Day Out, Crossing State Lines, An Adventure and a Possible Life Change

These are my Bestie's!  On Sunday we decided to go on an adventure together.  This adventure consisted of crossing state lines!

We crossed over from Illinois to Indiana and made a pit stop at the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm.  Oh my this place is amazing.  I learned so much about cows and pigs.

They even have a barn where you can see a new calf being born.

This is also where my favorite Milk comes from.  Fair Life Milk is amazing if you have not tried it.  It is ultra filtered and has a 2  month shelf life and is chocked full of protein and less sugar than regular Skim milk.  It is a pure and delightful milk.  I love skim milk and love that this does not have all the sugar and has 50% more protein.

Then we had lunch. Oh my the best grilled cheese ever!!!! Yummy ice cream at the Cowfe too.
The best Ice Cream is made at this farm from their own wonderful cows raised there.

LOL! They have a milk carton climbing wall.

A bus takes you out to see the cows and they show you how the cows are milked and the process of how they make milk and yogurt and cheeses right on the farm.  It is amazing.  They also have a pig barn where you can learn about pigs.  Just was a fun way to start our adventure today with Abby.  

Next stop on the trip was to a farm of sorts!!!!  I recently got an email from a basset hound breeder that has a 6 year old female that is being retired from breeding and needs a home.  

She was rescued from a home a few years back by this breeder and she become one of his breed dogs these past few years.  

He said she had one litter a few years ago and then the second time she was impregnated she did not have any pups.  He said it has been over a year and she never has cycled again so he is pretty sure she is done.  

She is a very petite sweet girl.  She reminds us of Cooper in looks.
So now we have to decide if we want to adopt another little basset hound to love.  We have really missed Cooper.
Here she is with a couple of the puppies that the breeder has right now.  I have never seen an all red basset before so these new pups were just adorable. 

Terry thought this little guy looked a lot like him.  His words not mine LOL!!!!  Same Wrinkles!  This is such an adorable breed.  We have always loved basset hounds.  We have had red and whites and lemon's which are primarily white with some red that turns to a lemon color as they age.  This all red breed is so cute.

I was not even sure I wanted a new dog to love after losing Cooper.  So we are giving this some thought.  The breeder said he is good with keeping her until we are completely moved into the new place so it will be less stressful and confusing for us and her.

Cooper.  Oh how we miss this sweet boy.

What do you guys think?  I really had made up my mind that I was done with having another dog after losing Cooper.  Then this sweet little one came to my attention.  

We are not really rescuing her the breeder did that a few years back.
  It would be more like adopting her.  This breeder is very well known and takes very good care of his dogs.  He is known in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan for his beautiful puppies.

 His bred dogs are clean and well cared for.  The sad part for me is that they are a business for the breeders and these girls and boys are not pets but more a part of a business.  

So I am really inclined to save this sweet one from a life of being a breed dog and letting her have a home to be loved in.  Hoping this will work out for her and for us.

Now if we can just get a garage up and built and a basement finished up in our house we can move in and get settled and possibly have a new fur baby to love again.

  Garage build did not happen on Saturday as promised and has been promised to be started tomorrow.  Oh the joys of renovations! NOT!
Have a great start to the new week.


  1. Well, I think the eyes of that sweet baby say it all - how could you NOT adopt her??! Definitely a yes! Terry is too funny, band I have to agree that little pup does sort of favor him in looks. ;) Maybe you should take two!
    Abby & Charlotte are growing up! Seems like Charlotte was just an infant, now she looks like a preschooler, and Abby looks almost like a tween already! Too fast!
    What a fun day of adventure. Sadly, back to the reality of the messy reno and keeping tabs on people. I hope it's a good week for you, Kris.
    So, what's her name???

  2. KRIS!!!!!!!! First of all, aren't farms and stuff so much fun? I remember a while back at the Minnesota State Fair, I watched pigs being born, but one of them was blue; the helper kept slapping the piglet and I was like, "SOME ONE CALL 911!!!!!!" But the piglet came to life and you could hear everyone SIGH! teeheheeeeee

    Your little grand looks JUST LIKE YOU, darling Kris! What fun that must have been to cross the state borders and go on a delicious adventure! AND.........drumroll.......enter a BASSET HOUND! Well my friend, love stretches out much further than we expect it to. You thought you were done but then comes another cutie pie that is tugging at your heart. Perhaps when your garage is built (dang, I knew it wouldn't happen when you hoped) and when you get settled into the cottage, that you can decide. What love bugs.

    OK my friend, a new week, new dreams. May they come true!

  3. I would say differently adopt her. We have just got a rescue dog, after saying no more, but the love she gives us is brilliant.

  4. Oh Kris!!! I think you know in your heart what you should do :).

    Terry is a hoot, and tell him he's right, except he's a tad cuter ;).

    I would love to take that tour of the milk farm. What a cool place to bring kids or kids at heart!

    Hoping things go quickly with the garage!


  5. Sounds like the perfect day at the farm and that precious puppy needs you.

  6. Fun times! We visited a Wisconsin dairy farm the specialized in cheese but way up north near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We got to see them processing cheese and of course we had to buy some from them too! The dog is cute! I miss having one but we have to travel so often to see family that we've decided not to have one anymore.

  7. Oh no...once I saw her in person it'd be all over! I bet the girls loved her right away. I totally get where you're at, pets are a huge responsibility. After a dog, two cats, frogs, crabs and fish, we're down to just the fish in the pond now and it's very freeing...but animals do bring such love and life into a home! Good luck and fingers crossed for that garage.

  8. go for it i can tell you love her already.every thing is just right the keeping of her till you move in to your new home ect. nancy

  9. Awe, look at those sweet eyes. I bet you do decide to get her....Good luck with the garage!

  10. I was surprised you left the cutie behind! Yes, waiting to move in is the best decision especially for the dog. But, you do need her as she does you. Good luck with everything going on in your life right now. You know the fur baby will help bring you peace. You will not be replacing Cooper in your hearts...... just stretching your hearts a little to add another to love.

  11. Oh she is a sweetheart, Kris...and definitely a heartstealer.

  12. I thought after Lucy died, I just couldn't go through loving and losing another fur baby. Well, that lasted all of two weeks and I went and picked Buddy out from a litter. When it was time to go get him, his big brother still hadn't been adopted so Herbie came home with us too. I just couldn't imagine life without a dog and these two have helped heal my heart from Lucy's terrible death. (I still feel guilty for not checking her chews to make sure they didn't come from China). I can't tell you what to do, but she looks so sweet and lovable. You will know if you are ready or not. Best wishes on deciding.

  13. Good Morning Kris
    What a fun day you had. I wish they had places like that near me. What memories you are making with your sweet Grandchild. This post made me tear, seeing Cooper. I know how much you loved him. But how sweet and big your heart is to let another one in. She will love living with you and Terry*
    have a great day Kris

  14. I think this dog came to be known by you for a reason. I think you were meant to be loving parents to a dog again, because you were so fantastic at it! I mostly think what a life with you would be like for that Bassett. I know, I'm making it harder! But loving parents like you don't come along every day!

  15. Kris, I loved seeing the grandgirls. So cute. Great pictures of all of you and the farm too. My gosh that puppy is cute. :):) Funny Terry..I think he wanted that puppy. :):) That was nice of the breeder to not try to pressure you about the dog. Bet the girls loved them. It will be nice to get things done on time promised, but it just doesn't always happen our way. I am praying for some quick results there for all of you. I know you really want you own place. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  16. She is adorable! I love the spot on her head, and the one on her right flank! Everyone is different ~ when we lost our beloved Duncan, we knew RIGHT AWAY we wanted another dog ASAP. go with what your heart tells you ~
    Hugs ~

  17. Your grand girls are darling and they look like you. Oh my gosh, that beautiful dog is calling your name. She needs a forever home and I know you and Terry would give her that. I feel that animals need homes that will love them forever after the terrible times they have had. I am sure you and Terry will make the right decision.

    What a wonderful farm, so many terrific things to see.

    Hopefully the carpenters are there now work on your cottage. Have an amazing week.


  18. Love seeing the AH-dorabale grands. What a fun time y'all had! The coffee shop is cute, and my vote is YES! YES you should adopt another Bassett Hound! The sooner the better. Our next door neighbors have two of the funniest ones. They love the Westies!

    Enjoy your week!

  19. I love reading your blog and watching for pictures of your new cottage. I never comment but can't resist on this one. I think you need to adopt the little girl AND get one of the adorable red puppies. They could keep each other company when you are out and about and she is already used to having the puppies around. The little red guys are so pretty!

  20. You were in my neck of the woods, I don't live that far from Fair Oaks farm and our kiddos from our school district go there alot for field trips we even have gotten to see a calf born. Love there milk and ice cream so much.

    Yes I would take the sweet girl in she is adorable and your grands will love her so much.

  21. She is so sweet! After losing my Charlie I wasn't sure I would ever be ready to love another cat, but I'm so glad sweet Annie Belle came to me. Your heart is leading you to yes! Hugs!

  22. Hi Kris, It's great that you took the girls to the farm and so they they could see where the milk comes from and how cheese and yoghurt are made. You must have had a great day together.
    I was pretty sure you would bring a basset hound home after you move into your new home. This sweet girl might not have been mistreated but she's not a real family member either. With you two she would have a real loving home.
    xo Julia

  23. What a fun day! Looks like a great time was had by all. Ice cream and can you go wrong with that? ;)
    I hope you decide to adopt that sweet girl when the time is right. I know the heartbreak of losing two fur babies in the last few years has been rough on all of you. New loves don't replace old ones but they sure do bring lots of new love and happiness to your heart and soul. I have a feeling she's found her people in you and Terry.
    Hoping that garage is going up! Have a good week- fingers crossed that lots get accomplished!
    xo, T.

  24. I'm so glad you had a fun weekend. What a sweet girl in need of a loving home. It is so hard losing one and then deciding whether to go through that again. I wish they lived a long time so we didn't have to hurt like that. Those pups are adorable!

  25. Oh, come on, Kris! You know you want her! Say yes! She's adorable!

  26. Hi Kris, it looks like to me that you have already made up your mind about bringing this little angel into your home! Just the fact that you went looking is a sure sign that you are listening to your angels! You and Terry gave Cooper and amazing life and helped him pass now you are being rewarded with a dog that you will be able to have with you for sometime! With the breeder being willing to hold on to her is so perfect.
    xoxo Jo

  27. That farm looks amazing and I bet you had so much fun there! I'll have to try that Fair life milk, it sounds like a great product. But more importantly...that sweet pup! Oh, how she would bring you so much joy! I can't wait to hear if you decide to adopt her!

  28. You know very well you are going to
    take that dog home soon.
    I've been there and done that.
    When you have that "I love lonely dogs" gene
    you just love them, can't be cured !!

  29. Oh my she is a beauty! And I did think of Coopoer first thing! You are so wise to make a considered decision, but I'm sure you will get lots of encouragement. Such a sweetie. You could really use a lovey pup now though to keep your blood pressure down! Carry on!

  30. Oh, Kris. What a beautiful little face. An easy one to become attached to. It is very easy to say "never" when you lose a loved animal but what joy that little "never" always seems to be..You will do the right thing..Happy Monday..xxoJudy

  31. I think she has lots of love to give. I know how hard it is when you lose a much loved pet. We lost our sweet Julie (German Shorthair) right after we moved here to Texas. My husband will not let us have another dog. I would love another Julie dog. I still have that big hole in my heart and another German Shorthair Pointer would not replace her but would soften the pain a little. :(

  32. What a sweet little road trip! Thanks for the info on the milk...I'm going to look into this. After losing Skittles in June (the last of our 4 critters), we said this was more. New life, new adventure, new basset's perfect! Blessings~~~Roxie

  33. Oh my that little red puppy is precious! I know if you adopt the older dog she will be soooo loved. I know that you will do whatever feels right for your family. That dairy trip looked like fun! I've heard of that milk before but never tried it.

  34. Sounds like a fun day on the farm and that little doggie has eyes only for YOU and hubby!!! I am excited for you.

  35. I think you'll be having a new puppy dog to love soon! I love hearing about dogs being rescued.

  36. Oh Kris!

    This looks like a wonderful outing... It's amazing how much children love love animals! A perfect place to go. Such fun and that ice cream looks delicious. What sweet pictures of you all and that one of Terry and the puppy is so cute! How kind of you to consider another little dog that needs love and a family! I hope it all works out for you.

    Have a lovely week. I hope everyone is doing well. So nice to see your post on IG!


  37. Hi Kris,
    I think your meant to love these sweet basset hounds. And when I saw Terri holding that ginger baby first thing I thought wow people so look like their pets, I am glad Terri said it first...what about bringing in a young pup, a sweet baby that truly only knows you.? Perhaps the one Terri was holding.

    Loved your post and travels, I thought for a minute you were going to,tell us your moving??
    What a sweet town to live in.
    Well I hope you add a fur baby to your new lifestyle....I know cooper would love that.

    Keep us posted on dog or puppy.


  38. Hi Kris, what a fun adventure and amazing place to visit and learn. Great photos! I would be over the moon at the sight of such a sweet puppy. I know this is truly giving you some thought!! Having a new sweet pup in your home may be just the perfect start in your new cottage. Glad you are getting close to moving in. Have a wonderful week and all the best on your decision!! xo

  39. Oh she's such a cutie pie!!! And that dairy farm seems like such a fun you've got my stomach grumbling for grilled cheese and ice cream!!

  40. Hi Kris, what do I think? I think a new fur baby puppy is going to live in your new cottage! Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing his name. Funny story about my big hunk of love John. When we were a new couple my secretary at work said to me "Hey Vera, you wanna have a kitten, ready to go from our farm in Newtown PA home with you. Well the farm supplied milk to Greenwood dairies and the kittens had bitten into the hose and it was like a milk sprinkler system into the dairy trucks that filled up to make their heavenly ice cream at Goodnoes. Ok while at Phyliss' family farm checking out the kittens - took home a beautiful ginger tabby Maine coon we named Joshua... Phylis asked John and I if we wanted to tour the pig barns - new piglets were just born. She said i just cleaned the barns and they are just so adorable... famous last words and a memory I almost peed my pants with laughing. Pig barns stink and my 6 foot hunk with a good sense of smell and an olive Italian completion turned white like a ghost and almost passed out from the smell in the pig barns. John needless to say will never tour piglets again!!! Grew up around farms as a kid, will never get John back at a pig farm that's for sure!

  41. What a wonderful day out with your loves! And must say that Fairlife milk is my favorite!!! What a sweet looking dog. I am sure you will come to a decision that you will be comfortable with. I have a feeling that your heart will show you the way!

  42. I'm pretty sure there's still a lot of love in your heart for an other dog. The heart can expand in the weirdest way when it comes to love!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Your day trip looked like so much fun...and never heard of the farm or milk before...I'd have to take the Mom but I'm always partial to older dogs since so many don't want them. Her gentle spirit comes across...When we lost our last dog, Bo, we didn't want another dog because it is so painful to loose them. But when we got Ginger we have been over filled with love again...she was brought laughter and joy only a dog can do...BUT to be honest with you I'd get them both...Two dogs aren't really that much more than 1.

  45. Hello,
    Your trip looked like a great time. I would like to try the milk you shared.
    I will be praying for you regarding your decision. I know it is hard. We lost our cat this past spring. My son Atticus is not ready for another. His heart is not ready.
    Lots of Love,

  46. I love cows! I love bassets! Of course you're going to adopt her! Come on, you know it! LOL She IS adorable, isn't she? Look at those bright eyes and that winning smile! Those pups are precious too! Let us know what happens and I hope that they have your garage started soon! Hugs!

  47. Please adopt that sweet mama and give her all the love she deserves. I found it interesting that the breeder "rescued" her from another home. Did he get her pedigree at the same time? Reputable breeders do not breed dogs that they do not have a genetic history for. There are several genetic conditions that Basset hounds can have and some don't show up for years. Puppies are adorable, too, but the mama needs a new home.

  48. Hi Kris,
    It's been great catching back up on your blog. My world has had it's ups and downs, but catching up on your life brings a smile to my face!! So happy for you! My daughter rescued a Cocker from a shelter in IL about 2 years ago. She named him Charlie. Charlie was very timid and did not like human touch much in the beginning. He was kept in a cage much of the time and used for breeding purposes as forward to today and Charlie is a snuggler, let's you carry him and pet him and loves his older brother Riley (a Cockcapoo my daughter had for 5 years when she adopted Charlie) They call them "The Dynamic Duo" in her doggie day care where they go twice a week. If you do adopt a new furry buddy, it is remarkable what love and patience does for them! Best wishes on all of your projects and maybe the adoption of a new furry buddy for you and Terry.

  49. Of course I say do it! She is a sweet girl, I can tell from the pictures and what a nice tribute it would be to Cooper for you to adopt her. You already have a name picked out for her, don't you?! I completely understand how a broken heart could keep you from adopting, I always say that when my dogs pass, I won't be able to have anymore either. But since I don't get to have kids, I think I will always have a dog to love! Whatever choice you make, good luck!


  50. Yes
    Take the new dog to love and most of all BE LOVED by you and Terry , Cooper will be proud of this decision

  51. What a darling. She would be so loved in your care. Those pups are cute too. It looks like you had a fun weekend.

  52. I'm guessing she's going to come home at some point, and if she does, everyone wins! Those puppies are adorable!

  53. Oh, I hope she goes to live with you.

    We did not have dogs until our kids were grown due to their active sports schedules. Now, I can't imagine life without Lulu.

  54. I vote for adopting her!!! What a sweet girl, and I know she will be loved, really-truly! 💕

  55. I vote for adopting that sweet baby as your so loving and kind, and have a beautiful home (an added bonus)!!

  56. Those pups are cute too. It looks like you had a fun weekend.


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