Baby Sprinkle/ Cooper Update

Cooper Up Date:
Little Cooper came through his surgery just fine.  They had to really cut into his cheek to get all the tumor.  He was wagging his tail when we picked him up at the Vet.  Nothing seems to phase this little guy.  Just happy no matter what is happening with him.  He was back to playing with my daughters dogs and eating that same night.  So now we just wait for the pathology to come back in a week to 10 days.  Hoping and praying for good news on that report.
As you can see he has quite the scar to talk about!!!!  We told him it gives him character and he is still our little handsome man!

Just a happy camper.  He seems to take everything in stride.  Thanks for your well wishes for this handsome sweet guy.

Wooooo Hoooo Closing Tomorrow on the New Nest!!!!!!

We are closing tomorrow on the new house.  We will not take possession of the new place for another month.  We had to give the sellers  30 days after closing to rent back and move out.  While we wait to move into our new nest where I can unleash my decor happy and share, I thought I would share some creative things I am making for my daughters up coming  Baby Sprinkle.

Apparently when you throw a baby shower for the second child it is called a Baby Sprinkle.  Ahhh the new things I learn everyday!

My daughter Jen is having our second granddaughter at the end of June.  Her first baby and the love of our lives is Abby.  Abby will be 6 years old this May.  So we are so excited to know she will be a big sister to a new baby sister in June.

Abby's new sister's name will be Charlotte Grace and we cannot wait to meet her.

My younger daughter Kim and I are planning a "Baby Sprinkle" for Jen on May 14th.

Here are some of the things we are making for the up coming shower.

I took child size garden boots and spray painted them pink.  I added faux pink flowers and tied off with pink Ribbon and Its a girl tags.  I added a pink baby shower umbrella with the boots.  These will be the center pieces for each table at the Baby Sprinkle.
One of my daughter's favorite lip balm is the eos strawberry sorbet flavor.  So I wanted to make favors with something that I knew my daughter loved and would want to share with each of the guests.

I found the pink strawberry sorbet eos lip balms.

I found these cute baby sprinkle cards on Easy with the hole in the center for the eos balls to fit.  Such a cute idea.

For another sweet favor I found these cute Ready to Pop favor boxes.  Garrett's Pop Corn is a popular Chicago treat and one of my daugher's favorites.  So we will be putting Garrett's Chicago Pop corn together in these cute boxes for another take home favor.


For some shower prizes I took two bloom bowl covers.  Have you seen these?  They replace using cling wrap on your bowls and serving pieces.  You can micro wave with these and store left overs.  They are so cute and saves on using a lot of plastic wrap.

I tied off the cute little kitchen towel and bloom covers into a paper tray I found at Michaels.  I loved that I found the cute kitchen towel to tie in the shower/sprinkle theme.

Another cute prize are these Godiva candy dishes with Godiva truffles.  I tied them off and added a Starbucks gift card to each one.
Nothing is better than good Godiva chocolates and Starbucks.

 I am waiting patiently for the new nest to be ours so I can share some of the new decor transformation ideas with all of you.  It was fun to post something sweet and fun today on the upcoming Baby Sprinkle and all the fun ideas we are doing to make this Baby Sprinkle special.

Seriously!!!! after this past year with all the crazy it will be fun to get into the new house and start to post on the decor transformations.
I cannot wait to share that with all of you.

  I cannot wait to get in to this place and transform it into our new Cottage Home.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.


  1. I am so sorry little Cooper has to go through such pain to get better, I hope his teeth thing goes good for him.
    He did come from a sad life but he is in good hands now and will live the rest of his life happy i'm sure

  2. ps
    I am so sorry I forgot to mention the oh so pretty showers treats you have all fixed up for guest.
    There is nothing sweeter than a new born baby, it will be so wonderful

  3. I'm so glad Cooper is doing well....I will pray that the pathology report comes back good. I have never heard of a baby sprinkle before....such a cute idea! You have picked out some adorable decorations. Congratulations on another grand baby :o)

  4. I am delighted that Cooper is doing so well. He is such a love and i know that you and Terry will be giving him the very best home.

    The Baby Shower sounds like so much fun and what great gifts you guys are making. Love the name they have picked for the new baby.

    i am so looking forward to follow your journey with your new cottage. I know you are chomping at the bit to get in there.

    Have a wonderful weekend and hugs so Cooper.

    Lots of hugs,

  5. I' m very happy that Cooper is doing well. I ' m curious to see your new cottage!

  6. WOW!! You know how to throw a party in style Kris!
    I love it all - you have so much choice in the States - I'm in love with that sweet little towel, it will be a huge hit!
    The Bloom bowl covers sound great too!
    Those little pink gummies are gorgeous!
    Jessie my youngest granddaughter is 6 years younger than her next sister - she is so spoiled and adored and has 3 mothers in stead of only one!
    Charlotte Grace are beautiful names - My mothers name was Grace and she was a very gracious lady!
    Well done Cooper - what a sweetie - please give him a gentle cuddle from me.
    Shane x

  7. Hi Kris! I am so happy that your heart is bursting with happiness these days. What a sweet boy Cooper is - praying for a good outcome. The baby sprinkle looks like it's going to be fabulous - such cute ideas. I am looking forward to seeing your new place! Jane

  8. I have my fingers and toes crossed for Cooper and you two. You certainly deserve some good news. Cooper is precious!

  9. Little Cooper is adorable with his swashbuckling scar - even Johnny Depp would be impressed. Never heard of a Baby Sprinkle - looks like you have it under control with all the prizes and favors.

  10. Cooper is a trouper! Pretty shower gifts! Can't wait to see your new Cottage Home!

  11. What a sweetie that Cooper is. I love seeing his face and I am sending good thoughts for him. Such great ideas for the baby sprinkle. That Eos idea is so creative. I am a big fan of the Eos lip balm balls too. Love the new baby's beautiful name. So many wonderful things happening for you, Kris and you certainly deserve it.

  12. oh how fun to have a new baby---so exciting. And big sister, gets to be a big sister. Hope all is well..with you puppy---he looks so sweet and calm. Thanks for sharing, Sandi

  13. Darling Kris, YIPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEE COOPER looks amazingly well, and leave it to a dog to wag his tail no matter what. What a love bug he is! Yes, quite the scar, but he's made it through! So many fabulous things to think about here and to be grateful for! I love those pink boots and all the happy décor. Keeping you in my prayers.

  14. Good for Cooper! A little beef veggie stew and he'll think it was worth it!

  15. Cooper is just the cutest thing! I'm surprised he's not wearing a cone. I hope that the lab reports come back good. Congrats on closing tomorrow! I know you will be glad to have that behind you and begin your new life soon. I think it's nice that ya'll are letting them stay there one more month till their new home is ready. That's a win-win for everyone.

  16. Cooper is so sweet! I know you are so excited about closing and so anxious to get in and start decorating. Can't wait to see what you do.

    Some of the cutest ideas for the Baby Sprinkle!! Precious!


  17. Hi Kris well that will be one heck of a scar on Cooper, but hey it'll give character to his handsome face. Thank goodness you and Terry are there to love and care for him and the tumor was caught and removed. No one plans events like you Kiris! Everything is planned out and put together adorably. Sprinkle for a second baby shower ... still makes me smile the word Sprinkle. Wishing you a happy closing day I'll be thinking of you at 3 tomorrow my sweet friend.

  18. So loving all of the happiness coming your way---from sweet Cooper to the shower. I know you are going to pull off the best of the best! Please share.

    So happy you and Terry will be moving into your home soon as exciting!

    Hugs, my friend!


  19. Praying for good news for Cooper. Congratulations on closing on your new home and on your upcoming Sprinkle honoring your newest granddaughter!

  20. Oh this sounds hopeful that cooper will pull through with good news, of course I am hopeful. Such a brave guy that cooper is.
    Congrats on the home, and your move in date will be so exciting to see how you pull your decor all together here in your new chic cottage style.

    A wonderful welcoming with a perfect shower, your the planner of all planners.

    See you soon in your new home.


  21. Hey babe! THANK YOU for visiting my blog. It means a lot to me for people to come back to see my posts. HUGS!

  22. So glad Cooper is a trooper! Kris, so many cute ideas for the Baby Sprinkle! And no, I'd never heard of that for a 2nd shower, thank you for keeping us cool. ;) Those bloom bowl covers - have never seen but must look for! - with the towel, so, so cute! And Jen's lip gloss in that card - you're a great shopper! Love your centerpiece too. A happy post, waiting on the happily ever after!

  23. Seeing Coopers scar and his sweet little face just makes my eyes tear up...what a brave little man you have there. The prizes and Baby Sprinkle ideas are too cute! Have fun at the "Sprinkle" and in looking forward to your new little girl :)

  24. Aww poor Cooper! I hope he will be ok. The baby sprinkle sounds fun and congrats to you and your daughter! Have a wonderful Friday and weekend. :)

  25. Glad to hear Copper did well and keeping my finger's crossed with the test results. Aside from being an uber talented cottage chic decorator, you rock in the party planning department too! Looks to be a beautiful baby shower in May! Hugs from Canada xo

  26. So very happy to hear Cooper is doing so well!!! He sounds like the best dog! Praying for great results for him too. How fun to have a baby sprinkle! I love the baby's name and those favors are darling!

  27. Glad Cooper weathered the storm. I hope his tests are all clear. You my friend as so creative. I love all of your party ideas. I have never heard of a sprinkle either...but it sounds like fun. Babies are wonderful and they should all be showered with love and fun! Congrats grandma. I bet you are so happy that you were able to remain close by to see those babies grow! xxoo

  28. Kris, So glad Cooper came through the surgery and he looks so gallant with his battle scar! Congratulation on the closing and can't wait for you to get started on your Cottage make over. Baby Sprinkle sounds so cute and so much fun and everything looks amazing that you have done. Yesterday I was watching Dr. Phil and Robin has a new line of really cute things that looked like they would be some fun swag. Robin McGraw Revalation is the name of her company..Happy Weekend..xxo Judy

  29. I am so glad to hear Cooper came through his surgery so well!! I'll be keeping all digits crossed that the biopsy comes back negative.
    Cuddles and scritches to the little guy!

  30. So glad to read Cooper is recuperating nicely. His scar makes him look like Captain Harlock!

  31. Oh Kris, I am so excited for you! A new grand baby, new home, new furry friend, and living around those you love. How wonderful is that. It is about about time for you to have some peace and calm. I'm looking forward to seeing your new plans, I'm sure you are just ready to burst with them!
    xx Jo

  32. Scars make a man so mysterious! ;) What a good boy he is.
    Hope all went well at the closing and now you'll be checking off the days til move in! xoxo

  33. Hope the closing went well today and you and now the new owners of your new forever home! Congrats on another grandchild and love the name. Cooper looks like a pirate with his scar on his adorable cheek...he is a cutie and hope his test results came back good. Never heard of Baby Sprinkle before, gosh I'm so out of the loop! You table decorations ideas are just beautiful and creative..

  34. Cooper has the cutest face. He was so lucky that you adopted him. Hopefully the tests will be good news. You must be excited about the closing of your new home. It won't be long now that you can move in and start decorating again.
    Your ideas for the baby sprinkle are very cute. Your daughter and the guests will be thrilled.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kris!

  35. I'm hoping you get good news from the vet, Kris!

    You plan the best parties, and your clever ideas for the baby sprinkle are just adorable! How wonderful that you will be living near your granddaughters and be a big presence in their lives. I'm so happy you'll soon be in your new home and your decorating joy will be unleashed again!

  36. Cooper is a sweetheart! Hoping all goes well for him. Congratulations! A new granddaughter on the way, and closing on your new home!!! So exciting Kris! You definitely can throw a party! I love all the goodies and the decorations. I've been neck deep in wedding preparations for my son, he gets married next month. So good to see you in my email today! I can't wait to see how you krisify the new home! Have fun at the shower! And kiss that sweet doggy :-)

  37. Cooper is a sweetheart! Hoping all goes well for him. Congratulations! A new granddaughter on the way, and closing on your new home!!! So exciting Kris! You definitely can throw a party! I love all the goodies and the decorations. I've been neck deep in wedding preparations for my son, he gets married next month. So good to see you in my email today! I can't wait to see how you krisify the new home! Have fun at the shower! And kiss that sweet doggy :-)

  38. I'm playing catch up, Kris, so I'm late to this post. Your creativity amazes me. I love the ideas you come up with. Your mind must be abuzz with them constantly. The boot centerpieces, the popcorn, the raspberry sorbet lip balm. I think I've mentioned this before, but you are the ultimate party planner. Truly. You rock! Hugs, Nancy P.S. Charlotte Grace? I adore that name! Abby must be beside herself with anticipation. She'll make a fantastic big sister.

  39. Wow! I love all of your plans for the sprinkle! I had never heard of a second baby's shower being called that nor had I ever seen the cute lip balm and cards or those bowl lids! You're much more up on things that I am LOL! You also host the best and most creative parties! I am sure that your daughter will love every minute! Speaking of love I love the baby's name! So pretty! Can't wait to see pics after the event! Hugs, Leena

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