Happy Week End And Big Big Thank You's!

Happy Week End.  Our weather here in Chicago has been gorgeous.  Low 70's and beautiful breezes coming in the windows.

I said this many times and it is so true there are the best peeps in Blog Land.  Since I started blogging awhile ago I have met and become friends with so many wonderful bloggers.  It is amazing how this land of blogging brings complete strangers together in friendship.

  I wanted to show you a few things I received in my Happy Mail this week.

The sweet little witch mouse I got from my friend Judy at Gold Country Cottage.  Judy and I have become friends through blogging and I adore her and her blog.  I was admiring her little witch mouse on a post she recently put up on her blog and she went ahead and sent me her sister.  Oh my gosh the sweetness of Judy gifting me this mouse.  This mouse is so adorable and whimsical.  She will be perfect when I start my fall decor.
 Thank you Judy.
  Love her Judy.  Thank you xxoo.
I have to share a funny story about my phobia with spiders.  I can take snakes, mice, you name it but am so afraid of spiders.  My answer to seeing a spider in the house is to "burn the house down!!!"  I know they are so great and do so many wonderful things in nature but I am just so afraid of them.  So I have to say the little spider on my new witch will stay and I will not burn the house down!!!!  I think this will be the only spider allowed in my house!!!!!

Celeste from Southern Day Dreams blog is one of the most creative souls and does beautiful hand made treasures.  Recently she had a blog post here on her newest pumpkin treasures for sale in her Etsy site.  I fell in love with so many but decided to buy her small white sweater pumpkins. I know shocker that I would pick WHITE sweater pumpkins lol!!!
 This is the packaging above.  Presentation is everything and Celeste's presentation of my pumpkins purchase was amazing.  She had this cute little thank you card along with some sweet tea and halloween tags she made on the top of the box.
These are all the sweet treats she attached to the top of the box.  Celeste is such a wonderful artist I have always admired her beautiful hand painted roses.  Look at the pretty Thank you Card with the hand painted rose.  Just so pretty.

Celeste also enclosed this sweet little pumpkin sachet as a thank you for purchasing the set of white sweater pumpkins.  So sweet!
Love the beautiful white sweater pumpkins with their real pumpkin stems.  Celeste these are going to be so pretty in my fall decor.  Thank you thank you mon amiee.  Love them.

Here is the information on Celeste's blog and Etsy shop.  I love to give a shout out to friends in blog land that are talented and I have purchased from.  Celeste does not disappoint.  Please visit her blog and shop to see all the creative pieces she creates from her heart.  I cannot wait to see what she does for Christmas.  I know it will be beautiful.

Have a wonderful Week End.
As we say goodbye to summer :( and start to welcome in fall.  Hope all your decorating will be creative and fun.  I am hanging on to these last few days of summer.  My flowers are still hanging on so I am thinking of fall decor just have not started it yet.

How about you have you started to decorate for fall?

Thank you sweet Judy and Celeste.  I love my treasures.


  1. Love all of your sweet gifts. I feel about rodents the way you feel about spiders. If one gets in the house I just want to move out and leave everything behind :)


  2. Lovely gifts. Sounded just like Judy!! I don't know the other woman.
    Hope you have a great weekend too. Here's been very hot and humid this last week, thankfully it's not that humid anymore.
    Love Elzie

  3. Oh, that little mouse has my heart! Judy is very sweet, I love her blog. And Celeste, too. The pumpkins are precious. I'm going to have a peek at her shop. I think sometimes that the packaging is almost a sweet as the gift! It takes talent make such a wonderful presentation!

    Happy Weekend! No fall decorating yet but I'm mentally doing it! lol!


  4. Hi Kris, Oh I just love the sweet witch mouse that Judy sent you. I just adore her too. She is one of the dearest bloggers and so very talented. Thank you also for the shout out to me and my little shop. I am humbled by your words and I am so glad those sweater pumpkins will live with you. It was a joy to send them to you!!

    Wishing you a great weekend and happy almost fall. I can't wait to see your home decorated for the season.

  5. Oh that adorable little witch mouse is the cutest thing ever! Kris, the sweater pumpkins are just wonderful! I will have to visit Judy and Celeste!
    I have two places that look like fall in my home, that's it! It's still very much summer outdoors here in Texas!
    Happy fall sweet friend~

  6. Still quite hot here. I can't wait for your daily temps! Bloggers are the most generous souls.

  7. We are having cool and wet weather right now and LOVE IT...90's for next week....
    I agree how sweet bloggers are...I've never ran across any of them that weren't as sweet as they could be. I am on my way to take a look at her shop...xo

  8. The mouse and pumpkins are darling and already look great in your home

  9. Good morning, Kris!!!! Where do I begin....well, we are supposed to get HOT weather again this coming week and this weekend has been beautiful as well so far! I have been very warm, so fall doesn't feel too close yet! I am on the hunt for little white pumpkins but I can't find any anywhere! I am in this "in between" state of late summer and NO fall, so it's hard to transition, decorating wise.....

    But white is the best go-to source for ideas, and Celeste's pumpkins are great! HAVE FUN!

  10. Good Morning Kris
    What sweet gifts you received this week. That mouse is adorable*** Love those sweater pumpkins so much. My husband and I found a pumpkin stem at Home Depot the other day and I brought it home. I see these gorgeous pumpkins on pinterest all the time and really want to try and make one. I am sure yours will be decorated for Fall in the prettiest way*
    enjoy your day Kris

  11. Blog friends are the best! Love those sweater pumpkins - I'll be heading over to check out Celeste's shops. It's been gorgeous here the last week - rain today, though. I always hate when summer ends :(

  12. Oh how I agree, this world of blogging is indeed a very special one. Since I started the blog less than two years ago, I too have met so many fantastic people, but not just that, so many helpful people. I have been quite overwhelmed by the support and friendship I have received around the world. Bravo for blogging!

  13. The mouse is so cute, Kris! I love her spiderweb outfit and her little hat. What a sweet gift! The pumpkins are wonderful too. Everything is just perfect for your fall decoration.
    Have a lovely Sunday and a wonderful week!

  14. Hi Kris,
    I adore Celeste and her art is always genuinely pretty and from the heart. She is a favorite of mine. I think your little mouse will bring smiles to your home, mice have a way of doing that! I am not familiar with Judy, I will check out her blog. Enjoy your Sunday!

  15. Love the little mouse! I also have a fear of spiders!Chills go up and down my spine! I have never seen the movie ARACHNOPHOBIA!

  16. Hello Kris, I love your cute witch and those sweater pumpkins are great and will look beautiful in your home. It's always fun to receive that kind of mail. Enjoy everything and have a great week.

  17. What great treasures from Judy & Celeste, Kris! I love them, and have also enjoyed the fruits of Celeste's creativity from her shop. Finding out about creative spirits through blogger friends is the best. Like you, my daughter would just as soon burn the house as to look at a spider. Good thing you're each married to firemen, lol. Have a great week.

  18. Love them! What wonderful treats. Thanks for sharing...Happy Sunday to you! Leticia

  19. So meny pretty things in your letter box. Even that spider is cute!

  20. I love Celeste, her blog and her creations are such romantic. Wonderful, gorgeous treasures
    HUgs Alessandra

  21. Hi Kris! Oh that little witch mouse is adorable - aren't bloggers some of the sweetest of all sweethearts? Yourself included!!! I have been around blogland lately, but once again there is a glitch with my Kindle (what I use for checking out my favorite blogs and I can't leave any comments. I usually don't sit down at the desk top unless I am writing a blog post, but I can comment from there. Hopefully I will figure it out soon. Jane

  22. all so pretty and cute!!

  23. I love it all, so sweet.
    I agree, blog land is full of great friends. I appreciate you.
    Love, Carla

  24. Aren't bloggers the very best! What sweet thoughts and happy mail! :D
    I have not started decorating for autumn yet. As a matter of fact, I put together one last tablescape for summer! I'll post about it tomorrow, I think (before the official start of fall).


  25. You are so right Kris. I have met so many special bloggers that have become friends and I feel that I have known them for so long.

    Yes, Celeste, is amazing - she makes so may beautiful items. The pumpkins are beautiful and I love the little mouse that July made you - she is so cute.

    Have a wonderful fall in Chicago and enjoy the warm temps.


  26. low 70's wow...you fall is really starting. We have been in the low to mid 80s for a couple of weeks. But yesterday and today slammed with 98 and 99, yet doesn't seem that hot. Love your little witch mouse. I haven't done fall decorating for about 8 years with the exception of decorating our porch for the tricker treaters. Both my hubby and I so enjoy the kiddos. The last few years I have pulled a chair up to the entry and left the door open so that my hubby could see all the kiddos too. I will enjoy seeing all the bloggers décor and live it through them. Glad all appears to be well in the Midwest. Oh BTW, I think I have finally found a bike that I can put in my backyard to compliment my junk garden. It is PINK!Your sense of style is always so inspiring for me. Picking it up in the morning. I will have to pin one of your posts to remind me how to cover it with flowers in the spring.

  27. You sure received some lovely gifts! I know you treasure each one of them. I haven't started decorating for fall quite yet. I keep hoping it'll cool down a bit, but I think we have another month of summer left. :)

  28. How much fun is it to be receiving a box then sending one. I think Celestine---enjoys both ends of the process. Great post, and such adorable, 'made with love' gifts. Sandi

  29. Glad you are enjoying generous weather! Have a lovely week ahead ♥


  30. Well, Kris, I finally get a round to thanking you for your friendship and your kind words. I'm so glad you love the little witchy mouse. I was just thinking if I could get that spider off of mine after Halloween, as I think she is cute enough to leave out all year.So with just the smallest touch of the scissors that spider could be gone and then we would have "twins" again. Your little white pumpkins from Celestina are adorable. She really is a talent and I love her blog. You deserve all the kindness in the world so I was glad to send 'sister' on to you. Have a wonderful week..xxoJudy

  31. Lots of fun goodies...so much talent out there! Yes, I'm decorating for fall...there are already leaves turning and falling!

  32. What beautiful gifts! Perfect for your home and your fall decorations! I haven't started mine yet, but like you, have been giving it some thought. I'm really not quite sure when fall arrives down here. When we were house hunting last October, it was still pretty warm, but I think I will start the first of October.We're hoping that there are a lot of kids for Halloween since we love to decorate the outside for them! Enjoy your new treasures! Hugs, Leena

  33. Such beautiful treasures! Celeste is truly amazing! She has so much creative talent. I'm glad you're enjoying cooler temps! We are still miserable here...high 90's daily and yesterday the heat index was 107*. It's too hot and humid to be outside and I am so anxious to be able to do just that! I have a few things I'm decorating with but it's kind of hard to get in the mood even though I love fall.

    Have a wonderful week!

  34. Happy Mail is the best! I saw Judy's mouse witch and loved it, too. And your sweet sweater pumpkins are perfect for you. Blog friends "get us" better than some of our home friends, I think. LOL
    Enjoy your week, Kris! And btw, I've returned to blogging at last. I know this makes your day. ;)
    xoxo, T.

  35. You received some cute things! That mouse is adorable. I'm scared of spiders too. I've never understood how people can decorate the inside of their house for Halloween with webs and spiders. I know they're fake but it would make me cringe looking at it all day. Ha!

  36. Celeste is a favorite of mine too. She is always supporting my blog and her talent is amazing. I adore the little witch mo use too. I have a HUGE Phobia of spiders. I can kill anything else but spiders I freak. Then I have to make sure they are gone big time.


  37. The pumpkins are beautiful and perfect for you Kris! Love the little mouse too.
    p.s. I hate spiders too!

  38. I love the pumpkins and the sweet little mice.

    You are always so generous so it's no surprise that people sent you such sweet gifts.

  39. Hey Kris! Well YOU are certainly one of the nicest people in blogland and so deserving of the nice gifts! All so pretty! No, I have not decorated for fall... it's still in the 90's here and hard to get in the mood... I might buy a pumpkin for the porch this weekend.. who knows ;) I hope you have a great weekend! and thanks for stopping by my blog.. I hope to be more consistent... hopefully.

  40. Hey Kris! Well YOU are certainly one of the nicest people in blogland and so deserving of the nice gifts! All so pretty! No, I have not decorated for fall... it's still in the 90's here and hard to get in the mood... I might buy a pumpkin for the porch this weekend.. who knows ;) I hope you have a great weekend! and thanks for stopping by my blog.. I hope to be more consistent... hopefully.

  41. Kris,
    Celeste has the best heart, and is such a talented and gentle soul too. Aren't we so blessed to know her.
    Love your sweet pumpkins and even though it is still in the 90's in my neck of the woods-I decorate for Fall with a with happy heart!

  42. That mouse is just about the cutest thing ever! How lucky are you to receive such a sweet treasure!

    I feel the same way about snakes so let's make a deal...if I see a snake you can come over and kabong it and I'll return the favor if you find a spider :).

  43. Beautiful beautiful pictures. Just my style.
    Love the white and simple.

    Beautiful day

  44. Good morning dearest Kris! Thanks my dear for coming to visit my blog post! Now, if only I could find the magazine here in Minneapolis! NO ONE seems to carry this mag!!!!!!!!

  45. Hi Kris, nice to meet you! Thank you so much for visiting from Anita's post and leaving such a nice comment!
    Like you, I haven't done Fall decorating yet unless you count the pink pumpkin I bought... I cling to summer
    until the end of September... then I give Fall one month before I begin on Christmas : )

    Such lovely things to receive in the mail.... what a joy it must have been to open these treasures!!!

    Oh my, I love your header, such beautiful photos and white goodness!!!!
    ~ Violet

  46. Lovely sweet gifts! Let me just say too that you are so good at keeping up with all your blogging friends, Kris. You have such a kind heart and generous spirit in taking the time to support and encourage others...it means a lot!
    Mary Alice

  47. How sweet. Blogging friends are the best. That little mouse is just too cute.

  48. Such wonderful things that you have received....the mouse is adorable....and Celeste is such a remarkable talent!....