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Poppy from Poppy View

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Happy Saturday Everyone.  I am loving this opportunity to invite you to meet and get to know Poppy.  This blogger lives in Crete, Greece one of the prettiest  country's on the planet.  Her views from her home are right out of a picture.  Poppy is so lucky to live and be surrounded by such beauty.  Please take a little time to read and get to know Poppy from Poppy View.

Our butter yellow home sits across a vineyard,
 now sprouting shiny, new grape leaves.

Hello everyone, my name is Poppy, and I am the author of two blogs. Welcome to my home, high in the hilly, Cretan countryside. I am thrilled to be visiting with you today, and would like to thank our sweet and talented hostess, Kris, for inviting me!

From our rooftop terrace: vineyards, olive groves, and mountain ranges.

For the past three years, I have been writing about my life in our charming, Mediterranean village, over at my first blog, Poppy View, where my adventures around the picturesque mountains and meadows, excursions to beautiful, pastoral places, 

and days spent at the seaside, inspire me to share my thoughts and feelings with my wonderful readers, some of whom have become treasured friends, even though we've never actually met in person.

While my husband built our home, I designed and decorated it to reflect my love of both French country and English cottage flair - the perfect duo, since I was born and raised in Canada, a land that has been greatly influenced by these two nations, both culturally and historically, and one I miss terribly, every day, as three years ago, my daughter moved to my hometown of Toronto, to find work, where my parents, siblings, and their families all live. 

(click to listen)

Although I have a degree in English Literature, and having mainly taught ESL to Greek students, here on the island, I have also had the pleasure of singing professionally, while on an amateur level, I've acted in and directed community theatre productions. 


I spend my free time photographing the glorious landscape around me, cooking, gardening, baking, and blogging. I've always been interested in painting, and just bought myself some watercolours and brushes, hoping to capture our pretty countryside on canvas, too.

My second blog, Poppyprosodies is one I created just over a year ago, which I've completely devoted to my poems. It's a place where I can develop my writing skills, and interact with others who share the same passion for poetic expression. Creating, whether it be a craft, music, art, or writing, in my opinion, is essential for everyday joie de vivre!

Well, I've enjoyed 'spilling the beans' on what goes on 'behind the scenes' of my two blogs, so that you may have a better idea about the woman behind them. Thanks again, Kris, and everyone, for reading! In closing, I leave you with one of my poems, which presents some thoughts and feelings on the aging.

Have a lovely weekend!

  Raindrop Roses
Roses on my table,
floating in a puddle of dew,
petals layered next to savouries,
and a bittersweet, Greek brew.

  Posing on my dresser,
 claiming centre stage,
  they're luscious leading ladies
among gentlemen jars of sage.
They sparkle in the sunlight,
eclipsed only by a gingham shade,
 basking smugly in the fleeting limelight,
until their striking beauty fades.

Too much sun for a starlet,
can the process of aging start,
 wilting her vibrant spirit,
and breaking her tender heart.
Left with traces of her brilliance,
(when youth beamed on her face,
 allowing her to upstage those
 tattered, and time embraced),
 she, now uprooted, muted and diluted,
was replaced by fresh cut hopefuls
in a curvy, half-full vase.

Thank you Poppy for doing Spotlight.  It was so much fun to get to know you better.  Love your talented poetry and your beautiful home country.  Take a few minutes to hop over to Poppy's blog and introduce yourself.
Have a wonderful rest of the week end.


  1. What a wonderful post this is and a blogger I have never met before. Thanks Kris and I will head over to get to know Poppy better. Happy Memorial Day weekend. xo Diana

  2. Oh, I love Poppy......she has the most beautiful and charming home........mostly in reds!!!

  3. I make sure to read each introduction of another blogger that you post. I am going over to get to know Poppy. Thanks for the introduction!

  4. Kris, thank you for spotlighting Poppy. She is so talented and lovely. Her home does indeed look like a postcard. Have a wonderful holiday weekend dear. Take some time for you. Hugs, Jo

  5. Hi Kris
    I just love (Life behind the Blogger) posts. Its so much fun getting to know someone knew. Poppy was fun to read about. Love where she lives! have a great weekend Kris

  6. While I've followed Poppy's blog a while, I did not know the span of her creative abilities. Poppy, the voice is soothing, the words on the page provoking, showing what depth and substance you bring (not to mention the beauty of your Crete countryside) to all who are lucky enough to follow your blog. Thank you!

  7. Ohh.. i love Greece and i visited Crete many years ago...just gorgeous! This red house is so beautiful.

  8. Thank you Kris for the feature on Poppy. I sure loved her photos. The poem was nice also. Hope your weekend is a beautiful one. xoxo,Susie

  9. Thanks for the introduction to Poppy-I have read her blog a little but am going to go check in again! Love all her red!

  10. Hello Poppy! Kris, thank you for featuring my lovely friend. We bonded quickly as we share a love of red and floral couches!

  11. Oh Kris what a delightful spotlight. Poppy (I love her name) is a fellow poet ... I enjoyed her poem. I have become a blog follower and will enjoy learning more about her.

  12. Now your a poet, singer and theatre director too! Your poem was ever so lovely! What a creative girl she is! Also what a photographer she is too! But I can't imagine it's too hard with all that great view!

  13. A wonderful spotlight with Poppy... Such a cute name.

    Love her vibrant life.

    Will go visit

  14. Hi Kris, what a great spotlight. Poppy is very talented. I have not met her so going over to say hello.
    Have a Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

  15. Hello Everyone,

    Just want to say thanks so much for popping by and saying 'hello'! It's been lovely reading your sweet comments, and I will be visiting you all in the next few days. A very special thank you to our sweet and gracious hostess, Kris, for her warm hospitality! I had a wonderful time!

    Wishing you all a happy weekend!


  16. Love all your beautiful colors! I want to see your kitchen! Great post

  17. Poppy's poem is so beautiful and bittersweet===Poppy, I'm off to your other blog! Kris, thank you for featuring this lovely lady. She lives in a paradise and shares it with us like it's an everyday backyard---so humble.

    Love to you, Poppy!

    Jane x

  18. I love Poppy's blog, her photography and her poetry!

  19. A poignant poem, dear Poppy, one of many of yours that linger in my mind. The lines that were born from your many walks around the countryside as you contemplated life and nature around you, a camera in your hand and eyes that saw beauty--and stories--that no one else did.

    You express your artistic creativity in so many ways, and now you'll be experimenting in watercolors? I can't wait to see that!

    Lovely spotlight on a lovely lady. Thank you Kris for hosting the charming Poppy!


  20. I've been following Poppy for quite some time, it's always a joy to take tours of Crete with her (a place I've visited and loved) and read her carefully chosen words.

  21. I have been following Poppy ever since I started blogging. I have so enjoyed her posts/ Great choice. I;'m off to leave a comment for her.
    Thanks again, Kris.

  22. Poppy is a dear blog friend, but I have never had the pleasure of stopping by your lovely blog Kris, so I'm happy to take a look around and get to know you better.

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  24. Great spotlight for a very sweet blogger. :)

  25. So excited to see Poppy featured here Kris. I love following her adventures in the beautiful Greek countryside. I didn't know about her other blog of poetry so this I'm definitely going to visit. I also didn't know she had such a beautiful voice - wow!

  26. How exciting to see my special friend Poppy highlighted today! She is such a uniquely inspiring photographer, writer, and decorator. A woman of many, many talents, and such a beautiful heart and spirit she has - it truly made my day to see her highlighted Kris! Much love to you Poppy... I've been missing you while you are vacationing in Canada, and can't wait for you to update us on your trip there. Love and hugs to you Kris too... Have a wonderful day!

  27. I have so enjoyed reading Poppy's blog for awhile now. Her photos, content, poems and wit are always inspiring and fun to be a part of . I love the pictures of her beautiful home (especially her kitchen!) and her kitty. How nice for her to be featured here. A very fitting blog and sweet person to spotlight!

  28. I love Poppy...I love her color palette ... I love her beautiful photographs ... I love her prose and poetry ... now I need to go tell Poppy how much I enjoyed this.

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  30. So lovely to meet Poppy, she seems like a very talented lady. It's so nice to meet a blogger from Crete. I have been to Crete and it's such a beautiful island. Here home and it's surroundings look just idyllic! Thanks for introducing us!