Happy Sunday Hugs and Thank You's!

Happy Sunday.  New Week and renewed spirit.

I just want to thank all of you for your loving support and prayers as Terry and I transitioned this past week to a new journey before us.

As painful as this past week was while he began the transition and said good bye from a job he loved.  We know that the road ahead is going to be a better journey for us now.

We are so blessed to have the support and love of our family and friends.

I am slowly getting my decor groove on again!!!!!  I have some new decor projects to begin and I am slowly working my way back to blogland.  I have missed all of you and I am excited to finally feel some kind of normal beginning back in our lives.  We still have an uncertain road ahead but I believe with our faith and love and support we will once again find true happiness and Terry will find a place in the fire service where his integrity, commitment and experience will be truly valued.

I cannot thank all of you enough for the many emails I received this past week of support and love.  Thank you to each and every one of you.

I got my hair colored by my daughter to lift my spirits. With wind chills below zero and the high only being 10 degrees I felt my hair needed a little summer!!!!  Cannot take a selfie to save me lol!!!!

During all the crazy sadness of last week I got this lovely gift in the mail from sweet Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces.  Linda knew I am a nurse and she had found these tongue depressor jars on one of her junkin trips.  I said to her how cute would those jars be filled with suckers aka yummy tongue depressors!!!!
So Linda packed up the jar and these oh so cute altered bingo cards and shipped these lovely treasures to me.

Suckers make the cutest tongue depressors!  I am looking for those looped handled flat suckers we use to get at the doctors office when I was a kid.  How cute would those be inside this jar.  Back in the day when they use to give you a sucker or lollipop after seeing the doctor.  If any of you have seen those flat suckers with the white looped handles let me know I am on the hunt!

Another treasure I found a while ago was this old record box at Mark's Room 363 Shop.  Yep remember 33 and 1/2 and 45 records.  Well this box was used to hold them.  Boy I am really dating myself with this post lol!!!!

This box did not have a handle anymore but no worries I had this old door knob and it fit perfectly.  I might shabby it up just a little more on the handle.  Just seems a little blah to me.  Maybe some dark wax.

This record box has lots of fun details and chippy goodness. Look at those sweet claw feet. This started some new change ups in my living room.  More to come soon on some changes in this room.  Stay tuned!

Thank you all again for your support and love.  I know Terry and I will get to a better place soon.

Have a wonderful start to the new week.


  1. Happy sunday!Beautiful your blog!Bye!

  2. Happy sunday!Beautiful your blog!Bye!

  3. Oh I know that the Lord has something really, really wonderful just around the corner. Hang in there.
    I love your hair, such a really cute picture and that record box is fabulous.

  4. I am happy to hear your spirits are up and everything seems to be moving toward the right path. I am sure Terry will find the job he is looking for. How can you have too many firemen? Keeping you both in my thoughts as you go through the uncertainty in the road ahead. You look so cute in your selfie with your new "do". I am not sure but I think Walmart has those suckers at Halloween but I may be thinking of the little suckers on a stick not the loops. I have lots of old records taking up a cabinet in the living room and the only record player I have is an old Fisher Price about 30 years old from when my kids were little. Why I still have that I don't know but every once in a while I pull it out and play a record. Oh the white noise and pops I hear, lol. You guys take care of yourself and try not to stress yourselves out too much. Hugs, Gigi

  5. What a difference a week makes! I love your hair, Kris! Cute, cute tongue depressor container from Linda. And I don't think I've ever seen a record storage box like that - that's pretty neat. My Panoply sister and her husband listen to albums still - he used to sell stereos, and he recently scored a nice turntable to keep a running system. Old school, for sure! I hope Terry's mood is lifted this week too. At least he no longer has that dark cloud of the past suffocating him, clearing the path for the new and better. The brothers he knew and loved will always be family, I'm sure, wherever he lands.
    Bitter cold here too - thankfully just a dusting of snow to go with it. That wind is scary, I tell ya! I just want it all gone, so I know my friends in the northeast and midwest would at least just like to see some ground again. 33 days and counting.....Take care. xo

  6. So glad to hear you more upbeat. Hoping and praying for all the best for you and Terry. P.S. loving the new do!

  7. Here's a link for the Saf-T-Pops! They come in several varieties (including swirled!) and package sizes


  8. Kris, I've been out of the loop. Just scrolled through some of your past posts ... you're a wonderful daughter to help your mom move and get her situated. It's not easy watching our parents age. Hoping your wonderful hubby finds his new way (I'm sure he will - he seems pretty resourceful to me) and finds renewed purpose in life. Your selfie is cute, by the way! I had to laugh at the suckers. Robert and I were at Hobby Lobby yesterday and he asked me to buy him one of their cinnamon suckers in the shape of a cube ... then he complained that it was hard to eat because of its square shape. Anywho ... glad you're getting your decorating groove back on!

  9. Kris, I am glad to read that things are looking up. I feel that with Terry's education and experience he would be a true asset in the fire department (county or state). He could even be a fire educator. I am keeping you both in my prayers. Yes, I remember Saf-T-Pops. I think you are a cute girl. Your daughter did a fine job....next !! LOL...tired of doing my own hair and my gosh it shows. I love the record box. Blessings to you and your family, xoxo,Susie

  10. Good morning Kris! I have been away from the computer for a while, so i am not updated on what happened, but I do know that prayer is the strong thread that keeps us together. YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL with your new hair color! May Terry find exactly where he needs to be. Anita

  11. Hi Kris. Somehow I missed what happened, but I pray that things will be back to normal for you soon.
    Life has a way of knocking us down once in awhile, but I know you two are fighters and will bounce back just fine. Hugs!!

  12. I am so glad that the week is starting out with a happy feel for you. You can put that crap that happened behind you and move forward into a new life now.
    I love the old record box you found. I remember those old albums well. I gave my son about 150 of them a few years ago...some really great old classics.
    I, too, have been looking for those suckers. Here is the link where you can buy them online. It's a shame none of the store carry them anymore. http://www.spanglercandy.com/candy-store/saf-t-pops
    Have a great Sunday, Kris- xo Diana

  13. Google safety suckers. There are many to pick from.

  14. Oh, I remember Saf T Pops suckers! I just saw them on Amazon the other day. Your selfie is gorgeous! What a neat record box you found! Such a sweet surprise gift you received in the mail too. So thoughtful!

  15. I'm so glad your spirits have been raised, Kris, and what better way to lift yours than with a new hairdo! Your selfie is adorable, by the way.

    How thoughtful of Linda to send you the tongue depressor jar and bingo cards! I see somebody sent you a link for Saf-T-Pops and your jar is going to look so cute filled with them. I love your record box, too! I've never seen anything like it before and you've already Junk Chic'd it with your signature vintage doorknob. Cute!

    Have a great day and here's to better days ahead!

  16. You look cute as ever with your new doo's color. You are a beauty for sure. So glad to hear you are back to blogland, prayers will continue for you.

  17. What a great find! I would not have know what it was... I can't believe people stored albums laid flat like that! I'm so glad your week ended well and what a sweet & thoughtful gift.

    Here's to a much happier and brighter week to come!


  18. I'm so glad that you are now moving forward and have an optimistic outlook. I can tell that you're already feeling better about the situation. I love the cute gift you got. Your new hair color looks great too! I hope you will continue to keep us posted with your husbands situation. I bet all of this nightmare will be behind you soon.

  19. Such a cute photo of you, Kris! You are so pretty! I am glad you are feeling hopeful for the future...I know good things will come your way. Thank you for your kind words...so glad you liked the goodies! xoxo

  20. :) Beautiful selfie... Glad to know I am NOT the only selfie challenged on out there.
    I remember the suckers and know what a record box is. Eeeeeeeee!!! Hahahahaha
    Here's to a wonderful new week !
    Hugs, Gee

  21. A "cut and color" is always a pick-me-up and surprises in the mail too! I am happy that you and Terry are looking ahead with optimism and faith. You deserve much happiness. Sending prayers and love! Oh and.... I LOVE that record box!!

  22. I'm so glad you're feeling more upbeat, Kris. You can't leave us all alone in blogland for long! You look beautiful with your new hair color too.
    That's a wonderful old record box you found and adding the doorknob was genius!

  23. Love the new hair color....it looks great!!! How sweet of your friend to send you a little pick me up gift.....love the suckers in the jar!!!! The record box is really great, love the cute little handle you added!!!! I'm glad you are back in the decorating groove and feeling better about the situation :o)

  24. I am a big fan on pixie cut and platinum blonde. You are rocking the cut. I am so excited to see what new projects you have going on. You are such a kind and wonderful human being and blogger. <3

  25. Love your record box - but then, I love about anything you find. So glad you are feeling like blogging and decorating again. We all miss you. Praying the Lord has something great in store for you both!


  26. Oh Kris, your hubby has one sexy lady to look at that will surly speed up his recovery.
    Love that you wear this style and blonde so well.... I have to agree with Victoria's comment you rock this look!
    I bet you have a big fan base that want to go blonde, I sure would if I could wear it as well as you do.

    Your treasures look great, love the box with the cage, I would have had to bring it home with me if I had found these beauties.
    You know I have a thing for cages and have to watch out that I don't clutter to much with the cage thing. So wish this were my find.
    Take care of yourself during this time beautiful, and Terry is in our recovery prayers.

    Blessed you are my dear.


  27. Kris,
    Oh my gosh what a sexy vixen you are, cuteness and sexy rolled into one, pixie cut and light blonde locks! You go girlfriend!!!
    Loving your sweet gift from a friend. tongue depressors all yummy, YAY!!!! Hey Kris I purchased the child safe (white looped lollipops) from Amazon a while back for a little gift for a child. Saf-T-Pops / 130 lollipops found on Amazon.
    Oh out of the creative minds couple, loving the record case, yes I remember them well! Yes to a quick wipe of dark wax.

  28. What a sweet thing for Linda to do. I haven't thought about those suckers in years. Will definitely keep my eyes out for them. Love your record box and the clever way you added the doorknob. Cute selfie!

  29. I was so sick last week that I somehow missed your sad news. I will go back and read it. I'm so sorry. I'm glad your spirits have already started to lift. Please know I will be praying for you both. I know that it is hard to believe right now but there will be good and better days ahead. You two should do some shabby chic building and crafting until Terry gets a new position.
    What a sweet gift from LInda.

  30. Great selfie .... awesome hair color ....
    great blog!!!
    Stay toasty ... diane @ thoughts & shots

  31. I've been dealing with a few trials lately, and, haven't been by in a while. Love that selfie. I'm wishing you and Terry all the best, Kris.xoxo

  32. your hair style and color are beautiful !

  33. I'm sorry, I must have missed something about your husband's job. I hope that things will get better. Hopefully you will look back later and be glad to make changes.
    Your hair looks cute.

  34. Love your selfie - your a very pretty woman and I love the hair color. When one door closes another opens to something much better. Terry should not have a hard time finding a job and they will be so happy to get him. I pray every night that God will see you and Terry through this little bump.
    Glad that you will be blogging again - it's good to keep yourself busy. Love the record box.
    I'm off to plant my tomato plants and a variety of flowers to perk up the patio.
    Have a wonderful blessed week.

  35. I love your hair Kris! And you are adorable! I've been so behind lately, I must have missed what happened to your husband. Anyway, I'm glad things are looking up for you. Especially getting your decor groove back on :-)
    Take care! Hugs,

  36. Kris you look so adorable, love the color and the cut! The record box is awesome as well as the cute 'tongue depressor' cookie jar.
    Keep looking forward, God has a way of working it all out for the better in the end. Praying for you both.

  37. So glad things are looking up for you and Terry! Your spirits sound really great and that's half the battle sometimes. The pic of you is darling!
    Mary Alice

  38. I remember the tongue depressor jars and the cotton balls too. I worked for a doctor for 10 years and he kept all the vintage jars and medical supplies and equipment from the physician who sold the business to him. Love this! I loved my job as medical receptionist, insurance clerk and front desk manager more than any job I have ever had. We are facing different times too. Prayers for you and Promise for your new endeavors.

  39. Love the haircut Kris, so cute!! The box is so you! And, the gifts you received from Linda were so kind and sweet! You can get those suckers from Amazon or Oriental Trading Company, I buy them for the office regularly! So happy you and Terry have got this past week behind you and are looking forward to new and wonderful things!! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  40. I am glad so many people are keeping you and Terry in their prayers.

    I know everything is going to turn out better than ever!

  41. Your hair looks beautiful Kris. But you always look beautiful. :) And that record box is a real score. Love it. Glad you are back in blogland and feeling positive about the future. xxx Julie

  42. I'm very glad that things are looking up for you and your Terry. Your hair and you are very beautiful and your blue eyes are fairy.I'll stay tuned to see your next decors

  43. Good Morning Kris
    I just love your selfie, you are adorable and your hair looks fantastic. I never heard of a record box, I have a record player that I use all the time, but just store my records in a cabinet. I will be on the lookout now for a record box. I just love yours
    I will keep you and Terry in my prayers Kris. I am so sorry you both are having a hard time right now. I am sure the days ahead will be better and brighter!!

  44. I'm glad your spirit is renewed. When my husband came home one day and told me he took a new job and we could live in either Montana or New Mexico, I was stunned. Turned out living in Montana was the adventure of a lifetime, so you never know! Sometimes a great haircut can help a lot and yours is adorable! I remember my sisters record box and I was never allowed to touch it!

  45. what a darling pic, kris! so good to know you are keeping a positive outlook:) i've not heard of a record box before, but, yours is adorable! keeping you in my thoughts and prayers:)

  46. I'm So happy for you Kris. I know it will work out.

    Amy jo

  47. always thinking of you, my Chicago friend. Glad the spirit is up and up now. I have never seen a record box like that. One more thing for my list. :) xo

  48. Kris, did I miss something? I just went back into your archives and for the life of me can't find your post about the recent changes in your life. Is hubby okay? Whatever happened I just wanted to send hugs your way. xo xo Your hair looks fabulous too BTW!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  49. Kris, LOVE your new do-so cute!! Keep up that attitude of faith, girlfriend! We're praying this will all work out for something amazing! :)

  50. Dear Kris, I am so sorry that I was not there to give you a word of encouragement during your time of need. I have been dealing with some kidney problems and have been out of touch. You will be in my prayers for help with your problems. Nothing like a new hair do to lift you up. Have a lovely day! Hugs Jo

  51. You look great Kris...your hair so brings out the beautiful blue in your eyes!...great selfie!....and how so thoughtful for Linda to send you that fabulous tongue depressor jar!...I have a vintage candy store in the area, so next time I am there I will look for those suckers!....and love the door knob that you added to the box!...There you go again with another magnificent idea!...Welcome back...we missed you!

  52. I'm so sorry Kris I missed about Terry. I'm happy you're back blogging. You're a special lady to me and I feel bad. I've been distracted. We are waiting for biopsy results for my baby Peanut.

    Your find is very coo and I love your color.

    You and Terry are a strong couple with tons of love for each. You will get through anything together


  53. Hi Kris, How beautiful you are and I love your hair color. I too have missed something as I have gone back through your posts and can't find recent events for change. Whatever the case, I pray all will be well for you and your dear Terry. You are the dearest and God bless you and yours always. Love your thoughtful gifts.
    Prayers for you.

  54. Gorgeous do! Love your blog and love the box! Old 45's and 33's....know them well. Hope all continues to go well with your transition. My hubby had a job change 3 years ago after 25 years at another. We were pretty much in shock at first but, now think it was the best decision ever. Prayers for you and yours,
    Jamy/Junque Chic

  55. Your hair looks just fabulous Kris! I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I know that with your great attitude that the two of you can tackle any challenge that lies ahead. I'm so glad things are looking up. Keep the faith!

  56. Love the selfie Kris and wishing you and Terry the best! I know things just have a way of working out. The gift is perfect and I remember those suckers with the loop handle. Love, the record box!

  57. I WANT your hair !
    And that's a great selfie Kris - I can only take them in a mirror ( and you can see the camera LOL )
    And I'm so happy to see you posting - things will get better - everything's cyclical - you're on to a new phase now and I have a feeling it's going to be a much better one
    What sweet thoughtful gifts - and that record holder? It's fabulous !!!
    Love ya girlfriend !

  58. Why am I growing mine out??? You look mahvelous, dahling!
    Keep on truckin', girlfriend...you and Terry are on the road to a new adventure!

  59. Oh Kris! I am so sorry to hear that Terry has lost his job! How in the world did I miss your original post about that? Oh goodness, I know all that goes through your mind. I'll send you email soon! Love to you both! Leena

  60. Wait a minute! I totally missed this thing with Terry's job. Well, you both are in my prayers, dear Kris. Hugs to both of you. God will provide! ~ Nancy

  61. P.S. Your hair looks fabulous, dahling!