Flea Market Finds

This past week end was the Kane County Flea Market.  One of my favorites.

Here are a few of the treasures I am re loving into my home.

I got this stool from one of my favorite vendors at the flea market Julie Norkus.  Julie always has awesome treasures.

Julie stenciled on the words and the old vintage clocks.  I am putting this stool into my guest room.  I love the words she chose to put on this stool.  I think it will be perfect for my family and friends when they stay in our guest room.

Thank you Julie I love the new stool.

Ok I cannot leave well enough alone.  I had this skirt from the old ottoman at the end of the bed and it matched perfectly.  So I attached it and now I have two looks for this ottoman.

Then I saw sweet Rosemary from Villa Barnes and her booth was packed full of beauties to behold.  I forgot to take pictures I am always so overwhelmed by the white treasures.  I did however buy this beautiful piece from her.

Yep this great dresser with wheels.  Oh my had to have her.  Isn't she just too cute.

Look at her cute legs and wheels.  It was love at first sight.  Told Rosemary to put a sold sign on this little treasure.

Haaaa just when you might be thinking Junk Chic Cottage is only grey, creams and whites nope a pop of color!!! I found this cute blue ball jar and added some daisys to bring a pop of color to the top of the dresser in the guest room.

Nope did not stop with a little color at the ball jar.  Added my vintage phone to the side table too.

Hmmmmm my assistant Libby thinks she should be the first guest to try out the bed in the guest room.  She likes to curl up on the Ikea duvet at the end of the bed.

Yep I caught you!!!!

Well there are just a few of the little treasures I found at Kane County Flea Market this past week end.

I am changing up my dining room and hope to have a post on this soon.  Terry and his tools made me a brand new french farmhouse table out of my existing table.  I cannot wait to show you that.  Like I always say gotta love a man with tools and knows how to use them.

Have a great rest of the week.
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  1. Kris, Those are perfect finds. I love the jar and phone. The dog matches the plaid.. LOL. The dresser looks made for that wall. :) I want to thank you for the lovely magazine. It just made my day after I was at the dentist, it was even more special. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

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  3. So pretty! I think that Ikea duvet might have to make it's way to my house. Libby is adorable!

  4. Love the little white dresser. So adorable...I would have had a hard time passing that up too.
    Mary Alice

  5. Awesome touches - I'm so jealous of all the stuff you find!!!

  6. Oh my goodness Kris! I love the stool...gave me a great idea about an older one I have... What a treat to be able to attend such a great Flea market...I WANT TO GO>>>BOOOOHOOOO! Seriously, I love traveling with you on your great hunting adventures... have a great day! Blessings!

  7. The new stool is so sweet! I also love the colour of the phone & Libby is adorable!

  8. Kris, it was so nice seeing you at the market. Yes, that dresser belonged with you. It's perfect for that spot. All of your finds blend beautifully with your decor. I may be back next month, sharing with Lynn.

  9. So Libby is your bed fluff tester? Great addition with the ruffled skirt. love the lovely blues appearing in your guest room.
    Lucky you to visit and shop Rosemary's booth. Great little white dresser, I especially love the wheels. Libby is a such a sweetheart, pets fill our homes with loving energy.

  10. I love all of your new finds and can't wait to see the table. Your dog is adorable!

  11. that's on my bucket list to shop Kane County Flea Market, so many great vendors! love that big check duvet cover, Libby looks quite comfortable!

  12. I have that same duvet...Libby knows what she likes! Bruce does, too. Soft and fluffy fill the bill. LOL
    I wish I could go to Kane County. Rosemary's booth must be a wonderland. I love the dresser.
    Your sweet stool looks great both ways and your turquoise treasures just add to the joy of that room.
    Move over, Libby Lou!

  13. Your new stool is so sweet and of course I love that dresser you bought from Rosemary. Libby is a real cutie, she sure looks happy and comfortable.

  14. Oh I love your latest finds! I must agree that the dresser on wheels is sweet. I love dressers anywhere in the home. I like the pops of blue you added too. My dog sleeps on everything in sight too. I always have a major straightening up to do after he's been lounging. Btw, I just received the magazine you sent me in the mail yesterday and I love it! It was so much fun to read your feature in there. Gosh, I even have your autograph now too! Thank you again for sending it. Lots of eye candy in that issue for sure.

  15. Love your footstool find and I saw that dresser on Rosemary's blog where she mentioned you purchased it. So neat to see where you used it, Kris. It fits perfectly there. I have to laugh seeing your dog in these pictures ~ she goes with your color scheme so well! : )

  16. What lucky guests you will have! Your pooch is a cutie pie! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  17. Great finds, and wonderful places for them to occupy, Kris! Your pup is adorable with that sweet face all ready to be photographed. I love the stool with it's added skirt. You always know the perfect finishing touch! Terry really is talented, as is his "boss".lol.
    Enjoy your week as it progresses.

  18. Libby's fur goes so well with your color scheme and she looks so comfortable laying there. LOL Everything looks so good. You always find such great treasures on your trips.

    'Hope Terry and his father are feeling terrific.

  19. Love that footstool! And Rosemary's stuff is always awesome. Pops of color are always nice!
    xo Kathleen

  20. I just purchased a small dresser with little old wheels too. Mine is not so cute, painted an ugly pea green, sure hope I can make mine 1/10th as nice as yours! Love your finds! Blessings, Cindy

  21. Great finds...love the foot stool!!

  22. Beautiful treasures, including Libby :). The pops of color look great, Kris. I look forward to seeing your new farmhouse table.
    Have a lovely Wednesday!

  23. Kris, love all your finds! The stool looks adorable with the skirt, and the dresser is perfect there. You know I'm lovin' the pop of blue! That phone is too cute! :)

  24. my sis collects the blue ball jars so I pick them up whenever I see them. Yours looks fabulous in the "white" room. I sure would love to see Rosemary's booth. Bet it's just fabulous. She has such a great eye!

  25. You have so much fun at the fleas. Here is a funny little thing. This spring/summer, just by coincidence, my DH has managed to missed each and every vintage market and open house! Yes, every one. His work schedule has taken most of those days. I don't drive, but I have managed to get to 2 of them. I must admit, I surely miss having my DH along. He carts all my treasures that I buy and gives me the 'look' if I need to leave one or two behind.
    Shopping with your husband is like hunting with a game warden.

  26. Kris, I love your treasures you came home with and Rosemary is such a talent. I can't wait to see the table.


  27. You must have reined yourself in as I expected a heck of a lot more pictures of items! Good finds and you have fit them well into your decor!

  28. FUN! Can you believe I haven't been to a single flea market this year? What is wrong with me?? Our weekends have been booked...boo-hoo! I love the pop of aqua..so pretty :)

  29. Hi Kris, looks like you had a lot of fun. Great treasures you found. I found a little foot stool for a redesign recently too and have it posted today. Small world~~ Your home is gorgeous and I love visiting and all the eye candy and inspiration.

    I am ready to send you my post for August 30th but somehow I did not keep your email. I'll look for it on your blog.
    Have a great evening.

  30. Your new petite dresser is the cutest thing ever, Kris!! I love it! And a footstool makes any chair more comfortable, so your guest room is fit for a queen....or king. :)

  31. Awesome finds!!!! That dresser is .... AWESOME!!!!
    If you ever get tired of it.......let me know! ;-)

  32. Love the stool - I think I will make a pillow with words stenciled on it.

    Love the bits of blue - oh, how I wanted the Princess phone when I was a little girl.

    Love your assistant.

  33. Cute stool and I adore that dresser too. Great finds.

  34. This sounds like so much fun! Love that little ottoman and it really looks that much cuter with the ruffle you added! You saw Rosemary? She is so sweet and always makes the best items! The little dresser is perfect! Love the wheels! Like the little touch of blue/aqua too! That old phone is so cute! Can't wait to see what else you're up to! Hugs, Leena

  35. Love the little ottoman. I like both looks.

  36. I love your new little ottoman and the dresser too! You always find the best treasures :o)
    Your little Libby is soooooooooo cute....she melts my heart! Who can be mad at a face like that? Yeah, I'm a sucker for those furry little critters. That's probably why mine are spoiled rotten to the core!!!! LOL
    Have a great weekend!!

  37. Cute little stool. Libby looks so comfy on the duvet too!

  38. Love love your blog. You always have something fun and fresh. I'm a new blogger HELP! Any suggestions to more followers?
    Anne's Attic - Design http://fulcolbaxia.wordpress.com
    Thanx, Jo

  39. I love the skirt you made for the stool the best!

  40. Catching up on all your pretty finds, Kris, but I have to say it's your sweet 'assistant's' face that melts my heart! :)


  41. Oh you cutie, you are always so busy! Now working on your dining room. Love the stool and it is so cute both ways. The dresser is definitely drool worthy! Thanks for sharing with SYC.