Something New and Something to Say Thank You and Something Found

Happy Sunday.  Hope you are having a wonderful week end.

I wanted to share a few things that happened around here this week end.

First we have a new family member.  Yep we drove 3.5 hours to pick up little Snickers that my youngest daughter Kim is adopting.  Snickers is finally part of our family.
Kim and Snickers

My Car ride to my new home.  We discovered that Snickers has one blue eye and one hazel/green eye.  Love this unique quality.

My daughter Jen's new home was on our way so we stopped to introduce Snickers to my granddaughter Abby.  Abby loved Snickers.

Then we got to my home.  Libby was checking out the new family member.

Snickers loved checking out all the flowers.

You can see in this picture with her on the grass by the bricks how tiny she is.  She is just a little peanut.

My blogging friend Cindy from Cloches and Lavender blog has two doxie's Peanut and Reeses.  Peanut and Reeses sent Snickers a sweet new puppy gift.

Lots of yummy treats and a cute piggie toy and a couple of puppy chews.  Thank you Cindy and Peanut and Reeses .  Snickers already loves the pink pig.  Thank you for sending this little welcome gift.

Snickers is a keeper.

Grandpa agrees.

Ok now the Something Found.  While I was clearing out the shed this past week for Janet from Lucky Junk to come over to see what she would like for the shop,  I came across some cute signs I forgot I had.  So I added them to the deck flower decor.

This cute little blue and cream striped Cottage sign was added to the flowers in the bike basket.

I found this Cottage Rooms For Rent sign and thought it would look good added in with the flowers on the deck.

This Main Cottage painted sign was added to one of the deck boxes.

Found this old chippy weathered roses sign and put it in the ground in front of my Knock Out Roses.

So it was fun to find some old treasures I forgot I had and then add them to the garden flowers.

Hope you have a wonderful week.  Terry and I are headed out to Chapel Hill North Carolina tomorrow for a few days.  Terry is in the final process for a Fire Chief job there.  They are paying all our expenses to come out.  It is a beautiful part of the country.

As most of you know I do not want to move away from my family and friends but I am going with an open mind and heart.  If this is where Terry finds employment then the journey will begin for us.  Still hoping one of the positions here will come through for him and we will not have to move away.

Most importantly we are just praying something good in the way of employment will come for Terry and I soon.

Another plus to this trip is I will get to meet up with Shirley from Housepitality Designs.  Shirley lives in Chapel Hill and is going to give me a tour while Terry is in the assessment center.  So I am excited to meet Shirley and  have the day together.

I will take some time off while we are traveling.  Hope to be back on the blog soon.

Have a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Snickers is precious. I will keep you both in prayer about the right job. How fun to get to meet Shirley. She is a doll.

  2. Kris, I am going to wish you and Terry a safe trip ..... I hope it all works for the best for all of you. Terry is too good and qualified to not have an important job with the fire department. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. the puppy is so cute. Bet the granddaughter wanted to keep it. :)

  3. Good luck with the job interview :) The pup is adorable!

  4. Snickers is adorable!

    Best wishes with the job hunt. It's hard but something wonderful will come.

    Stacey :)

    1. Thanks Stacey so much. I know there is a plan and it will happen hopefully soon.

  5. OMG Snicker's is soooooo cute!!!! Have a safe trip....I know you will have so much fun with Shirley as a tour guide :o) Good luck!!!!

  6. Safe travels, Kris! I agree with you...there is a plan to all of this and things will work out for you! xoxo

  7. That is so fun that Shirley will be there to show you around. If you do end up moving, I know that you will have an instant group of friends through blogging.

    Have a fun trip.

  8. Snickers is so cute. I know he will be greatly loved and adored. Love all of your found treasures - but don't be renting out my room - you hear?

    Praying for a wonderful trip and wisdom to know what to do. Enjoy the beautiful country and being with your blogging buddy.

    Travel safe.


  9. Snickers is adorable!!! I love all of the great signs...just gorgeous!! I hope things work out with the position for your husband. My hubby is a fire investigator and works with the fire department often. Our meeting in Chicago the week before last was the IAAI, which usually has quite a bit of fire fighters attending. Has your hubby ever attended that meeting? Have a wonderful trip and please be safe in your travels!!

  10. Best wishes to you on the travel. And for the position.
    xx oo
    Snickers is so sweet. I love how everyone LOVES him. :-)

  11. Snickers is soooooo cute! That was so nice of Cindy to send those goodies to y'all. Your garden signs are all so cute too. You sound like me having things stashed around your house that you don't always remember you have! LOL! I hope you have a nice trip to Chapel Hill. I don't recall having visited there but I have been to NC many times. I'm sure you and Shirley will have a great time together! Shirley is a great hostess.

  12. Kris,
    Happy Sunday will be back in an email today ... Aww Snickers has neterochromia, how cute! My cousin Debbie had a border Collie, one blue one brown eye. I find it a very unique characteristic, like Jane Seymour the beautiful Brit her right eye is brown the left eye is green.
    Snickers filled me with a major dose of cuteness. The puppy will be so surrounded with love.
    Have a safe journey to NC I love the state. Best wishes to Terry and you, enjoy your tour with Shirley. OK back in an email shortly...

  13. Hi Kris, wow little Snickers is so cute and adorable! Good luck with the job situation for your husband and pray everything works out. I love the painted planters and your flowers. Have a nice week.
    Julie xo

  14. What a cutie pie! I love dogs so much. Have fun and be safe on your trip. I hope for only great things for you both.

  15. Oh Kris, I am not sure I have ever seen this type of coat coloring on a doutsen (doxie) before, and the eye colors is great.... Our friends named theirs ( Slinky )
    Snickers is another great name looks like a snickers candy bar with all the nutty colors in it.

    So cute when their babies, our Pia italian greyhound was so tiny when we got her and now we want her tiny all over again.

    Wonderful addition to the family.


  16. Love your new addition to your family and all the found treasures posed around your garden. With your positive attitude I just know you'll be able to adjust to whatever life has planned for you and Terry. You will love the Chapel Hill area. My husband was stationed in Camp Lejuene and Cherry point while a Marine numerous years ago, both which are more on the coast, however we had friends in Raleigh NC so visited Chapel Hill often. Beautiful country, the only draw back is the humidity, but you're already used to that in the Chicago area. Safe travels and blessing sent your way!

  17. Aww, what a special edition to the family! I will be praying for you concerning the possible job offer, and all that involves!

  18. Oh, how sweet is Snickers!!! What a cutie pie! Love your rediscovered signs too. Wishing Terry luck with the job process. Enjoy your time in Chapel Hill!

  19. Snickers is so so cute! Glad he has such a wonderful new family.
    I'll be thinking of you and Terry this week, and trust that it doesn't disappoint. I know you'll have a great time with Shirley!
    Mary Alice

  20. What a sweet little dog Snickers is. I wish you well with Terry's job hunt. I'm sure things will work out for you.

  21. Snickers is a keeper for sure! Best wishes, I hope Terry lands a job and hoping you can stay close to family. I am the total opposite, I can't wait to move LOL! Three more years and I am outta here!

  22. Oh Kris, Snickers is so adorable. She is going to steal everyone heart. I have never seen one that color, she is beautiful. Love the signs you found and they looks so grand in your flower boxes.
    I pray that Terry will get the job that he wants. If you do have to move to NC the weather won't be as bad as Chicago, but I know that you want to stay close your daughters and granddaughter. I know that everything will work out for you to.
    Enjoy the trip and have a wonderful time with Shirley - she is special.

  23. I adore Snickers! She is a beautiful dachshund! I've had many of this wonderful breed and now belong to two 10 year old long haired black dachshund brothers who we adopted a year and a half ago. They had sadly been in rescue for 6 months after their owner fell ill and ha to surrender them. They are such a joy to me and I wish I'd known them in their puppy years.

    Best of luck in Chapel Hill, I've heard it is a wonderful town to live in.

  24. I hope you enjoyed your weekend Kris! I can't wait to hear what you thought. Your granddoggy is adorable!

  25. I Love Snickers! How darling and unique eyes! How did the "sale" go??? I sure would have loved to come and buy a few treasures from you.
    How nice that you can visit with a blogger while your hubby is having his interview.

  26. Your little Snickers is the same colour as a Snickers bar! Too cute. I'm sure he will bring you lots of joy. Wishing Terry lots of luck with his job hunting. xx Julie

  27. Congratulations on bringing Snickers home! What a sweetie. A word though: Please read about Blue Buffalo before feeding it:

  28. Hi Kris
    Snickers is just adorable!!! I love all your signs and where you placed them in your yard. Good luck in North Carolina and have fun while you are there!!!


  29. Snickers is the cutest...and love the name...there are two "snickers" that live next door to us....we love them..Your flowers are gorgeous!...
    Looking forward to giving you the grand tour! Save travels.

  30. Kris Snickers is PERFECT!! She's so tiny and seeing the images of her poking around in the flowers made my heart sing. She's so tiny the flowers engulfed her.

    I'm happy about Terry finding potential jobs.
    Great sign and if I could I'd be smothering that love bug with a million kisses.


  31. Snickers is adorable! I don't live too far from Chapel Hill; beautiful area, you will love it!!!

  32. Snickers is adorable! Congratulations on your new sweet family member. Best wishes that your husband finds the perfect job. I know you don't want to move but it might be a great new adventure.

  33. Congratulations on the new addition!!! Snickers is adorable!!! Have a safe and fun trip!!!

  34. Hi Kris, Oh how sweet tiny Snickers is and so cute. Love the pics of your dear family holding the little sweetheart. Best of luck on your trip to NC. I understand moving away from family and friends too well having to leave mine behind many years ago in Michigan and the many more moves after that. You are going to have a blast meeting Shirley in person and seeing her beautiful home too. What a treat for you. Hope you take some pics.
    Prayers for your hubby and God Bless whatever your new direction will be.
    Hugs, CM

  35. Snickers is just adorable!!! I recently lost my 11 year old dachshund,Oscar, to kidney failure... The house is just to lonely without a dachshund in it so I am picking up a little chocolate and tan male on the 22nd of this month... I'm thinking of naming him Tucker... They are so special and bring so much joy... Enjoy your baby!!!

  36. Keeping my finger's crossed for the both of journey. Congrats on your cute little addition to the family.

  37. Dear Kris, I wish nothing but the best for you and Terry and I know that he will get the job that is right for both of you. Enjoy your trip and be safe. Love your puppy and cottage signs. Hugs, Jo

  38. So love your signs girl! Lovely, now if you ever tire of them please think of me LOL My fingers are crossed for both on you on your new journey no matter what job is decided upon. Chapel Hill is a beautiful area, but leaving IL would be hard. Enjoy meeting Shirley! Have a great time....

  39. Snickers is so cute and so small! I'm sure everybody in the family loves the new member already!

  40. Snickers is adorable! Congrats on the newest member of the family!

  41. Hi Kris,
    I hope that your husband finds a job so you won't have to move. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love that little Snickers. He does look like a Snickers Bar!
    Love those cute wooden signs too.

    Enjoy your time off.


  42. Snickers is so cute and adorable! You have a beautiful family.

  43. What a precious little pupster; I'm sure he's happy to have a new family to love. Have a wonderful time on your trip to Chapel Hill.

  44. I once had a cat named Snickers! She is adorable and I can tell will be loved and spoiled.

  45. I am in love with Snickers, she is absolutely adorable! Can't believe how tiny she is but, I agree, she's a real keeper! Praying for you and Terry as you travel and seek direction for his continuing career! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  46. Kris, Snickers is too cute and I can see that her and Libby are going to be good friends! What a sweet gift from Cindy. She is a sweetheart!! Always fun to find forgotten treasures. I have a few of those tucked away in a cubby. We stuffed things in there when we finished our basement and I know there are a few things I would like to pull out. We shall see! Hope everything works out with hubby and a job. And have so much fun with Shirley!

  47. I am so glad you are getting to mett Shirley, she is the SWEETEST person!! I know you 2 will have a great day together, she sure knows all the best places to go. I also am glad to have "met" you through Shirley, she told me you would be together today so I had to come over and say hi. Snickers is ADORABLE!!!! I hope the employment thing works out for you and your hubby, and you land where you want to be!!! Have a FUN day!!!!! XO, Pinky

  48. Oh my, Snickers is just the cutest puppy ever! Kris, I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and your husband, know it's such a tough time being in limbo. What fun to meet with Shirley, have a ball!
    Take care.

  49. Well if Snickers is not the cutest little thing - OMG - he's too precious !!!
    How sweet of Cindy to send him a package !
    Kris - I wouldn't have recognized Terry if you didn't say it was him - holy cow - he's lost so much weight !!!
    Waiting to hear how this next trip goes - fingers crossed for the both of you and what I know you really want ♥

  50. Snickers is a perfect name for that cutie!
    I'll be praying that the Lord opens up which job he knows is best for you.
    Chapel Hill sure is a beautiful area, Kris. Enjoy meeting your blogger friend!

  51. Kris, I forgot to say how adorable your little g'daughter is too!

  52. Love all the cuteness of Snickers and Libby! Best wishes to your hubby and that things work out for you. How fun to meet Shirley - love her blog, but more importantly, she seems like a terrific lady! Jane

  53. Little Snickers is just adorable, Kris! I am so happy for your daughter, it looks like they will both have a very happy life together. She is so darn cute, I love her eyes. And the pics of her among the flowers is darling. So funny you and hubby are maybe moving to NC. We just returned from there today, we might move down too (not near Chapel Hill). I don't want to leave MI or my family, so I can totally relate to what you are feeling. It was so darn hot and muggy when we were there, I don't know if I could tolerate it!! Best wishes for both you Terry!!

  54. Snickers is just too cute. Love the spots and the different colored eyes.

  55. Oh...Snickers is just precious! Oh...makes me want another! My little Harvey has a blue eye and a brown eye. There is nothing better than a dachshund puppy!

  56. What sweet dogs. it's so nice to additions to the family! Your daughter looks very happy! I hope that your trip went well and that you had a fun meeting with your friend.. With your open heart, I'm sure that things will all work out. Best wishes for you and your husband and your future.


  57. Snickers is so cute! I tried to leave a comment when we were out of data, but couldn't. We have it back today! WOO HOO! Haha!! Don't you just love finding things that you forgot you had and utilizing them again? I do!!
    Prayers for you and Terry!!

  58. Snickers is so stinkin cute! I love her coloring - she looks like a Snickers! What beautiful eyes too and look how sweet she is when held by everybody! Libby seems to like her too! I know that she and Kim will have many, many happy years together! Hope your trip to NC has gone well. Did I tell you I checked MapQuest and discovered that you were about 5.5 hours away from here, when usually, you're like 10 hours? I was just curious to see where Chapel Hill was. As nice as it would be to be closer, I'd rather y'all get to stay where you are! Keep me posted! Hugs, Leena

  59. Hi Kris, Snickers is absolutely adorable. What a wonderful addition to your family! Congrats to your daughter too. I hope things went well in NC. I am trying to catch up in blogland. Things have been hectic with my kids and I haven't had much computer time at all. Take care, Courtney

  60. Snickers is such a cutie! Your flowers are as gorgeous as ever.

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