Vintage Valentie's Day

Terry got me this Sweet Vintage Valentine Heart Box that was once filled with Brach's chocolates.  He used it as a gift box that he filled with a sweet poem he wrote for me for Valentines Day.

When you move the box the hologram eyes open and shut.

Now a days it seems that flowers and gifts are over shadowing the gift giving ritual of the pretty box of Chocolates.

A long time ago it use to be fashionable and sweet to bring home one of those big heart shaped boxes of Chocolates to the one you loved on Valentine's Day!
Some of these beautiful heart shaped boxes of chocolates were beautiful.  So much detail to each and every box.

Not just red but purples, pinks, greens, blues etc. were used on chocolate heart boxes.

You have to still love the traditional velvet and satin red heart boxes and flowers.
No better way to say I love you on Valentines Day. 

 What girl would not have loved to get these pretty heart boxes filled with sweet yummy chocolates.

In today's world you can still find chocolates in fabric hearts such as this one from Godiva. 
The embroidering on this box is so pretty.  There are still some modern day chocolatiers that still do beautiful and traditional heart boxed chocolates.

If on a budget you can still find these boxed heart chocolates on the shelves at Target and Walmart.

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a heart shaped Spiderman box of Chocolates lol!

Look at these yummy cake and cookie inspired chocolates.  Mmmmmm!

I saw this on Pinterest and think I am going to do a little take on this for my 2 daughters and son in law for Valentines Day.  

They would love the cash instead of candy and of course the lottery tickets.
Just would be a fun little switch to traditional candy.

I am thinking of getting this guy to give to my youngest single daughter.  He is sweet, decadent and rich!!! Perfect Man!!!

For my granddaughters I am making up cute little gum ball machines from the Dollar Tree and will fill them with red, white and pink M&M's. 

 I saw this idea on Kathleen's blog Our Hopeful Home.  So cute.
I miss that the traditional beautifully handcrafted heart chocolate boxes are not given much any more for Valentines Day.  

They unfortunately have been replaced with pretty flowers, commercial chocolate gifts and a good bottle of wine.  
It is all good.  
Times change and so do traditions.  

What kind of gifting do you do for Valentines Day?
Are you the traditional chocolate giver or the more modern roses, wine and gifts.

Have a great Week.


  1. YOU find the cutest things, my friend! LOVE THAT CHOCOLATE MAN! Oh, what a perfect specimen, indeed! Well, this Valentine's Day will mark 38 years since Ruben and I met. A pretty sweet deal, for sure.

  2. Adorable! I could use a box full of money, lol. Jane

  3. We don't really celebrate with gifts, although Mr. P. truly shocked me with his proposal on a Valentine's Day. We typically enjoy a meal out, and jointly take advantage of any good chocolates that catch our eye. I love the idea of the gift box for the adult kids with $$ and lottery tickets. That's a good one.

  4. Lol, the "perfect man". I remember the beautiful boxes...always hoped to get one. Unfortunately my husband learned from hid father to wait and buy Valentine's stuff the day after when it gets marked down so I have to wait to get my goodies. I used to think that was awful but now I find it an endearing tradition started by my late FIL. I prefer good chocolate but flowers or wine works too. Just please no chocolate covered strawberries! Love your cute box, btw.

  5. A long story told short. We don't celebrated Valentine's Day here because for 3 years in a row, back in the 90's my husband ended up in the hospital on Valentines evening. So we just pretend it does not exist.

  6. Good Morning Kris
    I am loving all your sweet ideas for Valentines Day. I agree with you that the Box of Valentine Chocolate was the best so many years ago. I haven't had chocolate in years though but sure would love some :) My husband is getting me a David Austin Rose bush for Valentines day. I am so excited to get it in the Spring. I do think I will steal that idea with the lottery tickets and money though for my husband, he will love that. And those gumball machines are so cute, I will do one of those for my youngest daughter and where did you find that guy chocolate? I can do that for my oldest that is turning 21 in a month. What a great post with lots of fun ideas

  7. What a sweet gesture. I love seeing all the old heart shaped chocolate boxes. They were always a welcome sight on Valentine's Day. We no longer receive them as the girls and I cannot have dairy products. I love the idea of putting the money and lottery tickets in an empty one however.

  8. Kris, I love this post. I remember getting boxed chocolates for Valentine's. I have given many of those Mickey boxes to children. LOL. The boxes were so pretty and kind of rare to get that women held onto them thru the years. I can remember keeping letters in one forever. LOL. Terry was sweet to give you a poem and not tempt you with candy. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. the girls will love the gumball machines.

  9. What a great post. I worked in a candy store may years ago and I was cleaning the stock area one day and came upon cartons of old heart shaped boxes. One was more beautiful then the rest. My favorite was printed with old children valentines. I tried to buy a few but the owner didn't want to sell them which I understand. I love valentine boxes and give my husband one every year. He loves his chocolate!

  10. I don't have a sweetheart in my life right now so if I get chocolate I buy it myself! I do little gifts for my Grands though.

  11. Vintage valentines are my favorite. The one Terry gave you is so unique and lovely! I love the idea of giving cash and lottery tickets! Although...I'm also partial to those Turtle candies. ;)

  12. Good morning Kris, I love the vintage Valentines too! I tend to lean a bit more traditional on Valentine's Day but some of these ideas are just too cute! Your husband is very thoughtful, such a sweet gift!

  13. Got a big laugh from the "perfect man" chocolate!!!!

  14. I remember my dad always brought one of those fancy boxes of chocolates home to my mom, every Valentine's Day! Those boxes you showed sure brought back memories. I still think of that tradition now and then. I used to buy those littler ones for my sons when they were smaller. They loved them. My hubby and I now don't usually exchange anything.. maybe a card.. but sometimes we forget or just don't. On a budget, we decided several years ago not to spend the money.. I sometimes do buy him one of those little boxes of Whitman's sampler chocolates, usually 4 in a box. He always loves that. I don't need chocolate so I'm happy not to receive any! Valentine's Day has gotten so commercial and it makes you feel guilty not to get anything for your family! I usually send handmade cards to my sisters and son though as a nice time to express my love for them. Loved the chocolate man of course! xoxoxo Marilyn

  15. Oh Kris, how lucky you are to have such a great Valentine! I always believe that the gift presentation is so important. Some things should stick around. Thanks for sharing. Milena

  16. So many pretty valentines. I love the idea of filling a heart with your own goodies. I may steal that for my girls too.

  17. I’ve always enjoyed getting a Valentine’s Heart box of candy. We usually go out for a nice dinner (so I don’t have to cook). I think the box with money is a cute idea. My adult kids are watching their diets so I can’t give them sweets. I always send cards to my Mom, three sisters and my kids. Too bad I’m diabetic now otherwise I’d be chewing on that perfect man! LOL.

  18. We're not really gift givers for Valentine's Day. I have received jewelry and flowers in the past, but I don't think I've ever received chocolates. I think Brian knows I'm pretty picky about my chocolate (I only like dark chocolate, and the truly good quality kind) and he's not a sweet eater himself, so he'd have no idea what to pick out. I like some of the cute ideas you posted here!

  19. My daddy always brought a heart box to my mama and one to me. Such a sweet dad.
    Bill brought me hearts of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers. Bless his sweet heart...I will never ever get over missing him.

  20. I have been collecting these boxes through the years. I love the details on the old ones -- love the chocolate man haha! And a great idea to fill a box with the money and lottery tickets!

  21. Very sweet ideas! I love those vintage boxes

  22. Hi Kris, we usually go out for lunch or dinner. Last year I was surprised by 2 bouquets of different flowers. We'll see what happens this year as Valentine's Day this year falls on the start of Lent.
    I do love how beautiful thos vintage VD boxes were decorated so pretty.
    I love all of the ideas you have for everyone though for this years gifts. I have to start thinking of what to do for my teen.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend.
    Julie xo

  23. That man of yours is most definitely a keeper!

  24. Kris around 15 years ago Chris went to an antique auction, his normal bright and early Monday thing to do. While there he bid on a box of unknown for a dollar and won the bid... it was a slow auction. Inside the box were old and intricate gorgeous Valentine’s Day candy heart boxes, did I say gorgeous? He gave me a pick and I chose a simple burgundy red pretty velvet box with flower on it. Anyhow Chris put them up on eBay and bidding went wild and when all actions were finished he made $1,200 on a dollar buy. Very collectible and precious indeed.

  25. LOVE seeing those old valentine boxes with all the embellishments. hmmmm? perfect man or perfect chocolates?

  26. These are so cool, Kris! I remember when chocolates were for a lot of occasions. I LOVE the cute box your candy came in from Terry! How Awesome!

    I can bet you decorate for Valentine's Day. Have you done it yet? Cant wait to see!

    Jane x

  27. My sweetie loves he doesn't need a thing!! So I always find some really nice local chocolatier and get him some really good chocolate from there. Funny enough I just placed my order this morning from a local spot, Fruition - he loves their Bolivian Dark chocolate that I got him at Christmas so much! I also got him a few other sweet goodies from there - sweets for my sweetie!! xo

  28. I loved getting one of those pretty boxes of chocolates. After the chocolates were gone I used the bos for love letters. xo Laura

  29. Oh those pretty boxes took me down memory lane. I love the money/lottery box idea! We have a local chocolatier that makes the most unique and decadent flavors that are just too pretty to eat. I'm keeping my finger's crossed one of those boxes lands on my lap this Valentine's Day.

  30. What a wonderful round-up of new and old Valentine Day boxes. I love the old ones that were fabric and topped with lace and flowers. Just beautiful. The girls are gonna love those little gumball machines and I love the idea of the one with the money tucked into it!!! I think you need to give Kimmie that little chocolate man! lol

    Have a great weekend- I will be acting as nurse to Lulu! xo Diana

  31. My dad used to give my mom one of those huge boxes of candy with the velvet and roses. I thought it was so romantic when I was little and my dad used to give all of us smaller boxes of chocolate. I love the box of cash idea...and I bet my kids would, too. I have to get my act together and make them up! Thanks for the fun idea!

  32. Kris, this was a fun post.
    In years past, I make a sit down dinner with candle light for all four of us. I plan to do that again this year, but my oldest son will be working. I will have to change up my ideas for him and as they grow up. I like the box of cash idea.

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