Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger

AnnMarie from Musings of A Vintage Junkie

 Saturday Spotlight: Life Behind the Blogger is a feature done each Saturday that introduces you to a blogger you may already know or a new blogger for you to get to know. This feature gives you a peak into the personal life of the blogger.  Getting to know the special person behind the beautiful blog.

There is so much talent and inspiration in blogland so enjoy getting to know these talented bloggers each Saturday.

Happy Saturday everyone.  This week I would love to introduce you to AnnMarie from Musings of A Vintage Junkie.  AnnMarie is a very talented writer, knows her way around antiques and vintage treasures and is very strong in her faith.  Please grab a cup of coffee and read and get to know AnnMarie this week.

I am so excited to have been asked by Kris from Junk Chic Cottage to write a post for this great feature. Thank you Kris!
The beautiful view from the wharf on the Boston Harbor taken on our recent trip.

Acts 17:28 ESV
28 for ‘In him we live and move and have our being’;[a]

This verse says it all, for all that I am about to share of my life is a result of having my faith and giving my life over to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

That said, I am at a point in my life where I am living it to it's fullest. I consciously live in the here and now, not what was, or what I want it to be. I believe I am right where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing.

In a way, I am living a second life. I married young and had two daughters in the 80's....Candice, now 33 and Jena, now 30. It was a wonderful time of my life raising my children in a 1900's farmhouse in the middle of an apple orchard. After being a single parent for years I met and married Frank, my Knight in Shining Armor. That was 19 years ago!

This was on my day out for this past birthday in January.
At age 41 I had our son Christian Michael, who weighed 1 lb.10 oz. when he was born at 28 weeks. He just turned 17 and is a healthy teenager who is crazy for basketball.....NBA, of course. He doesn't care much for college ball!

Another favorite pastime.....eating!
My life revolves around my Lord, my husband, my children, grandchildren, and my home.

Please meet my oldest daughter Candice, who is also my hairstylist extraordinare!

 and my youngest daughter Jena....

It has been a whirlwind, in a good way, the past 17 years. Both daughters are married and have children. My grandchildren are Cassidy, age 10 who is Candice's; Chloe, age 4 and JC, age 11 months who are Jena's children.

Cassidy with the flute I played at her age

Chloe and Jc
 Frank wanted me to be a stay at home Mom for Michael's growing years and I was fine with that! One of my passions is decorating my home and antiquing and garage sale-ing for things to fill it up.

I inherited my love of antiques from my grandmother Ga, who was my favorite, and I was hers. She did her antiquing in Europe and I was fortunate to inherit many of her gorgeous pieces. I still remember her house and cottage at The Thousand Islands, filled room by room with beautiful items.

My passion for antiques and vintage items has grown over the years so about three and a half years ago I started my blog Musings of a Vintage Junkie.

Another passion of mine is creative writing and I did do it freelance for awhile when Candice was a baby. A blog seemed like a great outlet to write what I wanted to, whether it be about found treasures, baking, my family or my faith. A month later I opened my Etsy shop NaNa's Things and I thought it would be a great place to promote that also.

Sunflowers are in my banner because they are my favorite flower!

NaNa is the name my grandchildren call me. I remember always referring to my grandmother's things as Ga's Things. It seemed to work for the feeling I wanted for my shop.

Once I started selling some of my things, I got really sad to see them go! My picking and treasure hunting went into full force to fill my shop with treasures that were not personally mine!

When I am not at the computer tweaking my Etsy shop or writing a blog post, I am in my garden in the summer, out pickin' or trying a new DIY project! In the winter I will be baking, decorating or painting another room that needs updating.

I love decorating outdoors and late July, early August is my favorite time for my gardens. They are pretty low maintenance so I like to change up the garden decorations every year.

Those are Chloe's little feet in my garden!

Besides all that, my husband and I run a Christian community theatre for the arts. We have done it for almost 15 years and our home base is right up the street from us on Main Street in the small village we live in, in the Finger Lakes area of Upstate New York. It is called Impact Theatre and my husband directs the drama troupe, The In Your Face Players. I am the woman behind the man in this venture!

I will close with a few random facts about me:
*I am a middle child....did you know that National Middle Child Day was August 12th? 
*My favorite movie of all time is Wizard of Oz
*My favorite color is Aqua, with Red as a second
*Fall is my favorite season
*Baking is a passion of mine. I am known far and wide for my biscotti ;-)
*I love coffee and drink 4 cups every morning of Starbucks Blonde only because that is what my mug holds all at once!

Blogging has become a way of life for me and I just love the amount of fun, useful and interesting information there is in the blogging world. The friends I have made through it are a bonus and there is a fun camaraderie with people I have never met.

 I hope you can stop by for a visit soon!

AnnMarie xoxo 

Thanks AnnMarie for sharing yourself with all of us today.  It was fun to get to know you better.
Have a great Week End everyone.


  1. Good morning Kris and AnnMarie! Lovely to meet you! Like you, I am wild about vintage finds and I too was married in 1982. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday? You have a lovely family.

    Enjoy your weekend Kris!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing Kris! It was wonderful getting to know AnnMarie better.
    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Good morning Kris! Thank you so much for asking AnnMarie to share her back story. So wonderful to meet her. Just going to grab a cup of Joe and head over now to check out her blog.
    Have a great weekend!
    XO Barbara

  4. Kris, Thank you for featuring Ann Marie. I enjoyed reading about her and her passions. Loved her photos of family and gardens. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I already follow AnnMarie's blog and have checked out her Etsy shop.It was so nice to find out more about her and her life. Her garden's are fabulous !! Thank's for sharing with us Kris !!
    You and Terry are in my thought's and prayer's,TT

  6. I've had the pleasure of visiting Ann Marie's blog, so it's nice to read more about her lovely family. Thanks for putting the spotlight on a very sweet blogger!

  7. It was fun reading all about AnnMarie! Nice to get to know her! Thanks for sharing, Kris!

  8. I a big fan of AnnMarie, but I have never been "introduced" to her beautiful family before. It was fun to learn a little more about her and peek at her gorgeous gardens! Thanks for the feature, Kris, I always, always enjoy them! :)

  9. Hi Kris I know you have a busy weekend and hope you have fun. Love your spotlight series! AnnMarie, I too am a middle child, love the season of Fall the most and my Grands call me Nana. Oh and I love vintage too. Your gardens are pretty and your family is very sweet.

  10. Hello Kris, I just love Ann Marie, I bought my very first feed sack from her shop on Etsy a couple of years ago. She was amazed when I did some embroidery on it and made a pillow cover from it. Now the pillow sits proudly on one of my dinning room chairs. I'll go over and say hi to her. I have followed her for a very long time. I'm a middle child to and Fall is my fav as well as aqua. So many great blogging friends. always love your spotlights I always learn something new from them. XO Jo

  11. Kris-Another great feature! I've visited Ann Marie before, but with this feature feel I have gotten to know her better.
    What a sweet family!

  12. Hi Kris,
    Thank you for introducing AnnMarie. I was unaware of her blog and now I'm anxious to go over and visit! I so enjoyed learning about her life and the photos are great. Hoping you both have a wonderful weekend!


  13. Your posts are always so full of inspiration and nice pictures! Have a happy weekend and take care, Titti

  14. Your posts are always so full of inspiration and nice pictures! Have a happy weekend and take care, Titti

  15. I've followed AnnMarie's blog for awhile now, and I consider her a good friend. She's truly a woman of faith and hope, with a deep love for her family. I adore her blog, and all her vintage goodies. I'm so glad you featured her here today, Kris. Hi AnnMarie! Hugs, Nancy

  16. Anne Marie,
    I have followed you for a good bit now, and this is such a pleasure to get to know the lovely, kind, talented and genuine women behind her blog. You are such an inspiration in your vintage finds and writing!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend!
    Thanks to you Kris!

  17. Hi Kris and AnnMarie,

    I have been a follower of AnneMarie's for a while now and I always look forward to her cozy posts! She is a multi-talented individual, who creates constantly! Thanks for featuring her today, Kris; it was a pleasure getting to know her a little bit more personally!

    Happy weekend, girls!


  18. Loved reading about AnneMarie....I'm so going to check out her blog. So glad I recently found yours.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy

  19. I have been out all day and came home to this being posted. So thrilled! Thank you so much! Feeling very special with all these nice comments too!

  20. AnnMarie lives not too far from my mom! (Though we haven't gotten together yet. I think we should remedy that!)

  21. This was fun Ann Marie - I feel like I've gotten to know you better!

  22. Kris, I really enjoyed meeting AnnMarie in today's series and am now going to her blog and say hello! Hope you both have a nice weekend!

  23. I've been following AnnMarie's blog for awhile now and I'm so happy you featured her so I could get to know her better.

  24. I've followed AnnMarie for awhile, but I've certainly learned some new things about her. Thanks, Kris, for featuring AnnMarie!

  25. What a pleasure to meet AnnMarie! I'm looking forward to getting to know her and I'll head over for a visit!
    Hope you are having a great weekend, Kris!

  26. It was lovely to meet Anne Marie and I'll head over now to check out her blog.

  27. Hi Kris, so glad AnnMarie was in your spotlight. She is a dear and very talented. I so enjoyed reading her story and learning a bit about her beautiful family. Great spotlight feature. Have a nice week ahead. Hugs, cm

  28. Hi, Kris, I really enjoyed learning a little more about AnnMarie...thanks so much.

  29. Loved reading about Ann Marie...going over to read her blog now!

  30. I am a big fan of AnnMarie's, read her blog regularly, and consider her a dear blogging friend! Yet, I still learned a few things about her that I didn't know. Thank you, Kris, for putting AnnMarie in your spotlight today!

  31. AnnMarie and I have been blogging friends for a while now and It's so wonderful to see her featured here. I learned a few things about her that I didn't know. Great feature Kris!

  32. I always enjoy Ann Marie's posts and hearing all about her treasure hunts. Great choice for your spotlight!!

  33. I melted when I read about " the thousand islands " we used to go there as kids - love AnnMarie's style and reading a little more about her !
    This is such an amazing series Kris ( and Susan )

  34. I love Ann Marie! So happy to get to meet more of her family. Her home is just darling and she is a super talented gal! Always love seeing her vintage finds. Thanks for featuring her!

  35. I so enjoyed learning more about you AnnMarie! I knew quite a bit about you but not all of that. You are a blessed lady! Have a lovely week.

    Hugs, Vicky

  36. AnnMarie and I just met, because of my Saturday Spotlight and she's a sweetheart :)

    I love that we both have a percolator! How can anyone not love that?!


  37. Hi Kris, I stopped over to check out AnnMarie's feature ~ thanks for spotlighting her! She is so sweet & love her blog! Blessings, Cecilia

  38. Great getting to learn more about AnnMarie, she is a real sweetie!


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