Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind The Blogger

Kim from Camp and Cottage Living

Hello Blogging Friends!
I am Kim and my blog is Camp and Cottage Living.

This week Kris has invited me to be her Saturday Spotlight guest.
Thank you, Kris!
I'm inspired here at Junk Chic Cottage and appreciate your invitation to be featured this week.

I first began blogging four years ago and I recall what a scary venture it was to me then. Now I can't imagine life without it. I have been blessed by the friendships and the comradeship that I have with many of my blogging buddies. You are like jewels to me ladies!

If I were to pick a theme for my blog, I would have to say it is all about Home and Travels.
I love everything about home. I am a self-confessed decorating addict; who enjoys sewing, re-purposing, and perpetually re-making my home. I think this comes from having moved so much! Whenever there was a new home, there was always the necessity to redecorate to make it our home.
Having been raised in the farmlands of the Mid-West, I grew up in a family that had huge gardens. My Mother canned everything. I was the youngest of seven children. I must have been a bit spoiled, because when I married I didn't know the first thing about housekeeping. I'm glad to say that I did catch on real fast though!
Tim, my high school sweetheart, and I have been married for over forty one years. We are blessed with three sons, one daughter, and now nine grandchildren.
Tim and I were married in Missouri, but moved and raised our children in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Then when our youngest son graduated we bought a business in my husbands homeland (Canada).

After the business was sold we bought a log home on Lake Superior and split our time between living there and working seasonally in The Yukon Territories.
 It is an amazing and beautiful place to experience.
We have since moved to a house that is located north of Lake Superior, where we are often entertained with black bear passing through our yard and moose sitings.

I do thank the Lord for the blessings He's given me and the grace that He bestows to me, one of His slow learners!
I don't think Kris wanted me to write a book about myself, so I'll stop here!
If you would like, pop over to Camp and Cottage Living to visit. I love meeting new (to me) bloggers! My latest venture there is an Etsy shop that I am filling with French and Country style tea towels that I've created.
Thanks again, Kris,  for the invite.
Blessings to all-Kim

Happy Saturday Everyone.  Thank you Kim for sharing yourself with all of us in Spotlight this week.
Please take time to head over to Kim's blog Camp and Cottage Living and introduce yourself and also visit her new Etsy Shop.
Have a great Week End.


  1. wonderful to read more about Kim's life.. Nice to come on over here to met Kris..

  2. Kim sounds so interesting and I am going to pop over there and meet her. Thanks Kris for introducing us to so many wonderful boggers.
    Gave a great weekend.

  3. How nice to be able to get to know another blogger personally each week. I visited Kim's Etsy shop where there are wonderfully embroidered towels. Going off to visit her blog now!

  4. Good morning dearest Kris! I will go to visit your featured friend here. It's so lovely to find how every one of us got started on blogging and what makes us happy. To share one's passion is truly a gift of living life to the fullest. Back later! Anita

  5. Kris, I have know Kimberly for a couple of years. I have always liked visiting her blog. She and her husband live an interesting life. I saw the beautiful towels she is making now. Thank you for featuring Camp and Cottage Living . Blessings for a great Saturday. xoxo,Susie

  6. Hi Kris I'm enjoying catching up on missed posts from my blogging break. I adore your Saturday spotlights and when I was in it I remember the excitement of the day. I hope Kim will have fun today and meet some new bloggers herself. I'm looking forward to exploring her home and travels on her blog.

  7. Hi Kris, I love Kim and her blog and her new blog design! This is such an awesome way to meet new blog friends! Thanks for these featured bloggers each week! Enjoy the weekend ladies.
    Julie xo

  8. I am off to say hello to Kim, it was wonderful to meet her here. I am in love with that little sheep under that cloche. On my, he's so sweet! Happy Saturday!!

  9. Thank you for inviting me today, Kris!
    I look forward to making some new blogging friends today.

  10. So nice to learn more about Kim...I always enjoy my visits to her blog!

  11. Hello Kim, I was fortunate to meet you recently and be able to take peeks at your Camp and Cottage Living, and a bear or two along the way! I love the wedding photo! You have lived in some beautiful areas. I have always wanted to visit the UP and Lake Superior areas. And Kim I am one of His slow learners too!

    Off to visit you now and thank you, Kris for featuring Kim today!

  12. For some reason I have not been following Kim's blog for awhile so thanks for the reminder!

  13. Wonderful post Kim and I like your wedding photo. I've enjoyed your adventures and travels in our vast country for a while now.

  14. Kris I always look forward to reading you Saturday morning post with a hot cup of tea. Kim seems like a very lovely lady. I went over and visited her for a while and she has a great blog. You have introduced me to so many wonderful friends. You really do precious work with your spotlights. Thank you so much. Hugs Jo

  15. I must go visit Kim, sounds like a wonderful family woman! Thank you for always sharing such sweet friends, Kris!

  16. She married a nice Canadian guy, so she has good taste!

  17. Great blogger this week, Kris. I love her story and all of the interesting things she has done and places she lived.Thanks for the intro - off to give sweet Kim a visit! Jane

  18. Kim is someone I haven't met yet, so I'm glad you introduced her to us, Kris. I'm on my way to visit her blog now. xo ~ Nancy

  19. Kris, thanks for introducing us to Kim! It's always a pleasure finding fellow Canuck bloggers. I am heading over to Camp and Cottage next.

  20. Thank you, Kris. Kim is a very creative lady and I enjoy her adventures.

  21. I am one of Kim's followers and I enjoyed reading a little more about her. Hello, Kris! It's nice to visit here.

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