

  19. Kris, I would have gone nuts - they probably would have locked me up.... What wonderful treasures they had in their stores. I don't blame you - I would be taking a U haul or having No American Vans Lines bring it back. I've done that before when I was on the road going to Trade Shows. They had one in Rosemont Convention Center one December and I knew most of the people at Rosemont so I got to go thru the show and needless to say I had a few big items on the truck, as there was room. Did most of my Xmas shopping at that show. Miss the shows at McCormick Place and Rosemont Convention Center.
    So glad that your FIL is better and making progress.
    Have a wonderful week.

  20. we had a wonderful time, if only for an hour or so. year you MUST rent a Uhaul AND you must stay longer! there is lots to see here on "the north shore." you are super sweet and it was SO nice to meet you in person! Chicago here we come?? ;)

  21. Oh it looks like it was so much fun! All happy faces in the photo of bloggers, very sweet photos. My oh my, now I see why you want to U-Haul it next year. I'm going to try to take the drive next year, would love to shop this show. Kris so happy to hear Terry's Dad is improving.

  22. It looks like you all had a great time Kris, I can't believe you left without a door though! You must be having door withdrawals about now lol.
    That French Rooster towel is so pretty and I can't wait to see where you end up placing those adorable slipcovers. Sounds like things are calming down a little bit for you so that's good. So glad you Father in law is over the crisis and making progress.

  23. My gosh, Kris- I had NO idea what that white sale was like! Wow- I was going to say that I LOVE those slipcovers in Liz's booth BEFORE you said you bought them. I'll tell you-seeing all that stuff makes me want to go all white..besides my hair, that is! You girls look like you had a wonderful time and you look as comfortable as anything together. Hmmmm...wonder how Terry is gong to feel about taking a U-Haul out there? lol xo Diana

  24. Oh much white goodness!! See lots of beautiful the farmhouse sign! I can see why you want to take a U-Haul next year.

  25. Oh yes, I can understand why you want to go with a U-Haul next many spectacular things!...I would have been on shabby chic overload!...But what was great is that you were able to meet up with fellow bloggers and glad you had a wonderful time!!

  26. yes, definitely take a U-haul next time. Looks like a lot of great things for sale

  27. Oh my goodness--that looks like heaven on earth to me! So many pretty things in one place. Glad you got to hang out with other bloggers--what fun!

  28. Kris, It looks like you had a great time! Lots of wonderful treasures, U-Haul next time for sure! Great news about your father-in-law. Happy Spring to you too!!

  29. White's one of my favorite color. Love the beautiful bike, I can see myself riding one along the bridge.

  30. Hi Kris, What a cute picuture. I can't believe that you're married for 32 years. You look like 32. Seriously!
    I don't blame you for taking a U-Haul with you next time. So many great treasures in one place. It must have been so much fun.
    It's good to hear that your father in law is doing better. Hopefully he will fully recover.

  31. Wow, Kris, I know you had such a great time...and such a blast meeting those wonderful ladies!! And I know they so enjoyed you, too! What a blessing! Love Sandi's booth...she does such pretty work! What a fun show, too! Thanks for sharing!

  32. neat that you met up with such great gals! and at such a great show!!! You are all adorable!
    So many things to see.....and BUY! Those slip covers are similar to the ones I have. You will LOVE them, Kris. Can't wait to see what you do with them! How nice of Sandi to gift you all with one of her pretty towels. She is one talented lady. Forget the U-haul....I'd bring a semi trailer if I could go next year!!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us, Kris. Great post!!!

  33. So much wonderful stuff! I love that little stove too.
    I bet you came home with a lot of new ideas, Kris.
    And the t-towel Sandy gifted you with is going to look perfect in your kitchen!

  34. Looks like 'white heaven'. For some reason the photos aren't showing on my laptop this morning. I will come back later and savour all the wonderful things.
    Thank you so much for allowing us to go along with you on your shopping trips. I always have a good time imagining I was with you all.

  35. Oh my gosh, what a dream shopping day! I love that you always take us to such fun places, Kris :) Have a wonderful week!


  36. Great photos of all of you and all that eye candy of amazing vintage treasures! I don't know how you restrained yourself from bringing any of those other items home.What is it with us and doors?

  37. It looks like you had a marvelous time! I'm drooling over all the treasures there at the show, I would have wanted to rent a trailer on the spot to bring it all home!

  38. That place is amazing!! I loved Sandi's booth, so many items to be snatched right up! Uhaul is right. So fun to meet up with friends.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very sweet comment.


  39. Evening Kris, Oh, I am in chippy white heaven! What a perfect place to spend the day and shop with blogger friends! Is this show once a year? I agree, that cast iron fireplace piece is gorgeous! Glad you had a wonderful time and your FNL is improving~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  40. I am so glad I do not live near the shops as I would be broke!

  41. Hi Kris! So glad Terry's Dad is doing well, keeping you all in my prayers!
    Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful photos of our show! LOVE what you brought home, Liz is very, very talented!
    Looking forward to seeing photos of Nesting...I MUST get there!

  42. Wow...looks like tons of fun! I can see what loved that porch looked like YOU displayed it! I could see all of those pretty things in your lovely home :)

  43. Oh my Kris, I see a packed UHAUL on your trip next year. There are so many beautiful items and the chair covers you bought are so pretty and think of the neat things you can put in the back pocket. I so happy you gals had such a great time. This is a must see event.


  44. I am just catching up with you! What a lucky girl! How wonderful to meet those sweet New England bloggers! The white show is just over the top. Even with a uhaul it would be hard to pass so many things up! Oh heaven!

  45. I think this show was custom made for you! By the way, you look absolutely fabulous in these photos, Kris. So glamorous, like a famous blogger!

  46. Oh my goodness, Kris! What a fabulous collection of white goodies and all in one show! I'm dying just looking at the photos! I can imagine how you felt not being able to take it all home with you! It's funny. Every item I loved, you commented on! I guess it's true - great minds do think alike! LOL! I'm so glad that you got to attend the show and meet these wonderful women! The New England area is so charming and pretty and the history is fascinating! I love it up there! Catching up on my email - looking forward to your next post! Hugs, Leena