At Home With Whites Show, our trip to Boston and meeting blogger friends.

Wooooo Hooooo I had the best week end.  It was sad to get back on the plane today and head home.  The weather in the Boston area was gorgeous all week end and the hubby and I just had the best time.  

I will start with where we stayed.  It is the Old Proctor Mansion Inn right in Wrentham, Ma.  It was built in 1861 by a wealthy industrial man and his wife.  It has been through 4 generations of family  and for a while was left very neglected.

A great couple bought the Mansion in 2007 and restored a lot of the damage to the property from it being left neglected for so long.  Now it has been restored to it's original beauty.

They left a lot of the Mansion and decor to the original way.  They feel it gives the house it's well deserved integrity.

The wallpaper, architectural features and decor and furniture are original to the time this home was built and well loved.

Isn't she grand.  They still have the old horse and carriage hitches out front.  

These front doors just say Welcome and Please come in.

Look at all that architectural salvage goodness.

Front and side view of the Inn.

It almost hit 80 on Saturday and after a great day we came back and sat out at this little romantic table and had a glass of wine.

This is the old carriage garage.  I would so be making that into a wonderful and romantic guest cottage.
Can you imagine in a month or so all the beautiful gardens filled with blooms.  I forgot to take a picture out back of the house and beautiful gardens.  I bet she is so gorgeous when summer arrives with all her pretty blooms.

We had a very romantic and lovely stay.  Sunday night we were the only couple left at the Inn and we had the whole mansion to ourselves.  It was wonderful to think about life back in the day and owning this splendid place and raising a family.

Now on to the inside.
They had a wedding in the Mansion on Friday night so our first morning breakfast was in the ballroom on Saturday morning.  The tables were still up from the wedding the night before.

They had fresh cut flowers on the table and fresh squeezed OJ and a wonderful breakfast casserole and fruit cups.  It was so yummy.

This is one of the fireplaces that are in each room in the mansion.  Gorgeous architectural features.

Beautiful stair case that lead up to your room.  This mansion had a beautiful back servants staircase that was beautiful too.  I forgot to get a picture of that.

We stayed in the Peach Room.  It was gorgeous.

We had a beautiful claw foot tub in our bathroom.

Front sitting room.

Main Dining Room.

This was the old farmhouse sink in the kitchen.  The cook preparing breakfast said wait I will clean it up before you take a picture.  I said no we keep it real in blog land.  Real shots are the best.
This was one of many beautiful old churches in town.  This one was right across the street from the Mansion.  I loved that it chimed every hour the time of day it was.  Very beautiful.  In the morning I would wake up to the chiming and know what time it was.
 Ok so you are not on picture overload I will end this post here.  Wednesday I will post pictures of the fun I had meeting Sandi (a cottage muse) and Susan (evelyn and rose) and Michelle (petite michelle louise) while out at the At Home with Whites Show.  You are going to love the pictures of the show.  It was so fabulous.  So tune back in on Wednesday to see the show pictures and all the fun with the girls.


  1. What a gorgeous and grand old mansion, Kris! It must have been such a treat to stay there! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time and great weather too! And to meet blogging friends must have been so much fun! Looking forward to seeing more of your adventure!

  2. Of course you stayed in white house.

    It is beautiful.

    The table settings for breakfast were lovely and I spotted flowers on the mantel.

    I am so glad you had warm weather which must have been welcome after so much cold all winter.

  3. I'm so happy you had a wondeful weekend, Kris. It looks spectacular, and I can't wait to see all your pictures from the show itself. And what all you bought!

  4. You can BET I will be here! What a fabulous place to stay. I just love it. You are such a lucky girl to have been able to stay in that place. Your room was gorgeous and I love that there was a wedding there the night before and you got to eat in the ballroom. Can't wait to see more pictures, Kris. SO glad you had a good time and enjoyed yourself. You deserved it. xo Diana

  5. That looks just wonderful, Kris! Very beautiful and romantic. :)

  6. What a gorgeous place to stay Kris! We enjoy staying in small inns when we travel too. There's just so much charm in these old historic houses. How wonderful that it has been restored to its former glory. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. What a beautiful grand old mansion!! Sounds like you had a great time on your trip. My hubby and I stayed at an old in Kentucky many years ago and it was so interesting learning about it's history.

  8. That's so neat and pretty. I had no idea that some old homes have been turned into hotels! I use to visit that area (outlets) some time ago.

  9. That is a beautiful mansion! What a great place to have a little romantic get-away!! Neat clawfoot tub! Glad you and hubby had a nice little vacation! Nancy

  10. OMG! What a beautiful and romantic place! So glad you had a great trip away for a few days.


  11. Wow!!! What an amazing place.....I have carriage house envy!!! LOL!!!
    Glad to hear you had such a nice time :o)

  12. Kris,
    White mansion, beautiful white doors ... Perfectly perfect for you to stay at this stunning majestic place. How wonderful that it has been restored and is being maintained in a proper fitting way. I am so happy that you and Terry enjoyed a romantic stay and warm Spring weather. Thanks for the mansion tour and I look forward to the photo essay of the "At home with Whites" show.

  13. What an amazing place you stayed in. I love the beautiful wallpaper in the ball room and that huge farmhouse sink is fabulous! Looking forward to seeing more of your trip!

  14. What an absolutely Beautiful place. How wonderful that you and your hubby were able to take a few days away and spend them is such a wonderful home! That is something I always wanted to do with my hubby, but ..... Looking forward to meeting your friends and seeing what you may have brought home with you! Blessings, Cindy

  15. What a gorgeous mansion and those entry doors are huge! I'm so glad you and hubby were able to get away and have such a wonderful time together Kris. I'm looking forward to seeing more pics and I agree with you about making that carriage house into a romantic dreamy guest house.

  16. What a beautiful mansion it is. I must say it looks good though it is messed up some times. This types of mansions rarely meet for buying purpose. - Cash house buyers in Glasgow

  17. Hi Kris, So happy your trip was lovely! You can hear the excitement through your posting! I wonder if this was the Proctor from Proctor and Gamble?? I'm sure they had homes all over the States. Can't wait for your next posting meeting with the girls~~~and what a blessing for you and Terry to get both deserve it. Roxie

  18. Oh what an amazing place to stay - the homes is so beautiful. I bet you were thinking about all the lovely doors and items in that house.
    So glad that you and Terry had a good time - you needed it after the scare you both had. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  19. oh was such a joy to meet you and your hubby in person! you are as sweet and bubbly and beautiful in person as you come across on your blog! it was like we've always known each other..right? i wish we would have had more time to spend together. i can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. that Inn you stayed in is gorgeous!! i am so happy you enjoyed your visit here to the east coast! ;)

  20. Kris, what a stunning home! I love staying in places like that with so much beauty and history! Can't wait to see more :)

  21. You're making us all want to go and spend a weekend at this gorgeous mansion! Great tour.
    Mary Alice

  22. Be still my heart Kris! That mansion is GORGEOUS! You and Terry were vacationing in style. I can just picture the two of you at the cute little table enjoying your wine. The architecture of this mansion is so beautiful. I love how you kept it real with that farmhouse sink, too. Makes us all feel like we were there enjoying breakfast with you!
    Okay, now I'm so excited to see the rest of your photos and to see what you ended up BUYING! :)

  23. Kris, What a beautiful time for you and your husband. I loved all the pictures. I only want to ask one thing, did they do a door inspection while you were leaving ?? LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  24. Hi Kris, What a beautiful mansion. I can imagine that you enjoyed your stay there. I guess the owners are happy that you didn't leave with one of their lovely doors ;).

  25. Oh Kris, it's gorgeous! Thank you for taking the time to shoot all these great photos. I love visiting (and staying) in places like this!
    Looking forward to your next post!

  26. What a beautiful B&B....the outside is my fav. Mr.CC and I have stayed in a few B&B's...but it's been a long since the last one...maybe we should plan a trip soon. Looking forward to the post about the show and all the ladies.


  27. Hi Kris,
    the mansion looks so beautiful! I am sure it was a romantic stay. I got my gifts yesterday and they are so adorable! they really brightened my day.

    Amy Jo

  28. What an amazing place to stay for your birthday. It really is gorgeous! I love all the white of course...but that room where you ate breakfast and the white fireplace mantle steal my heart. Oh my, so much to look at. I can also feel a peacefulness...they have done a wonderful job restoring her.

  29. Lovely place! The Edwardian architecture is wonderful! I am so glad someone rescued it!

  30. What a beautiful Inn. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Welcome home Kris.


  31. Oh what a magnificent place!....Sounds like you had a wonderful time with great weather...and I can just imagine sitting on that beautiful porch with a great glass of wine, relaxing and watching the world go by!....Looking forward to your adventures with your friends!

  32. so glad you had a great time, kris! you picked a beautiful place to stay! i'll be back to see the fun with the blogger friends!

  33. How wonderful for you Kris! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend. The inn is gorgeous! I'll definitely be back for the rest of your trip.

  34. What an amazing place to stay. this is right up my and my husbands alley. So romantic and gorgeous. The inside is truly grand and I would be making that garage guest quarters too. I am so happy you had a great time and had great weather. It was about time for the Northeast.


  35. What a wonderful place to stay! This victorian house is gorgeous, it's the house of my dreams! The bedroom, the living room, the fireplace, everything so beautiful

  36. Garage? I call that my house? LoL* What a wonderful trip, Kris. Seeing a part of the US is magical for a non-US resident (at least me) although I been then thrice.

    I love to visit more of the US countryside maybe couple yrs from now, when we will visit my family in Canada. Keep fingers X.

    Can't wait to see you bonding pix.

    GB on Easter, dear bloggie friend,
    /CC girl

  37. That was a glorious place. I love to stay in B&B's or great Inn's like this Kris. The furniture was beautiful. That sink was just perfect. xo, olive

  38. What a gorgeous place! So glad you both had a great time.You both so needed and deserved this!

  39. I am so happy that you came all the way from Chicago to show me the inside of this beautiful little Inn right up the street from where I work!! It is so pretty and I'm glad you enjoyed your stay! I am still exhausted but I am still smiling!

  40. What a gorgeous mansion!!! That must've been so neat to get to sleep there. Thanks for the tour.

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