Angel's Spa Retreat

This is Grace my special angel that Terry gifted to me about 5 years ago.

I found a wonderful artist Cathy from Cheswick Company and found that she creates these beautiful one of a kind angels.   Terry gifted this one to me and through the years I have added a few more of Cathy's angels to my collection.  

Grace just returned home from having a spa retreat out East at Cathy's studio.  Her hair and wings were in need of some care.  Over the years like anything else some things can fade and yellow and need a little up keep.  Grace got a new hairdo and some new wings.  Cathy uses lambs wool for their hair and natural feathers for wings.  Love Grace's soft curls.  Cathy also finds vintage christening gowns for each angel.  

This is Hope,  Grace's younger sister. Hope came into my collection a few years ago.

Hope adorns my Christmas tree each year.

This is Faith my Harvest Angel I got from Cathy a few years back.

I love Faith's sweet vintage wool coat and velvet pumpkins.

If you love to sew please visit Cathy at Cheswick or her Etsy to see all the wonderful kits she sells.  On occasion Cathy has finished pieces such as the angels and this sweet little Hare that is up for adoption.  With Easter just around the corner he needs a new home.

Cathy does not compensate me in anyway for this shout out on my blog.   I just like to shop small business and Cathy is a joy and wonderful creative soul.  Love her precious angels.

Have a wonderful Weekend.
I have some fabulous news to share soon.


  1. Grace looks so sweet with her new do and wings! Having pieces that are treasured and destined to become heirlooms warms the heart. Kris your angel collection has special meaning to you and I am glad Graces creator was able to give her a refresh. She and her angel family are adorable. Enjoy your weekend and celebrate!
    Sending love,

  2. Grace looks lovely after her spa retreat! What sweet little angels. I like the little sweaters and jackets they wear! I will visit the Etsy shop. I like unique, handmade things!


  3. I absolutely adore your angel collection, Kris, and the names make them true friends! I love that little hare the most. I get 1 new bunny every spring...have to check out her shop!

    Jane x

  4. My absolute favorite kind of art: handmade. Darling, one of a kind, made with love. That bunny is SWEET!

  5. I love your angels. Grace looked sweet before and even moreso now that she's all dolled up again. You need that hare!

  6. Good Morning Kris
    Your Sweet Grace Angel looks fabulous from her spa day. All of your angels are so sweet. Love them
    have the best Sunday Kris

  7. Your angels are all wonderful and I adore Grace's new hairdo.

  8. I love those angels. They are perfect with your shabby white look. Isn't that hare the cutest thing ever? Cathy does great work!

  9. You have the sweetest angel collection. I love that Grace got a spa day!

  10. Hi Kris, back in the 90's when rag dolls were everywhere is was hard to not résist not collecting some favorites. I was so into the bunnies, my mother the dolls of many color. Primitive folkart in style. I adore your angel collection and you will have a great collection to pass down someday that will warm the hearts of those who find them in their hands. I have tucked away a few of my collecting's for just that. I love your bunny, and always take joy in how your grands must love your holiday tree filled with sweet wonderments.


  11. Each angel seems to have a piece of the artist's heart. They are very special.

  12. We girls do love a bit of pampering, angels included! Grace has a lovely new do and her wings are now pristine white. Cathy's dolls are beautiful with their pretty vintage clothing and sweet little seasonal accents.

    In the small town where I grew up, there was a doll hospital on the upper level of a big old house. People would send dolls for repair from all over the country. I never saw the inside of the hospital, but when I was a young child I pictured miniature hospital beds for all the dolls.

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us, Kris!

  13. Your angel collection is precious, Kris. I love how Cathy has given each one such a sweet expression. She's very talented. I checked out her website and Etsy store and find she has a lot of patterns and kits to offer, plus necessary supplies. She has a nice business going. Thanks for sharing. xo

  14. The angels look so at home in your cottage Kris! I will check out Cathy's Etsy shop to see all of her beautiful creations. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  15. Her creations are so lovely with wonderful personalities. There is something so very special about them and their sweet faces. Grace looks renewed and refreshed and very content. I now have to go visit her Etsy to learn more about this artist.


  16. Kris, thank you for sharing this. I have oftened wondered where you got those beautiful angels. She is quite an artist. I ordered the string of 3 gingerbread heart kits. Thought they looked the easiest to make. I love that little bunny and may have to acquire him if this one goes well..I love all your angels and how you display them..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

  17. She looks great with here new hair and wings. You have a fantastic collection.


  18. Each and every one of them is so precious! :)

  19. I love your angels and Grace's new look is handsome
    Hugs Alessandra

  20. I love the expressions on their faces and their adorable outfits - so precious!

  21. Even angels need a spa day now and then! Such sweet faces on the angels and the bunny...the artist shared her heart with you. xoxo

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