Just when you thought all the painting was done!!!!!!

Hi Everyone.  Most of you know that follow along with my decor crazy blog that we moved into the new place just about 6 weeks ago and we have been painting every inch of this place.  We left the "Fireman Cave" basement alone since it was the identical gray to Terry's old office in the other house.  We liked that gray with all his fire stuff.

Ok with all of that said the previous owners liked flat paint and that in my book is a no go!!!! Flat paint just shows all the flaws and is not easy to clean.

They had twin 2 year old boys and a 5 years old so you can imagine the walls going up and down the stairs. 
At 2am one morning you know when all those creative ideas flow!!!! At least for me that seems to be when it happens!  

 I thought hmmm maybe painting that stair case down to the fireman cave might be a good idea since the walls looks so bad. Maybe using a lighter shade of gray would lighten things too.  I usually wake Terry when I get a brilliant idea in the middle of the night but I thought maybe a better approach for more painting in this house would be better after he had his morning coffee!!!!!

The color of the walls is a dark flat gray.  It is hard to see in this picture but the walls had crayon marks, finger prints, dirt etc. all the way down the walls.  We got this color paint from Lowe's.  It is Valspar Tempered Gray.  Looks white here but it is a medium color gray.

I really like this gray.  It is not too light and not too dark especially for going down to a basement.

So there is my hero painting the walls going down the stairs to the Fireman Cave.  Love this man he goes with whatever crazy I call upon for decor.  I have to say in my defense he agreed these walls really needed to be painted to fix up all the wear and tear and also to lighten things up a bit.

So there you have it shadows and all.  The new medium gray compliments the darker gray of the fireman cave.  Now going down the steps to the fireman cave it is brighter and in a semi gloss for keeping clean.

We like the contrast of the dark gray with the medium gray walls going down the stairs.
 Terry actually said he might like to paint the whole downstairs in this lighter gray to brighten and lighten his man cave.  For now we will keep the darker color.  Poor guy needs a break from the paint fumes!!!!

Have a great week end.  Finally cooling down here a little bit.

With all the wicked storms of late this little guy has been hanging out a lot in the fireman cave.  He does not like storms. 

Poor Cooper really has a rough time with storms.  We even had to get him some doggie medication to keep him calm.  I have never had a dog that got so upset with storms like he does.  Thinking about him being tethered outdoors most of his life he must have been caught in a storm or two.  He is just so afraid.  Breaks my heart how upset he gets.  The medication seems to help and having a safe place like the fireman cave for him to go helps too.   It is his safe place where he does not see or hear the storms as much down there.

All this rain is bringing in some cooler temps for us.  Woo Hoo it is only going to be high 70's this week end.
Hope your summer is going well.  Enjoy the week end.

Favorite Things

Sometimes you just have things around you that just make you smile.  They become favorite treasures to have in your decor.  Here are a few of mine.

Piece of chippy window off an old home that fits perfectly over my angel picture.

Having a family heirloom piece at the end of my bed.

Repurposing the bottom of an old bakery cabinet as a shelf in my kitchen.  Looking at this chippy window each morning.
Old picket fence.

Finding out that the old chippy door I had hanging in my dining room of the old house fit perfectly on the front closet of the new cottage.

Repurposing the TV armoire into my new office space.  When you deal with small spaces you have to be creative.  Love that I could make a home office area out of this awkward corner of the living room.

Perfect space to have my computer office area.

Having an old church window with a heavy cast iron vintage mail box holding faux flowers.  Having a chippy cottage sign above them.

Framing out an inspirational sign with an old frame.

Having a special place outdoors to read a good book.

Using faux flowers to tie back my curtains.

Stacking my favorite decor books.  Ahh love a special afternoon to look through good decor books.

Being able to hang my great grandmother's vintage mirror in my guest bathroom.

Hanging my vintage bird cage with love birds off an old chippy board in the living room.

Being gifted the perfect sign to hang in my kitchen.

Having open shelves in the kitchen!

Having a special place for my peaceful sleeping angel.  Love that she brings peace and serenity to my bedroom as she watches over us.

Stuffing a vintage umbrella with flowers.

Hanging a birdhouse on an old porch post in the living room.

Finding a cute olive bucket for the kitchen.

Adding a little whimsy to the powder room door!!!!!

 Hope you find yourself smiling as you walk into rooms throughout your home too.  Sometimes it is the little things that just makes us happy.  Have a great rest of the week and wonderful week end.

Romancing the Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Hi Everyone.  Happy Friday.  Here is the reveal of the Master Bedroom and Bath.

I like my bedroom to feel like a sanctuary.  At the end of a day you need a space that is quiet, peaceful and comfy to retreat.

Terry made me a canopy out of the ikea shears and some rods he hung from the ceiling.  Love the pretty romantic feel the sheers give to the bed.

My sleeping angel is hung on this old window and I put it above the old fire place mantel.  Simple and sweet.

Lots of light filters into this room all day long.  Soft and pretty sunshine all day.

I hung the vintage door headboard I had at the other house into our new Master Bedroom.  Love those old vintage doors made into a headboard.

His and Her's closets in the Master Bedroom.  Gotta love that!!!

 Master Bathroom:
Master Bathroom Before Picture

After Master Bathroom.  Double vanity, painted vanity and the old builders stock mirror gone and two oval white mirrors are now in its place.  Hung my chippy chandy's from the old house.   I am loving that I found places for all my vintage chandeliers.

Terry made this little cabinet fit onto the wall of the double vanity.  It hides all the plug ins for the bathroom.

Yep hides our sonic care toothbrushes and my make up mirror.
My pretty new shower curtain.

Love this big window in this master bathroom.  Filters light in to this bathroom.  Love getting up every morning and the sunshine is streaming into the bathroom.

Thanks for your visit.  Have a great week end.  Very hot and humid here in Illinois but I am still loving that it is summer!!!!
Happy Week End
Shabbilicious Friday

Kitchen Open Shelves

Hi Everyone.  Well the open shelves in the kitchen won and the bakery cabinet was remade into the cabinet above the refrigerator.  So it is all good!  

I still have Terry's grandmothers bakery cabinet over the refrigerator for storage and now the open shelves keep the kitchen from feeling closed in.

Warning Lots of Pictures in this Post.  Get a frosty beverage!!!!

Before Picture of Kitchen

This is with the bakery Cabinet Before picture hanging where I felt open shelves might work better.

This is the bakery cabinet down and open shelves up.

The bakery cabinet looked nice with all my glassware but it just made this kitchen feel closed in.  I think it was just too much competition between the cabinet and the chippy window.  Plus it took up all my counter space to have the big shelf on the counter for my plates.

The open shelves are easier to get at my dishes and also give an open feel to this kitchen.

Pretty but took up too much counter space.  This shelf on the counter top was remade into a shelf for under the old chippy window which you will see a few pictures down.

Now I have more open counter space.

My good friend gave me this beautiful sign for my kitchen as a housewarming gift.

Fits in perfectly on the side of the new built in bakery cabinet over the refrigerator.

I still have my old chippy window hanging and there is the bottom shelf that was sitting on the counter.   Re loved  it under the window for a shelf.

Added a touch of color with my lavender candle and faux flowers. Even a girl that loves white needs a little color here and there!

Adding some more color to my milk and cream jugs.  

Got this candle that is lemon sage at Home Goods.  Best smelling candle I have ever had.  It smells so fresh for your kitchen.  Lemon and sage make a great combo.  With the house closed up and air going on these hot summer days it is nice to have this fresh candle burning.  Smells like my kitchen opens to a garden of fresh sage and lemon trees.
Terry rebuilt the bakery cabinet over the refrigerator.  Now I have storage up there for things I do not use all the time like my cake platters.

I am sure I will be finding more stuff to be storing up in this cabinet.

I was able to keep my coffee bar area over on this side of the kitchen.

This is the door going to the garage from the kitchen.  I made a place to hang car and house keys along with my apron.  

Glad I could use some of the old frames I moved along with us from the last house.  It framed out this plain door and the old knob gave me a place to hang up my apron.

So now this long and narrow kitchen feels lighter and brighter and more open.

Terry cut down my dining room table one more time!!! Yep that saw is getting a work out!   With this dining space being small and the china cabinet on the wall the table just felt too big for the space.  So he cut it down to a square table for 4.

He was able to keep the detail of the old drawer fronts on each side of the table.

This smaller table fits so much better in this dining space now.
There you have it.  The kitchen is done and I am liking the new open cabinets so much better.  Sometimes you just have to try things a few different ways until you get it feeling right.  I am just so excited that Terry has been able to repurpose almost all the pieces of salvage into new things in this kitchen.  Love that man and his tools!!!!!

I will have my master bedroom and master bathroom ready to show you soon.  Terry has repurposed some awesome pieces into these two rooms for me.  So stay tuned.

Have a wonderful week end.


PS:  So happy most of the decor changes are done now on the new house.  Opens up my time with these two precious angels and the furry angel too. Lovin summer!

Charlotte two weeks old and Abby 6 years old.

Shabbilicious Friday