Powder Room Spruce Up

Hi Everyone.  Hope your week is going well.

I got home from my mom's in Florida and the treatment she will begin with the Cancer Center  sounds very encouraging.  Thank you for all your powerful prayers and good wishes.  So appreciated.

As you know we had a whirlwind moving into this place and getting almost every room painted and updated in less than a month.  So we quickly went through a lot of the rooms.  I have my powder room on the first level and we painted and hung some of my chippy pieces, but I still was not real happy with it.

I did not like the builder model faux marble sink and backsplash in this powder room bath.  Terry has some butcher block pieces of wood in the garage so I asked him if he could make some kind of new counter top for the vanity out of the wood. He said why yes I can!!!!! So awesome this man!

So here is the before shots:

Little Cooper photo bomber watching my every move as I took pics of the powder room.

Here is the sink top.  Just a builder faux marble beige sink top and they took some pieces to make the backsplash.

Nothing exciting about this vanity top.  I really did not like the color.  The vanity top had a darker cream color with lots of yellow.  Just did not like it against my light gray walls and chippy whites in there.

Here is how it looked this morning after taking down the back splash and counter top.  You can see the damage to the walls where the back splash pieces were.

I was hoping to show you the reveal today but with the damage to the walls we are needing to do a little more repair than expected.  Lots of spackle and sanding involved!

Terry has been working on that task and so far so good.  

We are taking off to spend a couple of days at my daughters to watch these two angels.  Abby is excited that we will be having a sleep over at her house.

We only live about 20 minutes from them but my SIL is working a 48 hour shift at the fire department and my daughter is working two very long days starting tomorrow.  So it will be easier if we just move in there for a few days to watch the girls.

Abby already has games lined up and movies to watch at the sleep over party.

I promise we will get back to this bathroom Saturday and I hope to have pictures up on Sunday or Monday to show you the reveal.

Have a great rest of the week everyone.
Hugs to all of you and again thank you so much for the best wishes and prayers for my mom.


  1. GOOD MORNING, Sunshine! Give that Terry a "HELLO" for me, and tell him he rocks, OK? Our men are amazing. They are superheros, our heros. What a man, what a guy! I can't wait to see how your new countertop is going to look!

    Have a fabulous time with the girls. I love that idea of you both going over for a sleep over instead of the other way around......that is hilarious!

    Much love to you. Glad to hear your mom is comfortable.

  2. Hi Kris, I am so glad that things are working out for your Mom. Cross our fingers, right? I get what you mean by the vanity it will look a lot better with the touches that you and hubby will give it. I should say more than a few touches. lol Have a great time with the grands! xx Jo

  3. Kris, happy to hear your trip for your mom was good. The vanity is going to be awesome, can't wait to see it. Have fun with those adorable grand babies.

  4. What beautiful children! Enjoy your sleepover!

  5. Happy your trip sounds promising. I can't wait to see the bath finished. How cute that Abby has plans for you when you are there. How couldn't anyone want to spend time with those faces.


  6. Your two angels are adorable...I know you'll enjoy your time with them. I'm also glad your mom's treatment sounds promising. I will continue to pray for her.
    As for that vanity...ugh. I'd rip it out too. Yay for Terry - he's awesome. I can't wait to see the new countertop! It's going to be fantastic and perfect for your space.

  7. Glad to hear you Mom's process is promising. What fun to stay with your grand babies for a couple days. I hope Cooper gets to go along for the fun?
    I'm sure your bathroom will be just another show room when your talented husband and you get through with it

  8. Off to a great start! Have fun this with the sweeties!

  9. Happy to hear your good news about your mom! Enjoy your time with those precious girls. Looking forward to seeing what magic Terry will conjure in your powder room.

  10. Kris, I know that bathroom is going to be wonderful. I am excited you get to be with your sweet babies. Abby is looking so adorable with her new sibling. Get all the hugs you can and kiss Abby little nose for me. She has a little dimpled chin like our Emma. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie

  11. I am glad to hare that your mom's news is encouraging. Prayers continued...Have a wonderful time soaking up those babies! They are adorable! Can't wait to see the bathroom. I just know it's going to be fabulous!

  12. Good Morning Kris
    I will keep praying for your sweet Mom*** How is Cooper doing? I can't wait to see your bathroom done over with the wood counter, I just know it will look amazing***
    Have fun with your adorable Granddaughters Kris

  13. Very happy to hear encouraging news about your mom. Prayers for you all.

  14. Good news about your mom, Kris! Can't wait to see the powder room!
    Hugs, Jody ♥

    1. Thank you sweet Jody. Have a great week and wonderful week end.

  15. Of course Terry will create something perfect for your house.

  16. what a guy!!! can't wait to see the new vanity. So sorry about your Mom and happy to see things are promising. xo

  17. Your 2-day play date with the grands will be so much fun! And you'll probably think of a few more future touches for home. I will look forward to seeing what your powder room reveal shows because when we sold our house back home to our son and future d-i-l, the master bathroom had that kind of material for counter and 2 sink combo. And I've learned that part of the plans for their revamping it is to do exactly what y'all are--take that out and use wood for a new counter, this time with only one pretty sink set in it. Can't wait to see theirs and yours!

    I'm so glad that everything is planned for the very best treatment for your mother. Prayers continuing for her.

  18. Hi Kris, glad the plans for your mom seem promising. Have a wonderful time with the littles, as I know you will. Can't wait to see the reveal as I'm sure it will be something that you love and, therefore, beautiful..Happy Week..xxoJudy

  19. I am praying for your mom. Look forward to seeing how the new countertop will look.

  20. Of course your hubby will make your bathroom vanity top just perfect and I can't wait to see it. Enjoy the time with your grands!!!

  21. Is there anything Terry can't do??! What a guy!

    That's wonderful that your mom's treatment sounds encouraging. I will continue my or ayers for a full recovery.

    Enjoy those darling grandkids Kris! We have ours for the week. Keeps us young :).


  22. I am so happy to hear that the treatment for your Mom looks good. I think the prayers have been answered.

    Enjoy your time with your two beautiful little granddaughters. You will have a ball.

    Cooper is not going to let you out of his sight - he loves you and Terry.

    Looking forward to seeing the final results of your powder room.

    Glad you back safe and sound at home.


  23. Kris,
    Prayers work ... What wonderful news that your Moms continual treatment is promising. The snapshot of your Grands is precious and have fun on your sleep over. Cooper will enjoy it too - a doggie reunion for him. Never seen butcher block used for a sink countertop, sounds very unique. I know it will look amazing.
    Sending my love,

  24. You do know that after repairing the walls, they'll have to be RE-PAINTED! LOL! You just can't get away from that paintbrush! I know what you mean however. Those builder vanities/sinks are so boring! Can't wait to see the new vanity! Have a great time with your two darling grand daughters! I'm sure they'll be thrilled to have the two of you there! Fun fun fun! Hugs, Leena

  25. You've been keeping your husband very busy! Ha! It's so nice to be able to do the work yourselves. You know it's getting done right and on your terms. The bathroom makeover is going to look great when it's done. I hope you're enjoying yourself with your grandchildren right now. I hope that your mom continues to receive the best care possible for her cancer too. I'm sure this is a difficult time right now.

  26. Kris,
    Your "love" stamp continues on your new home! Can't wait for the powder room reveal!! Have a wonderful time with those beautiful granddaughters!

  27. Oh my...that tiny pouty lip on Charlotte! I know Abby is thrilled to have you two over for the weekend. What fun!
    Looking forward to the reveal.:)
    xo, T.

  28. That's encouraging news about your mom. I'll continue to send love and prayers. Can't wait to see the new bathroom! Enjoy your sleepover. I know you will all have a blast! xoxo

  29. I know your powder room will be fabulous when it's all finished Kris, and I'm so looking forward to seeing it. Enjoy your time with those sweet grandkids!

  30. Glad to hear the news for your mum is promising. Gosh, can't believe that Terry... isn't he a marvel!! Looking forward to seeing that reveal when you get back from looking after the grandies. Have fun :)
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne xx

  31. Good News! Thank you for the update!! I will continue to pray.
    Have a fun time with the grandkids. Just love the photo. So sweet.

  32. I bet that counter top was not that color originally. They tend to turn color over the years. Mine was white but got creamier and creamier as time went on. So glad you were able to be there for your mom and for those two babies. Praying for you.

  33. Hi Kris,

    Happy to hear the good news about your mom; all the very best!

    Spending time with one's grands surely is superior to tackling the next diy project; there's nothing like smiles and giggles and hugs to spruce up one's soul!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  34. So glad you are content with your mother's planned treatment. I hope all goes well. Can't wait to see what you two divto transform the powder room.

  35. So glad you are content with your mother's planned treatment. I hope all goes well. Can't wait to see what you two divto transform the powder room.

  36. Love the look of your powder room ♥


  37. Your bathroom counter top sounds wonderful. It must be so nice to have such a willing and handy helper in the house, lol. Hope you enjoyed the precious time with your family, and I'm happy to hear the encouraging news about your mom.

  38. The power of positive prayers in numbers are answered... Yet I am sure you are still worried as you should be, will keep your mom in powerful pray of well being.
    As for the powderroom make over, it's another project that will be exciting to see its unveiling, and the unique beauty you have added.
    We just suffered another great fire here in our part of Southern Calif, where I am sure your husbands services would have been of great service and knowledge. We evacuated over 80,000, the smoke was horrific in our Oak Hills area, with friends loosing their businesses and homes. I have a few personal close friends who have nothing to return to but starting over. We had no access escape route but to wait it out. And if leaving this mountain that normally takes less then an hours drive due to the freeway closure the detouring route took 7 hours.
    Fires here are apart of our dry hot summers and never welcomed.

    Well my dear, brighter things ahead of us with bloggers sharing all over the states the beauty in home designs and art they create.
    Thank you for your visit, always a joy to read your comments.


  39. Sweet photo! Oh it's going to look fabulous!

  40. Oh, I've been patching walls this weekend as well, so we did the same thing even if we're miles apart... and an ocean apart!

  41. Seems every time we think we are going to do a quick re-do, we end up patching something or other, too. Bet your wooden top will be just what you want....and so glad to hear the encouraging words on your mama....have fun with those little beauty girls..xo

  42. Hi Kris..
    Im so sorry to hear about your mom. I will keep her and your family in my prayers. And hugs to you as I'm sure it's been very difficult for you. I'm so glad that you could be there with there for a time. It must have been a great comfort to her to have you there!
    I look forward to seeing the finished work in your powder room! And that Cooper.. what a sweet dog.
    Staying with grand babies is such a joy and how wonderful that you live so close now!

    Hugs and a Happy Monday to you,

  43. Hope you had fun with the girls...I know you did...and sending prayers for your mom's treatment with a great result.

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