Happy Memorial Day

We will be traveling home from our wonderful family vacation tomorrow.  It has been so much fun this past 10 days in Florida.

The weather has been sunny and gorgeous every day.

I will not bore you with a lot of my vacation pictures but I do need to share one  special occasion we did with our granddaughter Abby for her 4th birthday.

We treated her to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Bowtique .

Abby had her appointment at the Princess Bowtique where they turn the little girls into their favorite princess.

Abby's Favorite Princess is Cinderella.

You enter the Bowtique and they have a special changing room set up just for you.
They have your special princess dress laid out for you.

Getting Dressed

The Fairy Godmother's begin to turn you into a pretty princess.  Make up, hair and nails.

Abby all done and transformed into a beautiful Cinderella.  I think Mommy was pretty excited for Abby too.

After you are all done and transformed into your fave princess they take you into a special photograph studio and take pictures of your special time.

They even let Mommy and Daddy pose with the little princess.
Here is our Grand Abby all dressed as Cinderella.  This was  a fun and special time with her in Disney for her birthday.

This was us in the park with another favorite princess Belle.  We had such a fun week.  I will be sad to get on the plane tomorrow to come home.


 Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day.


  1. What a Wonderful treat for Abby! How fun is that?!?! You all look like you have enjoyed a terrific family vacation! So happy for you! Safe Travels - Blessings, Cindy

  2. What a fabulous day for Abby. She looks so sweet.

    Glad you had a wonderful family time in the sun.

  3. What a wonderful birthday gift for sweet Abby. She must have been super excited and she looks very cute.
    Have a safe trip home, Kris!

  4. What a fantastic present for Abby - Disney really knows how to entertain kids and bigger kids! Safe travels.

  5. So sweet such fun. I am glad you all had a great time. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  6. She looks thrilled, Kris! I would love to do this with my granddaughter. She will be 4 in July and loves everything Princesses!

  7. What a sweet little princess! She will remember that for years to come! How fun, now I want to be a princess:) Have a safe flight home, glad to hear you all had such a wonderful trip!

  8. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous treat and she is just so cute. What wonderful and precious memories for everyone. Loved all the pics.

  9. such a special time for abby! she looks so happy! i had no idea disney did so much! the memories will last her a lifetime, kris!

  10. AWWW how wonderful for sweet Abby, her magical memories of being a princess for the day will always brighten her precious recalled snippets of time. I applaud your family for taking a family vacation to the land of wonderment of play. Kris I wish safe journey home for you and your family. I am soooooo looking forward to your share of your fun filled vacation days.

  11. Kris, She is a princess !!! At that moment in time she looked like she could not be any happier. Bless her heart. Cinderella was my g.daughters' favorite also. Have a safe trip. xoxo,Susie

  12. What a precious memory for your granddaughter. Something she will always remember! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Travel safe.\


  13. This is absolutely the cutest thing ever......I want to be a little girl again so I can dress up as a princess!!! Have a safe trip home :o)

  14. Hope you had a great time in FL. I know you must've loved the weather! Your grand daughter is so pretty all dressed as a princess. I bet she will cherish this trip forever.

  15. I never realized how much Abby looks like you Kris - amazing !!!
    What gorgeous photos - welcome back to reality LOL

  16. How much fun! Thanks for sharing these important family trip

  17. Looks like so much fun!! We never got to do all the pretty Princess stuff! My boys were all about Spiderman and Barney lol!

  18. Oh Kris, Abby is adorable.
    When my daughter Hannah was 4 I bought her the complete Disney princess attire Cinderella as well. The heals, dress, gloves, cameo choker and she was elated for years playing in it making sure I bought it on the loose size. I had no idea Disney Florida did such for the wee ones, kind of makes you feel like, I wonder if they do big princesses like us? (Smiling)

    Thank yo again for another holiday vacation share.

  19. Every little girl should experience that . . how wonderful that Abby had that experience and was able to share it with all of her family...Glad you had a great time!!! Abby looks so beautiful as Cinderella...however, she looks even more beautiful every day as just Abby!

  20. Hello,
    I found you over at Suzan's. :-)
    I love this post. How sweet.
    Cinderella has always been a favorite of mine too.
    I have two boys, so this was fun for me. ;-)
    Carla from The River

  21. Kris your little Princess Abby is so beautiful in her princes dress, I know she will remember that birthday forever! What a wonderful looking family you have, you are one blessed lady!

  22. Kris, Happy 4th birthday to Abby! She is definitely a Princess! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation and have lots of great family photos! Thanks for sharing! Welcome Back!

  23. Kris, Abby is adorable and I bet this is a birthday she will never forget! I am so glad you had a fun vacation.

  24. Kris, welcome back! Abby looks adorable! What a sweet memory for her. Sound like you had a wonderful vacay :)

  25. Hello Kris...I was referred by Stacey Remiker, your friend to contact you about a picture of a outdoor chaise lounge picture that Stacey took at your house with a darling flower printed slip cover over it. It had Stacey's email add. printed on the bottom of the picture that is why I contacted her but she said she took the picture at your house and to ask you where you got it. Hopefully, you can help me find where I can purchase 2 of those slip covers. Thanking you in advance, Joanie Smith, email jmossls768@hotmail.com....Joanie ..P.S. your daughter is adorable...

  26. Well that is too durn cute - I've never been to Disney - some day maybe!

    So glad that you have these wonderrful memories!


  27. What sweet memories for all of you! I'm sure Abby will be talking about her birthday trip for a long, long time! Such a great looking family you have, Kris. So glad everyone had fun together.
    Welcome home!

  28. What a special treat for Abby! She's a little doll!

  29. I don't know how I missed this post - how great!!!! Abby is a beautiful princess. What a special day for her, one that she will remember all of her life. It looked like you all had fun with that precious little princess.
    I took Kelly to Disneyland for her Birthday, I think her 5th Bday. She was all dressed up as Ariel and I had made reservations for lunch with the princesses - she was so impressed that each princess stopped by our table and she had her picture taken with them.
    Isn't it great that we have such special memories with our beautiful little granddaughters.
    Have a great week Kris and enjoy your super weather.