You are all Winners in my Book!

January 1st is Terry's Birthday.  He turned 58 this year.  He has an identical twin brother.  So it was quite the surprise to his mom back 58 years ago to have not only one new years baby but two.

To celebrate his birthday we went into the city of Chicago to Lawry's Prime Rib House which is the old McCormick Mansion in the city of Chicago.  We love to dine in this beautiful place.  Yummy and beautiful.  Right around the corner is the American Girl Doll Store so Abby was excited this year to make a visit to the AG store on our trip down town too.  It was a fun afternoon and evening yesterday.

Abby got her first American Girl Doll Grace this year from Santa.  She got some gift cards for Christmas so she also adopted Julie to take home.  Each girl comes from a different era and a story book of their life during this time.  Grace is Lives in Paris France and Julie is from the 70's.  As you can see behind Abby she has some groovy clothes and lots of fun things that reflect the 70's.  That is when I was a teen and I could relate to a lot of things Julie has going on.  You cannot see it but Julie has white go go boots on behind Abby.  I remember having white go go boots in the 70's.  Oh how I loved those boots!!!! I also had a banana seat bike too like Julie's.  Is it wrong that I want to have this doll lol!

My youngest daughter Kim works as an pediatric oncology nurse for Lurie's Children's hospital in Chicago. Lurie's Children's hospital is just one block away from where we were going to dinner.  

Terry got to sit in the actual real fire truck on one of the play room floors for the children.  I think he was having more fun in the fire truck than the kids do.  They have these really unique rooms for the kids to go to and play and there are no meds, shots, treatments done while they are in these safe haven rooms.

It is a place for them to go and have peace and fun away from the cancer treatments.  Nurses and doctors are not allowed to go in these safe havens while the kids are taking time outs in there.

This is Lawry's where we went for our yummy dinner.

Just an old beautiful mansion with the prettiest woodwork.

Charming old style dining room.
Would you look at that fabulous staircase and oh that chandelier just makes your heart beat a little faster!  If you live near the city of Chicago or ever plan a trip here this is a perfect place for beautiful architecture and yummy prime rib.

They carve your prime rib right at your table.  So delicious.

Here we are at dinner with Abby.  

Abby and her Aunt Kim our youngest daughter.

Tim our SIL, Abby and our daughter Jen.

Terry and I got a pic of us in front of the beautifully decorated mansion that is the Lawry's restaurant.  Just gorgeous in this old mansion.  It was a fun afternoon and evening to celebrate Terry birthday with our family.

Now on to the Give Away Winners.

Thank you for leaving your sweet comments on the give away.  I wish I had one of these cute wine purses for each of you.

I just threw all the names into a packing box lol!!! and drew out two names.

Here they are:

Rhonda A little bit French
Jane from Blondies Journal
Congrats girls!

Please email me with your address and I will get these off to you.  I am up to my eyeballs in moving boxes and bubble wrap.  Hoping to have some news to share with you soon.

Have a great week as we venture on into this wonderful 2016.  Keeping hope alive in our hearts is always a good thing.



  1. Wow! So many things to love about this post! That mansion is simply gorgeous--I want to eat there...or maybe just roam around gawking! Ha! Oh, American Girl dolls bring back such sweet memories. My daughter's name is Molly (I call her Maggie on my blog) and there is an American Girl series about a Molly. Over the years, I think every item associated with that doll and her books have found their way into our house...and our hearts. :-)

    Happy birthday to your husband! Twins on New Years--what are the odds?!?

  2. Kris, Wishing Terry a Happy Birthday. Love that beautiful restaurant. I love the AG dolls too. So wonderful that your family can be there all together. I am so glad Blondie won ...she's one of my favorite bloggers. Congrats to both winners. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

  3. Aww what a fun time you must have had!! Love the photo of you & Terry. Wish him a happy birthday for me!


  4. Oh wow, Happy Birthday to Terry and what a fun day. Love that old mansion, gorgeous.

  5. Aw what a fun time and a fancy place for dinner. Happy Birthday Terry!

  6. Happy Birthday, Terry! Looks like a great time, and what a terrific picture of the two of you!

  7. notice you don't put a watermark on all your photos and pretty sure I saw on facebook your coffee sign made from a pallet. might want to think about a watermark...

  8. Happy Birthday to Terry! Looks like a fun day for the whole family! :)

  9. Happy Birthday to Terry. Love that photo of you two. Love that you had a great day with family!


  10. Congrats to the winners! It sounds like you had a really nice dinner. We went to Chicago at the beginning of November (my first time) just for a weekend. I'd love to go back ~ there were so many things to do that a weekend just wasn't long enough!

  11. Happy Birthday to Terry and his bro!!!! Congrats to all of the winners - they will love those cute wine purses. Jane

  12. Congratulations to both of you on your weight loss!
    I love the AG store, and Abby and you sound and look as if you had a great time.
    Over the holidays, I took my niece to the one they opened in Scottsdale. She decided on accessories instead of another doll. She got the gardening stand, a lawn chair that fits AG, but is in the Bitty Baby section, and some outfits, one good for gardening. (My daughter is just a few years older and is not interested.) Any way, I love it, and I've always wanted Josephina. xoxo Su

  13. Oh and Happy Birthday to your spouse. He does look like he is having more than the kids, and that's great! xoxo Su

  14. Lawry's was on our list on the one visit we made to Chicago, but we just couldn't fit it in.

    Congrats to the winners.

  15. Happy Bday to Terry and what a fun night!

  16. Happy Birthday to Terry...looks like a great celebration! You guys look great!
    I think you should be on the hunt for white gogo boots, Kris. ;)
    I loved them, too.

  17. Happy Birthday to your Terry!! My sister is a January 1st baby too.
    I love the photo of him in the truck. :-))

  18. Neither of our granddaughters has shown interest in AG dolls yet, but I'm hopeful! I guess we never outgrow playing with dolls, and a doll with a 70's wardrobe is from my heyday, too. It looks like you had a nice dinner with your entire family there to celebrate in that gorgeous restaurant! Don't get lost in the bubble wrap and I hope you get some good news soon.
    xo, Vickie

  19. Wishing the happiest of birthdays to Terry! What a wonderful place to celebrate too! The dining room is gorgeous and yes, those chandeliers made my heart go pitter patter! :) I didn't realize our husbands were so close in age. Mine will turn 52 this year. I love the pic of you two together. Y'all look fantastic! And oh yes, I remember the 70's well. I was born in 1970 and have vivid memories of those clothes! Lol!

  20. WOW, that is a wonderful place to celebrate your hubby's birthday! Love the decor!!!! Great photo of you guys!

  21. Love this post for so many reasons, Kris. Love seeing you with your beautiful family. Abby is delightful. I love her smile and you can just see that happy girl spirit in her face. You and Terry look so great. What a cute couple you are. You look stunning, by the way. So happy you had a lovely dinner with your family in this beautiful setting. Congratulations to Rhonda and Jane! xo ~ Nancy

  22. Oh, you are making me miss sweet home Chicago SO MUCH!! I can remember the delicious aroma from Lawrys.
    Happy Birthday to your husband!

    I cannot believe I won your giveaway, thank you so much!!! So happy!!!

  23. Just got back from the Naperville area and wish I'd gone downtown Chicago while there. That mansion is worth a trip to the city. Hoping for the best of news for you and Terry. I've got my fingers crossed.

  24. Looks like fun was had by all!

  25. Beautiful restaurant! I love old buildings like that, with the original architecture intact.

    Jane is really rackin' it in with the giveaways lol! Congrats to both of the winners.

    Happy belated to Terry. I hope good news is coming soon!

    (Love the picture of the two of you Kris. You look very different in that picture than in your profile one. I almost didn't recognize you!).


  26. Happy birthday to Terry! I had no idea that he was a twin! I love the picture of you two, btw. Your grand daughter Abby is so cute. I can tell she loves those American Girl dolls. My neighbor's little girl used to have those when she was little too. Sounds like she had a great Christmas. Glad that y'all had a nice time at that beautiful restaurant.

  27. What a lovely weekend! Happy Birthday to Terry! Your little Abby is a sweetie...I love her new doll. I was SO proud of my go-go boots!

  28. What a wonderful celebration!! It looks like you had so much fun. And I LOVE the American Girl dolls...wish they had been around when I was growing up! Congrats to the girls...they are lucky winners and Terry is so lucky to have such a wonderful and beautiful wife!! Love and hugs!!

  29. Congrats go to Jane and Ronda. Kris I enjoyed Terry' Birthday photos that you shared of your sweet family. Looks like it was a very special celebration with loved ones. I didn't know Terry has a twin! Love the pic of you and your hubby (cool necklace) and Abby is a lucky girl to enjoy the celebration and American Girl. I did American Girl for Gabby I think it's an amazing company and a real American treasure,

  30. Every time I traveled to Chicago, I stayed across the street at the Lenox Hotel, which is now The James. So you know were I went for dinner at least once each time I was there. I have to tell you the service and food was excellent. I love that restaurant, the inside is stunning.

    Happy Birthday To Terry and may his Birthday wishes come true.
    Your little Abby is so cute and it looks like she was having fun in the American Girl.

    I have to tell you, Terry and you look wonderful. So keep up the good work.

    Hugs dear friend,

  31. That's such a neat way to celebrate with your husband. The restaurant looks amazing. :)

    Such a great picture of you two.

    Happy New Year Sweet Kris.

  32. Happy belated Birthday Terry! Congrats to the winners :)

  33. HELLO KRIS! You guys look great! And a happy birthday to Terry! 58? I am following him, in April! Oh what a lovely outing to go to such a great steak house in the big city. Well my friend, I'm back to work this morning. It was a terrific holiday and now it's back to the big, cold world. Wishing you a happy day!

  34. What a fun time you all looked like you had! Terry looks at home behind that fire truck, lol. Happy Birthday and Happy New year!

  35. Happy Birthday to Terry. You two look so great! Sounds like a fun day in Chicago. I don't know if I'd be able to eat my meal at Lawry's because I'd be too busy looking at all the beautiful decor.

  36. Beautiful Family !
    I am packing also we are moving to our new Home soon.
    Happy 2016 !

  37. Happy Birthday Terry! Your family is just beautiful Kris...especially little Abby and her American Girl Dolls :) What a fabulous place to have dinner. Looks like you all had fun and quality family time. Happy New Year and Blessings to you in 2016!

  38. What a great s hot of your daughter Jen, SIL and Abby. You and Terry look great too and I loved seeing him in the fire truck. Abby must have been excited to get her first American Girls doll. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Terry, he looked like a VERY happy man.


  39. Fun to be a New Years baby! Hope Terry had a very wonderful birthday! Sure looks like you all did. Love the photos, and yes; I could go for an American Girl doll myself.

  40. Congrats to the winners! I love American dolls and last year I sent a cute little strawberry blonde one to Japan to my grand daughter Samantha. I almost bought me one they are so cute! I've been to dinner at Lawry's. I took my oldest son and his wife there. We were visiting Chicago for his graduation from Navy boot camp. The food is amazing and not real cheap but it really is a treat. Your pictures are amazing and everyone looks so happy. I have a good feeling about this week for you guys. Luv ya, Jo

  41. Happy New Year, Kris! Oh, what a wonderful birthday celebration for your hubby! He's a handsome guy! Little Abby is so cute with her American Doll. I had some white Go Go Boots too! :) You look gorgeous and I love your little hair cut! What a beautiful restaurant too. Thanks so much for popping in to see me and your kind words for our little Carter. Here's to another year of blogging with you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  42. I had white go go boots too! isnt it neat how so many of us did??! I was so proud of mine! Love that 70s doll.. wouldnt that be fun? I had that bike too. Wow thats an amazing restaurant---loved seeing it!

  43. ooh, ooh we haven't been there to Lawry's...putting it on our list right now! Thanks for the tour, looks like a FAB birthday, Sandi

  44. What a fun day - and you all look terrific!! Ps my mom still has my banana seat bicycle - both my girls rode it for ages and some day my grands will too!

  45. WOW----what a wonderful family celebration in such a beautiful restaurant! Gotta put Lawry's on our list when we are in Chicago. So nice to see your family pics! You are truly blessed. Wishing you a year filled with new and exciting adventures!

  46. What a great post and what a great celebration for Terry's b-day! I could almost taste that delicious looking prime rib. Your family is just so special, Kris. From the visit to the hospital your daughter works in (wow, I admire the important work she does!) to Abby at the American Doll store and the family pictures at the beautiful restaurant...I enjoyed every picture! Happy New Year to all of you.

  47. A very Happy Birthday to Terry, what a great place to celebrate and the food looks just delicious! I've just read your previous post and have to say so, so, so many congratulations with the weight loss. I am so glad this has worked for both of you and you both look fantastic! Well done and Happy New Year xxx

  48. This looks like so much fun Kris!!! The perfect way to celebrate Terry's birthday. I loved the AG store...and speaking of go-go boots--I loved mine and thought they were they coolest things ever! So fun! It was great to see your daughter's and Abby.
    I want to wish you and your family a wonderful New Year my dear!
    sending hugs...

  49. Looks like y'all had a wonderful birthday celebration! What a beautiful place. The AG place would be a blast to visit.
    Congrats to both of the winners, too!

  50. What a beautiful place! And you guys look great Kris! And that adorable granddaughter! I kind of miss the days of dolls around here.... congrats to the winners :)

  51. You look amazing! Such a beautiful place! Can you believe that my hubby wanted to give me an AG doll? I chose Grace, too! Sadly, she is no longer available since she was the "Doll of the Year" for 2015. I take her with me when we go to visit our granddaughter, and we play dolls together.:-) Happy belated birthday to your husband!

  52. Happy Birthday to Terry! You have a beautiful family, Kris!