Floor Disappointment

Hi Everyone.

Oh what a week!  I tell ya if I did not have bad luck I do not think I would have any luck!

Last week we had some pretty bad storms come through our area.   Last Sunday Terry had taken our granddaughter Abby out for ice cream.   On the way home they were singing and having a good time in my car and Mr. Terry forgot to close my sun roof before coming in the house that night.  Well....... I think you know what is coming next in this story.

Yep! we had some severe weather come through in the middle of the night and my car got flooded out.  To make a long story short my car had a week at the dealership for a total spa treatment!

I would have rather been the one getting a spa treatment but nope the car got one instead!!!!

Just glad they could dry it out and detail it and all the computer systems and electrical things are all back up and running.  Dodged a big bullet on that one!

Terry felt so badly.  I told him it was an accident.  We are use to having our cars in a garage and do not think about things like that especially since it was sunny when they came home from getting ice cream.
 At my daughter's our cars sit out on the drive so things like this can happen.  Just glad my car is up and running again.

Good news on the garage front they are getting ready to pour the cement.  We have had a lot of rain so they are having to wait to have all the water dry out before pouring the cement.  Even with that being a set back,  I feel like we are finally moving in the right direction with the garage!

Floor disappointment.

This is an old picture of the floors in this new home when we first bought it.  They said they had all the floors sanded and stained right before putting the house on the market.  I was not a big fan of the dark floors but because  they had just been sanded and stained I was going to try and live with the dark color of the floors.

 I thought I would try to  lighten them up with area rugs.

I tried to get use to the dark floors!   I really did  try over these past few months as we were at the house painting and  doing work. 

 Seeing how the dirt shows on these dark floors and how closed in the rooms felt we decided to hire a floor guy to sand them and bring them back to a light color.

I was beyond excited when the floor guy sanded a small section and showed me the pecan color stain I picked out.  Yeah!!! I would get my light color hard wood floors.

Well..... fast forward to day two of the floor guy sanding the floors.  My excitement was taken away quickly.

As the floor guy began to sand the floors he discovered that these floors had been sanded one too many times over the years.

Most hard wood floors can be sanded and stained 3 to 4 times over their life depending on thickness of the wood.  These floors had been sanded way more than the usual amount. 

There was barely any thickness left to the wood and it was right down to the nails sticking up.

I just cried.  I really loved these floors and the character they gave to the house. 

 The flooring guy said we had two choices.  We could tear up the floors and install new hard woods to the tune of $11,000 to $12,000!!!! 

Ahhhh, Nope!! No money in the budget for that!

Choice #2 was to find engineered wood floors or bamboo flooring to float over the hard woods.  That would be about $3000.  So since we had no other choices we went with searching out choice # 2 flooring.

Engineered floors are made with real wood and you can sand and stain them once in their life time.  While that was appealing I just did not like the feel or look of any of the samples.

So we looked into bamboo and liked our choices with these floors.  They are softer wood and look more like hard woods.  They are environmentally better too.

After looking at several samples this is the flooring we chose.

This sample had the wider planks to give a cottage feel and I liked the color.  It was light but still had some darker color running through to give a rich feeling to the floors.

 This is the choice that will be going throughout the whole upstairs.  They look and feel like vintage cottage wood flooring.

We did have a third choice that would have cost nothing but time and paint.  Choice #3 was to paint the floors ourselves.
I have seen this done all over Pinterest but I just was not real secure with how that would hold up over time.

Also these floors would have to be painted with a heavy oil based paint that smells for weeks until it cures and you have to be off the floors for a week or more until they dry.

Just too much work and uncertainty with painting  hard wood floors.

 I will hopefully have a final picture to show you after the new flooring is installed.

We have had a lot of set backs and uncovering of problems with this home. 

   I am trying really hard to stay positive that we will have a home to move into soon and all this headache and heartache will be a distant memory!

Even with all the issues I still feel like I am home when I walk into this house.  

Have a great Weekend.


  1. I can't believe it. I can't believe all you've had to endure at all levels.

    Kris, just hang in there. You are getting stronger through this.

  2. Well you tried and that's what counts! Your new floor will be beautiful.

  3. Oh my, such trials, however I love the new floors, they look gorgeous.

  4. Kris, I hated reading about the floors. I know how hard you and Terry are working...and who does not know about budgets? The new hardwoods price was more than I would have dreamed. I like the one you chose. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. maybe after the whole house is finished you can have a spa day.:)

  5. Oh, Kris; so sorry for all the upsets! For the record, I don't think I could have lived with the dark floors, either. Your floor choice should last the life of the house, and the color is perfect. I agree with Susie; you will deserve a spa day after all of this is done!

  6. I can imagine your frustrations! The new floor you picked out is wonderful!

  7. We have sanded our floors in the past as well. Sorry that it didn't work out for you. Love your new choice.
    Being getting caught up since getting back from Newfoundland. Been gone 3 weeks.

  8. Your new floors will be beautifu! I am glad they were able to save your car. I have accidentally left the roof opened on my cars through the years, but never in as bad a storm as you described. It happens and it sounds like Terry and your granddaughter were having a great time so totally worth it. :) Have a great weekend.

  9. I like the floors, Kris, and I think you will be happy with them. The bamboo floors have improved so much over they years since they first came out--and give you a lot more options for choosing what you love.

    Glad your car is okay and I KNOW you saved $100 getting the car to the dealer so that money can go towards the flooring now. lol xo Diana

  10. Oh no!!! I can only imagine how frustrating this was.... You new floors will look luvly .
    Oops!! We have done the same, left the car out and had to run out on the onset of a freak storm.
    Pretty soon , you will both be in your new cottage and all this will be a distant memory to giggle over in conversation.
    Happy weekend!!
    😘 Gee

  11. Oh wow...that's a tough blow. However, I think the new floors you've chosen are going to be gorgeous! Hang in there.

  12. Oh Kris, I am so sorry about all the problems you have had with your new home. But, it will work out and you will be so satisfied with all when you move in. It will be your style. I like the new floor very much and I think you will also.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

    Lots of hugs,

  13. Oh Kris, nothing is easy with an older home. I know that story well. Both of our homes were built in the 1920's and have come their share with quirks and mysteries. Every time we start a project, there is always a surprise...and it's usually the not good, expensive kind. Detours. Boo. The floors are lovely and I know they will be beautiful, but not what you needed. Glad the car is up and running! xo

  14. I have had hardwood floors, fake hardwood floors (having a senior moment and blocking on the name) and I have to say I really prefer fake. Easier in my book to deal with. I love the one you chose!

  15. I know nothing goes as planned when remodeling a home of any kind.darn the luck
    I learned a long time ago and i'm sure you have also as many times as you have moved in last few years things always come up unexpected. However it will be so charming when you're done.
    so sorry about your car that was another unexpected cost haha

  16. Oh, Kris, When it rains, it pours, literally!! What a mess. When you buy an old house it is really hard to pinpoint some things that may not work out and you are dealing with that. I love the choice. I can see the "cottage worn" element. And because you still feel at home it will all work out. Don't get discouraged, when you get that JCC style going that will be the icing on the cake..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

  17. Oh boy, that's such a shame, Kris! Oh my gosh, you haven't had a great week, have you? Hugs for a better week next week!!

  18. Hi Kris,
    I am sending a hug. That is a bummer about the floors.
    I am happy your car is alright.
    Sending lots of hugs and SUNSHINE!!

  19. Awww - what a tough week!!! So sorry about your floor, that's such a drag and unexpected expense too. And your poor car! As a person who no longer has a garage, I can so relate. Glad the car is ok and your new floor will be gorgeous. Hang in there - soon everything will be done :) Have a fabulous weekend xoxox

  20. Kris, we have bamboo floors at our lake cabin and we love them! I know this is an aggravating time for you, but it will all be finished soon and you can move in and commence to fluffing!

  21. I guess I've watched enough shows on HGTV to know it's never going to be as simple as an owner thinks but I always hate they are being put to an extra expense. At least you know the floors will now be beautiful and sooner or later that garage will get done. I can't remember if you've told us whether the garage will be used for other uses than the cars? A workshop?

    I know you wish you could have been the one going for a spa treatment, not the car! Oh well, your turn next time!

  22. Wow, you really are having a hard time of it. But, I know in the end all will be good and well with your new home. I myself, may have gone with the painted floor bit, but not even using oil paint...just plain old paint and maybe allowing it to wear a bit. My hubby would have hated it, but I think it would be a cute cottage alternative for a while. Your choice of bamboo floors will suit your esthetics wonderfully. I have heard nothing but good things about bamboo. I am sure you will be happy with your choice. I know you are counting the days till you can be in your new abode.

  23. Oh gosh Kris, I'm so sorry about your floors but it looks like you have a beautiful option. It will soon all come together and be gorgeous I'm really excited to see all of your rooms when you finish.

  24. I'm sorry you had such an unpleasant week, Kris. It really gets frustrating when one thing after another goes wrong. It's a shame that the wood floors didn't work and you have to spend money for new floors. Your choice looks great. Hopefully everything will go smoothly now. I keep my fingers crossed.

  25. Your last sentence is worth gold! Keep the faith, Kris. Glad the car is ok, and am truly sorry about the floors. Ours have been sanded once, but a heavy hand can deduct 2 or 3 sandings. Our guys were a little rough, so I would venture to guess we have but only 1 more life in ours (but that'll be the next owner's issue, not mine!). I do really like the bamboo - the width and color - and with it all said and done, seems like the best choice. The fact that you're feeling like you're heading in the right direction with the garage is also progress from the week!
    Big hugs,

  26. Wow- those were a couple of big hurdles to get over. Glad the car was able to be taken care of. The new flooring idea seems to be the best option. Now it will look the way you wanted it and a less costly option which is a win win! That garage will be up in no time and you'll love it. Hang in there!

  27. Oh Kris, what rotten news! I love the bamboo flooring you selected. Had no idea that wood floors had a limit on sanding but I guess it makes sense. Yikes, glad you got your car back in good shape. Now if the rain will hold off until you get the garage floor poured. All these things happening will make moving in and settling even sweeter. xoxo

  28. Wow. I am sending you strength to overcome future problems. At least the spot for the garage looks promising. I am thinking of painting a floor in our house but now may change my mind. Hope the new flooring goes in without a problem.

  29. Hang in there, Kris. Once those floors are laid, the garage built for open sunroofs, and the basement ready to move in, you can finally settle and enjoy tinkering in Cottage III. May next week be ALL progress!

  30. Geez Kris 3 bad things but let's believe in the saying followed by 3 good things! I am glad you and Terry went with the bamboo and it will looks absolutely stunning. The bad thing about engineered wood floors is that they off gas because of the bonding and gluing and cause a true health risk. So you will be rewarded with beauty and health. Happy weekend sweet friend.

  31. I cringed when I read about your floors. Ouch! Why can't 'mistakes' work in our favor??

    I really, really LOVE what you picked out. It's perfect for your style and the direction you're heading.

    (Tell Terry he's in good company with the sun roof debacle. Just sayin').


  32. I love the colour of the floor you finally chose. It might have seemed so terrible at the time, but in the end it was the best for you. Sometimes life comes out that way.

  33. Hi Kris
    You poor thing. I feel so badly about everything. But thank God your car is okay. I didn't even know the dealership can do something like that. So glad they did. The floor you chose is gorgeous. So sad you couldn't keep the other ones. But just think you got to choose something better ***
    have a great rest of your weekend Kris
    love these updates on the house

  34. So sorry about your car...we really have been deluged with rain lately. Hope your garage is up and running soon.

    I think you made a great choice for your wood floors. Thankfully there are options. The color is so pretty!

    Wishing you better luck ahead!

    Jane x

  35. Awl, Kris, I'm so sorry.

    Funny thing though? I BOUGHT dark floors - I just love them. We're all so different, aren't we?

    Well I will keep my fingers crossed for you - I hate you were so disappointed. : -(

    I know it will be so nice when they're done and this can all be behind you.


  36. I hate that this happened to your car, but at least she's all fixed up and pretty again. That's some great car service! And that's truly too bad about the floors. My mom has bamboo in her new house and I love it! It's so pretty and like you said, even environmentally friendly. I think you'll love yours and the color you picked is beautiful!

  37. So Sorry you are having so many struggles but it will all be worth it.
    Just keep thinking of how all your pretty decor is going to look when
    It is all done.
    Then you can enjoy Fall and Winter Cozy and Happy !
    We moved into a newer to us Home a year and a half ago.
    And I love lighter floors but unfortunately we have a darker red oak floor
    I am still going back and forth about living with it or getting them sanded and refinished.
    Not sure we want to pay to do that as these are in good condition.
    Oh the desicions !!!!
    Looking good !!

  38. Ugh, so sorry that happened with your beautiful hardwood floors, but I do love the bamboo flooring you chose. We have Bruce engineered hardwood floors throughout our entire upstairs (kitchen, living room and three bedrooms) and we love them.

  39. Oh Kris! What a week. I'm sorry about your car and all. Then the floors. I don't blame you for wanting them lighter; dark ones show every speck of dirt. Then to find out they can't be redone. How disappointing! I hope you find a good alternative that won't cost you too much. Hang in there!

  40. I'm so sorry to read this. Renovation always hides a few surprises. The new floor you chose is lovely though and soon, you'll be able to settle home.

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