Perfect Linen Sheets

Perfect Linens contacted me about trying out their new all white smooth "Baby's Bottom"  500 thread count sheets.  You know I do not do any kind of advertising on my blog but they just wanted an honest review from me after trying them.  So I thought I would give them a try.  

Oh my gosh they are the softest sheets!!! Sleeping on these is a dream.

Even Terry said "Wow nice sheets" when he got into bed!

They wash beautifully and no ironing needed.  That is the best part!!! I do not iron,  so these coming out of the dryer soft and not a lot of wrinkles was a plus for me.  You just smooth the wrinkles out by hand.

Perfect Linens now have all new sheet sets with no border embroidery.  They can go with any decor and color scheme.

Seriously these sheets get a gold star rating from me.

To read the specifics about these sheets on their website, please click HERE.

Want to know why these sheets are so "perfect"?  

Here are some facts about these sheets.

  • We're sheet experts, the only website that specializes in sheets; other retailers sell 500 types of products. With over 30 years experience selling sheets to the biggest retailers, no one knows sheets as we do. 
  • We search the world for the best sheets.  Using tests and fabric analysis like Nike and NASA, we identify the most comfortable sheets.  We are unique with our novel emphasis on objective research. 
  • Sheets change after use so we test after multiple launderings. Shoppers know how they'll feel during their lifetime, saving money and eliminating frustration. We offer free shipping both ways as a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Instead of searching through hundreds of products and tens of websites, we offer a small curated selection of exceptionally comfortable sheets... the best of the best.

 Go to Perfect Linens website for their email newsletter. (located at the very bottom of their website)   Click HERE to do that.

You Can also Follow them on at least two of their social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest).   Click HERE to do that.

 For those of you who want to order a set of your choice, Perfect Linens is offering $35.00 off if use the code:  JUNKCHIC35   and this code does not expire.

All opinions are my own on these wonderful sheets.  I was  not paid to advertise for Perfect Linens but since they were so gracious to send me this set to try out I decided to do a post on how wonderful they really are.

So if you need a new set of sheets that feel so wonderful to sleep on go over and check out their website.  Remember if you order a set use the promotion code JUNKCHIC35 to get $35 off your order.

I will show you my new winter bedding in my Master Bedroom tomorrow.
Putting these wonderful sheets on the bed lead to me changing up some things in my bedroom!!!

Have a great day.


  1. Hi Kris,
    I'm always looking for soft cozy sheets....these sound wonderful!

  2. Love luxurious sheets! One of life's simple pleasures. Jane

  3. The sheets sound wonderful, Kris.
    I've had the flannel on for weeks now here!

  4. Kris, I just bought new bedding about 3 months ago. So I better not now..but thanks. I saw a set of sheets in Tuesday Mornings (discount store) . that set of sheets was mark 1500 dollars....I thought wowwee woowoo, they must have been made for the King. They were marked down to about 300 in the store. I love what Terry said to you. Funny a man noticing. Ted usually only notices if I turn the mattress warmer on. LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. I need new sheets Kris! Great timing :-) I'll check them out!

  6. Kris,
    Never heard of them before but I will check out their web-site. Thanks,

  7. Their sheets really are wonderful aren't they? I have some "second skin" sheets from them that they gave me to review. I just recently had a giveaway with them too. I haven't tried the kind that you received.

  8. My sister buys these and LOVES them to pieces! I have not tried them yet but I have slept in with those sheets and yes.. dreamy soft and made me sleep more comfortable..

  9. These sound amazing! Soft and cozy sheets are so nice to climb into at the end of the day. Enjoy!

  10. I have some of their sheets and I Love them!

  11. I like the feel of cotton. Do they feel silky or cottony. I don't like the microfiber because they feel silky. I'll check more into this. Thanks for sharing, Kris.

  12. Hi,
    Thank you. You are so right, a great sheet makes all the difference.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. I love good sheets, Kris. These sound perfect. I have always loved the feel of Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic sheets, too, but they do get pretty wrinkled with washing and drying in the dryer.
    Great post!!!! xo Diana

  14. These sheets sound wonderful!

  15. I was very fortunate to stumble upon 1000 count sheets this summer and bought a set. WOW. NEVER have I felt such a luxurious wrap of linen! I went back for more but all they had was 600 count which felt just as smooth! How wonderful to sleep in such bliss! HAVE FUN, KRIS!

  16. Kris, gotta love great sheets!! These sound amazing! :)

  17. Baby's Bottom? Oh my goodness, can you think of a sweeter name for super soft sheets? There's nothing better than a great set when you climb into bed on a cool night. Off to check them out, thanks! :)

  18. Kris - Thank you for sharing the information about these sheets! For somebody who doesn't sleep well, comfort is key to me! I am going over to check out their website right now! Can't wait to see your "new" bedroom! Hugs, Leena

  19. I will have to check them out. One thing about the cool nights is that I can finally sleep all night and I need good sheets for that. Nothing better than to slip under some cozy sheets in the fall and winter.

  20. Not only do I love the fact that you said that they were so soft, I love the fact that you do not have to iron them!....Great sheets totally make the difference...

  21. They sound nice, will have to check them out... Love hearing you too slept like a baby in your new sheets.

  22. Kris, you had me at Baby's Bottom! Unfortunately, they don't ship to Canada (insert sad face here).

  23. How neat! There's just nothing like crawling into bed and having luxurious sheets to lie on. So glad you had the opportunity to try these.


  24. I adore soft sheets and will check out their website. Thanks, Kris. xo

  25. The right sheets are so important to a good night's sleep! Pleasant dreams!

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