Sweeeeeet Give Away!!!!

Happy "Hump" Day.  Woooooo Hooooo Sweet Give Away Day!!!!!

I have a really sweet Giveaway for all you!

Yep you know how I love to give a shout out to wonderful and talented people on Etsy.

Well I found the wonderful and sweet and very talented Pamela from One Paisley Pig and she has offered to have a give away on my blog.

I do not sew as many of you know so I rely on having people that do make my visions for me.

I wanted to do Emergency Office Kits for gifts this year for Christmas and also give some of these away to the girls that come to my Charity Girlfriend Party in December.

Soooooo........  I found Pamela from One Paisley Pig that made these Emergency Kits and they are soooooo cute.

I asked her if she would sew some for me so I could fill them myself and add some bling.
She agreed and being the sweet person she is she also agreed to do a giveaway to one of you of her Emergency "Murphy" bags.

So here goes.................

Loved Loved this black and white Daisy fabric.  So these are the bags she made and sent to me.

This is the inside of the bags not yet filled.  Isn't this fabric with the sweet sayings so cute.  She has zip lock bags in the middle and little pockets on the sides to fill with whatever emergency fillers you like.

So I went to the dollar store and found office emergency fillers for my bags.  These are going to be office emergency kits so I tried to focus on things you might need at the office.  You could also use these bags in the glove compartment of your car or even down in your purse.  Love the many ideas you can do with these sweet bags.

Here is one that I filled.

Love the zipper plastic bags to fill with little things like tums, listermint strips, chap stick etc.

If you go out to lunch and have that spicy Mexican food well you will have this handy little scope tooth brush to use before heading back to work.

Here is the bag folded and hooked with Velcro.  Pamela did such a great job on sewing these bags.  Beautiful work.

Well most of you that know me know I cannot leave well enough alone.  So I wanted to add my own little bling to the bags.  So I found these polka dot daisies to make and added to the closure of the bag.

Cute Right?!

Just gives a little bling to the bag.  Pamela was so sweet to let me embellish these the way I wanted to give a little touch of myself to the gift.

Here is one of the many bags Pamela has for sale in her Etsy shop.  So so cute.

She finds the most wonderful and useful all purpose fillers for her Emergency Bags.

Just look at all the cool stuff she puts in these bags.  It is amazing how much stuff one little cute bag can hold.

Ok so now you have a wonderful chance to win one of these cute bags from Pamela.  All you have to do is go over to Pamela's Etsy Shop and look around at all the wonderful things she sells and then come back and leave me a comment on which bag you would love to win.  That is it.  I know you might have a few people on your birthday and Christmas lists that might get a lot of wonderful use out of these bags.  They make great gifts.
So while you are there think about getting a few of these for gifts.
Someone said the other day in the store I was in that there is only 16 more Fridays before Christmas.  What??? Yep the holidays will be here quickly.  So get a jump on your gift giving and get a few of these for your bff's or family members.
Pamela also offers this pattern you can purchase and download to make these yourself.  You know all of you out there than can sew!!!!!  So you could customize these bags and make them yourself for great gifts.

She will also have versions like mine that come empty and you can just buy the bag and fill them yourself.  If you love these bags like I do and have friends and family in mind that you need a great gift for then Pamela is your go to person.

She is sweet and oh so fast to get your order out to you too.

So go on and jump over to her Etsy Shop look around and then come back and tell me which lovely bag you would love to win from the Giveaway.
Easy Peasy.
Hope everyone joins in on this great giveaway.  I will have the winner on Sunday's post so don't delay getting in on this great giveaway.

One Paisley Pig Etsy Shop

*******I also would love to see my follower numbers go up so I would like to offer one of my bags to all the new followers that join up with this giveaway.  So if you follow me and have not officially joined up yet please do so and leave me a comment that you did so for another chance at one of these sweet bags.*****************

Have a wonderful rest of the week.
Please come back on Saturday for Spotlight.  Susan and I have two wonderful bloggers for you to get to know.
Happy Day!


  1. I would love to win one of these emergency kits! With four boys, I would keep on in my car at all times. Such a great idea. I am a follower of yours and the bag I like most in Pamela's shop is the black and white damask.

  2. Oh what a great idea and gift for someone. I love them all but the pink plaid one is my favorite. I have been a follower for a long time.

  3. Hi Kris! Awesome giveaway! Lots of goodies!Btw, we found another chicken dish....same size. Let us know if
    You'd like us to set them aside for you.

  4. I'll have to say that the emergency kit is my favorite. I like the crocheted owl blanket too since I am getting a new baby girl, but my baby girl is very conservative and is a plain, classy gal and doesn't like embellished anything. That kid is great!!! Love it. HOpe I win!

  5. I like the black and white daisy one in the shop. I like the bling on yours too. A fun giveaway Kris! And very useful too!

  6. Hi Kris - Love this idea. I love the Murphy kit in the black and white. I've always loved any print in black and white. Thanks for the giveaway. Will be ordering the pattern for this.


  7. What a fun idea. And practical too. Those WOULD make sweet gifts. Thank you for the chance to win one!


  8. Kris...these are awesome. Let another lucky girl win because I am going over to order each of my daughters one! :)

    Jane xxxxxx

  9. I really like the black and white paisley print. This is the cutest bag ever and would be great to win because I don't know how to sew. I have a friend I would really like to give this too. What a fun giveaway!

  10. Kris, These are the cutest handiest bags ever. What a great assortment of items to put into the bags. A bit of everything one would look for in an emergency. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  11. Hi Kris

    Love this idea and what a fun gift. I love all the different ideas to fill them up too! Your added touch makes it even more special - your guests will love them!

    I'm a follower from waaaay back, but would love a chance to win. Thanks to both of you for the opportunity!

  12. Whoops I forgot to say that I'm a sucker for Pink and love the plaid fabric!

  13. Happy Hump Day Kris,
    Somehow I just lost my message to you, weird blogger system lately. I think this idea is brilliant and wonder how I ever got by without one.
    Seriously, I would love to win one. I'm loving the Murphy design in Black and White.
    Waiting on my delivery and hoping it fits through the door ... OMGosh the anxiety.
    Enjoy your evening.

  14. These would be great to fill & put in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox! I like the blue one with yellow & green dots.

  15. I like the black and white daisy fabric myself, Kris! Now that I'm working again, what a great thing to have on hand in the desk filled with whatever I might need. Just this week I was reaching for Tylenol, a nail file, and a band aid. I love these as gift ideas for co-workers, too.

  16. I like the daisy fabric. What a great idea!!

  17. I love the daisy fabric myself, daisies were in my wedding bouquet! What a lovely giveaway. Di@Cottage-wishes

  18. I love the dewberry patter, Kris. Thanks for this generous giveaway. Your friend, Ann

  19. Love the Murphy kit in black and white. What a great idea. xo Laura

  20. These are sooo adorable! You chose well and I love your cute daisy embellishment.
    I need an emergency kit, I TEACH!!! LOL

  21. Fun giveaway! My favorite is the Burst of Blue bag and I would love to win!

  22. What a generous giveaway. I am now following her everyway possible. I love the Emergency Kit - The Murphy Bag, A.K.A. The "Oh Sh*t Kit! The owl blanket she does steals my heart as we have an owl theme in remembrance of my parents. Thanks for the chance. Happy Day to you!

  23. Used the share button for pinterest, facebook, and twitter. Following you of course, I am loving instagram do you have one. So much fun..

  24. Cute bags She has some other really cute stuff too.. Ilove the mini vaseline cover and the little pig for the round lip gloss,,,I think I like the black and white paisley design best.. What a great gift idea. Have a great week.. Looking forward to the Saturday Spotlight. Blessings!

  25. It is very sweet of her to offer a giveaway! I zipped over to her Etsy and I'm sure many others have as well as she is almost out of bags, yet I love the black and white, which goes with everything in my life :) I'd love to hear more about your Charity Girlfriend Party! That sounds like something cool to put together with my friends and family ~ Hope you do a post about that sometime (or lead me to one you've done in the past if I missed it) Oh, BTW - I'd love to win! Blessings, Cindy

  26. I would like to win the pink plaid one but any of them would be lovely! Such a neat idea and I love the flower you added to yours! That is so nice of her to offer a give a-way. Nancy

  27. What a great idea Kris. I love the bags and they are so useful. Love the bling you added. Pamela is very talented. thanks for sharing.

  28. What a great idea! These emergency kits are fabulous and would make such wonderful gifts. I would love to win the pattern if this is possible.

  29. My favorite is the " Burst of Blue". Just love these bags...what a cleaver idea!

  30. OMG what a brilliant Christmas gift idea. You always have great ideas. Put me on your Christmas list will you, LOL?

  31. Kris, what a fantastic giveaway! Love these! I really like the black and white pattern :)

  32. I love the Mad about Plaid emergency kit. This will make a great Christmas gift.

  33. Love, love, love these!!! Such a great idea for a Christmas gift. The white damask is my favorite but they are all divine!

  34. Oh these are just gorgeous - love them ( but the flower one is my favorite !!! )
    What perfect Christmas gifts Kris !
    ( I can't even think about Fall yet - let alone Christmas LOL )

  35. Good Morning......wow a sweet and fun bag!!! Excellent collection of goodies on her Etsy site! Looking her offerings over....I would love that : "Beautiful Hand Made Baby Blanket in Shades of Pink"..... Many thanks, chees, Valerie :)

  36. Besides these bags...love those tissue cases! Thanks for the chance...love how you added those flowers too <3

  37. Oh my goodness... these are genius & i LOVE them! I would absolutely love to have the Murphy bag!! Thanks bunches for the uber sweet chance ladies!

  38. Those are so cute and useful too! I love the black and white paisley one too!

  39. Can you believe that I just happened to check and I have NOT been a 'real' follower on your blog - well, I am now :)

  40. Hi Kris, wow are these ever cute. Love these emergency bags and what a fabulous giveaway. I would love to enter too.
    Love the black and white!!
    Have a great weekend.

  41. Hello,
    I am a new follower.
    And I do think this is a sweet idea. I love the name of the shop as well. FUN!
    Have a great weekend,