Feeling a little ignored! Not Getting Your Questions Answered!

Are you feeling a little ignored or maybe feel like after you make a comment on someone's blog they do not respond back to you when you ask a question :(.  Well it could be because you are a no reply comment blogger.

For Example: Your comment email address might look like this:
Kris< noreply-comment@blogger.com>

This is how you fix this problem:
It is easy peasy!
 Go to your edit profile page and click the checkbox that says “show my email address:
To change the email address that the comment replies go to, use the box in that same “Edit Profile” screen that you’re in.
If you don’t have a blog, you can simply go to your profile and see if the “show my email address” box is checked. If it’s not, make sure your correct email address is entered and check it.
That’s it!  See easy peasy and no one broke a sweat!!!!
I will also mention that you might want to double check your settings, because if you synced your Blogger profile to Google+, it may have changed your settings back to no reply status.

Tutorial from :http://morefromyourblog.com/no-reply-blogger-how-to-fix-this/

I hope this helps.  Some of you have asked me questions with your comments left and I have no way to get back to you if you are a no reply comment blogger.  So if you change this it will allow the bloggers you leave comments for to respond to you.

Have a great week end.  Come back Saturday for Spotlight.  You will love getting to know the wonderful blogger I will be featuring this week.

Stay Warm!


  1. kris...I have always been puzzled by this. I am a no reply blogger. But at the bottom of my moderated comment, it clearly gives the authors Blog connection. I just go back to them that way. Then I can also visit their blog! Maybe old fashion....but that has how I have done it. But then again, I am lucky to get a few comments, so if you get a lot more that may not be the way to go.

  2. I'm a no-reply blogger because I'm not given any other choice to "comment". I am on WordPress, so there is no other way for me to comment. Most bloggers have the options of Livejournal? Word-press - this WordPress is for a "hosted site", like blogger, Most on Wordpress are on "self" hosted and can comment only through the option of name/url which most don't allow. Many bloggers came from "blogger" and switched to Wordpress, but kept their blogger status. I started my blog on Wordpress, and only opened a "blogger" name so I could comment on all the blogs I visited. I'm not typepad or AIM either. I don't know what OpenID is. If all blogger opened their comments to name/url then I could comment that way. But until this happens I'm stuck being a non-reply blogger. Sorry!

    1. Cathy,
      No problem your email came through with this comment in my email and did not come up as a no reply comment it had your email. So no problem for you on word press.

  3. Good job, Kris. I have a whole post going up about several of these same issues next week. Drives me nuts. xo Diana

  4. Kris, thanks for clearing this up. I never really looked into how to do this. I usually only get reply backs from bloggers that I am connected through email only and not "google friend connect". I did as you instructed, so now I can hear back from you. Thanks Ms. Kris for today's lesson. :)....Judy

  5. Every now and then google+ reverts people to no-reply for some reason. I just gave up on google+ until they fix that. (And I firmly believe they could if they wanted to.) I have found that my blogger comments sometimes don't show up in some wordpress peoples emails, even though they show up on the blog. Arghh!

  6. Good tutorial, Kris. I think there are a number of bloggers that don't even realize they're "no reply". I didn't for quite awhile, until someone pointed it out to me (It happened with the whole Google+ thing). Anyway, I fixed it just as you outlined here. You have a lot of readers, so hopefully you will spread the word with this post. Thanks! xxx ~ Nancy

  7. I'm pretty sure mine is not set up that way. I remember asking a question on someones blog over a year ago and never got a reply. so, I know how that feels!

  8. Thanks for posting about this, Kris. I know there have been a lot of Google + people who have left me comments lately, but they're "no-reply" so the only thing I can do is reply back to them within my own comment section, but I doubt they come back to look for a reply. The other thing with Google + is that when I try to click on their name (their clickable name that's displayed when they leave a comment) it just takes me to their Google + profile (and not straight to their blog) and I can't ever figure out what their blog is, the name of it, how to email them, etc. I wish Google + would clearly state the name of their blog, but it sometimes just shows where they've recently commented, or which blogs they've visited lately. Weird. And I know you and I have talked recently about how I can't leave a comment on some blogs that are Google + because I'm not on Google + myself. I've known too many bloggers that have had numerous problems with it, so that scared me away from ever signing up for it. I actually have a lot of people who are "no-reply" bloggers that leave me comments and I always try to respond within my own comment section, but I'm always paranoid they're thinking I just don't reply because I have no way to email them a reply, and like I said, I doubt they ever take the time to come back to see if I replied. Oh well. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Guess I am good as I do receive responses!

  10. I addressed this before, too...you feel bad when there is no way to contact people. I've gone through long hunts trying to figure out how to reach them and finally leave a response on my blog to their comment...hoping by chance they subscribed to comments or checked back. Another problem I've been having is sometimes receiving comments on the blog without receiving any email notification. I am having to double-check on Blogger to make sure I am not missing anyone...don't know why that is happening.

  11. Checked! Everything is ok with me. Thanks for the tutorial and great tip.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Thanks Kris, I'm definitely a 'reply comment blogger'! I had to check though!! I love when bloggers share their blogging wisdom. Have a great weekend.

  13. Thank you Kris! This is an important and iteresting suggestion

  14. Found your link through NanaDianas hilarious post today...

    Thanks for showing how to change that, I think I will have to remind a few readers of mine to do that.

    I have a question and am wondering if anyone knows how to make your G+ profile link to your blogger profile. I changed mine a few years ago, but can't remember where I found out how to do it and I would love to include it in a blog post in the future. It's frustrating when bloggers are linked to G+ and I have to spend so much time searching for their URL to visit their blog.


  15. Thanks for this Kris! Diana pointed out to me that I needed to change this and she was right! Thanks for your great advice!

  16. HI Kris,
    I have gone ahead and tried to change my "No reply blogger" status in my blogger account. I did check the box BUT I am using my Google plus profile on my blogger account and wonder if that is messing things up Can you tell me if it works now or am I still a no reply? You can email me at Lisa@LisasCreativeDesigns.com if you cannot reply. I would appreciate it. Thank you!