Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

Nancy from Nancy's Notes

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Happy Saturday and welcome to another Spotlight.  This wonderful holiday week end I would love to introduce you to Nancy from Nancy's Notes Blog.  I just recently found Nancy's blog and love her wonderful posts.  So please take a few minutes to read and get to know Nancy.  Then hop over and say Hi to her and check out the wonderful blog she writes.  You will not be disappointed.

What a huge and a sweet surprise to open up an email from Kris asking if I would be interested in her Saturday Spotlight Feature. Oh my goodness, I was immediately flattered and yes, of course I would be so honored to be featured. 

In my self imposed hysteria, I realized I would have to write about myself!

Well, as I sat, pondered, fretted and yes, for days about what I would write, surely a list would work. So I started a list. A truly daunting task until I was entranced the with all the things I love! Not very many dislikes. List grew by the second, You'll be happy to know that I even left some off. 

Speed Read below. 

Wife, Mom to three and Nana to six.
An only daughter. Three awesome brothers.
Twirler in HS.
Played saxophone. 
Was in 4-H. 
Sang Alto in sextet in HS choir. 
Love singing. 
Avid Texas Aggie fan. 
Sold Real Estate. 
Past member of various organizations and have held many offices. 
My favorite color is - as of late, pink a close second.
Tap-ballet dancer as youngster. I can still tap. I do remember the five ballet positions. 
Love Music. One might find me dancing, when no one is looking.
Love the ranch.
Love to sports, live and on TV. 
Love football, basketball, golf.  Known to be a loud spectator.  
Love traveling. Road trips now. Excellent back seat driver. 
Love gardening. Not one green thumb.
Love entertaining. 
Love playing games. We are a competitive family.
Loved golfing.
Love sunsets.
Love the beach.
Love The Sound of Music.
Love Disneyworld.
Love photography.
Love Mackenzie Childs.
Love shopping for antique - vintage treasures.
Love shoes and purses.
Love time in book stores. 
Love lakes, the ocean, any beach, all waterfalls, creeks and streams.
Like to cook.
Like to knit. Limited to scarves - small blankets. 
Like Pilates.
Like walking. 
Like swimming.
Like sewing. 
Dislike putting away laundry. 
Dislike emptying the dishwasher.
Dislike driving in rain.

Oh my, didn't realize that the list would be so long! I came to my senses and realized a list is not what Kris was talking about. So, I'll leave the list for a quick read. Please stay for a bit or run along! 

I have always loved writing, it's therapeutic. I was frankly looking for an emotional and creative outlet when I started blogging in 2009. First things first. I needed to find out what a blog was really all about. I went out and bought the book, Blogging for Idiots. It helped. It was by trial and error that I created my blog space and header.  I enjoyed the creative part, who knew you could pay someone to do it!  Live and learn. Anyhow, my initial intent was to start the blog, a journal, if you will, for my three grown kids, six adorable grandchildren. I would write a note here and there! Who knew blogging would be so addicting!

Back to why I really began to blog.Long story short. I was encouraged to start blogging when my husband at 57 had two strokes and I became his caretaker in 2006. In a heartbeat life changed for two people that loved life and lived it to it's fullest.  We were avid golfers. Our life was grand. After our youngest was off to college, I traveled with him on business trips and pleasure trips. Like dating! We had always had kids since the day we married! What a gem! Not having any children of his own, then he married us and we became a family of 5! 

Oh, I can get carried away. 

Well, after his stoke, I was a mess, heavens, I was a caretaker. He survived only by the grace of God. If there was a career that I never could have been good at, was anything in the medical field! I was throwing up right along with the kids! 

Here's our precious family. He inherited two teens and a 7 year old! 
30 years ago. August 3, 1985

So BLOGGING became my therapy! Humor is good, isn't it? So to fill the huge void in my life, I began to write about the joys in my life. Then I started linking up to parties! Oh my goodness, never fathomed that there would be parties! Anyhow, I took my trusty camera and yes, I even set up props for my blog and have a photo shoot. I was in heaven! I've taken enough photographs of our kids, grandchildren and treasures that I could wallpaper our entire home! Oh, not to mention the photographs of every flower and tree I've ever seen! 

Sweet Mr. Notes is doing well. God love this man! He is home 24/7 and has been since 2006! Oh and I haven't killed him yet! Okay, I should say, or vice- versa! Remember I could have never made it as a real nurse. Ask him, oh maybe not! 

We will be married 30 years this August! 

Here we are! 

Here's our family, kids and grandchildren at the ranch~ 
Our family heads out to the ranch for fun many times a year. 
Their are 28 of us, including our Mom and my three brothers and families.   

Our grandchildren at the ranch~

This photograph taken soon after we moved into our new home.  

We moved this past October to live near our three grown children and grandchildren. There are basketball, lacrosse and soccer games, dance recitals, name it to attend! We have a fun filled life. we are blessed. 

Nancy's Notes is full of love about my immediate life, of memories of the past and dreams of the future. You never know what my "Note" will be about, but it'll be a happy note!

Again, thank you Kris, my heart was warmed by your sweet invitation. I look forward to meeting new friends in this enchanting place we call Blog Land!

Thank you Nancy for sharing about yourself and your beautiful family.
Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.


  1. Oh Kris and Nancy, this was a great read this early morning on the fourth. Nancy, your life is rich. Having all of your family to help and support has to be the grandest gift. And your dear husband, GOD BLESS HIM! I don't know what to say other than you both beam light and that is really the only way any of us can get through this life in good times and in challenging times. Kris, good morning and happy fourth my dear! Anita

  2. What a great read, Nancy. I'll be over soon to visit, after the holiday company is gone and the dishes put away. Kris, thank you for the intro! Happy 4th to you both. God Bless America!

  3. I love making new friends on Saturday mornings, Kris, thanks! I love the list. My sister was a twirler in high school, but no ever seems to know what I mean! How fun to hear that someone does!

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  5. Kris, It's me again! Oh my, do you all know what it feels like to hit send and you weren't ready??

    Kris, I'm so honored to be a part of the Saturday Spotlight! Thank you for thinking of me, so very sweet and kind of you. I'm just so tickled, I look forward to meeting new and seeing old friends!
    Happy 4th to all~

  6. Thanks Kris for introducing us to Nancy. Happy 4th of July to you both from Canada!

  7. Happy 4th celebrations. I took Evelyn Wood speed reading classes a zillion years ago. I know it's funny - me a poet and all. Anyway Nancy I really enjoyed your speed version of yourself and I plan to follow your blog and I know I'll enjoy it,

  8. Thanks Kris for Showcasing Nancy. I love her post and follow her. She is great. Will pop over and tell her how great she is.
    Happy 4th.

  9. I always enjoy my visits to Nancy's blog! Interesting to learn so much more about my fellow Texan. :)

  10. Nancy really is an amazing woman! I did not know this about her dear husband. So glad that he is doing well. What a lovely family and I did enjoy her list. I found that I love many of the same things she does. Oh, but not gold. Tried that and didn't love it! lol! Thanks for featuring her. I visit her now and then. Will have to visit more often.

  11. Kris it was so fun to get to meet another new blogger. Nancy sounds like an amazing lady. I'll slip right over to her blog. Jo

  12. I just "met" Nancy not too long ago, so it was fun learning more about her. Thank you for featuring her :)


  13. Nice to meet you Nancy and what a beautiful family you have...and congrats on your 30th Anniversary!!!