Lucky Junk's One Year Anniversary

Happy Sunday

Just wanted to post about going to Lucky Junk's 1st Anniversary Party/Open House on Saturday.

This is the lovely and talented couple Janet and Bill that own Lucky Junk.  Yesterday was their first Anniversary for the shop to be open.
How excited I was for both of them.  This shop makes my my heart beat just a little faster with each visit.
Janet and Bill are the sweetest and most talented lucky junk picken couple ever!! They find the best stuff to sell in their sweet shop.
I am so happy for them to be celebrating their first year since opening their shop.
This is Bill's great Lucky Junkin Truck!  When Bill found this sweet awesome truck down south on a junkin trip it was previously owned by a guy named Bill.  Meant to be he found this treasure to call his own.
When you walked in the Shop's front door Janet had this cute little raffle ticket station set up.  You wrote what makes you feel lucky on the tag and then put your name and number on the back for later drawing.  Such a cute idea to hang them on this old mattress spring.
Janet had some yummy snacks and drinks for the celebration.
I added some fresh flowers to this vintage milk carrier and milk bottles to give as a first Anniversary gift to Janet and Bill.  Loved that I could gift her with a vintage piece  from my own collection of Lucky Junk.

I took a few shots of the shop.  Just got busy talking and mingling so I did not get a whole lot.  Here are a few.

Is this not just the cutest sign?!!

Looooove!  This would make for a great coffee table or at the end of a bed for linen storage.  Awesome!!!

It was fun for Terry and I to spend time at Lucky Junk today to help Janet and Bill celebrate this wonderful accomplishment.
This shop was "Junk Love" for me at first sight.  I am so happy they hit this milestone of 1 year open.
Congrats to both Janet and Bill on the first year anniversary of Lucky Junk.  Wishing them many more.

I did treat myself to this cute angel ivy topiary to put on the window ledge over my kitchen sink.  Sorry when I thought to take the picture for this post it was night time in the kitchen.

So sweet.  Now I just have to keep it alive until summer when I can put it outside!

Ok, you are probably wondering why I am showing you a picture of my dishwasher at the end of this post.  Well..... stay tuned this is going to get a face lift.  Sad :( that my dishwasher is getting a facelift before me!

So stay tuned.... Have a wonderful rest of the week end.
The sun is shining and the temps are mild it is all good!


  1. CHRIS! How fun and beautiful! And I so love your kitchen sink area. You have a chandelier in your kitchen like I do! Happy Sunday, Anita

  2. I love their shop and so many wonderful vintage things to drool over! Love your topiary in the kitchen window and love your kitchen too!
    Wow, I'm LOVIN everything today on your post!


  3. Kris, It is always nice to know a cute place can stay open. I hope they have many more years of success. I love your topiary. So sweet. Enjoy this good weather. Yesterday was really nice. :):) Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. love that old truck too

  4. What a cool shop! Love your new topiary too.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. Cute shop! Congratulations to Janet & Bill!

    Love your angel vine topiary... I can't find anything that pretty around here. Maybe online? Hmmmmmm. Anyway... looking forward to seeing what you're going to do w/ your dishwasher! :)


  6. OMG cracking up about your dishwasher facelift. Luckily you don't need one :)

  7. What a CUTE shop!! Lots of wonderful eye candy and style....I see why you love it so much! Congratulations on their first year~~~the flowers you gave them are beautiful~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. My whole body needs a facelift!! Ha!

    That shop looks cute! Wish it was close to me. Congratulations on their anniversary. So many around here open for a few months and then close. Hope they have a nice long run for years!!

  9. I would love to shop in that shop! Love your topiary too!

  10. What a great little shop....I absolutely LOVE the name too! Your new little topiary is so cute, fingers crossed it makes it to summer so you can plant it outside. Can't wait to see the dishwasher face lift. LOL!!!!
    Happy Sunday!!

  11. What a sweet shop! There are precious few shops like this near me and I would love to visit more. Maybe I need to move! ;)

  12. I love the topiary. It's so soft and delicate but I am telling need that "junk love" sign, lol!

  13. Great shop. I have my favorites too, and I love that they know my daughter and I. I would never have thought to give a gift, what a wonderful sentiment. Your kitchen looks great. xoox

  14. Hi Kris,
    What a kind friend you are to share such lovely pics of Janet and Bill's Lucky Junk store. I wish we had one of those where I live. Your home looks so amazing! I love your new plant, kitchen and your china cabinet in a previous post. Everything is so perfect and I also can't wait to see what your plans are with your dishwasher. Thank you for visiting me! Karen

  15. Kris,
    Congrats to Janet and Bill ... I know you love their shop and are frequent customers. Your anniversary gift to them was very sweet ... And talk about sweet - Oh my how my eyes checked out the adorable chocolate cake with polka dots. Love, love, love the white trunk with the painted Swiss army cross. The tagged spring wall with lucky writings is a clever raffle idea. What was the raffle?
    Love your sweet angel topiary vine. I had one in my bathroom years ago, nothing as gorgeous as your though. I was told it likes humidity but sadly I had no success ... Perhaps humidity is not what they want!
    Can't wait to see what you and Terry do on your dishwasher door.
    Sending love and hugs,

  16. Kris, This looks like my kind of shop! I can't wait to see what you do to your dishwasher.

  17. Looks like a wonderful shop with lots of goodies!

  18. That shop looks just like my kind of place! Congrats to your friends on their first year. Their vintage pick up is awesome. And I just love your new topiary over the sink. Can't wait to see your "new" dishwasher. Your facelift comment made me smile :) Have a great Sunday!

  19. great choice on that ivy. Hope you can keep it alive.

  20. What a great shop! I bet it's fun to visit there. I love your new topiary too. Can't wait to see the dishwasher face lift! :)

  21. I love the term "lucky junk" because lucky is just how I feel when I get an old piece of junk to play with.

    And, congrats to your friends - it's not easy to keep a small business open these days!

  22. Great shop! It' s rich of treasures. I can' t wait to see the new dishwasher..

  23. How neat that you gifted the shop owners with such a pretty anniversary gift for their shop, Kris. You are just the sweetest gal ever!
    Interested in what you have planned for the
    Have fun!

  24. What a great little shop! Glad to hear that they are successful. I'm sure you're helping them with that too! LOL! Love the sweet angel vine topiary in your kitchen. And I am really curious what you're going to do to your dishwasher. I like it as it is though! Wish I had stainless steel appliances. We'll have to wait until our next house for those, I guess.

  25. What a fun shop, so happy you were able to visit with them and be a blessing on their special day! I am such a small shop lover!! It will be interesting to see what kind of a face lift your dishwasher gets???? Enjoy the new week!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  26. Wish I still traveled to Chicago as you could take me junking. How many week ends I sat in my hotel room when I could have been shopping. I always had a way to get it back, just put it on one of the many North American Vans I had coming back to CA. I did get a really cute chippy bench when they were having a craft show at Rosemont. We had the other half of the Center. It was in Decmber and I got myself a Xmas present. The staff at the center wold always get me into the different shows going on while ours was there.
    Congratulations to your friends anniversary. It really looks like a wonderful treasure hunt.
    So glad that your weather is warmer. We are going up to 80 this week. Maybe I'll sun bath LOL
    Have a great one

  27. What a great shop!! Can't wait to see the dishwasher facelift.

  28. Love that shop, seems like you have the best shops near you Kris. I had an Angel Ivy and I actually kept it alive for about 3 years now I'm sitting here wondering where in the heck that cute little plant went???

  29. Looks like a great shop, and how sweet of you to deliver such a great gift! Bill's truck is the bomb, love it, and it looks like the shop is a great place to go and hang out. I'm surprised you didn't bring home that chest with the cross, but I love your topiary - perfect perk for this time of year.

  30. That crate thingy that the winter sign is hanging on is so cool!

  31. What a neat shop! I love the milk bottle carrier. There's so much that you can do with this! I wish we had these kinds of shops around here! Take the time you need to care for your mom. I hope you have a safe trip and that the adjustment will be easy.

  32. Kris it looks like you had a great time at Lucky Junk. They have some amazing items. Looking forward to your dishwasher reveal. Jo

  33. WHat a fun place! Wish I lived nearby! Looking forward to seeing your dishwasher makeover because mine could use one.

  34. the shop is so cute! darling topiary--i LOVE topiaries! have a great week!

  35. I was so lucky to get to go there on the girl's outing. Will definitely hit it again when we are up that way next. Jane is such a sweetheart.

  36. Love that shop! And your topiary, too. ~ Nancy

  37. What a cute shop and a great accomplishment! It's not easy to keep a business up and running and I hope that they enjoy many more years junkin! You mean you didn't get the hot cocoa sign for your coffee bar? LOL It is cute! Love your angel ivy topiary - so sweet! It was so thoughtful of you to take them the beautiful flowers in the bottle carrier. You always put together the neatest things! Have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs,Leena

  38. Happy Anniversary. Shop looks so cute.

  39. How great and fun! All these vintage things are looking just fabulous. I am working in an event planning firm and this shop could be a fantastic place to buy the stuff for our vintage themed parties.