Favorite Things

Sometimes you just have things around you that just make you smile.  They become favorite treasures to have in your decor.  Here are a few of mine.

Piece of chippy window off an old home that fits perfectly over my angel picture.

Having a family heirloom piece at the end of my bed.

Repurposing the bottom of an old bakery cabinet as a shelf in my kitchen.  Looking at this chippy window each morning.
Old picket fence.

Finding out that the old chippy door I had hanging in my dining room of the old house fit perfectly on the front closet of the new cottage.

Repurposing the TV armoire into my new office space.  When you deal with small spaces you have to be creative.  Love that I could make a home office area out of this awkward corner of the living room.

Perfect space to have my computer office area.

Having an old church window with a heavy cast iron vintage mail box holding faux flowers.  Having a chippy cottage sign above them.

Framing out an inspirational sign with an old frame.

Having a special place outdoors to read a good book.

Using faux flowers to tie back my curtains.

Stacking my favorite decor books.  Ahh love a special afternoon to look through good decor books.

Being able to hang my great grandmother's vintage mirror in my guest bathroom.

Hanging my vintage bird cage with love birds off an old chippy board in the living room.

Being gifted the perfect sign to hang in my kitchen.

Having open shelves in the kitchen!

Having a special place for my peaceful sleeping angel.  Love that she brings peace and serenity to my bedroom as she watches over us.

Stuffing a vintage umbrella with flowers.

Hanging a birdhouse on an old porch post in the living room.

Finding a cute olive bucket for the kitchen.

Adding a little whimsy to the powder room door!!!!!

 Hope you find yourself smiling as you walk into rooms throughout your home too.  Sometimes it is the little things that just makes us happy.  Have a great rest of the week and wonderful week end.


  1. Kris, You have so many wonderful pieces. We love your things also. :):) I am mad for the armoire office. , That is the best. Plus I like seeing your chandies. I love to see some of my special things each day. You are creating a beautiful place filled with love for you and Terry. Your outdoor spot is so pretty too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hello Kris,
    Wow I love all of your favorite things you like and what you have done throughout your beautiful new home. You really have a way with working with white and making everything look so pretty. I like the armoire where you have the computer set up. Stay cool.

  3. I can see why they are your favorite things, they are so beautiful!!!!
    You have such a charming home.....

  4. Everything you do is my favorite thing!! Love all of your favorites. So serene and calming.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief. You must be ending your 'home blitz' of your new cottage. Here I have just chaos---but we will see it end soon, I hope. Love this visual post here, Kris. Thanks for the mini tour in white, grins, Sandi

  6. You come up with the best ideas! Love your office area. That you were able to somewhat recreate your outdoor living space. Love the pretty mirror. LOVE all of it!

  7. It all makes me smile, but the bathroom sign brought laughter.

    I love that you were able to change the stock door to an old chippy one. Are you going to do that with other doors in the house? I have a friend who did that and it made her tract home look like an old farm house.

  8. Your home is so pretty and I am so glad it really reflects you now.

  9. It all looks just lovely Kris. I'm glad you're surrounded by things that make you happy. I've been taking a mental inventory of my "must takes" when we move.

  10. I love so many of the items. That church window really makes me smile.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. And I have to remind myself that these lonely, quiet days like today, I can actually enjoy my home even more. There are a few pieces I love, and they do make me smile. I am always thinking forward and aiming to hit high, but on days that I try and fail (like today), I just remember what I already have accomplished, and then rest.

    No better place to rest than in our own cottages! BEAUTIFUL, KRIS!

    1. I don't know your situation...but your comment struck me as someone who would appreciate that others can be concerned for your loneliness. Do look for things that you enjoy...try not to consider actions as failures, but rather practice for perfection the next time you aim to "hit high" Rest dear soul in your own lovely cottage.

  12. What made me smile today was finding a post on your blog filled with wonderful pictures. So happy that you have a peaceful, serene and happy space to enjoy and share with us in blogland....still smiling!

  13. Such a pretty and peaceful home. Love all of the chippiness!!

  14. Beautiful, Kris- Love your favorites--they are ALMOST as beautiful as you are!!!! xo Diana

  15. Hi Kris all your favorite things are lovely, walking through our home and feeling happiness and appreciation truly is the meaning of home sweet home.

  16. I love so many of your pretty things. The arched mirror and armoire have always had me swooning !


  17. Those would make me smile too!

  18. Love all that you have done in such a short time.
    We moved into our new home in mid January.
    Got everything in place but not the final decor. No time as we live by the beach and everyone loves to visit us
    In the Summer.
    This fall we will start to tackle the painting of the walls.
    I love a soft butter yellow for Happy Sunshine Feeling here in our long Michigan dreary cloudy days in Winter.
    I have had it in all my homes.
    Goes well with all my Aqua's I work into the decor.
    I love your Whites and they make me smile.
    If I lived alone I would do this like you in every room.
    But with the amount of guests that we recieve and Grandchildren it would not work.
    So for now I will just enjoy the look through your photos.
    Looks Beautiful.

  19. So lovely. You definitely have a talent for decorating.

  20. Your home is the perfect example of the William Morris quote, "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." It is filled with well loved, well chosen pieces.

  21. Good Morning Kris
    I just adore all of your Favorite things. What makes them so beautiful is that they are so special to you. I love that. Enjoy your beautiful home
    hugs to Cooper

  22. You've made your house a home with all of your special chippy pieces. So pretty!
    Mary Alice

  23. It's all just so beautiful, Kris. I've never seen the adorable powder room sign before - too cute! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  24. So many beautiful Favorites Kris!

  25. Hi Sweetie, everything is so amazing. I was trying to decide which I liked the best but I couldn't everything is just so beautiful. Thank you for your sweet note you are such a lovely friend. xx Jo

  26. It is all so lovely, Kris...you have really made your new house, a home! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  27. It is soooooo great to have you back. I love resting in your photos.

  28. Love all your favorite things - they are all so pretty. You have really done an outstanding job decorating your new home. Everything is beautiful.

    I've been gone most of the week up to my son's home for my Bday, so doing catch up on my posts. Had a great time with Shaun and Kelly (granddaughter). Hated to leave them, but glad to be home with my babies. I just turned 81 and still kicking LOL.

    Hope your weather is getting better. It is so hot here and the air quality is bad from the Sand Fire. So I am in.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


  29. You've created so many wonderful vignettes in your home!

  30. I LOVE your favorite things. You find the best things. I do miss rummaging through old items and finding the perfect piece


  31. Do you have any idea how you inspire me Kris??? AAAA---LOT! I am amazed at your creativity! Thank you for sharing the things you love having around you!
    Could I ask where you got the angel picture? You know my son has angelman syndrome and angels are so special to me. I don't think I've see a picture so lovely!
    Big Hugs from me...

  32. Kris, you are such an inspiration. Your beautiful things, and the beautiful things you do with them, are such a joy to see. There are a few of them that are quite similar to some of the things I have and you give me hope that someday I can pull them out and put them to good use. I could never hope to have it look as gorgeous as you have though. Your style is what makes it so special..Happy Weekend..Judy

  33. Kris, thank you so much for this post. Your hard work to make your home a cheerful and happy place is evident in these pictures. I like that you stayed true to your style throughout and at every corner there is something special to enjoy. With changes such as job loss, it is so important to keep doing the things we love. You are an inspiration in so many ways. Blessings to your and your family.

  34. Lovely finds - your home is beautiful. x Karen

  35. Love the addition to the powder room door! Your home is beautiful and I bet you smile every morning when you walk into all those pretty rooms! I love when someone falls in love with their home as you've done. Home is my happy place. :)

  36. You do have some of the best chippy salvage. I wouldn't call it junk but thanks for linking up to my Junky Link Party. Have a great day.

  37. Your favourite things definitely made me smile too Kris. Love them all. What a credit to you and Terry :)
    I have pinned and I'm also delighted to feature this post at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow. Thank you for sharing xx

  38. It's so true that recognizing what your favorite things are and surrounding yourself with those things makes you happy. I'd love to see your house in person!!

  39. All of your featured items are so sweet! No wonder they're your favorites and make you smile! Love how they are so artfully displayed too! Hugs, Leena

  40. All of your featured items are so sweet! No wonder they're your favorites and make you smile! Love how they are so artfully displayed too! Hugs, Leena