Vinyl Floors Have Come A Long Way

Happy Friday Everyone.

We are moved in and starting to settle in.  Yeah!

Terry and I are still working on some projects around the new house with hopes of getting some things done to show soon.

When I was a kid we had vinyl floors in our basement.  I remember one time when the washer overflowed so my brothers and I  did what any kid would do and we made a slip and slide down there with the overflowing water from the washing machine!!!  The vinyl floors back then were slick and very shinning but held up well to water.  Especially when the washer over flowed!!!

When we went looking for flooring for the new basement and the Lowe's guy suggested vinyl planked floors I was brought right back to the 60's!! I thought no way am I putting something that dated in my newly renovated basement!

He must have seen the look of horror in my eyes and said just give me a chance to show you the new and improved vinyl flooring that is very popular.

So with a half opened mind Terry and I strolled on over to the flooring area with the Lowe's flooring guy.

To my surprise he was showing us vinyl floor planks that looked and had the feel of real wood floors.  He told us this is the best product on the market for basement dwellings.  It is guaranteed to with stand floods in a basement.  Nothing will penetrate the vinyl.  In the case of a flood down there we would have standing water that would not go down into the dwelling.

So we thought ok maybe this might be a good choice for the side of the basement where the bathroom, laundry area and storage rooms are.  I was insisting still on carpet for the family room side.  Just feels warmer and more like a family room and not a basement in my mind.

We agreed on this Washed Oak Dove by Stainmaster.  It was not expensive and they had free installation of all Stainmaster flooring.

I will have a post later on the floors down in the renovated basement.  I am really pleased at how nice they came out.  

We also got carpet by Stainmaster that has a barrier against water or any other liquids going down into the padding.  Lowe's had a soft pile berber that matched the colors in the planks so we chose that for the family room and office side.

I promise I will have that post soon.

Now back to this post.  We had a box and half left of this vinyl flooring.  I have old white ceramic floors in the upstairs bathroom.  Hmmmm I thought!  Can't let this left over pretty vinyl flooring sit in the box! Right!

 I am going to put it right out here.  I hate grout and tile flooring.  I can never seem to get it cleaned even with all the fancy cleaning products out there now.  Plus it is cold on your feet in the winter months.

This is the current floor in the upstairs bathroom.  Nope not a fan!  With having the extra vinyl,  I thought it might look good in this bathroom if we had enough. 

I am doing a white wash look to this room as you can see in the sneak peak of the pretty vintage sink cabinet we got on our trip to Michigan.  The original sink is below in the next picture.  I transformed this lovely into a new white washed pretty for the bathroom.

I laid a few of the planks down to see how it might look.  I was liking it very much.  Gives some texture to this all white and light gray bathroom.  Plus since these are vinyl they are perfect for the bathroom with water resistance.

So on this Friday night Terry and I are working on putting down this click together floor in the bathroom.  Don't any of you be jealous that we are having such fun and excitement together on a Friday night!!!!  

I hope I can have a reveal of the bathroom post for you in the next few days.  Just a few more things to finish up in this room and it should be ready to show you.  

Have a great weekend.


  1. Kris, I am liking that tile that looks like wood. Oh I know your home is going to be so beautiful. Terry and you , together are great at working things out . I am happy you are in your home and loving it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love the vinyl floors - it really looks so good Kris. So glad that you are moved in and can hardly wait to see the final results.

    Take care and don't overdo.


  3. Pretty and practical ~ what's not to love?!?

  4. I have a vinyl wood look click together flooring in my new house called NuCore. I love it. Looks just like wood and all I have to do is vacuum and then mop. Perfect for when we come in out of the pool, guaranteed waterproof. You are going to love it. We have it in the family room, kitchen, laundry, and all three bathrooms. Jim even put it in his office.

  5. Sounds and looks great, Kris. I know porcelain can be very cold on the feet, and slippery in the bathroom. Great choice!


  6. Your vintage vanity and sink look so pretty! I agree with you on grout, I am always scrubbing away at ours! Sounds like you are coming right along with your new home:)

  7. I'm with you on ceramic tile floors.......will never clean grout again!! In our old house we finished the basement with beautiful paneling for kids play room, game room and craft room. We put vinyl tile flooring in a beige/white marble look in the entire basement!! It was great!! Held up under a few floods, paint spills and general use. I would do it again in a heart beat, like what you chose, they didn't have much choice back then....... We put large braided rugs in the TV and play area for some softness for the kids.

    In my current home I also did not put any ceramic tile in any room. I have beautiful vinyl flooring in almond color on the first floor and in the 2nd floor bath, the rest is a Berber carpet. I love it!! And who ever visits always comments on the beautiful floor.....and its over 20 years old!!! Can't beat that......

  8. I bet you are going to love this! My SIL did something similar in her whole entire house. She loves it.

  9. I know what you mean about the flooring. We had some installed in our Kitchen a few years ago. At first their was problem with the installation and they had to come back and reinstall them, but they have held up great since then. I love them. We had some left overs too and plan on putting them in our bathroom next year when we redo it.

  10. KRIS!!!!!!!!! This is exciting news!!!!!! I like this, I really do! I think it's smart for these companies to get with it and make products that mirror the current but CLASSIC trends and styles and this is the perfect look. For the basement and bathrooms, it does make sense to install a product that can withstand one of the worse destroyers known to homeowners: WATER. Lovely gray, my friend, and I can't wait to see more!

  11. This flooring is so pretty! Your home is coming together right nicely and I look forward to seeing more pics.

    Have a GREAT weekend ~ FlowerLady

  12. Funny story about the slip and slide in the basement! Bet you kids had a blast. I love this flooring...I'm with you on tile and groaty grout. We need to replace the flooring in our kitchen and eating area. This type of product might be just the ticket. xoxo

  13. That looks wonderful! I have 8 x 8" ceramic tile with grout in the kitchen which I thought was quite something in 1996 when it was installed. Now I want to remove it and do something else. The bathroom is going to look so great with that flooring. Wise choice!

  14. That looks like a great choice, Kris. It's pretty and very practical. I remember the vinyl floor we had in the entrance way when I was a teenager. It was red! What were my parents thinking, lol? I'm with you on tile floors. I don't like them either, not even in the kitchen or bathroom.
    Have a wonderful weekend in your new home!
    xo Julia

  15. Love that flooring!! I hate the tile in my bathroom. It's only a few years old but it is cold on my feet and a bit austere. Might have to surprise my honey with a trip to Lowes! 😉

  16. My neighbor just installed vinyl plank flooring in his house. I was impressed. It looks and feels so real! Thinking about it in my house now too. Concerned about hardwood with 2 Golden Retrievers.

    1. Rachel I would recommend this in a heart beat. It is really nice especially with the dogs you will love it.

  17. Beautiful! I've been searching and searching for some type of vinyl flooring that I like - I may be following in your footsteps :)

  18. My son has this floor installed in his new home on the main floor and I could not believe that it was vinyl. I literally got on all fours to take a closer peek because I didn't believe it was vinyl. It looks amazing as it does by the looks of it, in your bathroom. Can't wait to see!

  19. Hi Kris, and yes I am jealous! What fun you are having with decorating and designing your new lovely cottage! I agree with you about tile . . . especially in the kitchen it really is tough on the feet and legs for a long period of time. The new flooring is beautiful and I love the color that you have chosen. Beautiful! I can't wait for the reveals! Have fun!
    xoxo Jo

  20. Great choice for your bathroom floor! Love that little peek of your cabinet. Looks fantastic!

  21. Hi Kris
    Slip and slide when your washer overflowed, that is hysterical. I would have done the same thing
    Love that flooring so much. I would do that in my bathroom. I know what you mean about the grout. We have a pretty tile in one of our bathrooms and that grout is just very hard to clean
    can't wait to see the basement and bathroom
    have a great weekend

  22. Kris: Looking great so far. Sounds like a good choice for the bath and your pretty little cabinet is looking prettier and prettier. Waiting to see...Happy Friday Night!!..xxoJudy

  23. Good idea and it does look nice!

  24. This is gorgeous and came at the perfect time. I talked to John and we think this would make a wonderful backslash in the laundry room. The large sink next to the washer is where we bath the pups.


  25. vinyl floor is looking just like wooden floor!!

  26. Way to go, Kris! I can't wait to see that bathroom. Tell us all the gory details too, like did you have to put something down over the tile to fill and level the grout lines? I do like the look of that product. Exciting Friday night. ;)

  27. I think it looks fantastic! Adds just the right subtle amount of color and texture! Really enjoyed the sneak peak in your last post! So excited to see what you two are up to! You know tho,Kris, you can't redecorate every house in the state so I think you should keep this one for a while! Lol! Have fun! Hugs!

  28. I think it looks fantastic! Adds just the right subtle amount of color and texture! Really enjoyed the sneak peak in your last post! So excited to see what you two are up to! You know tho,Kris, you can't redecorate every house in the state so I think you should keep this one for a while! Lol! Have fun! Hugs!

  29. LOVE the new floor that you are putting down!

  30. I'm just now getting caught up on blog reading, so I'm visiting these our of order, but I have to say again that I really like this flooring! You made such a great choice!

  31. I am sharing this post with my husband. We have to do some touch up work in our kitchen and flooring is one of the items on the list.

  32. I' m looking forward to seeing the new pics. I like this flooring
    Hugs Alessandra

  33. Oo! How pretty! I would have put vinyl planks down in the city house if we were staying but since we're moving opted for laminate. It still looks good but it was cheaper and it wasn't an area that would potentially get wet. Love ❤️ your choice! And hey! That sounds like the perfect fun night to me!

  34. Catching up on older posts this morning, Kris. Flooring in general has come a long way, but especially in the area of "wood" vinyl. Love your choice. Hugs.

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