Glamping!!!! I have been searching for the perfect vintage "canned ham" camper for awhile.  I still have not captured one to own yet but I am determined to someday be able to be among the Glamping Crowd.  I have never been one to camp you know too many bugs and no air conditioning but..........
If I could find the perfect little vintage trailer I may reconsider camping and become a glamper!!!! I really want to find one of these little sweet cans of yummyness to put in my backyard to fix up cute.  Until then I thought I would share some pictures of some that got away from me or are hopefully in my future.

Most of the pictures are via blogs and pinterest!!!!

cute vintage trailer
Home Sweet Home is cute Pink. :)
Pink camping fun
Another pink cutie.

Gotta love a cute bike.
polka dot camper cuteness
This is one of my fav's that I pinned.  The polka dots are crazy cute on this one.
rachel ashwell 12
Ohhhhhh my kind of camping.

If this does not yell me, I don't know what will.  Shabby white chic glamper!!!! Woooooo Hoooooo love this.
cute colors
Love the teal green so bright and cheery.  I just found out this little aqua beauty is Kerrie's from Sea Washed Kerrie blog spot.  So adorable.
Does it get cuter?!?
Another bike, oh this one speaks to me.
Tooo cute!!!!Nancy's Vintage Trailers: A Fellow Bloggers Trailer.... Oh so Cute!!

how cute is this!
Do you like a little French glamping?  Here you go.
Gotta love a sun room off the glamper!!!!!

great colors
This is just too adorable with the colors and polka dots. Love this!!!

Love the interior of this vintage trailer
Another cream and white style. Love this home away from home for me!!
One of my friends that I go junkin with named her minivan Betsy and little Betsy used to take us on many fun and always eventful treasure/junk hunts so seeing this brought back memories.
71 Layton Trailer.
Love the sunny yellow interior to match the yellow exterior.

Gotta love an office inside your glamper.
travel trailer
How about this for 4th of July camping.
Oh So Lovely Vintage
Girls gone Glamping!!!!!
Glamping Getaways
Now this is the way to stay in a tent!!!!!
Cath Kidston Trailer/ Caravan - her home office!
Just makes me smile. How fun!!!!
Christmas Glamping.  Love this.the fancy farmgirl vintage christmas trailer
truck & gracie
Gotta have a sweet truck to pull your glamper!!!!

Aren't these the sweetest little chairs ever.
The fancy farm girl blog
What Chickens get to have a Glamper before me!!!!!!
Trailer Trash Happy Camper Vintage Pinup by signsandsalvage, $18.00
Well until I find my dream trailer and become a Happy Camper.  I can look at all the inspiration on pinterest.
Be sure to come back on Saturday for Spotlight.  Susan and I have two wonderful bloggers for you to meet and get to know better.


  1. My hubby and I are taking our 1973 Shasta out in a few weeks. It is so much fun! I hope you find one soon!!

  2. So cute and yes, if you hadn't given photo credit, I would've sworn the white one was yours! I think I want the yellow one! My jadeite dish collection would look great in there! ;D Have a great weekend, and I'll be back to read Saturday spotlight!

    1. Oh Rita I wish the white one was mine. I would be in heaven. All of these I pulled from Pinterest. I found out one of the blogger's Kerrie has hers in these pictures. I will go back and give her credit for her sweet glamper.

  3. These are so adorable. I think trailers like these would be cool in a backyard or on a piece of land. xoxo Some of these looked lived in or are a backyard resting retreat. Yet, some look like they could tow it. When we were kids my parents took us everywhere in their travel trailer, and before we towed everything went into locking cabinets, and anything that could not went on the floor near the front, and it can't be too heavy. My father's dream has always been an Airstream, but they only have become more expensive and collectible.

  4. So cute! Not a camping girl myself. According to my Mr. my idea of camping has to have 5 stars behind the name or Royal Caribbean in the name. But I'd luv one of these little campers all done up as a retreat in the back garden :p

  5. I love Glamping!!!! I grew up camping though so I love to camp but glamping is A LOT more fun. Photo #7 is of my glamper with the mint green kitchenette. She sits on our friends property(getting filled with bugs!), waiting for her renovation. We are going to do a french nordic coastal style with lots of white and driftwood.

    Are you checking Craig's List? There are plenty of them out there for sale. Now that they have become so popular they are more expensive than when we bought ours 10 yrs ago. Good luck. Happy Glamping. xxo Kerrie

  6. Oh these are all so cute. I love them. Such fun these gals all have too.

  7. OMG! I would love to have one of these just to put in the back yard and decorate and use for photo shoots! Aren't they just precious? But, I don't think John would think it was as good an idea as I do, so, I'll have to live vivcariously through yours. (And that could be my room instead of the guest room - eh?)


  8. They are gorgeous. I think I could manage glamping.

  9. They are amazing. I am a camping girl too :-)


  10. Kris, Who would not want to camp out in one of those?? I love each one. It would be nice to have one in the back yard to play with. xoxo,Susie
    p.s. Thank you for the prayers.

  11. with a glamper like these, I would never go home!

  12. Oh- I am right there with you, Kris. I have a whole file folder on my computer with many of these same ones in it. I am just so smitten. One of my favorites it the one by Tiffany (Fancy Farmgirl?) I think. I think she stopped blogging though. I loved her camper and photos. xo Diana

  13. I'll start looking for a little camper here for you. That way you and Terry would have to come to California to pick it up.

  14. I am wishing for one of these too! I see many where I live and love them!

  15. Kris I know if you scored one of those vintage campers you would turn it into a beautiful vintage treasure!

  16. Wouldn't this be fun?! Hope you find one for yourself!

  17. I'm in love! How fun would it be to have one of those to decorate?! It would be like having a little play house, right in your back yard. Love all of the pastel colors and that polka dot one is darling! I don't like roughing it either! We have a motor home, complete with a/c, 2 tvs, and all of the comforts of home. Now that is my idea of roughing it!

  18. I've always wanted a glamper too. All those pictures look like so much fun to live in. Sweet glampers. I am sure one will come your way soon.

  19. Looooove them all! I will be planning a glamping trip as soon as we settle into the cottage......I know you are gonna find that "shabby girl" soon!

  20. Kris,
    With all that pinning going on I think you're smitten with glamping. How fun to have a new venture to explore. Our friend purchased a really cool 1956 air stream. A silver adorable trailer he used to spend weekends at in Long Island. He over time fully restored it and the inside had the most unique 50's upholstery. He no longer has it, but memories are of absolutely delightful times.

  21. It was so much fun to see those cute campers! I love how some of them were decorated with all the white and cottage style furnishings. We used to have a camper but nothing like those.

  22. My daughter just fixed one of these up, and it was so cute!!! They sold it after just one summer, because their family out grew it.
    I would LOVE to have one, too!! Hope you find one, Kris!

  23. Hi Kris: Would you believe I actually had one of these similar to the turquoise one back in the middle 60's. I thought it was just too small and I wanted the big flashy new models!!! How dumb was I?..Happy Thursday..Judy

  24. I love all of them. We have a bigger one. We will be spending Christmas in it this year. We spent Christmas camping two years ago and loved it.

  25. They are all soooooo cute! It's amazing what people can do with such a small space!!! I'm afraid I am not a camping kinda girl but they make it look very tempting!!! LOL

  26. So cute...I'll take one of each please!! I know you will find that special glamper one day and it will be awesome after you work your magic on it.

  27. So much fun Kris!!! I loved looking at all these cute cute campers... oops, I mean Glampers! I hope you find yourself one :)

  28. I never knew camping could be so pretty until I learned of glamping. These are all so pretty it's hard to pick a favorite. Hope you can find one.

  29. Oh those are cute!! I want a glamper too!! We camped in those when I was a little but the camper was not this cute believe me LOL.

    Amy Jo

  30. how adorable are all of these?! i don't know if i'd use it to camp, but, boy, it would be fun to decorate! tfs, kris, and have a great weekend!

  31. I was never a camper. My husband found me a little 12 ft. Gem and we gutted it. White beadboard walls, white cupboards, white seat cushions, etc. lots of lace curtains and burlap. I love it. We just go for two nights at a time. Lots of outside touches. Mini lights, candlebras, vintage tablecloths, etc. Love do the people that see it. I suggest you go for it!

  32. I fell in love with these glampers too! lol Though I don't know if I would go camping either...maybe someday! Love your pics! ;) LuAnn

  33. Now this is the only way I will go camping...paid my dues when my son was little, pitching the tent and cooking with the Coleman stove!...My in-laws had one of those campers...they finally sold it when they moved to a smaller home...wish I had it!...pinning away Kris...Have a great weekend!

  34. These are just too gorgeous and I am not a camper at all!!! Forget just the bugs, but no bathroom, electricity and air conditioning, no way. Not to mention the animal situation, not a fan, LOL.


  35. It would be so much fun to get a little old trailer to transform. They're so cute!

  36. I would live in a gamper like these! Very beautiful, sweet, shabby and romantic all.

  37. What a darling blog post! I love all these photos and have been wanting a glamper myself. They're so stinkin' cute!!

  38. I have seen pictures of glampers before and they are so cute! Would be a darling back yard get-a-way! But if I am to actually go camping in hot weather I think I much prefer a fifth-wheel with air-conditioning! Nancy

  39. Hi Kris! I've been visiting you for some time but only today I write a comment. It was impossible to resist to so many nice caravans. I myself bought an old one and I'm repairing and decorating it, a challenging neverending wip, which I'm enjoying very much. Thanks for sharing these photos. Hugs. Margarida.

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