Angelic Gift

Hi Everyone,
Oh my do you feel like the month of December is going waaayyy to fast?!   I love this time of year and it seems like it just goes to quickly.

This is the time of year that sweet surprises arrive at your doorstep.  This happened to me just the other day.  Vera from Instagram Rowhomesandcobblestones sent me a beautiful and sweet gift.  Vera knows my love of angels and Madonna's and she sent me this beautiful new Madonna for my collection.

This angel is from the Holy Journey series that is a tribute to Christian Faith.  The sculptures in this series are of the people and events during Christ's brief time here on earth.  The pieces are just beautiful by Veronese Designs.

She joins with some of my other angels and Madonna's that hold special rosaries from family members that have passed.  These beautiful angels and Madonna's give me such peace.
Thank you sweet Vera for making my heart sing when I opened up this lovely thoughtful gift from you.  I will treasure her.

I wanted to show you this sweet little mannequin Christmas tree I found at Marshall's.  Just was too adorable to pass up.  I have her on my makeup table.

I have to tell you I am having the best time with these sweet little birds from Target.  When I come into the kitchen in the morning they just make me smile.

Hope you are having fun with all your decorating around your homes.  This is such a fun time of year.  Enjoy and have a great week ahead.


  1. Kris, I love your angels and MaDonnas. They all look so nice. I like that one is holding a wee winter bird. :):) I have wondered how many different places those birds have land. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Kris, I love the angels and Madonnas. They are so beautiful and peaceful. I love the Target birds too. I have several from this year and from years past. They are too fun. Have a wonderful week!

  3. The angel from Vera is gorgeous! She's a lovely friend to give you such a beautiful gift.
    Mary Alice

  4. Kris, what a beautiful and thoughtful gift. That little bird lady with the fur shawl is just too cute. I think my favorite is the beautiful angel in the last picture. She is really precious..Have a great day..xxoJudy

  5. Oh my goodness the little fat birds are making me giggle! I *heart* them!

    Ah, Sweet Vera! She is such a special person! I love the pretty angel!

  6. Good Morning
    Oh is that gift so so beautiful. What fun getting a sweet surprise like that. Love those birds and that mannequin well that is my absolute favorite. Its so whimsy* love it
    happy day Kris

  7. Pretty Madonna! Those birds would make me smile too. So cute. Yes, I love this time of year too. It's the best time for me to get away with really pulling out all the stops with 'stuff', lol.

  8. Oh what a beautiful gift! She is so peaceful looking. Goes with your collection perfectly!
    Those birds - 😊😍. My little candy cane birds landed on the mantel. I look up there and just smile. The others will land at the farm! Yes, this season is rushing by way too fast. I'm trying to savor it as much as possible.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. Everything looks great, Kris. What a sweet gesture, from a sweet friend...and you know how much I love those birds! 😉 xoxo

  10. What a sweet gift Kris! And yes, love the mannequin and the birds too!

  11. How beautiful is she and it made me tear up when you mentioned rosaries from ones that have passed. The birds are adorable. I wouldn't have passed the mannequin up either


  12. Hi Kris, that was so nice and thoughtful of your friend to gift you with the angel! I love the pretty mannequin and the birds. I am decorating lightly this year as I have a bathroom gut and redo coming up in the beginning of January!
    Enjoy the holidays in your new home.
    Julie xo

  13. Love the mannequin tree and all your special Christmas touches. :)

  14. As always, your home looks just lovely, Kris, and your new angel was such a thoughtful gift!

  15. Hi Kris, I'm obsessed with those dress form Christmas trees. I love your miniature one! I'll have to look for more. Happy decorating! Milena

  16. Kris enjoy your Madonna my beautiful earth angel friend. Love those pump cute birds! Awe for your sweet dress form tree.

  17. Kris,
    I like your stories regarding all your Madonna's. I think it is very special to have the rosaries of loved ones.
    Those birds make me smile too.

  18. What a Heavenly gift! So pretty and such a sweet gesture. LOVE that mannequin Christmas tree. I had to immediately go to Amazon and look, but the ones I saw were large ones and very expensive! I love the little one..... FYI, I saw a pink one on Amazon! You put me to shame. I haven't done much decorating yet... just can't seem to get with it, though I feel like I'm busy every day. I guess it'll get done when it gets done. Enjoy the week...........Marilyn

  19. Hi Kris,
    Those little birds are so fun...I still love mine. They bring a smile every time I look at them! Your gift from Vera is so special and I know you'll treasure it always. Now where is Miss Peggy in her Christmas sweater? ;)

  20. How sweet Vera is to gift you such a perfect gift Kris. Loving your Christmas decor.
    Merry Christmas xx

  21. I am in love with the Christmas mannequin on your dressing table! You have such a special way of decorating that makes us want to stop by for tea or a hot cocoa and visit a while! I hope your holidays are sweet, memorable and filled with laughter!

    Christmas blessings, Edie Marie @ Edie Marie's Attic

    1. You are welcome to come by anytime. I will have coffee and hot chocolate ready!!!!

  22. Kris,
    Such a sweet Christmas gift from such a sweet lady! Loving your Christmas décor and those precious birds too!
    Happy Wednesday,

  23. Love that mannequin tree - what a find! And the birds -- I did go to Target and they had ONE of the large birds left so I bought it! They are so cute

  24. So beautiful....a lovely gift.
    and your little birds are adorable

  25. Everything looks beautiful and such a sweet gift from Vera. I always love your angel. Merry Christmas, Kris. xoxo Su

  26. What a sweet gift! I know you'll treasure it. Those birds are just the cutest! I love mine too. :)

  27. Kris,
    Your newest angel is a beauty! What a wonderful gift! I love those birds too....I looked for some at our Target store but there weren't any. I guess I will just have to enjoy yours! They sure are precious!

  28. DEAR FRIEND! I am still at school but next week will be my last. I've been able to enjoy my home only on the weekends, but this is a truly beautiful time of year. Isn't Vera a sweet person? LOVE that Madonna! All your white prettiness is beautifully set out. Thank you for your friendship throughout the years, I so appreciate it.

    God bless you!

  29. I looked back through your recent posts and . . . oh . . . how lovely your home is all decked out for Christmas! And those sweet granddaughters . . . gorgeous!! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  30. Hi Kris, Oh how beautiful your Madonna is from sweet Vera. Perfectly lovely with your collection. Such a thoughtful and meaningful gift and I love how you display these treasures with rosaries. Your home is beautiful year round and even more so in this special season of joy. Love the darling birds. They truly do bring a smile. Thank you for stopping by my once a month blog post. I truly appreciate you taking the time and your sweet comment. Wishing you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas!! xo

  31. Kris you have so many darling things in your home. Such a beautiful gift I just love Madonnas. Have an amazing Holiday Day season.
    xoxo Jo

  32. The mannequin looks perfect, and Vera's gift was so thoughtful! That must have been a wonderful surprise to receive!


  33. It's all so pretty. I love all your bright white. Those birds are cuties for sure.

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