Tiny House Christmas Decor

Hello Everyone.  Hope you are enjoying this most festive time of the year.  

I have been learning a lot since we really downsized to this tiny cottage home this year.  

I fell in love with this house the minute I walk through the doors.  I could see me transforming this tiny space into my style and cozy for us to find peace and comfort here.

With that said I still had a tiny part of me that was hesitant that I could live this small and be happy with less stuff and less space.  Well that worry is gone.  

I am embracing this living small and loving it.  I love that this house is less maintenance at this point in life.  
I can keep it clean and cozy with very little effort.  
Just makes my heart smile to live more of my life without being a slave to a house.

I have always loved to decorate for the holidays and this year having very little space to decorate was I going to be happy?!!! 

I have to say YEP!!!!  Wooo Hoooo! and Yeah!!!  The little bit of space I had to decorate I made pretty and still was able to let out my holiday decor happy!

So here we go..........

Peggy and I will begin the tour of the Tiny Cottage Christmas Decor .

Lots of light filters into this living room throughout the day.  Not good for picture taking but beautiful for living.

I put my tree in front of the larger living room window.

The tree lights at night.

My Hope angel adorns the tree each year.  She wears my grandmothers angel brooch.

Hope was the theme of my tree this year.  I always believe we can hope and pray for a better world with more peace and love for all our futures.

I surround myself not only at the holidays but year round with my angels.  They give me such peace.

Simple white wreath with a single rose along with votives that are beautiful when lite at night.

My birdhouse adorns another small angel.

Some simple little ice skates hanging on my vintage arched window.

A small garden vignette for the Christmas Cottage.

Now on to the kitchen for the little touches of Christmas here and there.

Love the sun filtering in.  A simple wreath on the cottage back door and a sweet little centerpiece on my table.

My sweet friend Sandy gifted me this cute centerpiece the night of my girlfriend party.  Love this piece.  Perfect for my coffee table in the kitchen.

My sweet bird family has their own special Christmas Tree in the kitchen

One of the snowbird family flew from the Christmas tree and landed on the wreath of the kitchen chalk board.  There is one in every family!!!!!

Added some sweet candy canes to my little skate on the open shelves in the kitchen.

The coffee bar shelves needed some sweet red and white candy canes too.

Another of my sweet angels has found a friend and they both are enjoying the open shelves too.
I tell ya I am having more fun with these little birds this year.

That is my tour of my tiny cottage home all done for Christmas.  Not a lot of big decor spaces but small cozy and pretty touches throughout the spaces.
I wish all of you peace and love as we head on down to the big day.

Before I go I wanted to show you a little tour of Terry's Fireman Cave all done for Christmas.

Another friend gifted me this sweet little snowman.  He is so cute and soft.  I love him and he is sitting on the dining table off the family room in the fireman cave.

Wishing all of you a lot of fun as you shop, wrap, bake and decorate for Christmas.
Create, Bake, Grow and Gather
Feathered Nest Friday


  1. Oh Kris, this looks like such a wonderful home and I love how beautifully you have decorated it for Christmas.

  2. Kris, You did it !!! You worked your beautiful Christmas magic on the little cottage. I love it all. Those sweet little birds are just adorable flying around here and there. :):) Terry's man cave is just perfect too. Blessings to you both and the family, xoxo, Susie

  3. I'm so glad you are embracing small home living! There is a lot to be said for it. Especially not having to clean as much and lower utility bills. I love what you've done!

  4. Kris, your space isn't tiny on CHARM, that is for sure! Everything looks so perfect and fresh and fun and whimsical. I really love your new home and that you have discovered tiny really does feel better.

    Very well done, indeed. ♥

  5. Your little cottage looks so airy and festive!
    Soooooo very pretty....
    Happy Holidays!!!

  6. I had no doubt that you would find a way to decorate beautifully for Christmas in your new home. It looks wonderful. I am so happy to hear you are loving the new place.

  7. I love Shabby Chic - very fresh and pretty!

  8. You've done a great job decorating your sweet cottage for Christmas, Kris. Everything looks lovely and festive, and I can tell you had such fun decorating this year.
    Mary Alice

  9. Beautiful!
    I love your tree! The little birds are so sweet, I think it is fun how you have them all around.

  10. You're little cottage looks gorgeous all done up for Christmas, Kris! I especially like how all the rooms are bright and filled with natural light. Your angels seem to be happy in their new surroundings and Peggy, too. It was a long wait for you and Terry and I'm so happy you found the perfect home for this time of your lives. Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas home tour with us and have a wonderful week!
    xo, Vickie

  11. Dearest Kris, THIS IS SOOOOOO FUN!!!!! You have become masters at living small but large in JOY. I hear ya about having a place where the maintenance is low. Though we increased the square footage of our home about 8 years ago, we still keep the house simple and I'm grateful for having a more simple layout. I love your eating area, how you transformed it with the white door and the slipcover furniture. Isn't it a joy to have all that light streaming through?

    Peggy looks pleased as punch to give us this sensational tour. HAPPY DAY my friend!

  12. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it all. I live in a tiny place, 675 sq. ft. and your posts about your new, smaller space encourage me.

    Happy Christmas holidays dear Kris ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  13. Kris, I have to say that while your pictures are GREAT they do NOT do your home justice. I have been really struggling with the thought of downsizing and going smaller....until I saw your house. After seeing what you have done there, I think I can do it, too!!! HOWEVER, do you think I could borrow Terry for a few weeks to do all the odd jobs that will need to be done? He is SO GOOD at making your creation ideas a reality. You are a great team. Tell him his Green Bay 'girlfriend' adores him! lol

    I had so much fun and can't wait for next year...although I did pull a "naughty" card so not sure if I am still on the list. lol

    Your cottage is PERFECT and I wish everyone could see it in person. Have a great week-I am drinking coffee out of my NEW CUP wearing my NEW SLIPPERS! xo Diana

    1. LOL I agree with you the pictures from my camera do not do these rooms justice and editing and fixing them don't help much either. Since I do not have a real expensive camera or want too I will just have to make what I have work. You were so much fun at the party and I loved having you and Mindy. So glad you could come and be part of the wacky girlfriend group. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. It is a fun night for me to plan and have for all of you. Yep I was afraid I could not downsize either and be happy but I have to say I love this small living so much. Even with 19 of us at the party there was plenty of room for everyone and we all had room to expand after all the food and drink consumed!!!! Glad you love your slippers and having coffee. xoxo

  14. So pretty Kris - and I adore that snowman!!! Terry's tree is awesome.

    Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  15. Everything is so pretty Kris. I’m happy for you that this home has worked out so well. You’ve embraced your new life there beautifully. I like Terry’s christmas deco- how fun that you have firemen Santas! I liked those cute birds from Target and went over to find some for me too!

  16. Talk about angelic! That leading photo is the best and looks photoshopped, it's so GOOD! Peggy is adorable, and I hope she's doing well. Kris, your home is just fabulous. As I clean this big ole house, a small part of me wishes for a small cottage. I know you climbed lots of mountains and trekked through many a valley to get there, but you, my friend, have arrived. Sweet blessings to you and your family! ♥

  17. Your home looks so pretty and I adore the Hope ornament. I am looking forward to our next home which will be smaller too.

  18. Your cottage looks so pretty and cozy. Your xmas ornaments are very soft and romantic
    Hugs Alessandra

  19. Absolutely beautiful living room! I'm totally in love.

    Merry Christmas ❤️🎄❤️

  20. Good Morning Kris
    Your sweet Cottage is just gorgeous. Doesn't seem that small the way you have everything set up. I love every single thing. So warm and cozy looking* And of course I love the fireman man cave. Enjoy your beautiful cottage Kris

  21. Hi Kris, your new home is decorated so pretty for Christmas. I hope you enjoy this season and I too love angels and yours throughout you beatiful home.

  22. Beautiful! Now for my questions: Where did you get your tree? I love the shape and size! Did you make the stand?? And the window with the votives, is this outside or inside? I love the little birds . . . Target? I bought a few of those to hang in my bedroom on my cupboard door sconces but I seem to have missed the larger ones?? The man cave looks so cute with the fireman theme - lovely!

  23. Storybook perfect! I just love the wallpaper in your living room. And those fabulous chairs in your kitchen nook. So many charming and original touches! I love the serenity of white of course, but you give it an exceptional interpretation. Wonderful tour!

  24. Wow wow wow! You should write a coffee table book with all your pretty photos.....I want one! Write the book! You could feature your cottage decor and have a chapter on Christmas in it. DO it! Do IT!

    Your living room might be small, but it's stunning. I love the Christmas touches all through your home! That mannequin tree is so adorable. Is it in your dining room? I Love it!


  25. Kris, your cottage is perfect! Love all the pretty angels, birds and the votives in the window. The tree is gorgeous with the message of "hope". Yep, you need to write a book on cottage decor and living. xoxo

  26. Oh Kris, it's so pretty! I love your wallpaper - your decor really shines against it. Those birds...oh my goodness they are way too cute! I love how some are showing their independence! LOL. Your Cozy Cottage Christmas is perfect!

  27. SO many sweet treasures and beautiful Christmas decor, Kris. It's all just perfect. I have learned, from living in two tiny houses, that there always seems to be enough room for what I love! Seems like that works at your place too. xoxo

  28. You might be small on space (though it's hard to tell) but your decorations make it a big splash! Love all the white.

  29. Kris, you are - without a doubt - the Zen Master of small space, cozy, homey, tasteful decorating. I love your creativity.

  30. Everything looks so great...glad you are having fun with your Christmas decorating.

  31. I'm so glad that you're feeling at home in your new house! Everything looks so pretty. You have done a great job making it stylish and cozy for the holidays. I love the cute fireman theme downstairs in Terry's space too.

  32. Kris you did an amazing job decorating. I really like the stand your your tree! Your look is so soft and sweet. Have a very merry holiday season!
    xoxo Jo

  33. What a wonderful Christmas. Downsizing does allow more time to enjoy the holidays.

    Other benefits, you can enjoy all the pieces from one spot. That's what I find in our home.

    You have so many lovely angels. Great tree stand, I imagine Terry made it, beautiful


  34. LOVE, Love, Love your home! You have the touch for decorating, no matter what size your home is.Now you get to enjoy all your hard work.
    Happiest Christmas Time.

  35. Your home is so pretty decked out for the holidays, Kris! I love all of the touches you've added, from the sweet angels to the vintage window. It looks so nice and cozy, and as you said, alot less to clean and maintain!

  36. Oh, my word! Your house is just BEAUTIFUL!! What an amazing place...so homey and peace-filled and inviting! I am visiting you for the first time after seeing about your PJ party over at Nana Diana's blog. Such a sweetheart you are for hosting such a fun and kindhearted event! So happy to "meet" you today! I will be following you now. :) Merry Christmas!!!

  37. Adorable. Those little birds are just too cute. I love your tree. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Adorable as always! I love the little wreath with the stocking hung in the middle.

  39. Very serene and sweet and just downright heavenly! I love all of your angels. hugs...Marilyn

  40. Very nice! I love everything! Enjoyed the post... keep em' coming! Happy Tuesday! Leticia

  41. Hi Kris, Oh how I love the tour of your beautiful Christmas home. Your heart shows through with each and every detail. The tree is gorgeous and I love your angels. I enjoyed the post over at Diana's from your party. Looks like it was a great night once again. Wishing you a wonderful first Christmas in your new cottage home.xo

  42. Let me just say, Kris, NOBODY does chippy white like you do!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm all about color in my house, have been for years and years....but every single time I visit your sweet cottage I want to rip everything out and start all over with a clean palette!! Your home is just gorgeous, like you! Love the Christmas décor, it's just perfect for your sweet cozy cottage. xo

  43. I'm imagining that Bing Crosby does a lot of singing 'White Christmas' at your house. ;) Love, love what you've done... my most favourite part is how well Miss Peggy matches the decor. Her colour and her heart. xo

  44. Your home is stunning! I love every beautiful detail! Peggy is absolutely precious. I'm a huge fan of chippy and white, and you've done it beautifully!

  45. Kris, just looking at my home with all the clutter and color, you wouldn't think I would love your Christmas Cottage, BUT, I surely do. You have some of the cutest decorations and I feel very calm and peaceful looking at your pictures. Mama did good, huh, Peggy! xxoJudy

  46. Kris,
    This is all so lovely! I do wish I had all that white in my own home. Having a long haired black dog, well it wouldn't be pretty! Your home is so beautiful and I love your style of decor. I also adore angels and I love every one of yours! Your tree looks so pretty and I love the theme of hope. Very well done my friend! Enjoy the holiday season in your cozy cottage!

  47. You've packed a lot of holiday sparkle into your tiny space! I believe you are dreaming of a white Christmas! It's beautiful, Kris!

  48. Such a great tour! I love all your Christmas decor. I finally caved and bought one of those snowbirds from Target too. They're just so adorable! Have you seen how much they're going for on Ebay? Oh my word...hundreds of dollars!

  49. Such a beautiful Christmas Cottage! Merry Christmas Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your lovely home and talent with us!


  50. Kris, I've enjoyed this Christmas tour through your lovely cottage so much. And I must send a link to my sister who would love your beloved angels too. She and I are going on a Christmas tour of historic houses near us this Sunday. I'm looking forward to it so much but I doubt that any will be as beautiful as yours. Nor will they have beautiful Peggy in theirs. A kiss to her, please!

  51. Love every picture Kris, pinned many. What an absolutely wonderful visit. Hugs.

  52. Kris your “tiny house” looks magical decorated for Christmas. Your attention to details is gorgeously appreciated.

  53. love all the décor. Love that you are embracing your tiny house existence. There is hope for us all.

  54. Merry Christmas Kris and Terry!....I LOVE your sweet cottage all adorned so beautifully for Christmas....a true Enchanted Winter Wonderland. I am so very happy for you that you are having a great time enjoying your first Christmas in your beautiful cottage...Love Terry's "man cave" He has the most interesting things and treasures! Merry Christmas to a most wonderful couple!!!

  55. Beautiful, every single bit of it! Love how you stuffed ice skates with candy canes (might have to steal that idea). I love how your home may be tiny (which I'm hoping to downsize to soon) but it looks so spacious the way you've decorated it. Cottage III is just lovely!

  56. I'll start by saying thank you to Terry for putting himself on the line as a fireman. Boy do we appreciate them right now.

    And now to the house - IT IS WONDERFUL!

    I only regret our small house when it comes to the whole family being here together in winter - we can't spread outside. But we solve that problem by taking a vacation.

    Less space means less stuff and it means that I have to keep the house tidy all the time - I can't say that it's always clean. But like you said, we aren't slaves to our houses.

  57. I completely understand the adjustment to smaller space living...my biggest problem is the lack of storage, to me that's the hardest part. Reading Carols comment about makes me realize how much I need to "declutter". One thing about smaller homes it does seem to go from organize to cluttered in minutes. Being I really only have 1 table it never seems to be clutter free. You home looks amazing and tiny to me just means more charming and cozy!

  58. Kris, I absolutely adore all the elements of your sweet white cottage. Your white Christmas is beautiful and even though you have downsized, your home is still big on 'shabbilicious gorgeousness'.
    I'm delighted to be featuring you at tonight's Create, Bake, Grow & Gather party.
    Merry Christmas xx

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