Let The Holidays Begin!

Hi Everyone
Hope your Turkey Day was wonderful.  We certainly have a lot to be thankful for in this family and it was nice to join hands and eat delicious  food around our family table.

Now it is onto the down hill slide into Christmas!

I wanted to show you this cute and  inexpensive advent calendar idea.

Target had these advent calendars with chocolates inside each little door for $2.50.

Target had all sorts of different designs.

My youngest daughter's boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan so I got this one to make for him.

Abby my 6 year old granddaughter is into Trolls so this one was a cute choice for her.

Every year I make each of my two daughters, SIL and now grand girls an advent calendar that I give them at Thanksgiving.  It is just a fun little tradition we have.  So each year I try to make a craft out of the advent calendars I give them.

I also found this cute Hersey Kisses Calendar at Cracker Barrel.  My daughter loves Hersey's kisses so this one was a cute choice for her.  Love that she gets a little kiss of chocolate each day of advent.

I got these tiny clothes pins with gold and silver glitter on them in the dollar bins at Target.  Gotta love those dollar bins at Target!

I took Elmer's glue and put a strip of glue on each little advent door.

I then added a glitter clip to each of the windows of the advent calendar.  This way I can add something personal to each day and clip it on with the glitter clips.  Each day you get a chocolate inside the window with a little message or toy attached on the outside too.  Just makes these cute little chocolate advent calendars a little more personal and fun.

For my daughters and SIL I added a $1 lottery ticket on each of the windows.
My adult kids love the lottery ticket scratch offs along with a yummy chocolate each day.

I used these fun crackers that you pop open to reveal a small prize on Abby's Troll Advent.  She loves to pop these open to see what fun little prize she got for the day.

These Advent Calendars are just a fun little way to give a sweet treat to your loved ones each day until Christmas.

Now on to another fun item to show you.

I wanted to show you a cute little party favor I did for each of the girls coming to my girlfriend party next week.

I got these cute tote bags at TJ Maxx for 99 cents.  Just adorable and each girl will have a sweet tote to take home all the goodies from the party.  Oh la la just too fun and cute!

I just rolled them up and tied them off with some white ribbon.

Easy Peasy cute 99 cent favor to give each girlfriend at the party.
Some of the sweet tote bags they have out at HomeGoods and TJ Maxx this year are just adorable.  I like to use recycle bags when I go shopping so these are not only eco friendly but super cute.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now let the shopping, wrapping, baking begin!!!!
Have a great week as we head into the festive days ahead.


  1. Kris, You are so well organized..I admire you. The calendars are so cute and clever. I also love those tote bags. I will be looking for those at our near by TJ Maxx. We had a fabulous day yesterday...although not all our family was present. Our circle of hands joined in prayer too. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  2. Love your ideas! I love the girlfriend tote bag idea so much. It's fun to gift your good friends with something but those gifts really add up. This I can do. :)

  3. Hi Kris, It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's a sweet idea to spruce up the advent calendars with some extra goodies. Your family will have fun with them. The totes you bought for your girlfriend party are very pretty.
    Have a fabulours weekend!
    Hugs to you and some ear cuddles for sweet Mr. Cooper

  4. LOVE that tradition, Kris! What a fun thing to do. I always buy a 'matching' little Christmas decor item for each of our families for the Christmas season and I usually give it to them at Christmas. This year I started doing it on our Christmas Walk (Saturday before Thanksgiving) that way they can have/use it for the whole holiday season.
    Your girlfriend party looks like so much fun. I swear I am gonna move right next door to you just so I can be at that party. lol I know you all wear pjs, right? Anyone ever show up in a negligee? lol
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend- I hope to decorate this weekend-if I don't end up 'flying'down to Indiana! We'll see........xo Diana

  5. You sure come up with the cutest ideas, Kris!
    The ladies will love their bags and the cracker idea for Abby is a neat idea too.

  6. Dear Kris the love and kindness you grace family and friends with is extraordinary, you truly are an earth angel.

  7. Hi Kris! So many cute ideas,- love the customizing of the advent calendars. Neat idea. Marshalls/TJMax have such great bags. You sure can't beat the price. Hope you have a great weekend of Christmas preps. Jane

  8. Good Morning Kris
    I give my daughters those chocolate advent calendars also but I never thought of making them so cute the way you did. I guess I am going to Target in the next few days to get those cute clothes pins. Such a great idea with the lottery tickets. Have a great weekend Kris
    love that tote bag too***

  9. What cute ideas, Kris! I don't know where you've found the time to not only scout all the pieces, but to craft them too....your kids surely appreciate your gestures of love! And for them all to be so personalized.....very thoughtful. Love your totes for the party guests too.

  10. Oh what a fun idea! I'll have to remember that when I get grands. Love the cute tote too! Hm, a girlfriend party....that sounds fun!

  11. You must have a clone Kris. Be honest. One person couldn't possibly do everything you manage to do, and with ease too!

    I adore that tote!

  12. So many cut and clever ideas. The calendars are very pretty
    Hugs Alessandra

  13. Cute ideas! You are always so thoughtful. xx Jo

  14. I love your advent calendar ideas! I still give my boys those chocolate advent calendars every year and I'm loving your idea of adding lottery scratch offs to it! Happy holidays!

  15. Hi Kris. I am just catching up and I absolutely LOVE the scratch off idea for an advent calendar. I will be using that for my oldest son this year so thank you friend! All of these ideas are great ones. Your family is so lucky to have such a thoughtful mom/grandma.

  16. you are such a crafty and very imaginative lady.....love all these cute ideas. My oldest son uses the advent calendar I made for him when he was little for his two girls. I love that he carried on the tradition. happy day to you Kris...xoxo

  17. What a clever idea, Kris! I must remember this idea for my grandson once he's a little older. Your girlfriends are going to love their totes - who wouldn't want to go shopping sporting one of those! Have a great week :)

  18. Hello Kris, I am way behind answering but hope to catch up, I love these advent calendars they very cool.

    Wonderful tote bags, so chic and 99 cents how do you beat that.


  19. Oh how I love those bags...perfect for your Party of BFF's!!!

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