Not Goodbye Just See You Soon

I have a heavy heart to write this post this morning.

Life is really kicking in full gear for me right now.

As a lot of you know that follow my blog my husband Terry just got a new Fire Chief Position in a town over an hour North of where we are settled into our current home.

It was two long years of struggle in an employment market full of competition, age discrimination and politics before he landed this new job.  We prayed and stayed faithful something would happen and it finally did.

With the excitement of him getting back into a job he loves,  it now has brought new challenges for us.  We are in the beginning stages of selling our current home to move closer to the community he serves.  

We have had a few showings with very positive feedback so we hope we will find a buyer soon.  Hopefully soon we will be moving onto finding Junk Chic Cottage III.

  The area we will be looking is very expensive and we will probably find something with very small sq. footage for a lot more money.  I am ok with that since I find as I am getting older and hopefully wiser that I need less stuff. 

I had the big house while my girls were growing up and now with it just being Terry and I and little Cooper,  I do not need a lot of space.  I just want cozy and have rooms I actually live in and use.
So that is our goal in the next place.

While all of this stress is going on with selling and buying and moving life has taken another turn for me.

My mom lives in Florida and has become very ill and is having a hard time recovering from pneumonia with her immune system being depressed from her cancer treatments.

This has been so hard with her living in Florida and me up here in Illinois.

This week I will be venturing down to Florida to make sure her release from the hospital and moving into a rehab facility will be an easy transition.  Hoping in rehab she will regain her strength and be able to go back home to her Apartment.

Then the next part of life will be to move my mom back up this way to be near me.  One thing we have learned is when you have an elderly parent that becomes ill you really have to be in their lives on a daily basis.  So I will begin the process of moving her up to Illinois when she is strong enough.

My mom is heartbroken to leave her beautiful year around weather and her friends but she has finally realized that family is important and I can only give her the care she needs if she is up here with me.

My heart is heavy to disrupt her life as she has known it but my mom is 85 years old and her body has been through a rough time with cancer and diabetes so it is time.

My life and family are here in Illinois so she does understand she needs to be closer to all of us now at this point in her life's journey.

I have shared all of this with you today in hopes that you can pray for my mom and for Terry and I as our lives are in transition.

One thing I have learned with all we have been through is family and friends are the most important part of life.  When things seem so bleak they are there to pick you up and cheer you on to the finish line.  

All of you have become very dear friends over the past 6 years I have been blogging on Junk Chic Cottage.  

I have loved getting to know each and everyone of you and am blessed with your friendship.  Sharing your big hearts has blessed my blog and life in so many ways.

So Junk Chic Cottage blog will be taking a short break while my life is moving in a new direction.

I promise I will keep you posted on my journey to finding a new place when our home sells.  Then hopefully will have some before and after decorating crazy to share when we find the new cottage to call home.

I will still visit your sweet blogs when I can it just will be pretty quiet here at Junk Chic Cottage.

Thank you for your prayers, good wishes and hopes of new and better things ahead for us.  Life has a funny way of taking wild twists and turns sometimes.

So while I buckle up and keep my hands and legs inside the ride at all times!!!! I wish the best to all of you.


De personalizing for a Sale

Happy Weekend.  

We are now in the throws of having the house up for sale and people venturing in to see if this home just might be the one they might like to call home.  We did some taking down of my decor of the house for the new buyers.

Our relator told us that most of the peeps looking at this place will be millennial's the younger first time buyers.  They usually cannot see past your decor to imagine their own.  They like things clean and uncluttered and just want to move in their furniture and begin living.  

No painting, change ups of any kind  for this crowd!  

As I learned with our last sale most buyers cannot focus on the hardwood floors, crown moldings, nice appliances  new roof, windows, etc.  They get fixed on your decor style and cannot look past that.  

So with this in mind.

We took down all my chandeliers and put up new light fixtures that would appeal to the majority!
We took down a lot of my architectural pieces to have blank walls.

I did leave up some things so the place would not feel too stark and lets face it... It is still my home until the day I sign on the dotted line to hand it over.  So I want to still feel like it is my home until the one day it is no longer our home.

 I thought I would show you some of the changes we did to make it more buyer friendly.

I had this old chippy window with my white angel hanging on it over this cabinet.  I also had the old porch post with birdhouse hanging.

Now those are down and the walls touched up.  More open and simple and void of my decor taste.  I did leave the entry way hanger and sign up.  I do want it to feel somewhat lived in and not stark with nothing up on the walls.

Living room long wall with all my decor.  I love to surround myself with things I love in my decor.  Especially architectural pieces but that is my taste and I need to appeal to a larger audience looking to make this their home.

Now the room has less of my decor taste.  I did leave up the old farmhouse window and chippy shutters over the couch.  I felt taking it all down would make the white walls and white furniture look to stark.  I still felt the walls needed some texture to break up all the white.  Hoping the buyers can look past my decor taste and see the crown molding and freshly painted neutral walls.

Same in the kitchen and dining area.  Down with the chandeliers  and some of the chippy decor.
New light fixtures put up in place of my vintage chandeliers and more open wall space.  Oops left the phone charger plugged in on the counter.  Woooo better put that away before the first showing lol!!!!!

The dining room has less distractions with stuff off the walls.  I will be packing up my angels and Madonna's and store them away this weekend too.  I will just have plates and ironstone in the cabinet.

I took down the candle chandelier and chippy piece and mantel.

Now the wall is a blank canvas and makes the rooms feel bigger.  Of course Mr. Cooper and his gray blankie will be removed with showings lol!  He was sleeping so soundly when I took pictures I did not have the heart to move him off his favorite napping space!

With a little spackle and paint touch up and getting things packed away I tried to make the space more move in ready for the buyers.  

Since I still live in this home I needed to leave a little bit of me.  

Now let's hope we get some buyers through here that might be able to see themselves living in this home.

Have a great weekend.  It is cold here but the sunshine is streaming in the windows this morning.  Love how bright this place looks when it is a sun filled day.


Cottage Hunting

Happy New Week Everyone.

Thought I would take you on a little tour of some of the possible new cottages we have looked at.

We are putting our home up tomorrow for sale and as soon as we get it sold we will definitely be making a bid on a new cottage.

The area we are looking to move is an older community and a popular one.  
You get very little square footage for a lot of money.  Taxes are pretty high too.  The homes were built anywhere from the early 1920's to 1950's.  A lot of these homes are on big lots so many homeowners are choosing to buy and tear down to build their dream homes. 

 I want the older character home.  Small square footage is fine for me.  It is just Terry, Cooper and I and we do not need a lot of living space.  I find as I get older I do not need a lot of stuff anymore.  Just want a home that is comfy and cozy.  I do not need rooms in a big house anymore that are not utilized.  That was great when the girls were growing up but now with it just the two of us I am good with smaller well used rooms.

 This area is perfect for Terry to be close to the community he is serving and close for me for babysitting the grands.  

We have started to look and I thought I would take you along on a few of the possible choices we have looked at so far.  Hoping more cute cottages with character will be popping up soon for us to look at.

So grab a frosty beverage or cup of coffee and here we go.

First house up is the Avery home.  Love the all brick homes.  This one was built in the late 1950's.

It has been staged modern for the first time home buyers.  Great wood floors and love love that huge living room window for lots of natural light.

Very open rooms.

Nice kitchen.  New appliances and white cabinets like I love.

Mud room laundry room off the kitchen.

Very small bedrooms in these old homes.  I can make it work.

Cute paver patio off the back of the house.  I could so some really cute things out here with all my flowers in the summer.

On to Cottage number 2

This is the Craig house.  Needs some TLC but is totally cute and has lots of character.  This one was built in 1926.  The bushes would be pulled to open up the house for better curb appeal.

Beautiful enclosed front porch.  Windows would have to go for new ones.  It has exposed brick walls.  Just so much character.  

Built in's and lots of character to this living room.  Love the vintage large square heating vents in each room.  Some crown molding added and the gold fire place enclosure removed this room could be super cute and cozy.

Lovely built in cabinets in the dining room.

Lovely updated kitchen waiting for me to put my touches on it.

Very small bedrooms.  I can make them work.

Bonus!!!! they made a walk in closet in the master bedroom.

Beautiful back yard with lots of charm.  Needs some grass put in.  Cooper and his big paws and all that mud would not be a good combo so grass would be on the list of too do's!

Next cottage to show you with potential

Super cute little ranch.  Would be changing the color of the shutters LOL!!!!

Super sweet family room with that wonderful fireplace.  I would love to have a fireplace in my next cottage.

Good size kitchen for this tiny home.  Just would need some decor touches along with updated appliances and counter tops.

Nice big window in the living room/dining area.

Master Bedroom.  Only two bedrooms in this home.

Sweet backyard.  Hard to tell but lots of pretty landscaping already in this yard.

Big back yard for a tiny 1100 sq. foot home.

Final Cottage to share today.

Cute little bungalow.  This home is super cute with a screened in porch on the front and back of the home.

Loved the screened in porch.

I see lots of primer and good paint to bring these walls back to my signature white!  Love all the arched entries into each room.

Beautiful updated kitchen.  The wood work in this home is gorgeous.

Traditional dining room.  Love the larger base moldings in this home.   I would add more character to the existing crown moldings.

All new and pretty windows and doors.

So that is the tour for today.  These are just a few of my favorites that we went to see.  Just have to wait to get an offer now on our home and then we can seriously begin the process to find our new cottage.  

Homes in this area sell very quickly so not sure if any of these will still be available when our sells.  I guess I live with the idea that if it is meant to be it will be there when we are ready to make a final choice.

Hope you had fun coming along on the cottage hunt with me.  Hope to have more homes to show you soon.

Keep good thoughts for us that our place will get a good buyer and sell soon.  I just would love to move on and get settled.  Have a great new week ahead.


Winner Winners! Happy Sunday!

Here are the winners of the Spring Tote Give Away.  I have contacted most of you.  If you are on the list and I did not send you an email please email me with your address.

My Grace Angel helped me get the totes ready for mailing to all you sweet winners.  Thanks to everyone for leaving your sweet comments and wanting a chance at these cute totes.

The Winners Are:

Susie Stevens
Su Butterfly Bungalow
Judy 20 North Ora
Nancy Joyful Cottage
Deb Mountain Mamma
Laura Walker Simple and Serene
Liz Infused with Liz
Rainey Flower Lady Lorraine
Marilyn Mcleod
Susanne Hefner
Cecilia Bramhall

Thanks  to everyone for your sweet visits and comments on my blog posts.  Your friendships are the best gifts.
Enjoy your sweet totes as we head on down to Spring.

Happy Spring Give Away

It is not quite Spring just yet but I have a little giveaway on my blog today to think Spring!

While I am in limbo with getting ready to sell and move and buy another cottage,  I probably will not have a lot to blog about for a little while.  So please be patient with me.  

When I get this place sold and buy a new cottage I will probably have lots of before and after posts like we did with this cottage purchase.

In the meantime I am still visiting your sweet blogs and enjoying your friendships.

As Lent has begun and Easter is just around the corner,  I went to JoAnn Fabric and Crafts to see what kind of cute Spring and Easter things they were bringing out.

I found some really sweet tote bags.  

Thought these would make for a perfect little giveaway gift to say thank you to all of you sweet blogging friends.

Everyone needs a new Spring tote!  

 I picked up a few and would love for each of you to have a chance at one.

Just a sweet little tote for bringing home found treasures on shopping trips.

All you have to do is just leave me a message below saying you would like a chance at one of these.  That's It!  Easy Peasy.

If you are a no reply blogger or do not have a blog please leave me your email so I can contact you if you win.

Thanks so much.
Cannot wait to say good bye to Winter and Hello to Spring.

Wish me luck as we put this cottage on the market and then begin the new journey of finding a new cottage to call home.

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend.