Junkin Day and Office Change Ups

I went Junkin with a friend on Thursday and we made a stop at one of my fave shops near my home.  The shop is Lucky Junk and I have to say my heart always beats a little faster when I enter this shop.  Friends Janet and Bill own this wonderful shop of Joy, fun and oh so much fabulous!

I will let some of the pictures show you why my heart beats faster!  I took the pics with my cell phone camera so not the greatest but you can see the chippy, crusty, rusty love in this shop.

Welcoming pink old Schwinn bike outfront.  Nothing says "come on in there is great stuff here"  like a cute bike at the entry!

Yep!  You want chippy, rusty, crusty, vintage love it is all here in this shop.  Love the mailbox grouping on the wall.  How sweet are those?

Ohhhhhhh yeah!

I am obsessed with these shutter doors.  Oh My the length and thin chippy goodness to these.  I still am thinking about where and what I could do with these beauties.

Sweet angel napping on that absolutely fabulous yellow chippy table.  Love!

Just one chippy or rusty piece after another.

This scrolly pure piece of joy came home with me from Lucky Junk.  I have a few ideas for this lovely piece.  Stay tuned!

There were two of these babies.  Look at the arch in this cabinet door.  Ohhhhh love at first site.

Oh yeah just enough chippy joy on this cabinet door.  Not sure where it will end up just yet but believe me it will end up some place special.

 It was a nice summer day to get together with a friend and do some junkin together.

******Change ups in my Office******

  Summer is going way to fast for me.  I see all the fall and even some Christmas stuff coming out in the stores and I think oh no not yet!!!!!!!

After that harsh winter I am savoring every summer day I have.

I was in a cleaning mood this past week end and started to clean out the storage room in my house and hubby cleaned out the shed and when we finished those two big jobs I thought maybe I would do a little change up in my office.  Second wind I guess!

Nothing big just some change arounds.  It is amazing what  little movement can do in a room.

My office before I started the switcheroo this week end.
Little rearranging of my office was the plan.  These old french doors are the wall divider that separates my office area from the dining room.

I started by moving my desk over to this area of the office space.  I like it better because the light comes in that window to the left side.

I am using on of the dining room chairs that has the magazine pocket in the back for my new office chair.

This is one  of two pretty chair covers I got when I was out at the White Show in April in Wrentham, Ma.

Yep love the natural light that shines on me when I am on the computer.

This area is where my desk use to be in front of this old Chicago private investigators office door.  I put my scrolly keeper I just found junkin in this space.  

I need to find some fun things to put in this crusty, chippy, scrolly holder.  I did put my collection of old alarm clocks.  Just need to find some more cute stuff to put in here.

I like the open feel now in this small space I have for an office.  This use to be a closet at the back of my dining room.  Much better as a little office space.

Junk Happens in my office and this is where I try to contain most of it!

Love to have some of my family photos around me in my office along with the million magazines and decor books I collect!!!!

I still have this cute lamp on my desk that I found a while back.  Love that it has cute tiered rusty shelves.

My trustee assistant is not too impressed with all the movement in my office.  Shortly after I took this shot of her she took a nap.  I guess seeing me move all the stuff in and out of the office was just too exhausting for her LOL!

My grand dog Penny was staying with us this week end and she was a little more impressed with all the movement and change ups!

Hope your week is heading in a good direction.  Summer is going so fast.

Make sure you come back on Saturday for Spotlight.  Susan and I have two awesome bloggers for you to meet and we have our first man blogger on my Spotlight!!!! Wooo Hooo I cannot wait for you to meet him.  He has an awesome blog and was so brave to be our first guy on Spotlight.  You will love him and his blog.
See you on Saturday. Have a great week.
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  1. Wow! I love your friends shop! Love the arched door and the tired floor shelf you brought home. So many beautiful and interesting thing s to look at in your home.

  2. Note to self: check spelling before hitting enter :)

    1. Ha ha Sandy I do this all the time. No worries I knew what you meant! Have a great start to the new week.

  3. I love the scrolley three tiered shelf too. I like the sign that says The Queen Will Not be Accepting an Audience! Too cute. Having the sun light on you is perfect!

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I love that sign too about the Queen. Cracks me up everytime I look at it! Have a wonderful start to the new week ahead. Thanks for your visit it is much appreciated.

  4. Kris,
    Wow, Lucky Junk is a real treasure trove, loving the mix of salvaged, reinvented and architectural. We have a couple great stores in Philadelphia and it's always a delight to wander around and dream up redesigning with the salvaged pieces. Libby and Penny's very expressive eyes brought a smile to my face. Loving the arched door and look forward to seeing where it is placed or how you reinvent it with Terry's expertise.
    Have a most wonderful week,

    1. Yep Vera Libby is a true basset hound. Shows all her emotion right in her face LOL! Little Penny was a good little assistant too. She was right in there as I moved things around. She liked the process a little more than Libby! Have a great start to the new week ahead.

  5. How fun....I am doing some rearranging too, I just love it. It is fun to change things up.
    I really like how your office looks.

    1. HI Carla,
      Thanks for your visit good luck with your change ups. Amazing how a little rearranging can change up a space.

  6. Love it. You have the most awesome "junk" and your new treasures, oh my word! That arch french door is to DIE FOR. Wish I lived closer, I would soooo grab the other one. Have a fabo week, dear lady.

  7. LOVE the cabinet door with the arched top, kris!! oh, and the slipcovered desk chair--love the lace pocket on the back--just so cute! your studio is just darling--everywhere you look!

  8. Hello Darlin'...you are just the sweetest! Not only for the visit with your sweet friend & buys at Lucky Junk but for sharing all of your wonderful photos of your fabulous finds! SO glad that we met at my Vintage Yard Sale...doesn't get any better than this...Vintage Soul Sister! BTW...you are a decorating goddess!!

  9. Great finds Kris! Love that beautiful window...and scrolly shelf....sigh <3

  10. Nice changes in your sweet little office. The sunlight shining on your desk will be great. I like to use natural light as much as possible at home! I guess it's all the work hours under fluorescents - LOL!!! Congrats on your feature as well - Always fun to scan your photos!! Blessings, Cindy

  11. Oh Kris, you find the very best treasures. Sure wish I lived in Chicago land, but I cannot take the winters = would FREEZE to death. You always find the most unusual items. Love your re-decorated office. Looks like Libby got tired of watching you move everything and had to take a nap. Her eyes are at half mast LOL.
    Have a terrific week with your new treasures.

  12. Oh my my! I'm going to be pinning up a storm here! I would have gone crazy in that store, but your office is just as yummy.

  13. This is going to be a long comment on 4 different posts - I am catching up.

    1. You find so much chippy goodness in your shops - and you don't pay the outrageous Southern California prices.

    2. Your office is to die for - I could be so creative in that environment.

    3. I loved your feature over at Jennifer's. Have you met her in person?

    4. Thanks for the intro to the new blogger, whose name I can't remember right now. I will head over to check out her blog.

    5. You have caused me stress in my marriage! Steve is just adjusting to the fact that I told him I want to repaint the entire interior of the house white!

  14. Oh I would've loved to have gone shopping in that cute shop! I fell in love with those shutters too. I like what you bought.

  15. I can see why you love visiting that shop, Kris! I love the arched top door you just bought and I can't wait to see how you use it in your home! I'm with you. I am not rushing into autumn even though the temps have already dropped to "fall like" weather. Summer is too darn short! Enjoy!

  16. Oh how I wish we had places like that around here to go junkin at. Love the white scrolly piece that you got...it looks great in your office area!! Such sweet doggies...both are as cute as can be!

  17. You always find the neatest stuff! Everything looks great, it always does! I have some catching up to do, I've been MIA from your blog posts and see you've been a busy gal. Can't wait to catch up!

  18. I love your office Kris and don't you just love when something you buy calls for more junk to fill it up! Love your scrolly thing and the clocks you put in it! I agree, the desk by the window is perfect! You can't beat natural light! Especially in the winter when you're stuck inside. You have a great rest of the week friend. We started school yesterday. I've been on an unplanned month long blog break... such a busy time of year!

  19. Kris, that shop is fantastic! Love the little wire shelves/holder that you got!! The changes to your office look so pretty, as always! Looks like it was too much excitement for the pups :)

  20. Can you hear me oooohing and ahhhhing? Everything is gorgeous as always, Kris!!!

    I love living where I do (the top of a remote mountain) but do miss shopping at shops like this one.

    Looking forward to your Sat. Spotlight feature!

  21. you have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fun! Love that shop! Where is it? Will have to tell D-I-L about it. My grand-dog is named Penny too and she is a basset hound. :)

  22. I loved this post from beginning to end! Such eye candy everywhere! I had to let out a little gasp when I saw that Schwinn in the first picture. Mine was just like it and it served me well throughout my childhood and then some. I got so many good ideas just looking at your office and realized it's been way too long since I had a junkin day. I think I would find it hard to leave such a pretty office!

  23. Hi Kris, oh the treasure shop looks like such a wonderful place to hunt for those junkin pretties. Love your office and the little changes you made look perfect. Great display with your new found wire treasure. Love those clocks!!
    Such sweet fur babies.
    Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation. Good to be back and having fun catching up.
    Happy Junkin~

  24. Kris,
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful shop with all of us...it's a goodie!!! Like what you came home with. I wish my office was as cute as yours.


  25. amazing! I would get so much work done in a beautiful space.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  26. Kris what a fabulous work space you have!! Love it, and the queen sign literaly made me laugh out loud.

  27. Penny does look like Peanut. Love the changes you made and I will take one of those shutters, thank you!! Such great stuff!


  28. Wow! What a cool shop! Thanks for sharing such fun stuff. I love those shutters too!
    Have a great week.
    House on the Way

  29. Now this is a place that I could shop! Yes, love it! All the chippy makes my heart sing. Your spaces are so pretty and fun, all that and more!

  30. I can see how that store has your name all over it...and I love your dog and grand dog

  31. Evening Kris, WOW!! Seeing all this great rusty, chippy junk makes my heart swoon!! I haven't been junking for a while and AM I EVER READY!! Like you...I want to savor this summer a little longer and pray we have a LONG, beautiful Autumn! I love your collection of clocks~~~I collect them too! They are too sweet in that new wire tier basket~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  32. WOW! I could really hurt myself and my pocketbook in that fabulous shop. I think I want everything in there LOL, and your office makes me swoon. It's amazing and so are your sweet furry friends.

  33. I love the corner piece you bought. So romantic looking-she has a shape!

  34. Yep, you had me drooling from beginning to end!! And everything you said about the junkin' shop...Ditto!!!! I would have been in heaven!
    Mary Alice

  35. Hi Kris, I have just popped over from Jennifer's Charming Home Series and your home tour. Your home is so beautiful! I love all the chippy whites and ruffles! That junk shop looks like fun!
    Sally @cottagefix

  36. Hi kiddo... haven't talked to you in ages! I wish you lived round here to come and help me rearrange... you have a real eye for it! We've been in our house 2 years now and some of my favorite pieces are still on the floor waiting for the "right" place to be... now that's just so sad! I've not been getting my emails letting me know that you have posts... been having that problem with another site too, but if you know what's going on with that send me a quick fix... I need all my Junk Chic Cottage fixes I can get!! Hope your summer is going great and that you are resting and relaxing in that gorgeous lounge on your deck in between your junking trips and re-arranging!
    Summer Hugs,

  37. Your office is such a happy place! I love how you are surrounded by all your pretty things. Lucky Junk is a fantastic place too! It would be worth a trip to Illinois. Love the styling and the things you brought home.

  38. Hi Kris,
    It's a perfect junky office :)
    I love the junk cabinet pealed with perfection to its weathered worn feel of white. I wish it were mine :)
    I love how your office inspires so much, and if I were to take over your office space each time I enter it, it would inspire something new from me!

    See you soon


  39. The only thing that could have made this post better is if I had had a cup of tea and a donut while I was reading it.

  40. That shop looks amazing!!!....I can see why your heart skips a beat when you enter that wonderful place...Love your "scrolly keeper"....I love that your home is so filled with beautiful light!...

  41. You know Kris - you're really amazing - how you can take a small corner of a room and turn it into something so incredible is beyond me !
    Truly gorgeous - and so YOU !!!
    That shop?
    I'd pass out from being just a little too thrilled !

  42. Hi Kris ...I always love what you do, your office is beautiful!!

  43. Your home has charm, charm..and more charm. Interest every where you look! It's the detail. I love detail and your home is loaded with it.
    Great job!

  44. That arch door is such a great find! Thanks for sharing it at RLTLT!

  45. I just love your office! One of my favorite rooms in your gorgeous home! Cute doggies too :) Hugs, Leena