Meaningful Signs

Happy Sunday my friends.
I am just enjoying going into the new year with renewed hope and inspiration.

I am not a big fan of the months of January and February in the Midwest.  So cold and not too much going on. To fight the winter blues I am hoping to start some projects for the new year.

Probably nothing real big but little projects to brighten up the cottage over the winter months.

I was looking around my home and realized I have a collection of beautiful sayings and signs in my decor.  Thought I would share a few with you today
This is probably my favorite saying I put on the staircase wall up stairs.  Each morning this saying greets me to start my day.
Good message to start each day with.

Another sweet sign I have in my living room.
I like to think of my home as a cozy nest.  So anytime I can find a nesting sign I will put it somewhere in my home.

Always need a chippy cottage sign!

I have this one over my nightstand in our bedroom.

Even my refrigerator chalk board has a sign.

Even my plates have a pretty message.

This sign was gifted to me by a dear friend for a house warming gift.  

My tea mug that greets me each morning.

A wonderful reminder to see each day.
I want to make a few change ups to my guest bedroom and also the master bedroom and bath.    I find it amazing that sometimes little changes make the biggest difference in your decor.
So as winter marches on I hope to get a little decor bling going here soon.
Have a great week ahead.


  1. Kris, You do have some awesome signs and I love the way you have them displayed. Some I have not seen before. The little "les fleurs" it. Oh course count your blessings a great one. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your signs are beautiful, Kris. That love sign really is amazing.

    We have quite a few also and I'm planning to get a few more (or maybe dare to make them) when we get in our new house.

  3. I love your signs Kris, my favourite has to be 'you have my whole heart for my whole life'. So sweet! Take care xx

  4. Pretty words...can we ever have too many? NO! ;)
    Have a great day, Kris.
    xoxo, T.

  5. Kris, they are beautiful and so meaningful. Yor home always looks amazing.

    Looks like everyone in the country is getting very different weather. Thank God has answered our prayers in CA as we are getting beautiful rain and I am loving it.

    Have a terrific week.


  6. What uplifting quotes on your signs. You cup made me smile.

  7. Your signs are such beautiful and your collection is great
    Hugs Alessandra

  8. You have a lot of lovely signs with great sayings and good reminders as you greet each day, Kris.
    Mary Alice

  9. I love signs, too, Kris! Yours are wonderful...and I love how you have used them!

  10. I love them all. Can't pick a favorite. You decorate so beautifully with them too.

  11. bei DIR schaut ja schon der FRÜHLING aus
    bei uns liegt einen halben METER der SCHNEE...
    ich freue mich auf den FRÜHLING
    bis bald die BIRGIT

  12. Beautiful signs Kris, signs, signs everywhere a sign or however that song goes. You always bring beauty into your home with meaningful prettiness displayed. Reminders or life affirmations they serve you well in your lives journey of kindness. Always enjoy a visit to your loving nest.

  13. Hi,
    I like the sign above your nightstand. ♥
    I like your idea to have the signs thru out our homes to remind us.
    I have quotes around my home and a bulletin board by my desk that has all my favorite quotes.

  14. I love all the signage in your house, Kris. You have lots of signs but they are parceled out in different parts of the house so you don't really notice how many there are. Love them!!
    Happy Winter to you--you and I are just alike- the beach is calling my name and I wish I were in the south this time of we are so we make the best of it.
    Hope you have a great week. xo Diana

  15. I love all your signs!!! Each one so special The verses from Galatians is my favorite.

  16. I didn't know you had so many signs. They really say something about the people living in the home!

    I'm not a fan of January to March at all. But at my age I'll take all the time I can get! lol!

    Jane x

  17. Good morning Kris! The things we say....I've often wanted to put together a collection of great quotes because these snippets of thought are such great ways to remember during the course of the day, who we are, what we stand for, what move to make in a given situation.

    Lovely décor, HAVE FUN making a new project!

  18. Your home says so much about the things you love with your signs, Kris. I just love the one on your staircase wall with the wreath hanging next to it. So pretty! This cold spell is the perfect time to make some changes. Stay warm!

  19. Hi Kris, you are such a positive lady and I love that about you. Having signs around the house sure can hit you at certain times of the day, when you really need them. Have a wonderful new week.
    xx Jo

  20. Good Morning Kris
    I adore all of your sweet signs*** have fun with your new projects!

  21. I too have signs all over the house. I was just thinking back and I don't recall my childhood home having any signs. It's definitely a decorating trend that I like.

  22. My mind has been on little projects for our cottage, too, Kris. I love your uplifting signs, showing the love and gratitude you not only feel, but exhibit to others. Enjoy this new week in our charming cottage. xo

  23. Love all of your signs, Kris. I need to go through some things and pare down. It will hope fully keep my busy for a few days. xo Laura

  24. Hi Kris..
    Your signs are so charming and warm. I like them all! There are a lot of gray cold says in Jan/Feb. It's good that you have some projects to enjoy to hurry them by a little.. Have a wonderful, inspiring week working on them.

    Tamara xo

  25. All beautiful signs! I think of my home as a cozy nest too and love "nesting" signs as well. :) Happy Monday!

  26. Oh, Kris - I just adore this awesome white post-Christmas/ Winter post!

    You have such a lovely collection of white things, I think I left drool on my keyboard!

    Hope your new year is full of joy and laughter and good health and peace! Hugs!

  27. Love all your pretty signs. Even without snow, January and February are just somewhat dreary. I use this time to purge and plan projects. Fortunately we do get some really nice day mixed in so that helps.

  28. Changing things up is always invigorating. I can't wait to see.

  29. I have a soft spot for quotes and typography in my home too. All your signs are beautiful but I'm swooning over those gorgeous French plates! Where did you get them, Kris?

    1. Thanks so much Kris, I'll keep my eyes peeled for them here in Canada!

  30. All the writings are so beautiful.. :)

  31. I'm not a fan of Jan or Feb, either. Blah. Your signs add a lot of warmth to your home - perfect inspiration for cold winter months!

  32. I agree January and February are just Blahh!! I can say that too as I am a January baby...LOL!
    It's always nice to have inspiration to get us through these cold days as we count down to Spring :)

  33. Hi Kris. Your sweet cottage nest displays all things that make you who you are. Great words to live by. I'm in between computer break-downs..Have a wonderful night..xxoJudy

  34. I am a big fan of signs and words, too. I really do find solace and inspiration in the words. Love your collection!! xoxo

  35. Great words that we should all live by. Kris. xo

  36. is the one on your stairway a decal..? I am thinking of putting one on the wall by our basement stairway...want to paint all the walls first, tho.

  37. You can tell a lot about a person by the words that inspire them, and there's no real surprises here ;).

    If it gets too dreary for you, I'll keep a light on fer ya'.


  38. Such a cute post. We have plates with words too, and I like that you put them in there on the list. xoxo Su

  39. You have some really great signs and sayings....the first one is my favorite.

  40. Your signs are all so pretty, as is your whole house! Love the trellis window hanging on the wall too! ~ Angie

  41. Words can be very inspiring...and what a sweet cottage nest themed home you have...I want that trellis window and you have to stop finding these treasures before I do!

  42. Lovely photos Kris wooooooo so inspiriring.

    Nice day

  43. You have some wise words on your signs and each sign fits perfetly in your home.

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